Tips for Buying a Sofa Online and $1000 Giveaway {NOW CLOSED}

Tips for Buying a Sofa Online and $1000 Giveaway {NOW CLOSED}

Do you ever worry about buying a sofa or a chair online because you won’t have the chance to sit in it or see the fabric first? 

If you are like me, you prefer to touch the fabrics, see the colors and sit in the furniture! But not to worry, I have some helpful tips for online furniture buying and a great furniture resource to share with you today (as well as a $1,000 furniture credit giveaway! YAHOO!)

***This giveaway is now closed!***

A sofa is one of the most important pieces in a sitting room. It’s not only a potential style setter for the space, but a matter of comfort, too. Any time you invest in a major piece for your home it’s important to consider whether it will suit your needs for style and comfort for the long haul, because most of us don’t want to replace a sofa every few years and we certainly don’t want to be stuck with a piece we don’t like. Quality is an important consideration, especially if you expect it to last. But if you are budget conscious like I am, finding quality and style at an affordable price point isn’t always easy.

Tips for Buying a Sofa Online and $1000 Giveaway {NOW CLOSED}

Here’s a few tips I recommend to avoid purchasing a chair or sofa in a fabric or scale that won’t be comfortable or right for a room:

I always compare the specifications and measurements online to a real life piece I love. Look at the height, the seat depth and the width of the piece and compare it to one you know you like (visit a retail shop and compare before you shop online).

If you have a smaller scale room, remember to look at the style of arms and the width of the piece to make sure it will be appropriate for your size of room (you can even cut out a template to lay down on the floor to make certain the size you order will be perfect for your space.)

Make sure you know the differences in cushion fill and pay attention to the style options you prefer.

Ask for fabric samples before you buy. Colors can vary drastically from what you see online so it’s important to see, touch and feel the fabric before you make a purchase.

Ask about the return policy so you can feel confident about your purchase.

Those few precautions usually take care of any potential mistakes in purchasing a piece that is too large or small, or a different comfort level or design than you expected.

Enter to win a $1000 credit for a sofa or chair of your choice from Interior Define! (Giveaway open to U.S. Residents only)

Today I have an awesome $1,000 online credit giveaway to a furniture company I am really excited about and I think you will be too! They have some really lovely quality and made-to-order sofas, sectionals and chairs at reasonable prices. By cutting out the overhead expenses of most retail stores or middlemen, Interior Define allows a significant savings to be passed on to the consumer (usually 30-40% less than other comparable retailers).

Tips for Buying a Sofa Online and $1000 Giveaway {NOW CLOSED}

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As I was researching the options they offer, I saw several styles I really liked (you can see some of my curated favorites here!).

I requested some samples of their fabrics and was equally impressed (see my favorites below!). They have beautiful options in both neutrals and really pretty colors that would stand the test of time as well. Many of their pieces offer 40-60 choices of fabrics!

Interior Define customers can customize the size, configuration, material, cushion fill, and legs on almost every design to fit your own design needs and preferences. You can order complimentary samples to touch and see fabrics before you order. They offer an online concierge to assist you in customizing pieces so you can be certain you are going to order exactly what you want. And to make your purchase feel even less scary, Interior Define offers 365 Day return options if you aren’t satisfied.

***This giveaway is now closed!***

Here are the steps to enter the giveaway!

1) Click this link to visit Interior Define and enter to win.

2) Join their email list.

3) Pick your favorite Interior Define product

4) Comment back on this blog post with the link to the piece you’d buy with the credit if you won!

Giveaway will run through July 1st, and a winner will be chosen, emailed, and announced on the blog on July 2nd.

*** This giveaway is now closed! ***

Congratulations “Solducky” for winning the $1000 credit! The fine print is below. 

Tips for Buying a Sofa Online and $1000 Giveaway {NOW CLOSED}

If you are in the market for something new right now, use this discount code to receive $100 off any order over $1000 between now and July 1st.
Discount Code: IR100


Tips for Buying a Sofa Online and $1000 Giveaway {NOW CLOSED}
Giveaway Rules:
  • Giveaway open to continental US readers only, $1000 credit must be used toward a chair or couch purchase. Entrants must register their email address, giveaway winner will be randomly selected from the comment section, emailed by and announced on The Inspired Room. Credit must be used in a single purchase. Any returns will be refunded store credit minus any applicable restocking fee. Credit must be used by December, 31st 2015.
Tips for Buying a Sofa Online and $1000 Giveaway {NOW CLOSED}


  1. Melissa Rude says:

    the Harper is cute!

  2. Could really use it!

  3. Carla S says:

    I like the sloan fabric sofa in night.

  4. I love the Rose – that’s my favorite sofa style and one I’ve dreamed of having in my home:

  5. I love the Kelley sofa. I would love to have a new sofa. I have the same one for 20 years. About time for a new one.

  6. I’d get the Alice swivel and some pillows. Love the look of the chair and the fabric on the pillows.

  7. Karen Carpenter says:

    I would love to win and would purchase the Rose chair in the standard fabric! Oh I hope I win! Not likely but worth a try. Thanks!

  8. The Rose in linen blend is my favorite!

  9. I love the Kelley Sofa with the right or left chaise in wheat. Would be great for our whole family to cozy up on!

  10. I guess I would have to go with the Lucy sofa. I can’t decide on a color–either a neutral or the cranberry. Nice website with beautiful classic furniture.

  11. Melissa says:

    I like the Rose sofa. Thanks for the tips!

  12. Wow! That site is lovely! Amazing pieces! I’d love to win the Kelly sofa in graphite color! Gee! What fun!

  13. I would love the Rose sofa in linen blend. Thanks!

  14. Mandy M. says:

    Our sofa is a hand-me-down from my husband’s great aunt’s estate so it’s a little worn and outdated. I would pick the Rose sofa in Sea Glass. Beautiful!

  15. Ronnelle Glover says:

    Sloan in Primo would be FANTASTICO!!!!!!

  16. kathy s says:
  17. I am loving the Alice Swivel! We are getting ready to move and I have been looking for a beautiful accent chair for our new living room – this is perfect!

  18. I am really loving the Lucy sofa. I even ordered swatches! My room is on the smaller side so I love how slender the arms are. Thanks for hosting such a generous give away!

  19. Sara Breeggemann says:

    I’m loving the Kelley. I would like to try a chaise component with the sofa.

