Speaking of my paint colors

We may be excessively slow, but we are relentless.

Nearly four years of our life.

2500 square feet of swine.

Two rooms and several closets still left to go, but we aren’t giving up.

Every last remnant of swine must go.

Our goal? Total swine eradication.

By 2014 we’ll be swine-free and lovin’ life.



  1. you may end up missing little piggy :-)

  2. I have never even heard of swine before! Looks great :)

  3. Squeal with delight! hee hee

  4. You crack me up. Swine be gone! It is tedious, though, isn’t it? Sometimes there just aren’t enough hands. Keep on keepin’ on!

  5. Hurray for progress and pretty colours! You’re almost there.

  6. That detail created so much depth to the room. Keep up the good work!

  7. Melissa,
    You are well on your way to swine free living!! You are so funny! But, I agree, it had to go. The new colors are so much better!! Great job as always,

  8. Hahaha 17 years ago we moved into this house and EVERYTHING was painted swine! Every room was swine, the kitchen tiles were swine and there were 2 dancing stained glass pigs on the kitchen cabinets. Swine is the worst!!

  9. Ha! I felt the same way about all the wallpaper in our house. But we are now COMPLETELY paper-free and lovin’ life, as you say! I adore your house colors. They say “Pacific Northwest” to me somehow. Don’t know how you pulled that off but I guess that’s why you’re the expert!

  10. Your colors sing! Love them!

  11. We will be cheering with you when you have completely eradicated SWINE!!!

  12. Say NO to Swine! Time consuming for sure but so worth it!:-)

  13. This just makes me laugh because our house was covered in “swine” when we bought it, too. That is the perfect name! We’ve been working hard like you to get rid of it all:). My latest favorite color is Perfect Taupe (behr all-in-one). It has a greyer (sorry, that’s probably not a real word) tone than most taupes so it works well to mix the beige and grey tones I love I much. Just love your blog…thanks for sharing!

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