Sweet Escape: Fairytale Houses

Sweet Escape: Fairytale Houses

When I was a kid one of my favorite things to do on a Sunday afternoon was to have my parents take me for a drive through neighborhoods to look at houses. Even at a young age, I was fascinated by charming homes. I guess I was a weird kid! We’d slowly wind up and down streets, gazing at front porches, doorways, windows, shutters, lanterns, all the things that make houses look inviting. Sometimes we’d drive through massive gates to get a closer look at a mansion, before getting scared off by giant dogs!

So, because my dream of a sweet escape has always been lovely homes, even more than traveling to far off lands (although in recent years traveling has become more and more intriguing while the upkeep of those dreamy houses is slowly losing its appeal!), today we are escaping through a few of the neighborhoods I grew up in or lived in during my adult years.

I’ve been privileged to live in beautiful neighborhoods that satisfied my romantic fairytale ideals of my youth! Enjoy the festive fall decor and your Sunday afternoon Drive By!

Sweet Escape: Fairytale Houses
Sweet Escape: Fairytale Houses

This one (below) was my parents house when my kids were younger:

Sweet Escape: Fairytale Houses

Sweet Escape: Fairytale Houses

Sweet Escape: Fairytale Houses

Sweet Escape: Fairytale Houses

Sweet Escape: Fairytale Houses

Sweet Escape: Fairytale Houses

Sweet Escape: Fairytale Houses

Sweet Escape: Fairytale Houses

Sweet Escape: Fairytale Houses

Sweet Escape: Fairytale Houses

Sweet Escape: Fairytale Houses

Sweet Escape: Fairytale Houses

Sweet Escape: Fairytale Houses

Sweet Escape: Fairytale Houses

Sweet Escape: Fairytale Houses


  1. Soooooo pretty! Really like reading your blog!

  2. Penny, Mosaic Artist says

    All those homes are just beautiful…Thank you for the lovely tour…

  3. Whenever we go somewhere for the weekend, my husband and I always drive through the older parts of towns we are in and enjoy the beautiful old architecture. I can’t get excited about new homes, but the old ones with their wonderful details make my heart beat fast!Thanks for the tour, I love places like this!

  4. What charming homes!

  5. Thanks for the lovely tour! I, too, love driving through subdivisions and quaint older home communities to see what people have done to highlight their homes. I especially like driving around to see the halloween and christmas decorations this time of year. It’s nice to see what homes look like in “your neck of the woods” (to use a southern expression). I live in Georgia which (to me) has beautiful homes and I notice certain parts of the U.S. have such different looking homes. These in your tour are so charming! Thank you for giving us such a “sweet escape”!


  6. Love the pictures of the homes….I know what you mean.
    Your Blog is delightful!!!!!

  7. You truly are a romantic. This is my first time to your blog and it’s lovely. I’m an interior decorator in Ottawa, Canada and I was wondering where these homes were … I thought maybe on the Eastern seaboard (Maine or Mass.) or even southern Ontario. But, they are in Oregon, I guess? Really beatuiful photos of dream homes. Thanks.

  8. What a lovely tour. These homes are beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Thank you so much for your help! ;)
    The homes are soo beautiful, a testiment to the homeowners!
    Thank you for a breath of inspiration!

  10. Love the pictures!!
    My DH and I have always enjoyed driving around and looking at homes, too! I wonder if he and I are of your parent’s generation…LOL!
    We both have a great love for Tudor style homes, of which I saw many pictures here!!

    Your posts are terrific….

  11. These are all so pretty!

    During one of my many “move arounds”, as a child, we rented a home (temporarily) in Springfield, Missouri. I was 7 years old, at the time. We only lived there one summer. I will never forget that home. Perhaps that little house was the catalyst for my lifetime love of architecture and home decorating. It had a sunken family room, which I suppose was a sunroom, as I think about it. It had a brick floor and fireplace and windows all around. I loved that home. Of course, I remember just about all the homes I’ve lived in, but that one still tugs at my heart. It was a small, post WWII ranch. I still love Springfield Missouri and J has grown to love it. If given the chance, I think we’d live there.

    Great post and photos!

  12. mariechantal says

    What a beautiful neighbourhood. Those houses are gorgeous ~ I share your love of exploring and discovering such gems.

    Thank you for stopping by to say hello. It is so nice to meet new friends.