  20. Brittany Steward says:

    The 102″ Harper sofa in Fog is my favorite. It is adorable and stylish!

  21. I love the Rose sofa in the linen blend fabric, it looks comfortable and stylish.

  22. Lindsay says:

    I’m in the market for a new sofa so this would be amazing, thank you for the chance! I really like the Kelly chaise sofa.

  23. I’d love the Rose sofa in Lagoon velvet. What a statement piece.

  24. I love (the) Lucy! in the Seaglass velvet. I think two of them facing each other it would be perfect for the living room I’m working on right now. And your post was so timely, I have been looking at sofas/sectionals online wondering if I’d be able to pull the trigger. I think your tips will help. :)

  25. I love the harper and the rose!

  26. Ashley Cook says:

    Great tips! We are building a new house and a new couch would be perfect for our smaller than the old house living room. I think I would go with the long Sloan couch in the dark gray otter fabric.


  27. I love the Crawford style in Sloan, this would be perfect in our family room!! Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to everyone!!!!!

  28. The rose is my favorite with linen blend. So pretty!!

  29. Lucy!

  30. Marla L. says:

    I liked several, The Rose, the Swivel, the Sloan.

  31. Missy Kemp says:

    I love the rose in linen!!

  32. I love the Lucy!!

  33. Jane Gsellman says:

    The Ainsley chair in Ivory.

  34. Stephanie says:

    Love the Kelley sofa in Graphite! We just moved and are in desperate need of a new couch. ?

  35. What lovely pieces! I would by the Rose sofa, in seaglass velvet :):):) It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    Thank you for sponsoring this opportunity!



    I love the Sloan in blue! This would be the perfect size and shape for the man cave that I’m trying to create for my wonderful husband. It would be a surprise for his 65th birthday!

  37. My favorite is the Rose
    I like the soft graceful lines. I am in need of a sofa, and this is precisely the style/look I have wished for.

  38. Stephanie Pontius says:

    Lucy and Rose. Hmmmmm, how could one choose?

  39. I love the Kelley. I like all the colors so that would be the hard part :-)

  40. Nanette says:

    TORN between the ROSE 83″ SOFA (so soft and comfy!) and the LUCY 79″ SOFA (so classic!); such a difficult decision…I’d like to have both! Thanks for the opportunity!

  41. Lisa S. says:
  42. AZDanetta says:

    I would order the 67 inch Sloan sofa with a Modern Weave upholstery in Chesterfield. I know exactly where it would go!

  43. Rose I. says:
  44. I like the Rose sofa in seashell.

  45. Maureen says:

    I’d go for the Ainsley accent chair in linen. All the sofas are too large for my small place, but the chair would be a perfect fit.

  46. Rebekah says:
  47. Harper in fog;)

  48. The Walters Leather Sofa in Bourbon! Love it!!

  49. I love the rose custom velvet in pearl!!

  50. Kelley Lubanko says:

    What a tough choice! What a timely article! My daughter is moving into her first home, and we have been scouring the web for sofas. It is scary to make the leap. The Rose in Typhoon would be amazing! It is beautiful and timeless. Thank you for the information and for hosting the giveaway.

  51. I like the Sloan in the Linen-Blend Stone color!

  52. Cynthia Lamb says:

    Wow – what lovely sofas for amazing prices! I like
    for its clean lines and comfortable look. It would be perfect for my family room which desperately needs a new sofa!

  53. I love love love the ‘ROSE”!!!

  54. or

    Lucy or Rose, both fabulous

  55. Iris Dondlinger says:

    I would purchase the Kelly sofa in graphite

  56. The Rose sofa in Pearl!

  57. BamaCarol says:

    Beautiful furniture! I would buy the Alice swivel chair, 2 of them actually.

  58. jennifer smith says:

    I love the Ainsley sofa in sand.
    It looks so comfy and I love the fabric.

  59. I love the rose!

  60. This one is my favorite, although I also love the Lucy.
    Thank for the opportunity.

  61. The Wesley chair in ceralean blue.

  62. Deborah Label says:

    The Rose sofa in stone. I have been looking for a sofa for several years (to replace a chaise – what was I thinking) and haven’t been able to commit. This one is gorgeous.

  63. I really like the Rose sofa!

  64. I would choose the Rose in Sea Shell –

  65. Nancy M says:
  66. BizzyMom says:

    I like the Kelley style best! In need of new furniture.. :)

  67. I love the Lucy sofa. It would be perfect for my living room.

  68. Ginger Humble says:

    My pick is “Rose” the 83″ sofa in the standard linen-blend. Perfect for my Louisiana Cottage style home! Really could use a new sofa!

  69. The Alice Swivel Chair is perfect for me! I am re-doing my office at home and am looking for a reading nook chair. I especially like the dimensions and thought behind the design as I design my simpler, efficient, more Zen office.

  70. I love the Kelley couch in Shadow!

  71. The Walters in Cognac! We have been searching for a leather sofa that will fit in our downsized media room. This is perfect!

  72. I would order the beautiful ROSE sofa! It has lovely classic and modern edge. Looks very comfortable!

  73. I love the Ainsley chair – it would go perfect with a couple pillows in my guest bedroom/reading room!

  74. Jennifer D says:

    I have been looking for some good accent chairs. I really like the look of the Ainsley chair. –

  75. So many great pieces! These chairs are amazing!

  76. I LOVE the Rose sofa! So amazing! It would make a fabulous addition to our living room! (Maybe we can finally get rid of all the “hand me down” furniture and replace it with something awesome!

  77. Michelle B says:

    Love the Ainsley sofa
    So many beautiful pieces. Thanks for hosting the giveaway :)

  78. Sheran Steading says:

    I love the Rose sofa at Interior Define. So classic, yet modern.

  79. I like the Kelley sofa in the coal color. I can definitely see it in my living room!

  80. TerryLynne says:

    Definitely the 75″ Sloan sofa in Khaki. I am digging the legs! Looks very comfy and visually beautiful.

  81. CWKeesus says:

    The Sloan sofa in Otter for me! No question about it!
    Keeping my fingers crossed…..

  82. Ummm…the Walters fabric sofa in Ash would kill it in my living room! And for $1,700 that price makes me dizzy and giddy.

