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Sweet Escape: Pink Chair

by | Aug 17, 2007 | Decorating Inspiration, Domesticity, Sweet Escape

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I am starting a new thing. Sweet Escape Fridays. Have you heard the Gwen Stefani song “Sweet Escape”? The lyrics are something like this:

If I could escape
And re-create a place as my own world

And I could be your favorite girl
Forever, perfectly together
And tell me boy, now wouldn’t that be sweet?

Sweet, huh? From now on, hitherto (I always wanted to use that word, or maybe it is supposed to be hither forth–I’ll check on that), I am going to reserve Fridays as Sweet Escape Fridays — a day to re-create a world in my own mind where everything is pink. No, just kidding. Not pink, but just sweet. Places I’d love to escape to, real or imagined, dreamy thoughts about how life should always be, things that really make me happy, or whatever comes to mind. Dreamy stuff. Whatever. And I hope you will start to join me in my Sweet Escapes. Feel free to leave a comment about YOUR sweet escape for the day or for the weekend.

Sweet Escape: Pink Chair

As you can see above, I am sharing a photo of my pink chair. A blogging friend Terri talked about her pink stuff yesterday and I told her I would share my pink chair. As I mentioned to her, my husband is not a big fan of pink. Luckily, however, he is understanding that a yummy coral pink is one of my most favorite colors and he has indulged me now and then. While generally we have a good balance in our home of masculine and feminine decor, I somehow won out in our bedroom and I have my pink chair, my favorite flowery curtains and I am happy as a clam.

My pink chair is my sweet escape. Now, of course it is in my own bedroom, so you might be asking “How is THAT a sweet escape?” Well, I’ll tell you. My bedroom has locks on the doors. And in a house with lots of children, dogs, noise and activity, my chair is the only place in the house I can escape to where I can just sit and think without anyone bugging me. When you live in a busy household, having a sweet escape for some solitude in your own home is pure bliss. And, for today, it is my sweet escape!

P.S. Don’t forget to come back Monday for the first of our “senses” series!


  1. Terri

    Oh, your chair is so heavenly. I love it. It looks so inviting and comfy and cool. Thanks for the mention too! I think we all need a little pink, a few soft girlish references in our decor. I do love that chair – it is just the look I like…traditional roots, lived-in vibe, very welcoming. I agree that one doesn’t need a whole room to escape. For me, my sweet escape is getting ready for bed early and then climbing into bed in the spare room (where we sleep when it is hot, since it is partial-basement level)and laying on top of the quilt with the pillows propped up and the window open over my head. Then I read (look at) my decorating books from the library, lingering over the photos, closing my eyes imagining places and spaces and colours. Then eventually David calls me for bed and breaks the spell….I love hearing the wind in the trees outside and feeling the breeze in that cool, quiet room. :)

  2. Terri

    I forgot to mention that i *love* the stripes on the back of the chair – is that a throw, or upholstery? lovely colours, lovely stripes. stripes always seem to add a dash of intellect to a design. does that sound silly? stripes say to me that a dashing, clever person lives here, i don’t know why. maybe it is early sightings of pinstripe shirts on intelligent people….:)

  3. melissamichaels

    Funny girl and your stripes analysis! Certainly doesn’t apply in my case! :-)

    Seriously, that is a pillow sham on the back of the chair! I bought two, one is on my bed in the middle of my two Euro-shams, and the other one got set there. I thought two big stripey shams on my all creamy bed was too much for me. So, I put the other sham aside on the chair, not sure what to do. But, I ended up loving it. I am a happy accident kind of girl, things just land somewhere and I go, AH HA! I love it. I too love that lived in vibe — happy accidents are a big part of that! :-) You can’t try too hard or it just doesn’t work for me.

  4. Pat

    Hi, I was just reading the comments on Rhoda’s ice cream post and clicked on your name. So happy I did! What a wonderful blog you have.

    Love the chair photo and the drop leaf table looks like some of mine!

    I hope to return here soon. Drop by the back porch sometime.

  5. The Feathered Nest

    That looks like a lovely place to relax. Mmmm…you have locks on your bedroom door – I gotta try that LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It gave me the opportunity to discover your lovely blog!


  6. Rhoda

    Hi, Melissa, thanks for leaving me a message & for stopping by! I’m so happy to meet you. I have met so many great women since I started blogging, it’s just amazing. Your blog looks like fun too, so I will have to come back & browse more. I see you love decorating too! Love your pink chair, it is very pretty.

    Please come back & visit me often & I’ll check back here too. Thanks for playing on my ice cream post!


  7. melissa

    Thanks everyone for stopping by! You are all so kind! Come back soon, and I definitely will be stopping by to visit you all!

  8. Aimee

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog – I’m so HAPPY I found yours! I will definitely be back…Love the striped chair! Your house sounds lovely!

  9. Rhoda

    Hi, Melissa, I added you to my favorite links, so I hope we can stay in touch! I really have enjoyed looking through your blog. I see you just started too, so welcome to blogging. I know you’ll enjoy it.


  10. Barbara

    I like your chair, the cushion, the lamp – I guess the rest is nice too.


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