DIY: Book Pages Wreath

I am not usually too crafty in my skill or taste, but THIS little project jumped out at me! I love it. A wreath made out of the pages of an old discarded book! If you didn't see it on Living with Lindsay, you simply must head over and find her step … ** Read more **

Fall Nesting Tips: #20 Find Beauty Where You Are

It is time for our Fall Nesting tips to transition from fall to ideas for embracing the holiday seasons. I have many more series like this in mind for the future! But before we make that switch to holiday and winter ideas, I'll offer you one final … ** Read more **

Welcome to DIY @ The Inspired Room

Welcome to Enjoy all the DIY Inspiration! ♦ So, how can YOU contribute a DIY post? It is as easy as 1, 2, 3! 1. For now, I have set up an email address for DIY posts. Please DO NOT send them to any other email address except … ** Read more **

DIY Ideas

Make Your Own Silhouette Pillows {Brooklyn Limestone} Some of you might remember about five months ago I announced that I was setting up some new channels on The Inspired Room. The first one I was going to set up was a DIY page. As you might recall, … ** Read more **

Make an Inspiration Board from a Door!


Guest DIY post submitted by Jeanne Winters My husband hauled this treasure home one day from the dump -- a solid hardwood core and ALL the glass in perfect condition! We thought we could use it to replace our pocket or office door in our … ** Read more **

Make Your Own Silhouette Pillows

Guest DIY post submitted by Mrs. Limestone of Brooklyn Limestone Take a photo of your subject against a white or contrasting background. You can do this in your pajamas and in your night-time mask if you want...just make sure your hair is … ** Read more **