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Pardon the Mess

by | Sep 9, 2007 | Authentic Living | 14 comments

Pardon the Mess

You’ve got to have a sense of humor. I had put off playing the Tag game because I didn’t want to bore everyone who came looking for some inspiration, but I thought I’d be a good sport. I thought to myself, I could quickly follow up with a post of lovely photos so maybe no one would read my previous post. Yeah, the distraction method!

Well, LIFE HAPPENS. At least to me! And before I could get back to post something else more beautiful, I had some new friends stop by! Ah, hello, INTERIOR DESIGNER friends! Well-known ones. YES, I am not kidding! Is my face red? I can’t even remember how they got here, I hadn’t solicited their visit, but somehow they found me. On the day I went on and on about driving a mini-van and not caring about what I wear! THEY KNOW I DON’T GET MANICURES!

I didn’t even mention in my post my love of design, creating a beautiful home, decorating with stacks of books or my love affair with lamps! Not one word about it! When I mentioned my favorite website, I talked about a bookstore, not a design center! If they did look around…OH NO! I have an article about being a p.f. (if you don’t know what that stands for you’ll have to look back a few posts…) and blurry pictures of my dog.

But you know what?! They were nice to me. Really kind in fact! See, I told you most interior designers were nice! Just “that one” wasn’t, and she is an exception. They could’ve seen my list of fascinating facts and clicked away from my site in horror, but they didn’t. And, it is OK that they came by on a day I wasn’t prepared for their visit. It is so typical of my life. The day I leave my dirty clothes strewn about on the floor in the bathroom and globs of hair and toothpaste in the sink is usually the day the neighbor rings the doorbell. She sees me in the window and it is too late to hide behind the door. Yep, she is locked out and needs to use the restroom.

Gracious homeowners welcome people EVEN when they are mortified by their lack of preparedness for the guest. For me, I just like to create a welcoming and warm environment when I have people over. You know, have some candles lit and coffee brewing. I know they don’t want to see my personal garments tossed over the bathtub any more than I want it to be there. But, real life happens when you are being a well-balanced person and sometimes you had other things to do that day! Like playing TAG!

I am so glad designers and everyone else came by. I am just singling out designers because of how funny it was to me that they came by on my TAG day, but they are real people too and I bet they even play tag sometimes (maybe not on their blog, but I haven’t looked to see, you never know!). I hope they don’t mind me singling them out, I don’t want to embarrass them (or more likely myself ), but I am sure they will be good sports about it. I had several other new and wonderful friends comment or email such encouraging words and kind thoughts in the past week or so. Thank you to EVERYONE who comes by and I hope you ALL feel welcome. I won’t single any one else out, I promise.

I have another story about being caught in a similarly embarrassing situation in my house, I will probably share it later in the week. I need to get back to talking about our series! I haven’t forgotten, just got a little sidetracked…


  1. patricia

    Hi Melissa
    Funny thing, but us Interior Designers are real people designing for real people. You are very sweet and personable yourself. Happy blogging.

  2. patricia

    PS Thanks for the nice comments on my Blog.

  3. melissamichaels

    That is what I love about blogging, I get to meet so many nice people and they are all real in different ways. I am truly stretched and inspired by everyone’s creative talent! There are some AMAZING women in the blogging world, and I am honored to be meeting them!

  4. Penny, Mosaic Artist

    LOL! Well, I still am proud to say I am a “fluffer”. Love the fall look of the porch. In the next week or so, I will be going to the nursery and getting tons of mums, gourds, etc….

    Neat to know that we love the same colors in decorating!

  5. the feathered nest

    That was funny they came by on that day! Love the fall scene picture. I’m waiting another few weeks before I do any fall decorating outside since it’s still in the 90’s here and only feels fall-like early in the morning.


  6. Julie

    Your front porch is gorgeous! I love the stone. And it just goes to show you that doctors get sick, cops speed, preachers may struggle with faith and interior decorators can be messy. It’s called life … and it happens to all of us!


  7. melissamichaels

    I wish I could take credit for the porch, I have some stock photos for when I am too busy to take one or find one! This is a SIMILAR front porch to mine, so I like it for inspiration. Mine has rock too and a wood door, set up like this one. But mine is not so grand or wonderful! :-) I love all the pumpkins on this porch!

  8. Darlene (CWO)

    I used to be the same way on my blog. I wanted it perfect incase important company came by. These days I’ve been very casual over there. ;)

    Tyra Banks stopped in on a friends blog one day, and she appeared on the show. I couldn’t believe it, but I saw the photos! Too cool.

  9. The Decorated House

    I was going to ask if that was your porch, too. How pretty. Hope your tag sale was a great success. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet note.

  10. Sophiehoneysuckle

    Ah bet you were so pleased with the comments! Love the photo-those gorgeous pumpkins!!

  11. Jen

    That’s a hoot. It sounds like something that would happen to me.

  12. houseof9lives

    Hi Melissa! I’m loving your site! Thanks for stopping by to see us and leaving a comment. I haven’t had a chance to visit unti now, because we are busy (busy!) with house renovations. It’s ugly right now, but one day, it will be more diamond and less rough! Thanks for your inspiration!


  13. Oak Wind Farm

    How could they NOT like you? You are such a sweet person!

  14. kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

    I can totally relate. I hide from the schawns man sometimes…..or anyone else who knocks on the door. :)
    I don’t to manicures either……..but I do love a pedicure!


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