My Weekend TJ Maxx Find!

My Weekend TJ Maxx Find!

Hey blog friends living in my computer! How are you all? I’ve been crazy busy, which of course is not unusual for me (HA?), but I am getting tons of fun stuff done, so that makes me happy in an “I’m so tired I should actually take a nap but I’m having too much fun for naps kind of way.” Thus, my quote post from Friday. Yes, I do tend to take on a lot of things and have to remind myself that I cannot do EVERYTHING at once! Darn.

While I was out shopping this weekend for some things for my office (which is coming right along and I’ll be sharing many more updates of that room soon), I came across a new little basket! Oh happy day!

My Weekend TJ Maxx Find!

You know I love hanging interesting things like baskets on my wall, so I was quite pleased to find this chicken wire and twig one at TJ Maxx! Cute, yes?

I was going to put it in my grouping of baskets on the wall by my front door but once I got home and looked at it, I decided it actually looked better by itself on my stair wall. It may not stay there forever but that is where it landed for now! I think hanging it on the wall really shows off its cuteness.

For some reason it seemed kind of beach-y to me, or maybe even like a little fishing basket. Not that I would know what a fishing basket would look like or if there is even any such thing. I’ve never been fishing. But it is what I imagine a fishing basket would be like, if I was to fish. Which is unlikely as I don’t like to look at fish. Especially flopping fish. Even if it isn’t anything like a fishing basket, I just like it.

How was your weekend? Did you find anything fun or do anything special? 

My Weekend TJ Maxx Find!


  1. Why yes I can picture a little fish flopping around in there. Yuck! I think maybe you should think of it as a harvesting basket so you can wash the dirt off the potatoes (at least potatoes don’t flop around). I like the character your new basket gives your wall.

  2. Isn’t TJ Maxx the best? I love shopping there. Your find is fantastic! I’ve been gardening lately and this weekend I did some spray painting! :)

    • It was so nice here this weekend I really wanted to work outside but I didn’t get to that. But I did enjoy feeling some sun on my face for a change!!

  3. Lovely friend … take a nap. You will enjoy it.

  4. I hit TJ’s this weekend too and found a cute Frenchy clock! Love the Maxx. Always so much good stuff. I could have bought more… much more, lol, but I was well behaved =) The basket is great, no matter what ya call it. It’s got the spotlight there by itself. You can soak up all it’s new fabulousness.

  5. Neat basket (for fish or whatever you would like in it!) but what I am really loving are the maps on the wall down the hall from your basket and that precious yellow lamp! VERY cute. I am really loving me some yellow right now.

    -Kelly (used to be “kelly in georgia”)

    • Oh Hi Kelly!! I’m still working on that map wall, got to get that finished so I can show off the official after :-). I love that lamp too, it is just the right touch of sunshine!!

  6. Melissa, I simply adore your website. Use it all the time now that we are finally beginning the decorating process on our new house. I’m going to be scouring your pictures for some ideas on how to finish my bedroom. Finally found bedding I adore but not sure what type of window coverings? Oh well, it’s the climb. :)

    Love to you, sister!

  7. I love that basket! It looks wonderful on your striped wall. :)
    I didn’t find anything special this weekend, but did just a few weeks ago. Love those kinda shopping trips~!
    Have a great week, Melissa!

  8. I love TJ Maxx too. There is always something there that I didn’t know I had to have! Love your basket too! I could see some balls of yarn in it…collecting dust..LOL. This weekend my back was hurting but I did spray paint a wall sconce Pistachio Green and I planted some zinnia and cosmos seeds.

  9. Love your new basket! It’s perfect there.

    Yes, I did something special this weekend. I led worship for our church ladies’ retreat in a gorgeous, peaceful forest setting beside a rippling river somewhere just southeast of Portland. Wonderful time – great getaway – sweet refreshing!

  10. Laurie Cirillo says:

    I also have a passion for baskets..went back to see the old post with the baskets by the front door and noticed the wall color..I love the front entryway wall color..what is it?

