Collection: Inspired by the Sea

Collection: Inspired by the Sea

Collection: Inspired by the Sea

via Coast Magazine

I love old bottles. They make such simple, subtle and beautiful statement when grouped together on a table top, in a basket or on a shelf.

Look through your cupboards, you just might have a collection of bottles hiding somewhere!

Collection: Inspired by the Sea


  1. Oh, those old bottles bring back memories of my childhood. During cooler seasons, Sunday afternoons were spent driving out into the desert to scout around some of those southwest mining towns looking for purple and blue glass. We’d knew we’d scored when a complete bottle would be uncovered.

    Great post friend!

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  2. hmmm loving old bottles at the moment!

    nice inspiring pic though mine always seem to have a bit more dust than that – I of course blame it on the sea breeze, haha

    have a good week


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  3. i have a sand collection in glass bottles, and although they aren’t old, they look so cute grouped together. i love your grouping- i wish that when i started my collection (about 8 years ago) that I had used different recylcled/repurposed bottles, but alas I bought them new from wold market…..

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  4. They are dust magnets, but it doesn’t stop me from collecting and displaying them with reckless abandon! ;)

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  5. I too love glass bottles and jars. Even a simple mason jar can look so pretty as a vase or candle holder.

    Jocelyn Stotts inspiring blog post..Intellectual Conversations with Conor

  6. I have quite a few in my collection. Mostly small ones. Just enough room for one beautiful bud.

    Beach Vintages inspiring blog post..Knock Knock

  7. I have a collection of old bottles. Some are very bright colors, others soft and pale. In this house I have the perfect windows to display them. They have very deep sills and the sun shines through them. Perfect!

    Karen Bs inspiring blog post..Happy Independence Day

  8. I love old bottles and finding new uses for them. For dish soap, olive oil…and fresh flowers look so happy when set in a weathered mason jar.

  9. Love old bottles! I have some gorgeous little milk bottles I found a few years ago that I use all the time. Lovely for little individual serves of milk for breakfast.

  10. Mary Beth (Cats, Books, Life is Good) says:

    I love them when they’re different colors – and any color glass sitting on a window sill just looks soo good!

    Mary Beth (Cats, Books, Life is Good)s inspiring blog post..PICTURE WALK

  11. That is a beautiful collection…I think I might put a little of sand in a few of them, just for a bit more beachiness!

    m ^..^

    ms inspiring blog post..Well, It’s Was All Yucky Anyway!

  12. I think I have commented before that I have these and never know what to do with them. They are in storage right now but if I could figure out a cool thing to do with them, I would get them out. And yes, I still continue to collect them even though they are not displayed at the moment! Thanks for sharing!

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  13. I love using bottles as vases. Great photo!

    Julia @ Hooked on Housess inspiring blog post..Mary Richards’ Apartment on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”

  14. I love bottles too and never tire of them! I love them grouped together or lined up on a window sill :o) Have a great week!

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  15. Agreed, beautiful. Though they are not in my anti-clutter manifesto, I love to look at the collections of others!

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  16. Thanks, as always, for the photo and link. I had a collection of treasured bottles but the dust got to me. I love all the different shapes and the stained glass effect of grouping colored ones together. Then I discovered a great compromise; a wee kit for converting bottles into glasses. It’s even better to have them professionally done. Tumblers and cylindrical vases made from the champagne and wine bottles from special occasions, like weddings, make beautiful gifts, especially for couples who enjoy recycling.

    janice | Sharing the Journeys inspiring blog post..Rapt Attention,Gifts and Rain

  17. I too love glass, but I am totally obsessed with the apothecary jar variety! I love all glass though…I am an equal opportunity glass collector. :)

  18. Beautiful picture you found! We’re huge on putting all of our bulk food purchases in glass jars. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for neat old bottles, too.

    Katie at makingthishome.coms inspiring blog post..A German Goes to the Rodeo

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