Out to See: Leavenworth, Washington

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Ready for a little weekend escape?

My husband and I are both self-employed, with my husband the head of a start up church and me the CEO of blogging (haha).

We are home together most of the time working our tails off, taking care of the home and kids and dogs.  That might sound like the perfect life, and in many ways it is a huge blessing, sometimes it isn’t the best for the work/home balance. Life and work can blur together and that can create its own type of stress and fatigue.

leavenworth washington hotel

One of the things we decided upon after realizing how stressful and busy life is when YOU are the boss and the buck stops with YOU in several areas of our life is that we needed to schedule regular get aways, just the two of us.

No dogs, no cleaning, no schedules, no demands of work. No running errands. No responding to messages. No blog posts. No work. Just relaxation, conversation and fun.

Fortunately we live in a picturesque part of the country, so most of the time we don’t have to travel far to get away. We can find beautiful and wonderful adventures right near our home.

Leavenworth 20

We’ve been away together a few times now in the past couple of years, just the two of us. We went to New York for a bigger trip, but nearby we have been to San Juan Island and Friday Harbor, Port Gamble/Port Townsend (guess I didn’t do a post on that trip, hmmm) and then most recently we “escaped” to Leavenworth, Washington, which is an adorable Bavarian style community in the Cascade mountains.

Leavenworth 23

We had wanted to go to Leavenworth forever! I’ve heard it is beautiful year round. We decided on a whim that we just needed to squeeze in a trip this spring. I made a reservation via my cell phone (which could have been risky without research!) for a Bed & Breakfast called Abendblume that looked nice enough on my tiny iPhone screen, and off we drove into the mountains. I had no idea there would be that much snow up there, heheh, but thank goodness we didn’t run into any problems!

Leavenworth 8

The view out the windows was idyllic, with snow capped mountains and farm animals like chickens and horses and donkeys in fields outside. Loved it!

Leavenworth 9

Inside, the Abendblume Bed & Breakfast was even more charming than I even pictured. So many handcrafted elements, from the doors to the furniture. It was just like we were in a cozy hotel Bavaria or the Alps or somewhere delightful and foreign like that.

DIY dipped paint sticks on ladder

There were even some creative DIY project here and there, like these dipped paint sticks hanging from an old ladder.

Leavenworth 26

The dining room was so adorable, handcrafted furniture and full of ambience. The breakfasts were AMAZING! I actually went home and made something similar to what we had there and I’ll share the recipe and our photos in the morning, it was fantastic (I’ve posted the recipe here!)

Leavenworth 10

A cozy living room for reading, the perfect way to relax and get away from it all!

Leavenworth 18

Our room had a gorgeous four poster bed and its own fireplace. We loved it, and we also loved the room you can see at the top of this post. So charming!

Leavenworth 24

Leavenworth 15

leavenworth washington

Leavenworth Abendblume Bed & Breakfast

Leavenworth 4

Leavenworth 16

Leavenworth 7

Leavenworth 13

Leavenworth 11

The town of Leavenworth was very charming too.

It was a gorgeous day so we walked around, shopped, drank coffee, read books, ate a delicious German dinner together and just enjoyed ourselves on a beautiful sunny day. Blissful? Yep.

Leavenworth 22

Leavenworth 3

Leavenworth 12

Leavenworth 25

Leavenworth 14

The scenery to and from Leavenworth through the mountains was absolutely breathtaking. Our photos cannot do it justice. INCREDIBLY beautiful.

Leavenworth 21


We left feeling refreshed, but totally wishing we had another day or two to fully relax! But now we know how much we value these times away, so we will simply look forward to the next getaway, just the two of us!

Check out the brunch recipe, YUM is the best word for it but it has a fancy name. I’d go back to Abendblume in Leavenworth any day, even if was just to eat breakfast! So so good.

Do you enjoy weekend getaways?
What are some of your favorite places to go? Give me ideas, near or far!
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  1. That reminds me of a little town in California called Solvang. We spent the first night of our honeymoon there. Very sweet and charming!
    Deanna recently posted..Wee ChooksMy Profile

  2. Beautiful photos. It definitely looks like it could be Bavaria. With smaller mountains, of course. :) Looks like a wonderful place for a visit.

