Getting Organized to Slow Down

Getting Organized to Slow Down

I think what most of us want this summer is unhurried time to enjoy with our family. Yes? At least that’s what we are craving at our house! We have a pretty busy schedule most of the time so being intentional about our summer plans is what will make all the difference between dreaming about slowing down…and actually slowing down.

We are deliberately and quite intentionally slowing our usual pace this summer starting in July, and I could not be more excited know we will have downtime together.

But in order to make the most of our downtime and enjoy our “staycations”and road trips, we have to get a little bit better organized and prepared now so we can begin to fully experience what will hopefully feel like the lazy days of summer.

Today on The Decluttered Home you’ll find my guest post with inspiring ideas and gentle nudges for how to prepare for your best summer yet! Come on over!

Getting Organized to Slow Down


  1. VerbalGoldBlog says:

    I totally agree! I need to start getting more organized instead of leaving all of my obligations until the last minute

  2. A few years ago I bought a vintage picnic basket for a song and filled it with picnic ware from my local big box store. My friends and family enjoy the fun vibe when we head to the park. I “store” the picnic basket in the corner of my sunroom, and place a bird book and binoculars on top.

  3. Summer is my busy time at work. It takes so much effort to find a lazy day but they are so precious to me!

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