A Touch of Christmas in Every Room!

A Touch of Christmas in Every Room!

I think there is something so  romantic about decorating every room for Christmas, don’t you? Sigh. I love seeing a bit of holiday decor in bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and the kitchen as well as the expected places like the living room and dining room.

Now don’t panic, decorating each room doesn’t mean you have to go crazy with excessive effort and expense. You know me, I like things that are SIMPLE and DOABLE. That is my thing.

I’m talking about a TOUCH of Christmas in every room, dear people, it doesn’t have to be a tinsel or craft explosion everywhere you look. You just do what works for you.

Even on a budget of pretty much nothing, there are ways to keep our holidays beautiful by using what we already have or can find on a budget. I love all of these ideas:

  • Sprigs of greenery from the yard tucked in vases or jars
  • Simple wreaths & ornaments hanging from beds, mirrors and windows
  • Wrapped boxes piled on nightstands and end tables
  • Christmas stockings on mantles and doors (make your own stocking instructions here)
  • Shiny ornaments in bowls and trays set in unexpected places
  • Ribbons tied around stacks of towels
  • Garland strung over bookshelves and bed frames
  • Mini trees in hallways and bedrooms

I always enjoy the photo inspiration from the beautiful magazine, Country Living. I shared these images in a variation of this post a couple of years back too and it is one of my favorites — so I wanted to enjoy it again! The idea of a touch of Christmas in every room gets my wheels spinning and puts me in the Christmas spirit.

WOW, can you believe how fast Christmas is coming? I am chomping at the bit to do a little Christmas decorating — but so far, nothing. {I just need to finish painting first, right?!}

A Touch of Christmas in Every Room!

A Touch of Christmas in Every Room!

A Touch of Christmas in Every Room!

A Touch of Christmas in Every Room!

A Touch of Christmas in Every Room!

Do you decorate every room for Christmas?
All photos: Country Living online

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A Touch of Christmas in Every Room!
A Touch of Christmas in Every Room!


  1. Sleeping in that 4 poster would smell just like Xmas!

  2. I want that yellow bedroom with the wreaths on the footboard. Oh my, how simple and beautiful.

    SO not ready to decorate this year. When I do, I’ll be sure to wear a helmet.

  3. I love to have a touch of christmas in every room too. Just a little and nothing over the top. A garland of stars, a wreath here and there, a bowl full of baubles or pine cones and nothing that is going to ‘shout’ at me.

  4. Yes, I decorate every room for Christmas. This weekend, I’m going to my mother-in-law’s home to help her decorate, then she’ll come to my house next week. Nothing will be lit until after we eat on Thanksgiving. Can’t wait!

  5. I can’t wait to decorate. I haven’t ever done every room – but I am sure going to try this year!! :)
    Jess recently posted..Do you PolyvoreMy Profile

  6. We usually have a splash of Christmas in most rooms. We started putting a small tree and nativity in the kids room and it the most sparkly and wonderful night light.
    I love the two bedrooms pictured–oh the cozy!
    Tracey recently posted..Relevant Day 1My Profile

  7. Cyndi Spivey says:

    I don’t decorate every room but I do decorate quite a few of them. I’m starting my decorating today and I’m hoping to lock myself in the house until I’m finished!!
    Let the fun begin!!
    Cyndi Spivey recently posted..Laughter…it does a Marriage Good!My Profile

  8. just a touch in every room….

    no christmas explosions over here. :)

  9. We usually have a touch of Christmas in every room. Excited to start decorating next week.
    SimplyLKJ recently posted..23 Days Until the Invasion!My Profile

  10. Franki Parde says:

    Yes, YES, Y E S!!!!!! franki

  11. We have an iron bed painted black like that in our room…I think it’s time to deck it out with wreaths! My mom would sometimes string white Christmas lights through the headboards. ♥

    And i LOVE that bit of greenery over the kitchen sink!
    bridget {bake at 350} recently posted..Cookies for I Heart FacesMy Profile

  12. Great photos! Every room is inspirational!
    Trish recently posted..Fabric Ornaments and Printable Memory CardsMy Profile

  13. I like to have a touch of Christmas in every room, too, Melissa! And it may just be a few pieces of greenery or a couple of ornaments in a jar or bowl. I just like to see it when I walk into a room, even if I’m just putting towels away.