  83. Clarissa says:
  84. Terri Lea Ikeda says:

    I love the Kelley with a chaise…I’m moving and looking for a sectional today!!
    Hope I win…

  85. Meg C.H. says:

    The Wesley accent chair in khaki. Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. I like the Kelly sofa with the chaise. I would pick either coal or graphite. I’m moving sometime soon (I hope) and I need to replace my sofa. Its comfortable and in good condition but I need a new color scheme.

  87. The Lucy!

  88. I’m redoing my basement and the Sloan will be a perfect fit.
    I’ve often considered buying online…always alittle hesitant but might have to give it a try

  89. The Rose sofa is my favorite

  90. Loved the Evans sofa from Interior Define, great detailing on the back and sides! Also the free fabric swatches are a big plus!

  91. I would choose the rose sofa. It’s so feminine.

  92. Kathy Screen says:

    Oooooh! My favorite sofa is the Rose! I’ve always loved English roll arms and caster legs. This sofa in the Lagoon fabric would be perfection!

  93. Nicole Murgia says:

    My favorite is the Ainsley! At first glance and what drew me in was the piping. I love the style and it looks like you could just curl up and read a book!

  94. Trish Angelo says:

    If I won, I’d buy the Sloan Chair in Cerulean!

  95. Like many other commenters, I love the Rose in the linen blend or Lagoon velvet!

  96. Julie Perun says:

    Love the Rose sofa! Those legs are to die for! Sigh…


    I would love something smaller, I have a very small living room with 2 pets. This one has smaller armrests. I also love the Rose sofa because of the dimensions. SO hard to choose! Anything would be appreciated. We only have 1 sofa that we bought used when we got married 6 years ago, and haven’t been able to afford a new one yet. I would love any help I could get. I love your blog and your style.

  98. I love the sloan chair. It would look great with an aztec and polka dot pillows.

  99. KARENANN says:

    I love the Sloan sofa and chair. It’s so sleek and elegant!

  100. The Russell in fog has my attention, says “let’s all cuddle and read together” to me!

  101. Rosemary says:

    I like the Rose in the linen blend.

  102. Love Asher :)

  103. I absolutely love the Rose sofa in stone. WOW!!

  104. Colleen says:

    The Crawford in Tobacco or the Hughes in Chesterfield could be great in our game room

  105. I think I would buy this one: in Carolina Blue or Ocean.

  106. I am newly married (March 28, 2015) and am now the bonus mom to two beautiful girls, ages 5 and 10! My sofa is 10 years old and in terrible condition! = ( This would be SUCH a blessing to my precious new family! = )

    If chosen, we would LOOOVE to make Miss “Lucy” the newest member of our family!

    Thank you!

  107. Stacie Weaver says:

    LOOOOOOOVE the Rose sofa – if I win, I am immediately buying it!!!

  108. Bethany Uhl says:

    I’m already re-accessorizing my living room, based on winning this beautiful sofa:
    SLOAN, 100″ L-shaped Cerulean Blue Sofa.
    The L-shape will add interest and additional seating in my room. The 19″ high seat is just a little higher –and easier to get out of.
    The blue is intense!.
    Love it

  109. Debra Schramm says:
  110. I LOVE the Lucy – it would be perfect for our 115 year old home!

  111. I love the Rose sofa! Thanks for sharing such a generous giveaway.

  112. Anais C. says:

    I really love the Sloan in Otter. I think it has such great style versatility.

  113. Emily D. says:

    I would definitely go for the Sloan in otter. I love the L-shape as I usually lay on the couch and watch TV. Then, would not have to have the dogs piled on me! A darker color would be better for our toddler…

  114. Lisa Cooper says:

    I love the Walters!
    I would leave a link if I knew how…hope this doesn’t keep me from the giveaway!

  115. Definitely the Rose sofa in Lagoon.

  116. Kathryn Gallanis says:

    I love the Walters sectional. Classic yet flexible design and great choice of standard fabric and colors. I can visualize it in two places in my home!

  117. I would love the Kelley sofa in Khaki–our old floral sofa is so tired from having 6 kids (the teens really brought it to its end, and it’s propped on a block of wood to hold one end up…not to mention the sewn patch on one arm!!)

  118. I would certainly buy rose immediately upon winning

  119. Pat Clark says:
  120. D. Dallas says:

    I would love the Kelley soft in my living room — love it, esp the functionality of it somewhat of a sectional + the chaise lounge.

  121. I would buy the Harper sofa because of its beautiful texture!!

  122. Kristina A says:
  123. I am going to put the Alice club chair in ivory in my wish list. I have just the cozy conversation spot in my living room for two of them! My husband loves rounded “tub” chairs, and I usually don’t–but then I saw Alice! I would love to buy two of these for our anniversary.

  124. Adrienne says:

    I love both the Harper and the Rose, but I think i’d end up falling for the Rose and probably a ton of pillows too!

  125. Alice for me!

  126. I’m thinking the Kelley.

  127. Deb Hayes says:

    LOVE the Rose 83″ sofa in the natural linen. The back, legs, and rolled arms are gorgeous! Would look great in my living room, with some accent pillows.

    Good luck everyone …

  128. Chelsea says:

    We recently took your styling advice and painted our Family room a very similar color to Glidden Polished Grey & now would love to pair it with this Walters Sofa in Shale! We love reading your blog and love your style so much–this would help make a statement and help us keep our family room decluttered.

  129. LOVE the Harper!!!

  130. Jennifer says:

    I love the Rose sofa – it’s beautiful!

  131. Love the Rose couch! Looks so comfortable!

  132. Devon Daigle says:

    I would use the credit towards the purchase of the Lucy!! Moving into my first home soon and this would be a great first piece for a family room!

  133. Denise Belkin says:

    The Rose sofa is definitely my pick!

  134. Love the Rose sofa. Classic!

  135. Carrie Koppin says:

    Maybe the sloan in otter? So many fun choices. ;)

  136. Chose “Lucy’s” in a linen blend. This is a beautiful sofa. I was so impressed by the 365 day return period. Many classic styles to choose from. Love the site and can hardly wait to get my fabric swatches.


    Love the Sloan in Birch! Will be the star of my living room!

  138. Jenni D. says:

    They’re all beautiful! I choose the Hughes in Chesterfield: thanks!

  139. Taylor Hardin says:

    The Harper in steel grey. Just lovely.

