Sweet Escape — Bali

Oh, Ok. I could go here. I think I’d like this place. After a long hard week.

An expansive and elegant private Balinese villa

Sounds nice enough.

The Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay

Sweet Escape -- Bali


Sweet Escape -- Bali



Sweet Escape -- Bali


  1. It sounds great. May be I can jion you just to rest .
    Beautiful place

  2. Guess it wouldn’t hurt too much to visit this place LOL. Looks great.
    Have a great weekend.
    Love Elzie

  3. Oh God, are you kidding? Paradise. When do we leave? I say, rather than go to the Star Wars caves (which sounded great at the time) let’s go here instead. ‘Kay??


  4. Wow!! Now this makes me want to go on a vacation!! haha

  5. I’m packing my bags right now! When do we leave:)

  6. Esther Sunday says

    Thank you for taking us all on these wonderful trips! Just beautiful! Hey, I put a link on the side bar of my blog for a clip over at You Tube. All moms need to watch it, it will crack you up big time! Have a great day! Love! Esther

  7. I would be delighted to spend a day or three, there!


  8. Wow-looks like just the place I need at the mo!!xx

  9. Yes, I could find myself relaxing there, too! Wonderful!


  10. okay, yes! I’ll be right there.:)

  11. I’m already there…(in my dreams)!

  12. I invite you to another kind of escape,escape to old days.come and see my grandma collection.;)

  13. Kara Stoltzfus says

    I noticed you dropped by my blog. Thanks for the comment. Bali is on our list of places to go. I would say that Bora Bora is on the top of this list right now, but probably won’t happen for a bit. We are planning a 5 yr. anniversary trip for the spring and are looking at a few different places. Any suggestions?

  14. Penny, Mosaic Artist says

    Well, if you insist, I guess I could go there….lol
    How beautiful!

  15. woman, what are you doing to me! needless to say, I could use a vacation right about now ;) have a great weekend!

  16. I’ll go anywhere on the planet that has a Four Seasons! You can’t go wrong. We spent a few days at The Four Seasons in Budapest last year – it’s no Bali but it was fabulous!!
    Thanks for sharing

  17. I have just found your website, what a sweet respite in a hectic day! I will visit often, thank you, it was pure enjoyment.

  18. I have my suitcase, Let’s go!!!!!

  19. Thanks for providing this beautiful escape for me…even though it is a brief stay it is very refreshing! LOVE the pics!

  20. This looks like heaven on earth!

    Do you have a place in the Italian or French countryside to recommend? I am planning a family gathering for next summer!

  21. You “THINK” you’d like this place??? I don’t even have to see the travel brochures! I’m going to pretend I’m Mary Poppins and that this is chalk sidewalk picture. Watch out, I’m getting to jump!

    Thanks for the diversion.

  22. I’m relaxing just looking at the pictures! Oh I can smell the coco butter and the sea breeze :)

  23. Thanks for the fantastic tour of Bali paradise.
    White blue and brown….harmony colors with its enviorment!

  24. Ok, well, I actually could go there…it’s just a 2 hour plane ride from where I live. SO, I could go there….but I could never afford to STAY there. :)

  25. what a beautiful place.
    i still haven’t been on vacation this year and i so want to be there now!

  26. Finally, I am packing my stuff, i’ll take my vacation in Bali very soon:-)

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