Pretty Cards to Say Thanks {Gather}

Pretty Cards to Say Thanks {Gather}Pretty Cards to Say Thanks {Gather}

cute thank you cards & notes

1. Embroidered Elephant Flag 2. Thank You Flag 3. Letterpress Floral Thank You 4. Arrow Thank You 5. Wildflower Calligraphy Thank You

GATHER is a regular round up of design inspiration and gift ideas by Courtney Michaels,
a recent interior design student graduate (YAY!) and contributor to The Inspired Room. 

Pretty Cards to Say Thanks {Gather}


  1. I LOVE that elephant thank you! I am such a sucker for stationary. Thank you for these!

  2. Great cards they are all so pretty. Love the floral ones! Visit Cloches and Lavender for a peak at what we are and have been up to.


  3. I have a goal…to write personal thank you cards….I have a friend that is so faithful about writing personal notes…..and I love it. these cards would be perfect…..thanks for reminding me about my goal.

  4. I love pretty cards just as much as I like pretty journals. I admit…I have an addiction.

  5. These are so pretty! I love when I get a random card or a think you card. It is a really great way to show somebody your appreciation.

  6. Ellicia says:

    Really cute cards, bu,t please, no “thank you” on the front. There is always the chance that the recipient will perceive the sender as lazy or worse uncaring.

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