  11. Melissa,
    As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten wiser…naps are great. If you can manage, I say go for it. You’ve been busy. :-)

  12. Hi Melissa,
    I cleaned out bedroom closet the door closes now, lol!!! Reorganized some crafts bin, labeled their contents and cleaned outside storage room for the bins to land. Did one closet on Saturday the other Sunday afternoon, think I need to return to work (even though its a double shift) so I can get some rest!!! Your pallet idea might be next weekend project and know where some are just to pick up and grab. I am so ready for my vacation so I can get more projects done! Thanks for all your postings your “Inspired Room,” inspires me too! Just ME :)

  13. I love your site. It was a link from Barb’s Tako’s simple living email. Anyway, I like your basket. You are so creative!This weekend I just finished a mini “tweaking” of our master bed headboard. I replaced our previous not-so-great improvised headboard with something completely different and because you know how one thing leads to another…. the new headboard was much (much!)taller so i had to move the large picture to another wall. The shelf (which I really like)that was over the dresser had to be removed and also the frame of the big picture had to be painted because I have not liked that frame since the day it was revealed at the frame shop. BUT it was all worth it when my husband walked into the bedroom to view the final product he said “Now this room says PEACE”

    • Awesome!!! Sounds lovely! I do know how one thing leads to another but sometimes that is a very good thing!! I too want to redo my master bedroom, I cannot wait!

  14. Love that basket Melissa!
    LOVE the stripes on that wall!
    Happy Week to you and Jack!

  15. Great find. TJ Maxx (and Marshalls) are my favorite stores!!!

  16. I’m pretty new to following your blog, but I really like it. And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that yellow lamp. Where did you get it from?


  17. Hi Melissa,
    I love TJ Maxx, Your basket would also be good for eggs. I see why you think
    it would make a good fishing basket. I love your colors, they are similar to
    my own. I’ve been working with a color called spanish chesnut, it is the color of butter. I also like teal, but at the moment I’m working with robin’s egg blue and periwinkle blue.
    Thank You

  18. Cute basket! I never seem to get lucky at our TJ Maxxx, we do have a Kohl’s here in town where I have found an occasional treasure. I really wish we had a HomeGoods around here, you always share such cute scores from there.

  19. I agree with Kelly. That map wall looks really amazing. I can’t wait to see the final product. Curious as to the maps you used.

    That could be a fishing basket! I live in Charleston and when you are in the rural ares on the creeks and all, you see all sorts of things like that. Of course they are covered in barnacles and seaweed.

    I also have to say I live your striped wall the basket hangs one. Especially teh strip thickness.

  20. I love your basket! I found a very similar one at Tuesday Morning. Is that store all over or just here is Central Ohio? I am obsessed with TJ Maxx! I used my basket in a collage on my dining room wall with some awesome plates I found at Target and a black and white picture of my kids on a tractor at a pumpkin patch. I love it! I thought I’d use the basket on a table to hold something, but then thought to use it on the wall. Your wall is gorgeous, I love, love the stripes. Thank you for sharing your great find!

  21. That basket is quite lovely but I’m partial to that yellow lamp. Beautiful.

  22. I didn’t do any shopping, but I did garden and even hung an antique frame in my yard. Sometimes it’s the out of the ordinary decor pieces, hung in unique spaces, that make my day!

  23. Melissa, I love your new basket. Our Home Goods store is chalk full of basket-y delights. It’s hard to leave there empty-handed!

    A couple of years ago I bought a small vintage rustic and worn wheel. It’s metal and about 10″ across. No idea what it came off of. Love Ebay and Etsy. (And, Michael’s, and HobLob and…)

    You see, my husband and I have an inside joke about wagon wheels. The joke goes back 25 years to when we met. So, at some point I will find the right place to hand my mini wagon wheel!

    BTW, Love the post about hiding the light switches!

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