  140. I like the Kelley in Coal, it would be so nice to stretch out on. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  141. MonicaSGS says:

    Love the versatility of the Hughes, I would want to go with that one.

  142. Aubrey M says:

    I would love the Kelley or Ainsley in my living room!

  143. Kelly Lee says:
  144. Man, so many to look through! At first look I think the Owens with left chaise in the Sapphire. GORGEOUS! But, really, so many that I’d have to peruse for hours. Glad to be signed up to their mailing list!

  145. natalie says:
  146. So many choices, one of mine would be:

  147. I like sloan couch in pewter!

  148. I LOVE the Kelley chaise in wheat! It would be so nice to get rid of our garage sale sofa!

  149. Terri Davies says:

    I adore the design of the ROSE 83″ sofa. Le the legs on it. And Lagoon is the perfect color of blue that would stand the test of time. Thanks for sharing a great source or the perfect sofa!

  150. Caitlin says:
  151. I love the Ainsley sectional in Sterling!!

  152. Terri Davies says:

    Also, just want to add that there return policy is awesome. It’s tough to buy a sofa online and this makes it so much easier to trust them that they have a quality product they stand (or sit!) behind.

  153. Elizabeth says:

    I would get the rose sofa.

  154. love the polka dot pillow! goes with my bedroom decor

  155. I would love the Rose sofa!

  156. Alice Browder says:

    I love it all, but for now I would love an Alice swivel….ha even named after me! Perfect for my family room!

  157. These tips are great! I learned some of them the hard way after purchasing a sofa that everyone in my family didn’t like. I tried to like it because I felt sorry for it… haha. But, we finally just gave it away. However, this has not made me gun shy! I love online shopping! So appreciate your website! Thanks, Trisha

  158. Annette says:

    The Lucy, but perhaps in a pale gray linen instead.

  159. Lauren Burger says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Alice Swivel!!

  160. Brandy Madson says:

    Man! We just bought a new sofa! I’m kind of wishing we’d bought his one, But we are still shopping for chairs! I’d get this one!

  161. I would choose the Rose –, but I also love the Lucy…

  162. Valda B says: Rose in Sea Glass. Beautiful.

  163. Crystal says:

    The Harper sofa! It needs me.

  164. Heather Bowman says:

    The Kelley in Wheat!

  165. alexandra robertson says: in the shale color! we totally need a new couch!!

  166. Catherine says:

    I love the Rose – she had me at first glance! Classic beauty always wins for me!

  167. I love the Rose sofa…it’s beautiful!!

  168. amber tkaczuk says:

    The Rose sofa

  169. I love the Lucy in putty or graphite. Would have to see fabric samples for my final choice. Thanks for the chance to win.

  170. Tina S. says:

    The Kelley in wheat would be perfect for us!

  171. Margaret Martin says:

    I like the Ainsley in Laurel!

  172. Johanna says:

    I would choose the Lucy sofa in khaki.. And a polka dot pillow.

  173. The Alice Swivel in the Ivory Luxe Weave
    with the Blue and white stirped pillow
    would be perfect for my new family room! Great site!!

  174. A glass of wine, a good book and lounging on the “Lucy” in the seaglass velvet would be perfect!

  175. I really like the Walters Leather sofa with right chaise. All the sofas are beautiful…

  176. Bring on the cush….so inviting! Love the wheat!

  177. Stephanie says:

    Love the rose! I have couch remorse and would live to buy a new one!

  178. Stephanie says:
  179. Rose in Pearl

  180. Natalie says:

    I just love the Lucy sofa in Graphite Heavy Cloth! Gorgeous!

  181. I really like the Henry, in Nut (such a nice, neutral color for a base)!! Love the chaise ~

  182. The Alice Swivel is awesome…I’d get two!

  183. Gabriele Rienas says: I love the Sloan sofa for it’s neat & compact look. We are empty nesters, downsizing from a large family home to half the space. This piece would be perfect in my quest to create a new welcoming space for 2 displaced parents.

  184. I would choose the Kelley sofa – I’m still using the horrid plaid sofa my husband’s first wife selected. Help!

  185. Maryann Conner says:

    The Rose sofa in the Stone Linen-blend! Gorgeous!

  186. I like the Rose – traditional, but not frumpy.

  187. Gail McMurray says:

    So many styles to choose from, I prefer the Lucy, so pretty.

  188. I like the Kelly sectional

  189. Love, Love, Love the Rose Sofa!

  190. I love the Alice swivel chair and the Rose couch.

  191. Ashley V. says:

    I’m getting married next month, and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of decorating our new place. I love the Harper in fog because it looks like a great piece to build around.

  192. Marie in VA says:

    Love, love the Kelley sectional :)

  193. Nicole wilson says:

    I love the rose!

  194. Stephanie S says:

    There are so many amazing choices! I love that you can get fabric swatches also. Right now my favorite is the Wesley Chair. I love the styling and hope they make a sofa to match soon!

  195. I love the rose sofa!

  196. We’ve been searching for a sectional and the Crawford is pretty sweet!

  197. Love the sofa you have pictured!

  198. I’d order the Ainsely in Ivory for my bedroom.

  199. OO, oo, oo, I pick Rose. It’s like she has been waiting for me forever, she’s the perfect color, the right length and totally complements my existing furniture! She’ll never be a wallflower here!

  200. Ainsley Chair or Alice Swivel

  201. Kathleen says:

    I’m having a hard time picking one! I finally narrowed it down to the Lucy, Harper or Rose. But now I can’t pick the fabric….

  202. Megan Sanders says:

    A coupe of the Alice Swivels in velvet would be perfect next to the fireplace in my new master bedroom!

  203. Love the Sloan chairs in putty!

  204. Fonda Rush says: I like Rose, because it has a roundness to it mot of the other ones don’t. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  205. I want and love the Alice swivel club chair!! Peggy

  206. Melissa W says:

    I’m loving the Sloan and the Kelly! We would LOVE a new sectional for our playroom. :-)

  207. I would buy the Sloan with the chaise!

  208. SOOOO love the Rose…those legs…the linen…the rounded arms…thanks for the chance for a good win!

  209. Lisa Kirby says:

    I LOVE the Rose sofa so much and it is so well priced that I would get 2 in probably the sea shell fabric! Love love love it!