  14. Oh, yes! A bit of Christmas in every room! I don’t like any of my rooms to look overwhelming so a touch is simply perfect!

    I decorate right after Christmas, so it will be soon! Wow!
    Deanna recently posted..This and ThatMy Profile

  15. Absolutely. Last year I had six trees; the year before seven. My Mom was a big Christmas decorator. I love to put a tall tree dripping with crystal & glass ornaments & white lights in the foyer. Family room is a traditional tree with all ornaments we’ve collected over the years during travels or as gifts and the kids homemade ornaments. An elegant tree in deep purple and gem colors graces my red dining room and the kids each have a small one in their rooms with ornaments they’ve received since birth or made themselves. My kitchen is white so decorating it is easy and my bedroom is red and beige so it also lends itself to easy Christmas decorating. Enjoy the season.

  16. Gorgeous inspiration photos- I think we’ll use the idea in photo #1 to jazz up our huge kitchen bay window. I’m so in the holiday decorating mood already- obviously as a result of being a blogger and having to be a few weeks early for everything!

  17. Gorgeous pics Melissa! How are you?
    I love a little Christmas in every room!

  18. Of course I decorate every room. ;) I love all of these images especially the one with the fireplace and the chairs with the pretty green pillows.
    Carmen recently posted..1st Birthday PartyMy Profile

  19. Ooooh! I love the images! I try to put a touch of Christmas decor in every room, as you suggest. It just makes this time of the year so magical! I really love your blog, I don’t comment often, but I devour every one of them. Thanks for all of your ideas and creativity.
    Hugs, Cindy
    Cindy recently posted..What I Am Loving TodayMy Profile

  20. Lovely inspiration! I pretty much do a little bit of Christmas in every room. Some rooms get a whole lot of Christmas. I start the day after Thanksgiving, can’t wait!

  21. Melissa,

    I decorate with small things that whisper the season, similar to your 5th photo. Can you believe it’s almost time to start?

    Your Friend,
    FairfieldHouse recently posted..Sun KissedMy Profile

  22. beautiful inspiring pictures- thanks for sharing.
    I try to add a little Christmas in each room….mostly greenery from my yard.
    teresa recently posted..leaf dayMy Profile

  23. I do add touches in every room…even the bathroom.

    Mostly because I have more Christmas stuff than I have room…so I have to spread it out. LOL But also, like you, I just love the house to be transformed. :)
    Erin recently posted..Holiday Bazaar and an Announcement!My Profile

  24. I used to decorate a bit in every room. Then I decided to simplify and just do the living room, dining room and a touch in the kitchen but I didn’t like it. It felt like something was missing – just not quite right. So I’m back to adding touches to every room and I have plans to do some different things this year. Loved the photos – so inspiring!
    Adrienne recently posted..In The HouseMy Profile

  25. Wow! So beautiful! I love looking at these rooms.

  26. I’m going to use some of these suggestions to put a touch of Christmas in every room…thanks for the great ideas.

  27. I do try to add a touch of Christmas to each room. My style is to be mostly natural with a touch of glass or glamour … love the sparkle factor! Now, with little children, things are a bit more “folksy” but my true passion is glitz!
    Missy June recently posted..Going- going- GONE!My Profile

  28. Yes, I usually do something in every room. I especially love to decorate our bed all cozy and nice. I’ve spent some time at CL lately, too. Love the photos there. Wonderful, doable suggestions… Are you having a Christmas party this year here? So many have great simple decorating ideas.
    Vee recently posted..A Week Before ThanksgivingMy Profile

  29. We don’t decorate every room, but would love to change that. I do like the idea that it can just be a little bit. I like my main rooms decorated a lot, but bedrooms and bathrooms I would definitely want them to be more subtle.