    Marie x

  13. I so love the older American homes. They are so nice. (I can’t forget the house they had in Anne at Greengable!!). And those American chairs outside. Oh, I wish I had one or two LOL.
    And it seems as everyone on the blog has that fantastic magazine, Victorian I mean. I only wish I could find it over here.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Love Elzie

  14. thanks so much for the lovely house parade!


  15. Ooooohhhhh…I loved this tour!Thanks so much.I especially loved the homes with the stone walls and accents.I have a friend here in town.We used to go looking at lovely homes after women’s bible study and lunch out.This was about 10 years ago.Aaahhh those were the days…Loving your blog!
    Sharon in Stayton :-)

  16. I love the pictures!! We watch the Gallery of Homes on Sunday mornings occasionally. Just a nice little escape and then back to reality. I always wondered if these houses have names. You know what I mean. Like “The Villa de Tuscano.” Or “The Ashley House.” Even Dallas had Southfork. Wonder what my house would be called. I shudder to think…


  17. Just beautiful Melissa. I’m like you, I love looking at houses. More so though, I love looking through windows if I can. Yes, I’m one of those people. Not because I’m looking to see things I shouldn’t but because, I love to get a glimpse into how people decorate, the paint colors they use, furniture etc.
    It really fun to get a glimpse into what other people are doing with their decorating.

  18. Hi Melissa and cuddles to Winston! Oh my gosh thank you so much for this superb neighbourhood tour! Such stunning homes all decorated for Halloween, just lovely! Any will do us!! I (Jenn) was exactly the same as a child, I would always ask Dad “can we go for a drive Dad, p-l-e-a-s-e?” but I would take a notepad with me and make sketches and take notes!! I dreamed of being an architect. Lovely post Melissa! Have a lovely day :) Jenn and Jacqui

  19. Okay, here is the plan. All of us “housepeepers” will meet and go somewhere fabulous, say Carmel, CA. Once there we will walk around, look at all the wonderful architecture (the funky shingled roofs, the rounded doors, little leaded casement windows)stroll on the beach and maybe stop in at a few “home dec” shops. At dusk,after a delightful dinner, we will head out again and “peep” into the cozily lit homes. Sound like fun?

  20. I recognized more than a few of those … brings back many fond memories of our many years of knowing each other.

  21. I thoroughly enjoyed that tour. I am very much into charming homes too. Thank you for that!! All the beautiful doors, with the seasonal decor! Beautiful neighborhood!

  22. Sweet Cottage Dreams says

    That was so much fun Melissa!!!!!! My husband and I love driving around and looking at older homes, too. You have some gorgeous homes around you in Portland! I love the one with the creepy eyes in the window…
    They are all wonderful and there are some great decorating ideas, too. Can I move to Portland???? Please, oh please? lol.
    PS: Happy Friday to ya!

  23. The photos are gorgeous. I love to do the same thing- I should’ve been an architect!

  24. Lovely blog and photos. And, you, too have a fantastic job! ;-)

  25. I love driving around looking at houses, so that was fun!


  26. What absolutely lovely homes. A beautiful neighborhood, indeed. Thanks for the tour.
    bj at Sweet Nothings blog.

  27. Now those are some lovely neighborhoods. Lucky you to have lived in or near them. I love them all.


  28. I love the first picture…it looks like a section of Dallas called Lakewood. So charming unfortunately many of these small cottages are getting torn down for McMansions. I really enjoyed your post.

  29. Those were all so pretty. I really love driving around and looking at houses too. I really need to hop on over to Ptld and do that once in awhile. Thanks so much for the tour…considering gas prices these days you just saved us all about $15

  30. I love looking at homes too!
    We’re these taken in Eastmoreland?

  31. I love the pictures of the homes! Being a military wife, my husband and I love driving around looking at the different types of homes and what we would like to eventually settle into. Your blog is wonderful and I found it through Sweet Cottage Dreams. I am so glad! BTW, your earlier post screams creative!

  32. I absolutley adore all those homes! I love driving around “house” seeing too.
    A favorite past-time of ours!
    Thanks for sharing…

  33. WHen I was a girl, we would go to Newport, RI on occasion. The Newport mansions set a very high standard for a dream home! Fortunately, as I grew up, my taste got more practical (but I still dream of building my perfect home sometime soon…).

    I am going to refer to one of these pictures next week when I carve our pumpkins. One of those pumpkins has the cutest face! I love the homes too.

