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Unfortunate Party Incident (shoes involved)

by | Nov 14, 2007 | Authentic Living, Domesticity, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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Unfortunate Party Incident (shoes involved)

Well how much fun was that little etiquette poll? Who knew there were so many opinions on shoe or no shoe etiquette! I’m impressed.

Some of you have pointed out the nasty things that might come inside the house on your shoes. That is true. However, I have a little story about that. My house is exclusively dark hardwood or tile floors, with area rugs. At our holiday party last year, my good friend Natalie was walking up our staircase, which is covered partially by a dark reddish Persian runner.

Unfortunately, our sweet dog Winston was overcome by the 100 people partying in our house and he left a little something special on the staircase. And as luck would have it, Natalie stepped in it! YES! A dreadful party incident! I am happy to report for her sake that she was wearing shoes! It could’ve been so much worse. So, if you have a dog, watch out, you might step in a little unpleasantness even INSIDE your own house! Yikes! Shoes or no shoes, life with dogs can be messy.

Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their point of view! You BLOGGERS RULE! You are always so much fun.

Let’s move on, shall we? Have I mentioned I have some really cool things lined up?! I talked to two people today that are whipping up some fun for a future blog feature. We are going to be so inspired, I just know it!

A special thank you to Jenn and Jacqui at The Bower Birdsnest for putting together that stylish cartoon me! I’ve never looked so good! And what could be better than cartoon me gazing at a Barclay Butera room? And little Winston sitting there so cute and innocent, ready to leave something special on his carpet! Good thing I have my shoes on!


  1. Pat

    Melissa, I love the cartoon!!

    Funny, your party/shoe story! Loved it!

    I can’t wait to see what you are cookin’ up!


  2. Sher's Creative Expressions

    Melissa, I was laughing as I read your post today. I also have a dog, named Winston. He’s a Yorkshire Terrier. He always has accidents when we have company!! This has happened to us too! I even talked to our vet. He said that our Winston is mad that we are paying attention to others and not enough to him (our dog thinks he’s my 3rd child), so he feels we are being mean to him, so he’s going to do something mean to us. . . like poop on the carpet. Never pee, always poop. He thinks he’s getting even, the little stinker – literlly a stinker.



    P.S. Here in Michigan with the crazy, changing weather, I still like people to remove their shoes. Poop, or not!

  3. Seeb

    Funny story,but hope never happen again:)

  4. Natasha Burns

    Hi Melissa,
    Doesn’t Jacqui make fantastic cartoon pics! I love them! It does look like you!
    I love your story, thank goodness Natalie wore shoes!!!
    My friend added something to the shoe thing…. what if everyone has their shoes off, and some man who has had too much to drink goes to the bathroom and doesn’t aim very well, as men tend to do either sober or not, and then you have to walk on that floor to go to the bathroom in your bare feet or in socks?? eeek!!!

  5. Elzie

    Oh Melissa! What an adorable room you showed us on your last post. I could die for such a room!!!
    And the shoe issue?! Well, I can tell you that here in Sweden it’s most common to take your shoes off when you come inside a home. Some people have indoor shoes with them, other’s don’t but are as welcome.
    Hope you have a great Thursday.
    Love Elzie

  6. Cottage Contessa

    Thanks for the good laugh Melissa! Those are just the sort of things that happen to me too! I love the cartoon version of you. Very cool!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  7. Nan

    Glad your guest had their shoes on! So far, my dog has not left any “presents” at any of our parties. He’s mostly just glad to see everyone and he always greets you as if he hasn’t seen you in years, even if he saw you earlier that day! A good belly rub and he’s yours for life.

  8. Mari-Nanci

    Funny story! And very impressive drawing of you and Winston. She’s a talented lady.


  9. Vee

    Love it! Just love it! You are beautiful!

  10. Jen

    I *heart* that foyer. I’ve been dying to paint the inside of my door black and just haven’t had the nerve yet. Love the cartoon you!

  11. Lisa

    Love the little cartoon. Too cute. You always have such beautiful pictures here. Lots of inspiration and drooling too-lol.

  12. Kelly

    Thanks for making me laugh SO hard! I have a Boston Terrier and I just know how easily dogs get excited when people come over. With all of the party hubub, it’s no wonder he didn’t get to go out “on his schedule” Ha!. Again, this just verifies how you should just let your guests keep their shoes on doesn’t it? Thanks for the cute story.


  13. Ruth Welter

    Hi Melissa….love the cartoon!! I can totally understand what happened with your little Winston. I have 3 Shih Tzus myself and well, things happen and let me tell you, more often then I would like. :0

  14. jean

    How funny..I’ve been sitting here laughing at your “something special” story.
    Cute posting!! And, I love the Cartoon You!!

  15. Sue

    Love the cartoon, so cute and perfect. Looks like you had a lively discussion about to shoe or not to shoe. Don’t have time to read them now but plan to later. Thanks for the link to The Bower Bird Nest, love finding new blogs.

  16. Wanda

    Oh, pooh! Aren’t you glad it was a “real”, good friend and not a “pretender”? That reminds me of the time my son stepped in poop in the middle of the night, slung it off his foot all over the wall and didn’t tell anyone. Didn’t get it up, either. I couldn’t figure out the next morning how one itty bitty dog splattered poop all over the wall like that. LOL

  17. Jenn and Jacqui

    Hi Melissa, you look gorgeous :) Now we can relate to this story so well, our Westies have been guilty of similar offences. Is this a Westie thing? lol Have a lovely day! Jenn and Jacqui :)

  18. Michelle E. ~ Vintage Pastiche'

    I love it! I’ve seen a few they have done for people, they are so creative! :)

    You are so stylish! :)


  19. Kathleen Grace

    Oh Melissa, what a funny story! I have cats but they have been known to leave a hairball or two and I always find them with my feet! That is such a cute cartoon of you by Jen & Jacqui! How sweet!

  20. the feathered nest

    Yikes, thank goodness she had shoes on! Love the cartoon you & Winston!


  21. Esther Sunday

    So, so cute! But not as cute as the real you! Love, E

  22. Amanda Jones

    I love how art speaks to people in so many different ways! Funny Story about the puppy poo… oh, you have to love dogs!!

  23. Apryll Annie

    You’re making me think twice about getting a puppy! Your cartoon is so cute btw!

  24. My Melange

    Love the pic of you and Winston. And yes…life with dogs..and Westies can be messy. I tell my other half at least once a week…you can’t keep anything 100% nice with a dog! But I still love her!

  25. Design for Mankind

    Oh gracious, that has happened to us so many times with two very misbehaving dogs.

    I loooove that your dog’s name is Winston— is he a Westie? He looks ADORABLE!!! :)

  26. Polly

    I was searching for Jenn and Jacqui from Bower Birds Nest but I can’t find them anymore. Did they stop blogging? -Polly


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