  210. The Rose in Linen blend

  211. I like the Harper in the bone fabric! What a nice neutral piece that you can do so much with.

  212. The Alice chair would be my choice, because it looks comfortable and like it would best fit my style.


  213. Love the Rose sofa!

  214. Amanda H says:

    I really like the Rose in Seashell. It Iooks like a good blend of elegance and comfort.

  215. Kari Akin says:

    Kelley sofa in khaki. Can’t seem to get it to paste.

  216. heather dundore says:

    I would get the Kelley white sectional if I won the giveaway!

  217. I also really like the Rose but since we are moving soon I don’t know what fabric!

  218. I would definitely buy the Lucy in a soft grey!

  219. Ellen Cole says:


  220. Love the Sloan in bark.

  221. kristine says:

    I need a sofa.
    I would buy the Kelly sofa if I won!

  222. Kimberley Danzey says:

    I love the Ainsley in the dusk color.

  223. Stephanie B says:

    It’s a tough call between Asher and Sloan…but I’m leaning towards the Sloan in my living room. It’s scale looks right for my space and I love the way the legs leave visual space….will help my room not get closed in by furniture. The linen blend fabric in slate, or the regular fabric is cerulean blue are my favorites. Great site to explore-love the fabric choices as well!

  224. I love the Harper! Such a clean, classic look.

  225. Great ideas for shopping online!

  226. Robin in NC says:

    I really like the 69″ Ainsley because we have a smaller living room & the 7′ couch we have now is just way too big! Thanks for sharing with us!

  227. Love the Harper sofa in Fog.

  228. Shannon Combest says:

    Oh my gosh! I’d pick the Rose couch in the standard stone linen fabric. It’s gorgeous!!

  229. Ainsley in Sand

  230. The Kennedy sofa is so cool. But I also love the Alice swivel chair, so it would be a tough decision!

  231. I love the Rose in Sea Glass velvet

  232. I’d get the Sloan accent chair in cranberry for sure! Eeep this would be amazing for getting married this November! :) :)

  233. Karen huber says:

    I would love the Rose in linen!

  234. Karen huber says:
    Then again, the Kelley is a great l shape.

    Love the Kelley Sofa/Moss Thank you

  236. jen shoemaker says:

    I love the Harper sofa! I’d go with the high performance felt in pewter. Maybe with high performance, my children couldn’t ruin it!

  237. Pam Good says:

    I would love to replace our old sectional with the Sloan 79″ Sofa in putty basket weave fabric! I painted our living room walls in a light gray last year and this would look lovely in there.


    I really like the Ainsley sectional.

  239. Charity H. says:
  240. Sarah Smiley says:

    I love the Kelley sofa in Eggplant! I’ve lived without a sofa for years and I’m soooo ready to have one back in my living room. Everyone says stay with neutrals but I love statement pieces like this eggplant sofa!

  241. Andrea V says:

    The Rose!

  242. I love this one:

    But this one is beautiful, too!

    Thanks for the chance.

  243. I love the Rose sofa!!

  244. Amanda C says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the 102″ Harper sofa in fog {love steel grey, too}! So perfect!

  245. I love Lucy! And also the pillows you selected.

  246. Jenifer says:

    I love the Harper! Just can’t decide between “fog” or “bone” for our new space.


    I would love to get Alice Swivel chair or Sloan chair.

  248. Elaine Hardin says:

    I love the Lucy sofa.

  249. The Harper or maybe the Rose sofa. Both are pretty!

  250. Jennifer McCracken says:

    I would choose the Sloane sofa probably in the cerulean blue basket weave.


  251. Oh I so want the Rose! We desperately need a new sofa!!

  252. cathy l says:

    I would get the Kelley sofa maybe in the cerulean blue basket weave. We just painted our downstairs a pale gray (after seeing your amazing house) and we are slowly changing the furniture to freshen things up. We recovered a couple of chairs but are waiting on buying a new sofa because that’s the largest expense. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  253. I would WITHOUT A DOUBT order up the Rose for my living room! Love it!

  254. Jennifer C. says:

    The Sloan!

  255. I adore the Sloan in otter.

  256. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    I would love to use the credit towards the Ainsley sofa in the Laurel color shown here:

  257. love the kelly in graphite…..looks so cozy!!!

  258. Ainsley in Sterling. I have been looking for the right chair for my craft room / office and this one is PERFECT!

  259. Jane Kirkpatrick says:

    Love the Lucy Sofa in the linen blend! How exciting it would be to have a new sofa in our household!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  260. Loving the Rose in linen. ❤

  261. Oh, Rose in Sea Glass, beautiful!

  262. BAM! If I won, I would choose this sofa!

  263. Kathryn says:

    I love the Lucy in wheat. Lovely sofa and great scale!

  264. elaine v says:

    I like the Lucy in cerulean blue

  265. Christie says:

    Rose sofa but I can’t decide on the fabric … the linen is pretty but I also like the velvet. So pretty!

  266. The Rose sofa in stone is absolutely my favorite! Love, love, love!

  267. The Rose sofa in Pearl Velvet. :) Love the old fashioned rolling legs.


    Decisions, Decisions…..I love the Rose in the Pearl color. It would look awesome in my space.

  269. Love the Rose in velvet but can’t decide on color until I see swatches. So pretty!

  270. Catherine G says:
    The Kelley sofa is so nice! Would love to get rid of my super old sofa!

  271. Elizabeth Ashe says:

    I love the Asher sofa!

  272. I’ve wanted an English rolled arm sofa as long as I can remember, and the Rose fits the bill perfectly! Now, what fabric?

  273. My husband and I just purchased our first home after moving to the suburbs of Cleveland from NYC. Not only do we have VERY little furniture from our previous, tiny one bedroom apartment, the home we purchased is a SUPER fixer-upper. Built in 1952, almost everything is original (yes, the carpet pads are now dust!). In keeping with the home’s design, we’re hoping to decorate with an eclectic mid-century theme. So, I think most of Interior Define’s pieces would go well in the space. But, if I had to choose, I’d go for the Lucy sofa in graphite heavy cloth:

  274. I’d pick the Kelley in wheat (is it ironic for a celiac to choose WHEAT of all colors? I think it would hide dog hair the best =P ) Throw some chunky arm knit blankets on there and some squishy, patterned pillows and we’d have one comfy, beautiful living room.