    Once again though my issue is time. I have an ABUNDANCE of greenery right here on my property BEGGING to be used. I would even love to decorated the fence around my barn……

    Fiona’s Mosaic recently posted..Perspective- “Thorn in the Flesh” Part OneMy Profile

  30. Hmmm…Christmas in the bedroom. ..so cozy. I have pine scent spray and candles that I use, but the real thing would be much better. Off to my bedroom now to see what I can do. Thanks for your inspiration!
    Jimi recently posted..Comfy Robes and Cinnamon RollsMy Profile

  31. Oh, I just love his idea, and I am planning on doing it this year!
    Kristin recently posted..Drumroll- PleaseMy Profile

  32. oh fun!! thanks for the impetus not to wait any longer to get started…
    anne recently posted..Requisition me a beat!My Profile

  33. eeks, once again the link was wrong… i’ve fixed it… i love those chartreuse ornaments above the sink especially!
    anne recently posted..THE COOLEST PILLOWS EVER!My Profile

  34. Yes-we do a little bit of Christmas in every room, even if it’s just a little bit of greens and some ornaments. I love it and so love decorating for the season!
    Gina recently posted..Lovely DefinedMy Profile

  35. I really like to decorate for Christmas with natural things — greens, cones, candles so it’s fairly easy to leave sprigs of cedar or cones in almost every room. I really like the pictures you’ve featured today.
    Jody recently posted..Pine cone fire starters and moreMy Profile

  36. What beautiful inspiration! I am so ready to start decorating for Christmas. I like decorating for fall, but Christmas is my favorite!
    I haven’t decorated all of our rooms for the Holiday, but I would love to. Maybe I should think about doing that this year. :)
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    beth recently posted..Planking our dining room table And a DIY tie up shadeMy Profile

  37. What simple but elegant ideas for decorating on a budget! Thanks so much. I am definitely inspired to think about what I’ll put in each room of my house this Christmas season.
    Alice Lau recently posted..Marathon Training 8 – Endurance SupplementsMy Profile

  38. I love the idea of decorating in every room, especially with a mix of Christmassy and wintery items so you can keep the wintery ones up throughout January and make that cozyness last a little longer :)

  39. I would if all the rooms were reno’d but only the living and dining rooms are. The rest are unworthy of decorations at the moment.
    Jen recently posted..Expanding the CoopMy Profile

  40. I do try to add a little something in every room during Christmastime…can’t wait to get all my pretties unpacked!
    Marie recently posted..Seashell Art Objects are Conversation PiecesMy Profile

  41. Usually I keep my 2nd floor free of holiday decor except at the top of the stairs. On the 1st floor though the living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway and 1/2 bath all get decorated!

  42. No, I don’t. And to be quite frank: all our decorations were given to us (for Christmas) and I don’t really like them. LOL They just aren’t my style. They are bright and………… gaudy. Yea, that’s the word. Gaudy. Not my thing. I like simple and inspiring. That’s me. :) Like that first photo of the kitchen sink area – brilliant. It’s beautiful!
    Christin recently posted..Joyful MotheringMy Profile

  43. I do try to add a little touch of Christmas to most of the rooms. Usually something subtle, but meaningful to us. I haven’t even started thinking about decorating for Christmas yet though, maybe in a week or two when things start to calm down around here….
    Carin recently posted..Master bedroom updateMy Profile

  44. Thanks for the gorgeous inspiration! I am going to decorate my kitchen now!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha recently posted..Tweet Tweet!My Profile

  45. YES, I do a touch of Christmas in all our rooms! I do all 4 bathrooms with one Santa, some greens and a candle. I do a small lit tree in our guest room so our guests will feel more welcome! I LOOOOVE this time of year and actually decorated a clients home today. It is on my blog if you’d like to come see!!!! I will be posting ALOT of my Christmas SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky P.S. I am SOOO excited to have joined the blogging world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Beautiful photos! I am so ready to start decorating for Christmas but am going to restrain myself to waiting until after Thanksgiving. I love to decorate every room! It’s so fun and festive to have a touch of holiday decor in each room.