  34. Oh, what lovely homes! Big and little, all are absolutely charming! Thanks for the tour!

  35. oh wow! that first house reminded me of a little gingerbread house tucked away into the forest,,

  36. Very nice tour and it leads me to a question or a topic for a blog entry. Is it possible for you to discuss balance, perspective, and proportion?

  37. oh…do tell where the homes are located! they are beautiful! and i think i could move right into yours as well.
    so glad to have found you!

  38. These are lovely photos…thanks for sharing!

  39. Hello there…this is a neat blog…I’m glad to have stumbled upon it…and did martha steal your idea??? of course she did (lol) how funny…How did that happen??(giggle giggle)
    ~simply stork~

  40. Thank you for that inspiring tour. Those homes are just GORGEOUS! I would love to see inside (or blogs of the people who live there!). We must be on the same wave length, because yesterday I started taking photo’s of homes, stores, and general area shots of where I live with the idea of blogging about them too. Now I’m a little too shy to because they certainly aren’t anywhere as beautiful as yours! Would love to see more of yours though! Beautiful.
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  41. OOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your blog is lovely.
    beautiful photo

  42. Oh, what a lovely and reminiscent post! So great to learn more about you growing up and see where your roots are.

    I love it!

  43. Melissa, I’m stopping back by to let you know, you won the bits and pieces in my 100th post giveaway! Included within the announcement post, are photos of an autumn supper table, you might enjoy!

    Congratulations! Pat

  44. I adore these photos! I have an affection for your beautiful american homes, so different to the uk. Lovely post, thank you for sharing the photos…..

  45. Oh, Melissa, thank you for the beutiful sweet escape tour:) What lovely homes!! The copper door is quite extraordinary!

    Hope you have a great weekend.


  46. Melissa..I do this all the time. Driving through neighborhoods with my latte and imaganing how I would decotate a certain house..I esp. get fixed on the house with the dormers…I call myself the House Stalker……I do think I need a 12 step program. thanks for posting such fabulous pictures, all of them are all so beautiful

  47. Lovely home tour and even more Beautiful photos!
    Sandra Evertson

  48. I share your passion and this was a lovely treat to view these homes. Thank you for the eye candy tour :)

  49. I really enjoyed the house tour. Thank you.

  50. livingonthemeadow says

    I love your taste in homes! Very inspiring!

  51. Thank you for the wonderful tour!

  52. Loved the tour, the homes all look so inviting.

  53. Esther Sunday says

    Oooh, thanks for posting these pics! I love to look at houses. When ever Artie and I spend time in a new town, I have him drive me around just to enjoy looking at the homes. Love! Esther

  54. M-
    I love Sunday drives, before we bought our home this was a common occurrence to look at architecture details. Love these photos. We’ll be in touch!

  55. Hi Melissa! I have tagged you to play the “Me Meme” game. See my blog for details. Have a lovely day sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  56. Ouuu I too love to drive thru older neighborhoods and admire the homes!

    Thank you for the tour….it was fun!
    I look forward to more!

    Hugz, Dolly

  57. Just found your blog and immediately recognized Portland. Great blog, I will be back to visit. Fellow Portlander!

  58. WOW! What gorgeous homes. I saw at least 5 that I’d love to build on our property. I’ve saved them and will add them to my dream house book!
    Hope you have a great week.


  59. Driving around looking at homes was also a weekend activity enjoyed by my parents when I was a child. This brings back fond memories. Thanks for sharing.

  60. Wow, this neighbourhood is gorgeous Melissa! And your photos are unbelievably crisp and clean!

  61. You are a girl after my own heart. I loved doing the same thing as a child!!

  62. Girl About Town says

    So I’m not the only one who loves doing the drive-by-houses??!! Yay!!

    I so so so SO adore your American-style houses!! Here in Australia, they don’t look like that!!! If I lived in the neighbourhood you photographed for this post – I’d spend every spare minute driving around LOL!!

    Thanks for your visit btw. Am really enjoying your blog!

  63. Melissa, I have always enjoyed looking at homes, too, as a child and as an adult…the ones you’ve shown us are simply amazing. They have such character and charm…not like the cookie cutter homes typically built today….just lovely!

  64. designfrog says

    you should showcase your decorating tips and style on Radcribs.com http://hometour.radcribs.com

  65. I loved to do this as a child, too, and STILL love to do it. Now I’ll just have to take my camera along with me!

  66. i still drive around lookign at beautiful houses and im 21. i wish i lived in a country that had more old beautiful houses like the ones you posted. i live in australia and i love houses/streets from other countries!!! excellent website!

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