The Inspired Room + OpenSky

The Inspired Room + OpenSky

MY OPEN SKY SHOP IS NOW CLOSED! Thank you for all the support. UPDATE: See my new shop here.


Do you ever have to keep a secret so fun that it almost pops out of your mouth spontaneously before you are ready? I have had to keep several secrets lately and oh, my, it is so difficult to not be able to share! But today, I can finally let you in on one of those delicious little secrets!

I am very excited to announce that I have a new way to connect with my readers. I have been invited to join The OpenSky Project, an innovative new way of shopping online. The mission of OpenSky is simple: they are bringing a human touch and connection to the shopping experience.

The Shopkeepers at OpenSky are hand selected from around the internet because they are trusted in their community and are passionate about what they write about. I am honored to be among one of the first to be invited to join OpenSky!

The Inspired Room + OpenSky

I have always loved featuring other women on The Inspired Room and partnering with them to highlight the products they create or love. I really enjoy helping women be able to help support their family through these tough economic times. It is exciting to see women (and men!) reaching their dreams and potential as well as learning and growing myself because of all they share every day. And it is especially exciting to be able to connect people to each other and the things they love through these crazy things called BLOGS! That is why I love the concept of OpenSky!

I know it is easy to be overwhelmed by all the choices when it comes to deciding what to choose for your home or even for gifts. Not only can it be difficult to decide what to choose, it can be time consuming to find it and often expensive if you can’t find what you are looking for at a reasonable price.

That is one of the things I love about featuring a select group of shops in my sidebar, it makes the world a little bit smaller and the decisions a little bit less overwhelming. The world is a big place, but together we can make it a little bit more personal.

I am excited that I can join the other inspiring shop & boutique owners online and help simplify the home decorating and gift buying process in my own way, both through my blog and now my OpenSky Shop. Through The Inspired Room OpenSky Shop I will be sharing products that I really like myself, things that I use and recommend.

The Inspired Room + OpenSkyCreating a simple, authentic and beautiful home is one of my greatest passions and I am beyond excited to be able to share that enthusiasm in a new way.

Two and a half years ago, I started this blog in order to share about the things I loved. To say I have enjoyed myself would be an understatement, I adore coming to this blog several times a week to connect with you all! I really love being here. You have become my friends — sharing on this blog has become a part of who I am and has helped me to grow in ways I never dreamed I would.

Thank you, as always, for your support and I hope you will enjoy my new shop. The storefront is still new but in time I will be able to offer a greater variety of unique and fun items for your home, gift giving and special occasions. I have some great products I hope to feature soon!

The Inspired Room + OpenSky


  1. Now this sounds interesting. I’ll enjoy watching to see how it plays out. Thanks for being an encouragement in this economy of doomsayers! Opportunity is endless for those who are excited about helping others and filling needs without being greedy.


    Becky K.

    • Melissa says:

      Becky, I love your perspective and encouragement. It is so true, if we are willing to work hard, follow our dreams and truly want to be useful and not greedy, there is hope! It is always worth trying something new.

  2. Oh I’m excited to go visit and learn more. There is so much to offer in this blogland. There is a place for all of us.
    .-= KarenSue´s last blog ..Another giveaway! =-.

  3. How exciting! Congrats on this fun new project!
    .-= Debbie´s last blog ..wordless wednesday =-.

  4. Very exciting stuff, congrats! :)
    I wanted to invite you over to my blog…I’m hosting my first ever Treasure Trove Thursday and thought you might like to add a link. :) After seeing your pics today on this post, you’ll probably enjoy the project I did that is my treasure today. :) please pay me a visit!
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..TREASURE TROVE THURSDAY!!! =-.

  5. Melissa!

    I can’t wait to find out more…going to visit the shop as soon as I get a chance!

  6. Melissa,
    That is great news!! Congrats on your new shop!!
    .-= Stephanie @ Geezees´s last blog ..Dangle your feet (or paws) Wordless Wednesday =-.

  7. Wow!!! Congratulations on this new endeavor. I love the shop! Great picks and I have a feeling that I’ll be checking back quite often. :)

    Not sure if I’ve ever commented before, but I love your site & read each post religiously as it’s delivered to my inbox. Haha! It’s refreshing for this interior designer turned SAHM. Thank you!

  8. Wow!!! Congratulations on this new endeavor. I love the shop! Great picks and I have a feeling that I’ll be checking back quite often. :)

    Not sure if I’ve ever commented before, but I love your site & read each post religiously as it’s delivered to my inbox. Haha! It’s refreshing for this interior designer turned SAHM. Thank you!

    • Melissa says:

      Thanks Amanda! I am so glad you came out of lurking to encourage me. It means a lot, you are my reverse twin!

  9. Mary Joy says:


    This is SO cool!!! I am so happy for you! I love your shop. I visit your site everyday and this is such wonderful addition. My taste is similar to yours so a shop with things you love and use is perfect for me. Can’t wait to start shopping in your shop for my new house!!