  275. The Rose is the one! Beautiful. Thank you

  276. I would LOVE to have the Sloan in Lagoon Velvet to replace our 8 year old IKEA sofa!

  277. joli simmons says:

    the 74″ kelley sofa in wheat is my pick. LOVE, LOVE the style!

  278. Definitely the Lucy. Very tailored looking but also looks plush enough to be comfortable. I love the linen look fabric as well.

  279. Love these sofas! I would pick the Rose sofa in the taupe linen- blend fabric. It is beautiful!!

  280. Christina LeBlanc says:
  281. The Rose 83″ in Sea Glass would be a great place to start a living room makeover.

  282. Stacye Hixson says:

    I love the Rose sofa in the lighter gray, if available.

  284. I would love the Harper in the ash color to create a family space in my basement.

  285. Sloan would provide great bones for my husband’s yet-to-be furnished automobilia themed library and display.

  286. Tonya Nagle says:

    By far and away my favorite was the Rose couch!! Exactly what I am looking for! ( my phone will not allow me to share the link, but I tried :-( )

  287. Christina LeBlanc says:
  288. Tonya Nagle says:

    By far and away my favorite is the Rose!! been dreaming of one like this for a while! Could not post a link though, sorry, phone would not let me :-(

  289. Elizabeth G. says:
  290. I would buy the Sloan, in Mod Velvet. Love the wide seat cushions and little legs; this sofa has a lovely profile for a small home. Perfect!

  291. I love the rose sofa

  292. Janet P. says:

    I love the Rose in linen!

  293. I love the sloan sofa!

  294. Sarah bragg says:

    I love “Lucy” ?

  295. The asher would be perfect for our media room!

  296. Danielle S says:

    I like the Harper sofa in bone!

  297. I like the Kelly sofa with chaise, I would have to order fabric samples because I really want my new sofa to not be scratchy fabric, which is what we have now.

  298. Ashley C says:

    I’d love to get the Sloan Accent Chair in egg plant


  299. Oh my gosh! changed my mind. Initially attracted to Gray, but posted would get Sloan. Just watching Million Dollar Listing and two Gray sofas are in an apartment in yellow. Love! Would get Gray for sure. Best thing about it; looks like no loose pillows. Yay!

    I’d buy the Sloan Fabric Accent Chair in cerulean blue :)

  301. Claire Faulkner says:

    What great couches!! I’d get the Kelley fabric sofa with right chaise in graphite or wheat! We just moved and this would be such an amazing sofa for our new living space. :)

  302. Rita Nelson says:

    Wow! I really like the Ainsley sofa.

  303. The Rose is my favorite!

  304. Like The Lucy in either coal or a deep blue…..Lots of choices.

  305. I love the lines of this sofa. It looks cozy!

  306. Melanie says:

    I can’t decide between the Harper or Walters! Beautiful! Thank you for a chance!

  307. The KELLEY would suit me just fine.

  308. jaime g says:

    The Henry is Sapphire is my fav!

  309. Rebecca says:

    I love the arms on the Rose sofa! That’s what I would buy!

  310. I like the Kelley…plus, it’s my brother’s name. ?

  311. The Rose is my favorite with the Lucy running a close second!

  312. I would have a hard time choosing between the Rose and the Lucy. Both so beautiful in linen.

  313. Isabelle says:

    I would buy the Ainsley sofa with the chaise!

  314. I love the Rose and the Lucy in linen. I would have a hard time choosing between the two.

  315. In love with the Primo colored Sloan. It’s timeless and fresh. I could totally see it in my home for years to come .

  316. Thank you for sharing your tips and introducing me to Interior Define! Your timing is perfect as my husband and I recently starting shopping around for a sofa to replace the one we purchased almost 12 years ago after getting married. Needless to stay, our recent experience hasn’t been the most enjoyable with bringing two boys along to shop in stores and with noticing a decline in the quality of quite a few furniture manufacturers’ products (but with no decline in price). I didn’t know where to start with shopping online though. I was definitely impressed by the Interior Define website and products. The Sloan caught my eye at first. I’m thrilled with so many of the color options: Cerulean-Blue, Bark, Khaki, Sea Glass, Lagoon, Stone, Ocean, Sea-Foam. In the end though, I fell in love with the Rose Sofa. While I like the Stone and Sea Glass colors, I think it would be stunning in Lagoon. I would immediately purchase this with my credit if I won!


    I need two of these for my office!!!

  318. The Rose – thx for the chance!

  319. Love the Asher in pewter Just what i need to help my small living area maximize my space.


    I LOVE the Gray sofa. I have a small living room and it would be perfect. I’m not sure what color- I love that teal-y blue in your swatches!

  321. I like the Lucy in the Velvet Sea Shell fabric!

  322. rachel cartucci says:

    This sofa in the gray is what I would want!!

  323. Angie Smith says:

    I would pick the Harper sofa from Interior Define. We “had to” inherit my mom’s 1980’s living room set 2 years ago when she moved in. She moved out and we’re left with dated furniture that’s not even comfy! I’m 43 and would love to be able to pick a couch of my own! Thank you for considering me!!

  324. I am in love with ROSE in the linen blend stone color. Would be perfect in my new formal living room turned family lounge:)

  325. Kelly Emery says:

    These pieces are all so lovely! I especially like the Kelley sofa. So classic!

  326. I like the Sloan in Carolina Blue.

  327. I love the Rose sofa!!!!!

  328. Lauren B says:

    I love the Lucy!

  329. The Rose in the linen blend is dreamy!!!

  330. jennifer thornton says:

    love this site. founds lots I adore…

    here is what I would choose- harper

    thanks :)

  331. I am obsessed with the “Rose” couch. It is the perfect combination of comfy and chic style. It looks lovely with the natural “Linen” fabric and would be paired well with the “Wide Striped” pillow and the “Polka Dot” pillows. If I was going more for the statement furniture piece in the room then I would do the custom fabric with the “Sea Glass”. But overall the couch is gorgeous and would look amazing in any color!

  332. Ali Celestino says:

    I’d buy the Asher in Marine color.

  333. Martie C says:

    I love the “Alice” chair!! It would be perfect in my living room!

  334. Colleen says:
  335. Missy McCarthy says:

    I would LOVE the Rose in Linen Blend!! Heaven in a couch…

  336. Tracy Anderson says:

    Harper! Can’t get the link to paste in. :(

  337. The Kelley in eggplant would fit my long-legged family well!

  338. Christan says:

    The Rose Sofa is so pretty!