  3. I love that town. We visited and hiked in that area a few years ago in November. The Christmas lights were up at that time and the place felt enchanted. Great place to visit and the food and wine was fun!
    kim recently posted..a new blog for Atheists and Christians to reason togetherMy Profile

  4. Who else wants to jump in that giant pile o’ pillows? I can’t be the only one…
    Beautiful photos, beautiful place. I miss weekend getaways!
    Corrie recently posted..If At First You Don’t Succeed…My Profile

  5. Ah, I miss the Pacific Northwest.

    Glenda Childers recently posted..The Childers Wedding BakeryMy Profile

  6. Virginia mountains for long weekend but any mountains anytime we can. How far are you from Langley, BC? My daughter will be spending nine weeks there this summer and I hope she can see this beautiful country.

  7. Soiledrotten says:

    I need to go here now!!!
    Soiledrotten recently posted..An Organized SwapMy Profile

  8. Makes me want to put on my Lederhosen, blow a curvy horn, and sing “Riiiiiii-cola”! What a charming place. And those beds look so poufy and comfy!

  9. Justmez2 says:

    I’ve felt with all the pictures that I traveled as well. Beautiful and so relaxing. I’m on vacation for a few more days and yesterday my brother and I ventured to Fall Creek Falls, Pikerville, TN beautiful drive up good weather till closer we got to our 2 hr trip looked overcast. Got to see some cascades took picture but after crossing “swing” bridge took one flight of stairs the rain came.
    Your trip looked like beautiful weather and the town is charming, all your pictures Melissa that you post are so Inspiring!

  10. I love it that people have are able to enjoy life with such beautiful views. Always envied those who lived in the West as you guys have such beautiful places. I live in a small city, so what I see everyday are buses and subway. I smell pollution too…my dream is to retire in a small town and enjoy the slower pace of life :)
    Jenny recently posted..Curtains Singapore: How to Hire a Local Curtain CompanyMy Profile

  11. Leavenworth has a special spot in my heart since my family had property there and I spent all my summers there growing up. Looks like you had a great time.
    Have you been to Seabrook on the coast? I highly recommend it.
    Stacey recently posted..What am I doing?My Profile

  12. This reminds me of the lovely little Georgia mountain town of Helen about an hour’s drive from metro Atlanta. Its been a while since I have been there and this post gives me the urge to visit again. Thanks for sharing those lovely pics!

  13. Leavenworth is one of my very favorites places to visit! I was just there a few weeks ago in fact. I live only about 3 hours away in the Tri Cities so growing up my family vacationed there about once a year, so many awesome memories! It’s a beautiful place and I’m so thrilled its getting such a big audience on your blog! The Pacific Northwest is such an amazing place to live!!

  14. I am putting this one on my list now too! Love that bedroom with the white – so cute! And – those little plates decorating at the top! Lovely!
    Susan recently posted..Creating Quality Family TimeMy Profile

  15. fupaladin95 says:

    I have been following your blog for several months now and really enjoy it. Guess where I read it from? Bamberg, Germany (a.k.a. Bavaria)!!!

  16. Marilyn says:

    There is a little tourist town in the mountains of Southern California, called Julian. They have apples in the fall, occasional snow in the winter, and gold mines year-round. They’re about an hour and a quarter from the ocean, the San Diego Zoo and Sea World, or about 45 minutes to the dessert in the opposite direction. There are lots of nice B and B’s. It’s a cute little town. So, not a close get-away, but a worth-while trip!

  17. We love Leavenworth. Usually we make a family trip up for the christmas tree lighting and some cross country skiing, but have missed it the past few years. PNW is a beautiful place to live with so many gems, like Leavenworth. This B&B looks adorable. I’ll have to keep it in mind

  18. We LOVE Leavenworth too! Every time we go for a visit we start trying to figure out how we can live there :) We are indeed blessed to live in the PacNW with it’s variety of get-away destinations. So fun to know that you and your hubby are part of a new church. Sending blessings your way, Patti@OldThingsNew
    Patricia Krank recently posted..Spring in my Front YardMy Profile

  19. Wow! What a cute place!! And really not too bad of prices considering. Although I’m sure they shoot up drastically during certain parts of the year!
    Rick Hamell recently posted..Where to eat in Leavenworth with your dogMy Profile

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