  47. I usually do just the downstairs…but this year, I bought a few small things to go in the 2 upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms, which I’ve never decorated before. Just simple, small things.
    Handy Man, Crafty Woman recently posted..New England Architecture – SignsMy Profile

  48. Rose in Ohio says:

    Every. Single. Room.
    Every. Single. Year.
    Please. Help. Me. Stop.

  49. Your favorite inspiration pictures are mine too. I love a touch of Christmas in everyroom. Good luck with your painting!
    Londen recently posted..Winter PillowsMy Profile

  50. Thanks for the oh so pretty photos. I am an unashamed Christmas decor lover! One of many great ways to celebrate His birth! We begin Friday after Thanksgiving. No shopping that day for us!

  51. The photos are so pretty and get my Christmas decorating mind a going…. but to answer the question. Yes we decorate every room of our house, wreaths in every window, and Nativities in every room including the bathrooms. Because we can never, ever , forget the real reason for the season…. is to celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus.

    Blessings to you and yours
    Curtis & Sherrie

  52. To be honest, no, I don’t decorate every room. In fact, I haven’t put up a Christmas tree in about 2 or 3 years. I always traveled with my children back to my families for 2 weeks (at least) to visit with my family, so I could never really get into the idea of decorating, then leaving it only to come back and have to take it down. I have moved back to my hometown though now, so not only will the tree get put up, but we will be decorating as well. (Yay!!) I don’t know if we will get to every room this year, but it is something I will probably work up to. My MIL does decorate every. single. room. My mother only puts up a tree, so its very different to go to both houses during the holidays, haha. I love the inspirational photos!

  53. I decorate all the rooms with just a little something like in the pics above… New ideas!!!

  54. Yes, I decorating with something Christmas in every room. I even have little lighted trees on the back of the toilets :)
    Robin recently posted..Christmas At The HotelMy Profile

  55. Inspiring and down to earth as always. Thank you, Melissa.

  56. Oh, I love these pics. and ideas. I too like a touch of Christmas in every room. No decorations up yet for us till after Thanksgiving, but I shared some of my favorite images on my last post. Thought you might enjoy them too. Here is the link if you get a chance to check it out.


    Happy holiday decorating! :)
    PS. You’re not the only crazy one. .. to turn your dining room upside down before the holidays… I’m in the midst of having our cupboard painted, while all its contents currently reside on our dining room table.

  57. This was the perfect blog to come across….this is my first home that I get to decorate for Christmas and am trying to do it on a budget. I love your simple ideas for each room. Thanks for the inspiration!

  58. before children, i decorated every room in the house. the little man is 4 now so i think it’s safe to expand ;-) i’m moving into the kitchen but definitely need some inspiration for the rest of the rooms – i really like the wreaths hanging from the footboard and the ornaments hanging over the sink! easy
    kirstie recently posted..black friday is here!My Profile

  59. Yes, we do decorste every room for Christmas. I ahve little trees in the guest rooms, the bathrooms get done too! Christmas decorating is a BIIIIIG deal here! My hubby has a train ROOM!!!!! It is awesome and I will blog about it. I haven’t started yet. I always WANT to but my SIL’s birthday is 11/21 and we always have a dinner for him, then Thanksgiving is always here too. But Fri. after Thanksgiving it starts!!!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!! XO, Pinky
    Pinky recently posted..~~~Joe’s Famous and Fabulous CHILI!!!~~~My Profile

  60. I have the Country Living magazine that featured the room with the big stone fireplace, chairs with white slip covers and green pillows. That is one of my most favorite rooms and I’m happy to be able to pin it! I have piles of old Country Living magazines and I love to haul out the holidays ones at this time of year. Pinterest is great, but there’s just something about getting all cozy in bed on a winter’s evening with a stack of magazines that I love!
    Joy recently posted..Deer Sham with Foxes Nature Bedding Gray and Gold by JoyfulLinensMy Profile


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