    We have lots of new changes starting to happen at our site too. LOL It is SO hard to keep them a secret! I agree.
    .-= Mary Joy @ Life Interrupted´s last blog ..Exciting changes and new additions are coming!!! =-.

  10. I am so excited for you! :) It is a new step on a beautiful path…If you get a chance come over and look at my sheets I hung as curtains…Look forward to visiting with you! Meme

  11. Congratulations, Melissa. I will head over to your new place right now.
    .-= Beverly´s last blog ..Flea Market Round Up =-.

  12. Congrats Melissa! It sounds so cool – I’m going to check it out!
    .-= Dawn-Hydrangea Home´s last blog ..Ready for Spring Sale! =-.

  13. Mary Joy says:

    Are there any of our other sister bloggers that are teaming up with you? I just love your store!
    .-= Mary Joy @ Life Interrupted´s last blog ..Welcome Home Wednesdays~ St. Patrick’s Day Door Decor =-.

    • Melissa says:

      Thank yoU!

      Yes, there are quite a few familiar faces over there!! Kimba, Rhoda, Amber, Sarah Mae are just a few of my friends over there!

      They all have their own individual shops, and in time the products will be even more diverse as we are able to select our own choice of products from a wider range of resources!

      And I think we might even be able to team up on things, not sure yet…just decided to open my shop last week so I don’t know how it all works yet :-)

  14. Congratulations! You have an enjoyable blog-I’m glad I stumbled upon it one day!
    Best wishes on your new adventure with the Open Sky Project!

  15. YES! I have one of those right now and it is SO hard not to “spill the beans”!! Congrats, I’m heading over right now to check it out! All the best with this! Janell

  16. Congratulations and good luck on your new venture ~
    It sounds wonderful!
    .-= Lana of Simple Joys Paperie´s last blog ..Glass Paperweight – Heart in Hand – Love Token =-.

  17. I want one of everything! :)
    .-= Muthering Heights´s last blog ..The Epitome Of Glamor =-.

  18. Congratulations! I already took a peak and it looks great, can’t wait to look around some more. Sounds like a great idea.

  19. How exciting Melissa!! Looks like a great place and a lot of fun!
    .-= TidyMom´s last blog ..Kitchen Scale Giveaway! =-.

  20. Melissa, I think this is wonderful, not just for you but for all of us readers . You have wonderful taste and keep it reall and doable. I love that about you and the other thing is your willingness to helping and encouraging. You make it all seem as if I can do that!!! Your spiritual gift is encouragement, what a lovely gift to have and how wonderful for all of us to be recipients. Now I have to go and check you out on your new endeavor. Kathysue
    .-= kathysue´s last blog ..Enter My Brain If You Dare!!! =-.

    • Thank you Kathysue, I so appreciate your sweet comment! It is always a little scary stepping out and trying something new like this, so I really value your encouragement!


  21. Full Size says:

    That is great news, congrats. Looking forward to checking it out here soon.

  22. what an exciting adventure- good luck!
    .-= gina´s last blog ..garnish. =-.

  23. What a wonderful and exciting new venture. I feel the need to do a little shopping.

    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Bride On A Bike =-.

  24. You sound wonderfully excited about this new venture. Wishing you all the best with it. I’ll be popping over to see your wares…
    .-= Vee´s last blog ..Matching My Marches =-.

  25. I’m so in love with the idea and that you are a shopkeeper. That is the entire concept that my website is based on, only it is about just things in the Triad that I like and shopkeepers we love and support!

    Yeah for you!
    .-= Mary Jean´s last blog ..Live From Brooklyn! =-.

  26. How fun! So excited for you … and the products look great!

  27. Congratulations! I opened my shop awhile ago…it’s been slow getting new products added unfortunately but it’s coming. So happy to see you over there and I can’t wait to check out your products.


    • Melissa says:

      Hi Laura! I knew you had a shop and it slipped my mind! I’m so glad to be joining you there. I expect it to take awhile to build up the products I’d like to see, but I think it is going to be fun!


  28. Melissa,

    I wanted to drop by and welcome you to OpenSky. We’re thrilled to be your partner! When we started OpenSky, our dream was to build a community of creative people that would change how the world shops and make shopping about interactions and not just faceless transactions. I’m looking forward to doing it with you.

    – john caplan

  29. I love the header. Can’t wait to see all your goodies.
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..The Best They Can Do? =-.

  30. This is WAY cool! I’m excited for the possibilities for you! I bet it’ll be fun, too, right? =-D
    .-= ClassiclyAmber´s last blog ..Spring Banner: Je t’adore =-.

  31. How exciting,…. I’m so happy for you. It will be a wonderful tool for me too. Great idea.
    Can’t wait to see how things evolve.
    Happy Day… bless of luck

  32. Awesome. congratulations! Happy Day!
    .-= Christy´s last blog ..City of Lights Necklace =-.

  33. I’m so excited for you! I have some tassels in Sarah Mae’s Open Sky Shop and have been really impressed with Open Sky in general, and with communication specifically. I wish you much success!
    .-= Heathahlee´s last blog ..I’ve Done It Again… =-.

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