Random Snapshots {And Video}

Random Snapshots {And Video}

Here are a few little cell phone snapshots of the past couple of weeks…

We finally got to make our Christmas cookies.

Random Snapshots {And Video}

My youngest daughter made homemade granola from her sister’s recipe. YUMMY!

Random Snapshots {And Video}

We’ve been sitting by the fire (these are our fancy schmancy Christmas stocking holders, minus the stockings).

Random Snapshots {And Video}

We’ve been sleeping in and lounging around.

Random Snapshots {And Video}

We had our yearly Awkward Family Photo (and ugly Christmas sweater) party for our church. Everyone comes in their most hideous Christmas attire and we set up a little photo staging area for people to have their picture taken. So fun!

Random Snapshots {And Video}


Random Snapshots {And Video}

We are making more Mason Jar and Epsom Salt candles, this time for our Christmas Eve service at church!

Random Snapshots {And Video}

I brought my orange tree in to our bathroom for the winter and it is really happy there! It is in a corner with windows and under a skylight. The blooms smell AM-MAZING … it fills my bathroom and bedroom with the most amazing perfume. I wish a had a scratch n’ sniff blog so you could smell it.

Random Snapshots {And Video}

I received another awesome Secret Santa gift … so excited (thanks Santa!), I can’t wait to sit by the fire and pour over the pages.

Random Snapshots {And Video}

We’ve been cuddling up with blankets every chance we get.  It has been pretty cold around here!

Random Snapshots {And Video}

We’ve been going out for walks, even though it has been a little nippy it has been gorgeous and sunny!

Random Snapshots {And Video}

And, we are slowing down to remember what the season is all about.


Well, most of us are slowing down.

Merry Christmas to you all — I count you among my many blessings.


Random Snapshots {And Video}


  1. Merry Christmas, Melissa!


  2. So glad you have had such a great week with your family! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Thanks for always inspiring!

  3. Sounds like you’ve been having a wonderful Christmastime (as Paul McCartney would sing).


  4. Christmas greetings Melissa. Thank you for your fabulous posts and for keeping it real. Oh and I think Jack is adorable! Talk about personality plus. God bless you and yours.


  5. Nice to see the family pictures, it looks like you are all having a great time. And jack doesn’t disappoint, lol he certainly has a lot of energy!

  6. A beautiful Merry Christmas to you and yours! If you can imagine…thesmell of orange blossoms fill our whole town each year, as we are surrounded by orange groves!

  7. Love seeing the wonderful memories your family is making! You are truly blessed.
    Wishing you a joyous and blessed Christmas.

  8. Franki Parde says:

    Peace to You and Yours! franki

  9. Catherine A. says:

    Merry Christmas. Wishing you happy blessings and joyful laughter.

  10. Merry Christmas from Arizona where the air in Spring is soooo heavy with citrus blossoms I think I’m in Heaven.

  11. merry christmas, sweet friend!

  12. I love your stain glass window and never realized what it said before in the pictures. Love it all the more now! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

  13. ONE THING I did not get to do was make gingerbread cookies or cut out cookies and I have a few blog links posted on my website and two of them I have checked today is making cut out cookies! Now I wanna make some for sure. hee hee Loved all your pix! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you!!!!

  14. Merry★Christmas and many happy days to you

  15. Merry Christmas!!You do have a nice night!! And I went out that night!!! Wish you had a wonderful day!

  16. Love the little look into your Christmas- what joy.
    Have a wonderful week.

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