An Autumn Walk {video}

Jack & Lily (An Autumn Walk) from Jack Michaels on Vimeo.

Lily and I went on a walk with our parents a couple of weeks ago, and decided that we officially love fall as much as my mom does. We had so much fun frolicking in the crunchy leaves…it was the best walk ever. We even made this short little video to remember our mini adventure!

Jack and Lily an Autumn Walk

The one in which they try to make me wear a Halloween costume

Jack and costume

My sister tried to put me in a Halloween costume. I was less than thrilled about it. At first when she brought it out, I tried to eat it so that they wouldn’t be able to put it on me. But after awhile, I gave in. They insisted I try it. See Lily watching me? So embarrassing.

Spiderman Jack

I made it really difficult on her by freezing up my whole body. I don’t think I like costumes. Not this one anyway. I think I look pretty ridiculous as Spider-Man.

Jack as spiderman

I’m pleading for mercy.

Jack the Goldendoodle as Superdog

A few weeks ago they made me dress up like Superdog.

I do look pretty good as Superdog.

Jack the Goldendoodle with his Matrix moves

It gave me super Matrix-like powers over Lily.

But she’s a toughie. She fought back and hissed at me.


Maybe because she is a girl but Lily likes to dress up. See her toothless grin? She doesn’t even care if she looks ridiculous. HAHAHAH!!! She allowed them to dress her up as a COW of all things (HAHAHAHAHA, I can’t stop laughing). I was going to blackmail her with the pictures but then she proceeded to show off for the camera. She was posing and smiling and looking all cute and stuff.

She is a pretty cute cow, I think.

Lily the Labradoodle in her Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween, from Lily and me!

Earl the Shrimp and Other Random Thoughts


Hey guys. It’s me, Jack. I found this picture of myself and I thought…hey. I’m pretty cute. And fluffy.

Then I found a picture of someone else cute and fluffy. My little sister Lily.

Lily the Australian Labradoodle

Here’s us with Earl. Earl isn’t fluffy, and to be honest, I don’t think many would say he’s cute. His shirt is too short and there are flames on his shorts. And he has chest hair. It’s weird. But we accept him the way he is.

Jack & Lily

When Lily first met Earl, they were the same size. Lily was a pipsqueak. A shrimp. Now Earl’s the shrimp.


One of the last things I want to say today is…do you like my Facebook page and my Instagram? I post pictures there a lot that you don’t see on my blog. Lily doesn’t have one but I post pictures of her too.

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Thanks for being my fans :)

PS: The previous photos were shot in Earl’s prime…before the unfortunate incident with his foot. You can read about Earl’s foot here.


Jack & Lily Nap 2

Jack & Lily Nap 3

Jack & Lily Nap

My sister Lily and I like to take naps. She always comes up to lay right by me. I love my sister.

Thoughts on Haircuts

Jack at the Hairdresser

My mom likes it when I go to  the hairdresser to get my hair washed and cut. I understand why…I mean, when you’re the Pup of the Year, you have to look your very best. The ladies at the salon are really nice but usually they have to carry me in because I’m kind of nervous sometimes. I used to be small but now I’m big so I’m heavier…but I still love it when people pick me up.

When I go to scary places I lock my legs and carefully tiptoe to make sure it’s safe. But the nice ladies ease my fears, swoop me up and carry me safely in to the salon..and the next thing I know it, I’m a whole new pup with glistening clean hair. I can hardly contain my excitement when it’s time to leave the salon because 1) I look extremely handsome and 2) I’m so glad to be done with this slightly traumatic excursion.

Now that I have Lily as my sister, though, she gets to go with me. She’s brave so I feel more brave too. That’s how I feel about getting my hair done.

My Friend Earl

Earl and I have been pals for awhile now. I met him in Portland last winter (I wrote a post about it here) and he has been one of my most faithful and sturdy toys. Tug of war, flinging him across the room, digging my teeth into his skin…he’s been through it all and stayed by my side loving every minute of it. But I’m here to tell you about an unfortunate incident that happened recently. His foot is now no longer attached. I would go into depth about how it occurred, but I can truthfully say that I do not know the circumstances in how this happened. Could it have been Lily? Maybe. Could it have been the cat across the street that I’m terribly afraid of? Unlikely.

The fact of the matter is that we will never know…but what I DO know is that Earl and I are still friends despite the unfortunate foot amputation. And that’s what I call a good friend.