  339. Stephanie says:

    I would LOVE to purchase the Rose sofa, it is beautiful!!

  340. Stephanie says:

    I would love to purchase the Rose sofa, it is beautiful!!

  341. I really like the sloan. I have a small room that it would look great in.

  342. Piggerts says:

    Love the Sloan!

  343. Love the Rose sofa!

  344. Cathleen says:

    I love the Rose sofa in mod velvet Seashell. But I might just have to get it in Narwhal, because who doesn’t want a sofa called Narwhal?!

  345. I would choose the Lucy. Very pretty.

  346. The Harper sofa with the Otter fabric!

  347. Patricia Miller says:

    I love, love, LOVE the Rose sofa in linen blend!

  348. Ainsley with the left chaise in Linen. I’ve never had a sectional, and would love this! Thanks.

  349. Rose in Stone

  350. Michaela c says:
  351. Sloan chair in velvet!

  352. CathyAnn says:

    The Kelley or the Sloan look terrific

  353. Whitney says:

    I love the lines on the Sloan! It’d be cute in any color.

  354. DeAnn Marott says:

    I would take the Walters in leather

  355. I love the Rose sofa. I think I would get it in soft seashell. The return policy is also very reassuring.

  356. Timberly says:

    The Alice Club Chair with swivel.

  357. I would choose the Sloan fabric accent chair in cerulean-blue – looks comfy!

  358. Rachael says:

    I really love the classic style of the Rose sofa.

  359. I love this sofa! What a great giveaway!

  360. Tiffany Leffler says:

    I love the harper couch!

  361. Megan S. says:

    I love the Henry! (That’s my son’s name too. :-)

  362. Beautiful furniture! I would love the Lucy in Stone. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  363. Liz Brewer says:

    The Rose would be perfect in my family room!

  364. I love the lines of the Kelley sectional sofa, clean and simple yet inviting. The natural looking colors of the fabrics are all awesome… hard to choose, but I would go with Wheat.

  365. Laura B. says:

    I love the Rose in Sea Glass.

  366. Laura B. says:
  367. Jennifer says:

    It’s hard to choose, but I think the Rose.

  368. Jennifer Lowe says:
    I love the Ainsley in stone! Our new Goldendoodle puppy, Sadie, would look adorable relaxing on it!

  369. Stephanie says:

    I think two Harper sofas in Fog would be perfect for my new living room!!

  370. I love the Sloan sofa in Sea Shell Velvet! Yummy!

  371. stephanie says:

    I would get the Alice chair! We need chairs in our living room. Thanks for the opportunity.

  372. Brittany Waller says:

    Definitely the Rose in Lagoon blue velvet.

  373. I love the Rose couch!

  374. The Kelley!!!

  375. The Sloan chair in any fabric for my new office!

  376. Rebecca Rapp says:

    Kelley in cranberry basket weave. Beautiful!

  377. The Rose in the linen blend is so lovely. Would love to see it in my first home!

  378. The Rose couch in the Linen fabric.


    It would be this lovely piece…the Rose sofa in Stone.

  380. I would buy the Wesley Chair with Wheat fabric, plus the Camo pillow!

  381. Kimberly Terrell says:
  382. I like the Harper sofa in “fog!”

  383. The Rosa sofa is perfection! Love the legs and timeless yet updated look to it.

  384. I love the Harper in fog!!

  385. Barbara says:
  386. Ashley B says:

    I really like the Rose sofa. Gorgeous!!

  387. Megan S. says:

    The Henry looks like you can just sink in and never get out!

  388. Lindsay Rhein says:

    A ROSE by any other name wouldn’t smell as sweet, but deciding on a color would be hard. They are all so lovely.

  389. Dorothy says:

    Oh, my: the Rose is so pretty…

  390. Brittany says:

    I’ve been eyeing the Sloan for a while, so my fingers are crossed! I love the sand linen blend- it’s the perfect neutral for my living room!

  391. melissa says:

    I LOVE this one! Moving into a new home and I think I need two for my new living room. Sure would be great to win $1000 toward that purchase, almost like a BOGO. :)

  392. Michele Heimlich says:

    All very Stylish! Love the rotating view of products! I would choose the Rose sofa.

  393. Ashley B. says:

    The Sloan sectional in putty is gorgeous!

  394. Nichole d says:
  395. Christine says:

    I like the Lucy best. They are all beautiful though.

  396. Missdeally says:

    Love the harder in fog!

  397. I think I would choose the kelly

  398. Suzanne B says: – this is my favorite. I’ve been looking for a smaller sofa to fit in an odd space

  399. rachel d says:

    So comfy and the color is perfect!!

  400. – this was my favorite… i’ve been looking for a smaller sofa to fit in an odd place

  401. love the rose – great lines

  402. latanya t says:

    I like the LUCY

  403. Nekia Williams says:

    About to be a first time home buyer (with only enough funds to move in for now, but no furniture yet!) So, I’d love to win the Lucy for my husband and I.

    Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway.

  404. Rose sofa in the linen blend. Beautiful!

  405. Solducky says:

    The style of the Rose sofa in linen has been on my wish list for awhile. Love it!

  407. I’m currently making a craft studio–a space that is all mine. And I’d love to see the Asher in there with some cute bright pillows. Swoon!

  408. The Kennedy would be my pick – not sure on the color.

  409. The Kennedy

  410. Erin Clouse says:

    I would absolutely pick the Rose sofa. It’s elegant but relaxed at the same time.

  411. Jenn Reyn says:

    I love the way the Harper sofa looks in steel grey.

  412. Melissa says:

    Everything at Interior design is beautiful but my favorite is Rose

  413. Allison Milutinovich says:

    The Rose would look perfect in my new living room!

  414. Sloan in Deep Sea. Look at those legs!
    Honorable mention to the cranberry color. That is just fabulous.
    I’m looking for my first “adult” sofa, and these tips were super helpful! Thanks!

  415. Ryan Lynn Hurst says:

    I love Rose! Actually, I love them all, but Rose would be the choice for my home!!

  416. Lynette says:

    I love the Rose!

  417. Harper in Fog!

  418. I love this Gray sofa!

  419. Steven Cote says:

    I love the Sloan Fabric Sofa with right chaise in Graphite heavy cloth:

  420. Stephanie says:

    I’d love the Ainsley 69″ sofa in the Sand fabric. It’d be perfect for my Master Bedroom!

