The Pottery Barn Basic Slipcovered Sofa Saga
& Confessions

A few years back I decided I wanted a good basic sofa with a slip cover. Truth be told, I have never spent much money on furniture for my home. A lot of what I have was given to me or found at garage sales, consignment shops and second hand stores.  … ** Read more **

The Beautiful Moments

Today is Beautiful Life Friday. I'm hooked on moments like this with my beautiful little boy. What were your beautiful moments? Please share in the comments or via a link. No home page links, make your post relevant, and please offer the … ** Read more **

Something Brand New
on The Inspired Room!

O k, super duper excited about this! This has been in the dreaming stage for quite awhile now, but this week I finally got things underway to make my new idea possible! I think will be a fun and helpful new addition to all home-lovers like us. So … ** Read more **

Elisa Lou Designs Summer Giveaway!


I love having every day things that are fun and pretty. Even accessories we use like purses and bags. Pretty things all through our house just makes life happier. If you are going to have a purse or a laptop bag laying around your room every day (and … ** Read more **

Reality Check: Life is Still Good

Keeping it real here, friends. It has been awhile since I shared anything around my house. Why? Because, um, well, um {covering head and ducking} ... I'm not working on my house? {faints}. Yeah.  I know! I moved in six months ago. I should be all … ** Read more **

Small Space Solution: Benches


Country Living Need more space? How about using less furniture! Benches are the perfect solution. I don't think you can have too many benches, you can move them around and use them in so many different ways! BHG Benches can be built in or … ** Read more **