5 Small Deck & Patio Ideas

5 Small Deck & Patio Ideas

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5 Small Deck & Patio Ideas

1. Turn a small corner into a colorful cozy nook.

2. Go vertical! Utilize nearby walls, structures or a trellis to heighten the impact with hanging lanterns and planters.

3. Break up narrow spaces into multiple small zones to provide interesting shape and function.

4. Get creative with furnishings. Crates turned on their sides make quirky and affordable benches or plant holders.

5. Go BIG and BOLD with a small patio to create one awesome destination.

Happy weekend gardening!

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5 Small Deck & Patio Ideas


  1. Great tips! I love adding pops of color on a small balcony. An herb garden is also an easy way of adding an interesting element while being practical!

  2. mmm … it doesn’t take much room to make us happy …

  3. These are great, number five is fun with the seat surrounded with plants. It is so secluded for a great glass of iced tea and a good magazine! Stop by Cloches and Lavender and see what we are up to with our new journey and follow along! Thanks.


  4. Even small outdoor spaces can be colorful, stylish and cozy. Thanks for sharing these vignettes!

  5. I love these!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. You’re an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!:)!

  7. Hi Melissa, I was just thinking about a small deck we have that is outside our upstairs bathroom and bedroom…hubby would like to use it to have coffee in the mornings…I’m motivated to do a little something on this little something of an area…
    Great ideas and great post.

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