My, How You’ve Grown {Jack}

My, How You've Grown {Jack}

Jack just wanted to pop in and show you how big he is getting. I’d say he is close to 50 pounds.

He is working very hard on his manners and good puppy behavior.

He knows right from wrong, but alas, he still chooses wrong when in tempting situations.Which usually involves everyday temptations like toilet paper, toothbrushes, socks, Winston’s food and water, starfish, napkins, remote and game controls, slippers, shoes, hats, and pens. Especially Sharpies. Red ones are his favorite.

My, How You've Grown {Jack}

He really just likes to have fun. Sometimes his family is boring.

So to entertain us, he has started making the funniest sounds, like he is trying to talk. We’ll have to try to get those on video.

He likes to think he is the alpha dog — the leader of the pack.

Sometimes I have to tell him I’m the alpha mom.

He hates when I say that.

So, to help him along in his understanding of the rules and his place in the family, he is starting puppy school next month. ┬áThat should be fun. I’m sure the other 14 pound puppies will be thrilled to see him.

My, How You've Grown {Jack}

But before he heads to school, he wants to get his first big boy haircut.

That is all for now.

My, How You've Grown {Jack}


  1. Christine Aldinger says:

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL…gosh Jack is a cutie and he is growing!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, he is huge! But soooo cute! I just feel like giving him a really big hug. My puppy graduates from puppy school tomorrow night and I’m so proud, can’t wait! You’ll have a lot of fun at puppy school!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  3. Aww… he’s so adorable! He reminds me so much of my lab mix. She’s the female version of Marley from “Marley and Me”– i.e. completely destructive. She even chewed my iPhone. :( I can tell right away when she’s done something wrong though because she has this guilty expression on her face! I also took her for puppy classes and she won a certificate for “Most Improved Pupppy.” However, when we got home she proceeded to chew her certificate up. Which was ironic really. She’s now almost a year-and-a-half and she’s FINALLY stopped chewing my shoes (can’t say the same for everything else). Patience, my friend! It can be a frustrating time, but somehow- strangely- it’s an amazing journey!

    • HAAAA Ok that cracked me up. Jack is the same way, EXCEPT, we are trying to get him to feel guilty enough to show it :-)

  4. Jack is so adorable! I had to leave a comment my name is JACK IE~

  5. He is so cute! Oh my : )

  6. I love the pictures!!! He reminds me a lot of my own dog, Schmoo, though Schmoo has much less fur;)

  7. I don’t have a dog anymore but I have two boys and I know how special those big boy haircut days are! Jack is adorable. Just the name Jack is adorable!

  8. Jack is adorable! I can’t imagine trying to pick up a 50 pound puppy, though!

    We have a 2.5 year old german shepherd that we have had since she was 3 months old; we finally got her trained to behave, and then someone (me!) had the crazy idea to rescue a dog from the animal shelter, and now we have a dog of indeterminate breed who likes to chew socks and underwear, definitely not an endearing quality!

    Good luck with Jack’s puppy training!

  9. Jack is so cute! I could never get made mad at his follies- My rescue dog also has a liking for starfish and…. moldings.

  10. You do have your hands full!!! Puppyhood is not for the faint of heart but makes for such wonderful stories later ;-) Stand your ground, be the alpha and meant it because a dog with good manners is a dog that’s easy to love and will add joy to lives every day.

  11. Jack is adorable, and his personality reminds me of my dog Gunney (who is also a big boy–who thinks he’s a lap dog). Please have more Jack updates, they’re very humorous.

    • Glad you enjoy them. He can’t wait to share his puppy school experience and of course, his first haircut! More updates to come :-)

  12. Jack is such a cutie. Doggie school is great and fun for both the owner and the dog. You should see huge changes in his behavior. Many years ago I had a German shepherd mix, we took her to school when she was about 5 months old. Best thing ever. She was more attentive and enjoyed the training and socializing with the other pups too.

  13. Jack is so cute and full of mischief! Good luck with school.

  14. Diane Amick says:

    I must admit I adore Jack…my Jack is named Coco – a black nine-year old rescue labradoodle with issues, but I adore him, too. On a side note – love your blog – especially when I see/hear about JACK!!

  15. Oh my gosh, that’s soooo funny! I remember those puppy days with my two doxies … one an angel child (naturally) who’s sitting on my lap right now … and the other a willful child who’s still snoozing away in bed.

