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Striking Truths

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Striking Truths


  1. So true…it’s all about balance and moderation in one’s life. That’s one reason we love to RV – it gets us out and about. But I wouldn’t want to give up the internet completely because it is my connection to very gracious and talented women around the world.

  2. OK! Turning off my computer now!!

  3. I knew there was a some deep purpose for hanging out at the pool ALL morning! ;)

  4. “Reclaim free time” – absolutely! Don’t feel guilty for taking personal time :)

  5. I unplug regularly……’s what keeps me sane.

    Off now for a cup of tea.

  6. I love this!

  7. It’s so easy to get caught up in useless things online, and especially if you’re working online it’s hard to sometimes unplug for a bit.
    I always feel it’s easier to unplug when I have other things to do, like gardening or painting.

  8. I love this! A few weeks ago, I took a technology vacation. It helped me so much. I wrote on my blog about it and how those of us that are creative suffer from too much technology. Or I do atleast. I feel like the wonderful world of pinterest puts so much into my head that sometimes I can’t hear my own creative voice. Anyways, that’s my story and connection with your image. I think it’s a great one! :)

  9. LOVE this.

  10. Perfect.♥ I’m off to do just that.

    Have a great day, Melissa.

  11. I agree completely! and this is a good reminder. I am on my way outside to work on a landscaping project, which I enjoy.
    I enjoy reading but lately what my husband says is true “you don’t read books, you just collect books” So it is time to return to my love of reading. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter.. my friends can hardly believe it.. but it works for me.
    I’ll be visiting my daughter soon and instead of working every minute on a project we will spend the time basking in the sun by the pool. Woo Hoo.

  12. Yes! Absolutely. Sometimes keeping up with all the blogs causes me anxiety. I really need to set a timer and limit my online time.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  13. I think we all need to print it, frame it, and jset it on our desks as a reminder.
    Happy Sunday Melissa!

  14. so true. i need to get that in a frame, right next to my desk and read it over and over :-)

  15. Thanks Melissa! I needed this today! I’m off…

  16. Let’s go! Thanks for the gentle reminder!

  17. Ashleen Moreen says:

    Yes, sometime, we have to take a rest and see the beauty of outside world.
    In this manner, we can keep a healthy mind and we can free our self from all the stress we have acquired online!

  18. I am so overwhelmed and frustrated bc of dealing with Medicaid forms and bureaucrats…for my 87 year old mother. I needed this reminder! Wish I had it on a poster to hang by my bathroom mirror! Thank you!!

  19. Last Friday afternoon I vowed to have an unplugged weekend. Every summer my work gets crazy busy and I spend so much of my day staring at the computer my eyes really start to feel strained. I can’t say that I was 100% successful being offline ALL weekend, but Saturday night at midnight Hubby and I were swaying in the hammock having a deep discussion about the Big and Little dippers….I call that pretty darned successful. Thanks for the reminder!!

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