Perfect Carriage House {Drive By}

Perfect Carriage House {Drive By}

Perfect Carriage House {Drive By} Perfect Carriage House {Drive By}Perfect Carriage House {Drive By}

I used to drive by this charming little carriage house style garage all the time
when I lived in Portland, but I don’t think I’ve ever shown it to you before.

Forget putting a car in this garage, it is perfect enough to live in, yes?


Perfect Carriage House {Drive By}


  1. It’s beautiful – thanks!

  2. Yes! :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Enjoy your day, Melissa!

  3. So pretty!

  4. I’d live there in a heartbeat! So charming!

  5. Oh so pretty!

  6. Always loved your drive-bys Melissa!

  7. Yes, perfect little carriage house and yes, perfect to live in!
    I love visiting Portland, it’s such a neat city…full of beauty!

  8. This too beautiful to put a car in I would love to make it an office!!


  9. What a charming carriage house! I love the lines of it. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I absolutely LOVE that! I always wondered what I would want my garage doors to look like whenever I build/renovate — now I know.

  11. SO charming and picturesque!

    I want to put on a floppy hat and have a luncheon there. :)

  12. I would gladly live in this carriage house and park the car out on the street ;) Beautiful, thanks for posting.

  13. wonderful! much like the carriage house at Pittock Mansion, I could happily live here :-)

  14. I always love your drive-bys . . . I’m renaming this one the carriage castle!

  15. I always love your drive bys . . . I am renaming this one carriage castle!

  16. Wow, Very pretty indeed!!

  17. I am already packed and ready to move in. just so pretty.

  18. How charming is this!!! Love the character.

  19. Yes! My head is already spinning with ideas of how to fix-up the inside…

  20. How beautiful!! Yes, I could move right in!

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