    I can remember chasing Mr. Willful through the house trying to swat him with the evidence of his bad deeds! Mr. Willful saw fit go into my closet, find the most expensive pair of shoes I’d ever owned and chew one of them up! Needless to say, he didn’t get the shoe swat on the butt because Mr. Willful with his short doxie puppy legs could not only outrun me, he could scoot under and through and past things this old girl couldn’t begin to navigate! LOL.

    If I’d had a video of it, I’d be YouTube rich by now ;)

    Anyhoo … if you haven’t found a way to get the red Sharpie out of your couch, you might see if you can get ahold of some Sol-U-Mel by Melaleuca (no I don’t sell it). It’s worked miracles in my home, including with Sharpie pens.

    Lesli @ Beautifully Coastal

  16. Oh Jack is such a cutie, I would be tempted to give in to him too! My dog Tanner is and English Springer Spaniel, the 6th I have had through many years. He was bred for field trials which I thought was good at the time but he is a bit hyper even though he is 7. He is the only one that I ever did puppy school,(that hyper!) and every time we got there the other dog mothers rolled their eyes and said “Tanner’s here!” At least they divided the room between timid dogs and wild ones, guess which side we were on? Fun!


  17. He is the cutest pup I have ever seen!!! What a sweetie!!

  18. HA! Having two goldendoodles I totally get it! Ours have grown to be very well-behaved members of the family – one 50 lbs, the other 70 lbs!!! I love you sharing with us, thanks!

  19. I used to have a Basset Hound with a penchant for Sharpie markers too. Especially the red ones. I found that Dow with scrubbing bubbles,the stuff in the aerosol can to clean bathrooms, worked great to get out the stains – even out of light colored carpet. She once chewed up an entire red marker on the carpet. I sprayed on the cleaner, let it bubble up, dab, dab, dabbed and repeated. It took awhile, but it really worked. Good luck!

  20. HA! Jack is a character, isn’t he!? Gotta love all the “Joie de vivre” he has,or is it “piss and vinegar”? LOL I miss my Molly’s puppy years! She too attended puppy “Kindergarten”, and graduated at the top of her class! Well, okay, she was the only dog that peed and pooped on the floor on a regular basis during class, but she did everything else right!!! LOL It was a blast, all in all, and she is still the “class clown”….My, how we love them no matter what they chew! Good luck!

    Hugs to Jack!


  21. Oh my goodness, I just love that Jack!! He looks like a big floppy Muppet. :) Good luck in puppy-school, baby boy! Being a good dog is hard work, there’s so much to remember!

  22. So cute! I saw a picture yesterday of a dog like this in its owner’s arms like a child. What kind of dog is Jack? Thanks.

    I have two West German Shepherds. At 70 and 64 pounds, they are a little difficult to pick up! Love your site.

  23. Oh Jack is a sweetie! Good luck with puppy school Jack!

  24. Jack is soooo Adorable!!!! I had a Airdale with the name Sebastian. we loved him so much, but we lost him at age 14 last fall. It broke our hearts. He was my first pet ever. I never understood the bond that pet owners had until we got Sebastian. Enjoy every moment with your Jack. He’s a cutie. Good luck with doggie school.

  25. Sarah Nutter says:

    BAHAHAA. That made my day, thank you.

  26. I love seeing your pictures of Jack. We have a doodle also. He is 2 and his name is Owen. He is adorable also, and we feel its like owning an 85lb toddler. He is very well behaved. Loves to play ball and swim and considers himself a lap dog:)
    He also talks, especially when he is upset or wants to play and we dont. Then he makes sounds like “whales mating”
    Keep showing us photos of Jack, I always share them with my family.

  27. Gosh, he is so stinkin’ cute Melissa!

  28. He is absolutely adorable! Stay with the training. As with children, it will pay off!

  29. Maria & Cameron who loves Jack! says:

    A heartfelt thank you for another wonderful post on Jack and his antics – he really warms our heart…not only does he have the most innocent looking expressions but his behaviors have really endeared him to my son who can really relate! We’ve enjoyed your short video more times than I can count and had lots & lots of laughs with his cutenesses, like when he swiped the starfish off your Christmas decorations and even (sorry) the broken lamp! Jack has done more than any other pup to inspire us to get a pup of our own (maybe soon)and guess what his name will be?? You guessed it…JACK!! (of course). We love him and I really enjoy your blog!!