  421. Well, we just downsized into a smaller home and the rose sofa would be perfect in my living room. It’s a beautiful piece.

  422. Whitney says:

    I love the Rose 83″ sofa (linen blend)! Fingers crossed :)

  423. Debbie Briody says:

    I like the Harper sofa. I couldn’t decide on a color, so I requested samples…free. How cool is that?

  424. I would pick Rose in the Pearl fabric.

  425. I really like the Kelley Sofa and loveseat. There are many beautiful pieces on their website.

  426. This one is my favorite!
    I’ve been dreaming of a new sofa for our family room! Thank you for the chance to win!

  427. I love this chair – it would be operfect in our living room.

  428. The Rose sofa

  429. The Rose in the standard fabric would be every so fabulous to cuddle with our 2 little Schnauzer sisters!

  430. Kind of in love with the Asher style!

  431. The rosa sofa

  432. The rose Sofa

  433. We are looking for a new sofa now. The rose would be perfect!

  434. Diane Semak says:

    Oh, the Rose is perfection!

  435. What a great company! I hope we can replace our couch in the next couple years! I loved the Sloan but would want the one with the chaise on the left. Great designs!

  436. Wanda P. says:

    The Rose selection is exactly what I need!

  437. I really like the style of the Kelley

  438. christin says:

    We are moving into our first home next week! I would love the Lucy or Harper!

  439. I LOVE the Lucy sofa! It would be perfect in our living room.

  440. I love the walters with right chase lounge the best in the heather grey

  441. The Walters in slate linen; love it!

  442. Tyneisha says:

    I LOVE the Alice Swivel chair, it’s stunning!

  443. Thank you so much I love the rose, and could use new couch .

    Susan Freeman

  444. I like the Ainsley Chair in Sterling.

  445. Sarah j says:

    I love the Ansley in linen

  446. I like the Ainsley chair. It looks really comfy.

  447. I would choose the Rose in Sea Shell or Pearl (or maybe even Sea Glass, but I’d have to try swatches before I could commit — although all 3 colors are gorgeous). But the Rose sofa for sure!

  448. Must have rose! Any color ?

  449. I love Lucy!

  450. I think the Ainsley, but I also love the Alice swivel chair, I would love to have a pair in front of the fireplace-

  451. I’d buy Sloan sofa in Cerulean Blue!

  452. Heather Wilson says:

    Definitely the Harper in bone!

  453. Bethany says:

    The a pair of the Alice club chairs would look great in my living room!
    Or maybe I would choose the Alice Swivel club chairs…hard to decide.

  454. Jaidev Alvarez says:

    Sloan, 67″ in Carolina-Blue.

  455. Leigh Dusek says:

    I love the Sloan chair in cerulean blue. It’s gorgeous. And I really need a new chair that’s just mine and cozy.

  456. Love the Lucy!

  457. Michelle says:

    Love the Harper!

  458. Gail Vannaman says:

    I loved this furniture and would order the Rose in Sea Glass! Perfect color for my living room!

  459. i don’t know how to put up a link….but i love Harper

  460. Karen Mary says:

    The Harper, please and thank you! :)

  461. Ali Celestino says:

    Love the Sloan very nice!

  462. Carla Strong says:

    I love the Sloan, in wheat, I think the color was.

  463. I would pick the 83″ Sloan in Putty. Thank you very much for the opportunity :)

  464. I would pick the 83″ Sloan in Putty :)

    Thank you very much for the opportunity !!!

  465. Keri Vanatta says:

    I love the Kelley – in either the wheat or the khaki –

  466. Brittany says:

    I would die for the Rose sofa in a mod velvet fabric! Love love love the legs!

  467. Hannah Forman says:

    I’d love the Lucy in Khaki: We just restored the bones of our small sunroom to its former glory, but haven’t added furniture yet. Our handsome rabbit, Ethel, is the conversation starter of the room for now, but this sofa would fit the size and the feel perfectly!


    We need a new couch pronto! I love this grey sectional. would love to win

  469. Hannah Forman says:

    I’d love the Lucy in Khaki: We just restored the bones of our small sunroom to its former glory, but haven’t added furniture yet. I love the Lucy’s narrow armrests, and I like the darker Khaki. It would fit the size and feel of the room perfectly!

  470. I’d love the 104″ Kelley in Khaki
    It would make my cottage beautiful!

  471. Kaitlyn Bird says:

    I love the Kelley with the right chaise in Wheat! Gorgeous!

  472. eileen marie says:

    This. *swoon*
    Love it in Birch AND Bark!

  473. Donnamae says:

    I love the Lucy! I’d leave the link…but don’t know how! ;)

  474. Love the Lucy in khaki……..sigh……

  475. Stunning! Vintage feel in a full size sofa. The Sea Glass Velvet will transform any space into something warm and inviting; perfect size and shape for an office!

  476. The Rose or the Lucy. They each are so beautiful!

  477. This would look great in my new house!

    The Ainsley looks very comfy and I love the Sterling color. It will look great in my family room. I definitely need a comfortable chair! They have a great line of sofas and chairs. Thanks for the giveaway!

  479. Stephanie Brewer says:

    I love the Rose sofa but I’d buy 2 of the Alice swivel chairs! I have the perfect spot for them !

  480. Entrice Rowe says:
  481. The Kelley in wheat

  482. Mary Ann Ekstrom says:

    Alice Swivel chair is the perfect accent chair and looks so comfortable.

  483. Katelynn Hickman says:

    I would probably do the two cushion Grey ! Looks really comfy!


    I like the Rose best. Sea Glass or Sea Shell. The link is Thank you for a chance to win.

  485. I think I would go with the Sloan. I have been looking for a couch for my living room for months and I haven’t found anything I am completely in love with yet.

  486. The Rose sofa in Narwal is my choice.

  487. I love the Sloan line!!

  488. Lucy in Linen…. every lady looks good in linen!

  489. Elizabeth Sproule says:

    The 79″ Lucy Sofa in Mod Velvet- Sea Shell.

    The Hughes in Smoke. Great contemporary lounging sofa — perfect for movie nights with the kids!

  491. Seems like Sloan is my style :)))

  492. Have been looking for the perfect couch for months now – Thank you!


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