DIY Paper Backed Wood Gift Tags

DIY Patterned Paper and Wood Gift Tags

You all know I’m not skilled in all the ways of DIY projects. It’s just the way it is, so I’ve come to terms with it. You’ve accepted (or at least put up with) my limitations since 2007. Yet, I do try now and then. While I’ve shocked myself by making a few lamps (not literally, of course, well maybe a little electrocution once or twice), in general DIY and craftiness is just not my calling.

So when the ever-talented and immensely creative Jamin and Ashley Mills of The Handmade Home asked me months ago to be a part of their 10 blogger challenge & blog hop to create something amazing using art from one of their books (without simply putting art in a frame, which I totally would have been all over), I doubled checked the email to make sure they meant to invite me. Cause, you know, awkward mistakes happen.

But Jamin wouldn’t let me off the hook even after I ignored him for a month or two, so eventually, I caved. I dream of being in the group of those awesome DIY girls so I said “sure” (confidently, as if it was NO BIG DEAL).


It took me some time to decide what to do, there were just SO MANY OPTIONS. Okay, the truth is, I PANICKED. I procrastinated. I was paralyzed. Until YESTERDAY I still couldn’t even decide what to make. Y’all, I’m terrible if I have to create something ON DEMAND (not that Jamin and Ashley are demanding, they are the sweetest).

Everyone in the group was all excited about photographing their (completed) projects and I was still all curled up in bed yesterday (I KNOW) eating Halloween candy and scrolling Pinterest, just trying to make a decision about what I should do. I really wanted to do ALL THE OPTIONS.

I had flashback visions of Ashley’s ridiculously amazing DIY Mariners Compass that she created OUT OF A RANDOM BRASS PLATE I sent her in the She Sent Me What challenge. I tried to stump her and without batting an eye she created A MASTERPIECE that I dream about buying from her someday, because it’s that awesome.

DIY Paper Backed Wooden Gift Tags

After ruling out projects involving power tools, furniture revamps using paper måché or wallpapering a bathroom with art, and basically avoiding anything involving over 7 steps or the likelihood of any injury, colossal or irreversible damage to my house or furnishings…I decided on gift tags. I know. Safe.

But yet, I think they turned out pretty adorable! And they were easy, so big sigh of relief over here.

I had found these adorable sturdy wooden gift tags (pre-cut, which meant I didn’t even have to whip out my Dremel MultiMax or my Ryobi…SCORE) at Michaels Craft.

I made a bunch of “handcrafted” gift tags and didn’t even suffer one paper cut or splinter! Proud!

While they would be adorable on a gift box, a jar, or a basket, or even strung together like a snazzy pendant, I’m thinking of using these cute tags on a little mini tree this Christmas! Yep, I’m already getting in the festive holiday spirit and thinking about my Christmas trees :).

Handmade Home Art Books

I love all of the ideas and paper and print options in the books. There were so many cute images to choose from, it really was inspiring! I love that you can also photocopy the pages and reuse them as much as you want! I actually came up with several ideas for how to use some of the other prints I loved, but they would involve a little more time and practice so I’ll save those projects for another day.

DIY Mod Podge Paper Backed Wood Gift Tags

So, these are really easy and nearly DIY-challenged people proof! Here’s how:


1. Find the wood gift tags at Michaels’ Craft (they were near the Martha Stewart craft aisles at our local store).
2. Select a pattern or image you want to use for your tags. I photocopied (onto regular printer paper) this page from Jamin & Ashley’s book called: Art for the Contemporary Home.
3. Cut your design to fit, using the tags as a template. You can cover both sides, use different images on each, or leave one side raw wood, as I did.
4. Use Mod Podge or a similar glue and a foam brush to adhere the paper to the tags and put one or more coats over the top. You can seal them with a topcoat if you want to make them extra sturdy and durable, but I skipped that step for now.
5. Use a small hole punch to pierce the paper to expose the hole.
6. Tie a ribbon, twine or string through for hanging!

ENJOY! Now go forth and be inspired and in awe of the amazing talent of the rest of the group! Did you see Jen Rizzo’s owl project? SO CUTE! Next stop is my friend Nester! Head on over! See below for the entire blogger list!


Thanks, Jamin and Ashley, for including me in on your challenge. You guys rock.

5 Styling Tips for Entertaining and Setting the Table

Styling and Decorating Tips for Entertaining - Nate Berkus for Target

michaela banner

Hello Inspired Room readers! It’s Michaela, and I’m back (after a few months of not being around these parts) to show you a few of my favorite pieces to use for Fall Tablescapes. When Nate Berkus has a new collection at Target, I’m there. I love all of his decor items! I know I’m not alone here :) So when Nate (yes, we’re pretending I’m on a first name basis) asked me to try out some of his favorite entertaining items for Fall, I squealed!

I also had the exciting opportunity of interviewing Nate Berkus himself about his new Target collection, which you can see over on my blog today!

But first, here’s my recipe for entertaining success:

Entertaining and Styling Tips

Now, here’s how I put those tips into action in my own home:

I used 3 different vases, mixed with a pretty striped runner to create texture on my table.

Styling Tips for Entertaining and Setting the Table
Styling and Decorating Tips for Entertaining
Layering Plates for Entertaining - Styling Tips

I layered the dishes by starting with the dinner plate, adding the salad plate, then topping it off with a patterned dessert plate. This really dresses the table up! These dishes are beautiful! The subtle pattern gives them just enough interest, while the white keeps it simple and fresh, ready to be paired with anything.

Layering - Styling Tips for Entertaining
Styling and Decorating Tips - Entertaining

I made my favorite dessert (a super easy Cookie Brownie Cupcake) to set out on my buffet, so guests can grab their own food.

Cookie Brownie Cupcakes - Styling Tips for Entertaining and Setting the Table
Cookie Brownies - Styling Tips for Entertaining and Setting the Table

I just love putting out goblets or mugs on a tray on my buffet. I think it provides cohesion and a “lived in” look. This mirrored tray from Nate’s collection is one of my favorite trays ever. It’s rustically elegant!

White Mugs with Gold Stirrers - Nate Berkus for Target

I personalized it with this cute lion place card holder and some signage by Graceline Calligraphy. These are the details I love to add!

Styling for Entertaining

Fresh flowers, especially when they are seasonal colors and textures (like that awesome thistle branch on the right!) put the finishing touch on my tablescape. One of my favorite things about this collection is all the gold, as it adds so much warmth to our homes.

Styling Tips for Entertaining

Thanks for having me today :) Don’t forget to head over to my blog to see my interview with Nate Berkus about his new collection!

Are you hosting any fall or Thanksgiving gatherings? If so, you might want to look to this video I did last year for some floral arranging tips! Happy Autumn and happy entertaining!


Michaela Warner - The Inspired Room

Sources (contains Michaela’s affiliate links): White VaseStriped RunnerWhite Textured DinnerwarePatterned Dessert PlateMirrored Wood TrayLion Place Card Holder

*This post was not sponsored, however products were provided by Target to Michaela to create this post on The Inspired Room.

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