  30. Honestly I don’t know how your daughter can even carry Jack! I LOVE his hair!!! He looks a bit like Albert Einstein, don’t you think? But I imagine he’s starting to matt so a new hairdo will serve him well. Can’t wait to see it!

  31. Love Jack! so sweet!

  32. Jack is adorable! I love that you let him up on the couch! My dog has taken over our whole house, but we love her to death even if she is almost bigger than me and leaves her doggy hair and smell everywhere! Thanks for sharing!

  33. Our golden retriever puppy is almost 7 months old and I totally hear ya’! He’ll be a great dog, but he’s still definitely a puppy. You’re brave to allow Jack on the furniture. How do you keep from going crazy with muddy paws? Our dogs get in big trouble if they go on the couch. Twelve year old lab Charlie wouldn’t even think of it, but Franklin will still occasionally give it a try. Hasn’t in quite a while though, so hopefully he’s learned. His big issue is still chewing……mostly pencils. I’ve just got to keep him well stocked in bones so he doesn’t go for the table legs.

  34. Suzanne Cross says:

    Our nice Oriental rug has an interesting sharpie pattern in it, now, thanks to our 6 month old choc. lab. She just returned from puppy boot camp (it was quite the loving place, I assure you!) and she has amazing manners now. So you will enjoy puppy school and the helpful things you and Jack will learn. He is a cutie; love seeing him on your blog. Good luck and keep us posted!

  35. i don’t know how to tell you this…but jack may never grow up…just brace yourself in case he fails at puppy school. my dia has remained somewhat puppyish even though she is almost 3 now…she is getting better with age, but anything made of plastic, wax or wood is targeted by her. but we love her and she is sweet with children…

  36. Jack is too cute!! You have to check out this picture on Facebook from the NJ SPCA of a dog that looks just like Jack, checking into the Vet’s office…

  37. Oh Jack! Your just too adorable I can’t even stand it, such a BIG baby. I seriously think Jack needs a blog page of his own(as if you had the time, but the thought is what counts). LOL

  38. Leonie -Australia says:

    Sooooo cute!

  39. Oh Jack what a gentlemen you are becoming- such a face. I think you should have Jack cards- just saying he puts a smile on my face every-time I see it
    Happy Day

  40. He’s so adorable! We got an Old English Sheepdog many years ago. (She’ll be 14 in May!). We were told she would act like a puppy for at least 2 years. They were right! But, OES’s really never grow up! And she weighs +90 lbs.

  41. We did the puppy class and still want to try to make it to the intermediate class for our second puppy, who is also 9 months. It made a huge difference for our first dog. Have fun!

  42. Love the photos of Jack, his hair reminds me of my Havenese – wild.

  43. Stephanie says:

    Hi! I just found your blog yesterday (love it) & I had to comment on this post after I saw your dog in the photo by the door. I have a Goldendoodle Puppy too- Her name is Scarlett & she is 11 months old now. (70 lbs.) We LOVE her!!! Her favorite spot is by the back door laying up against my curtains too. I have to say though, that our “non-shedding” dog sure does shed alot (does yours?) She does love to chew crayons and pencils and my tree branches in the yard- and paper out of the trash when she wants your attention. She makes all kinds of different speaking sounds too, I definitely think she is talking to us! They are great dogs! (I might even consider getting another one in a year or so- I know CRAZY!)

    p.s. I have a son, named “Jack”- great minds, I guess LOL

  44. awww! he looks like my satchel!

  45. Jennifer Talley says:

    I always love hearing the updates on your Goldendoodle. We have Delilah, who is also a 9-month-old Golden Doodle, so I like to compare notes. (She is more like 60 lbs so far!) I don’t think she is quite as michievious as Jack and we are even able to leave her out in the house for short periods when we are gone. I second your comments in the hair cut post that Goldendoodles are not shedless dogs! We have only cut Delilah’s bangs, but my family thought she looked ridiculous, so we are back to just letting her look like a shaggy floor rug! She is sort of a moving “assessory” in my house! Good luch Jack! Hang in there!

  46. Lori Annear says:

    Love Jack-He is Adorable!! We have a 4yr old Goldendoodle-“Daisy” -She is still quite a puppy but love her to death-wish our girl loved getting her picture taken-follows me to camera instead!
    Love your website-Thanks!!

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