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Around the house

by | Feb 24, 2008 | Inspired Living

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Around the house

Around the house

Rooster plate on left, lower shelf was a prize from Pat @ Back Porch Musings!

Greetings dear blogging friends! I thought I’d share a few random photos I captured around my house to show you all how I was enjoying just “BEING” while disconnected this weekend! Funny how when you disconnect from the internet you start to see your real life more clearly! I turned off the computer around 9 or 10 on Saturday morning (I had to catch up on a few things before disconnecting, but no blog surfing!) and I didn’t turn the computer back on until Sunday. Can you say LIBERATING?! Just knowing the computer was not an option opened up a world of possibilities to me! I’m definitely enjoying the whole disconnect idea.

Around the house

Around the house

photos taken in my kitchen (you must be sick of seeing my kitchen by now, sorry)

While I intended to spend my first “disconnected day” in more creative ways, having the flu actually forced me to stay in my jammies curled up in bed all day Saturday! Yet, I must say, with the exception of feeling lousy, it was great to shut out the world and stay cozy in my bed. I even read part of a book I’ve been meaning to start and dozed off now and then. There was something quite peaceful about knowing that I was fully immersed in relaxation and not rushing about catching up with the world or with my self-imposed schedule.

Around the house

Around the house

Around the house

photos of one of our bathrooms

On Sunday I felt a wee bit better so I wandered about doing a little fluffing. I put away some of the more wintery things laying about. I rearranged a few things on table tops. Basically just fluffed my way through the day. I had plenty of time to think and dream and interact with my daughter who had returned home from college in the afternoon. I roamed around my house appreciating the way the light came through a window or lingering on some of the simple things I pass by each day. I read books and drank tasty coffee with whipped cream. I sat in my new office and enjoyed the silence (yes, I’ll share pictures soon of how things are coming along with that project!).

Oh, ok, well, here is a sneak peek of part of my office, I finally have a memory board up to put all of my sweet notes and blogging mementos! I did a beautiful horrific job with the cork, I made this myself. I need to redo it, as it didn’t occur to me that the cork needed to be thicker than 1/8″ thick in order to use push pins. I’m so crafty (not!).

Around the house


So, friends, if (or when) any of you tried an unplugged hour or day or morning, do tell your experience for the rest of us! I would love to hear your thoughts!

Stay tuned, this week I’ll share photos of our BEACH HOUSE (still under construction after one year) and hopefully this week I’ll have some photos of my home office!


  1. rosieswhimsy

    You know, I just love all the rooster paraphernalia….and, the large mirror with the carving……love that kind of thing :-)

    So glad your “disconnect” day brought comfort and joy.

    Have a great week :-) Rosie

  2. mrs darling

    I would love a tour of your house in person! How gorgeous!

    I have many unplugged hours, not neccesarily because I choose it that way but because it is forced upon me by my busy life. :(

  3. Becky K.

    Thanks for visiting earlier. Hope that flu bug flies out of there very quickly.
    I don’t think we will get tired of your kitchen any time soon.
    Becky K.

  4. Penny

    Sorry to hear you were sick with the flu, but happy to hear you had a relaxing weekend! I love the paper mache tray above your bathroom door!

  5. Alison Gibbs

    Sounds like a relaxing weekend even if you were sick.
    I think we all need to disconnect the internet every now and then. Sometimes we just spend too much time on it.

  6. mary

    Good for you, Michelle! I’m sorry to hear you’ve got the flu, but isn’t it wonderful to have a day without the computer? You go, girl!

    Have a wonderful week!

    BTW, your home is beautiful!

  7. Emily

    I’ve been meaning to do an Around the House post. Now I must so that I look like a copycat :)

    Your home is so gorgeous with so many wonderful touches of inspiration. Can’t wait to see your beach house!

  8. Jenn and Jacqui

    Hi Melissa! Surprise :) We are just flying by, and so glad we came for a visit! Your home is beautiful, very stylish and serene. Love your colour choices too. So sorry to read you have been sick, hope you are feeling so much better now:) Very stylish abode for Winston indeed, we hope he is taking the unpluged challenge! Take care lovely lady :) Jenn and Jacqui

  9. Tara

    I love viewing all your details…..sometimes you do not notice what is hanging on your very own walls until you take a good hard look! Time does that, right? Hope you are feeling better!
    P.S. Mentioned you on my blog today as I was trying to hang a shelf–some see!

  10. Alicia ~ Time Worn Style

    Hi melissa, well I was “unplugged” for most of summer here in Australia, hardly any computer at all and it was the best thing I have done for a long time. Made me enjoy it so much more when I came back and allowed me to get so much more done around the house too. The trick is finding the right balance isnt it? I think I am getting there!
    Alicia ~ time worn style

  11. Leanne

    I love taking the weekends off – though it’s not always 100% – I at least stay away for 90% of the time!

    I am loving your bathroom and kitchen tiling – what color did you go with on the floor for the bathroom? Mine is being re-constructed and I just bought a buff/natural brownish slate looking porcelain tile, and I love your wall color and tile – it looks like the perfect bathroom! (I need to figure out my walls, and get to taping, mudding and tiling!)

  12. melissa lewis

    Oh my Melissa, you have a beautiful home. It seems from the photos like it feels very serene. You, of course, have done a smashing job decorating. Glad to hear you are feeling better from the flu.

  13. the feathered nest

    Hi Melissa, I hope you’re feeling much better! I’m glad you enjoyed and benefited from your “disconnect challenge”. I had a lovely day yesterday too. Took a nice long bath, walked 4 miles on the treadmill, took some pictures of my garden, looked through a stack of mags, baked some yummy muffins, spent time with my daughter and husband just chatting -it was a good day!

    Love the light in your pictures and all the plates!


  14. snhamlett

    Hi Melissa!

    Is it possible to share germs via the internet?!?! Cause I was in bed all day Saturday due to the flu also! Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the day down as much… was still too focused on all the stuff I wasn’t getting accomplished to just ‘be’. Ah well, I’ll learn from it, right?

    I love the pictures of your home… it looks so serene and beautiful. Hope you are feeling better!


  15. Rhoda

    Hi, Melissa, sorry you were sick! I’ve been walking around my house taking random pics too with my new camera I’m still trying to figure out. Love how your pics capture the light so well. I’m just getting the hang of taking indoor pics without flash, so I loved seeing yours. That vintage bathroom is so pretty!

    I was mostly disconnected on Sunday & find that staying off the net that day is really a good time to read, relax, go for a walk & destress. That will probably be the main day I don’t do much blogging at all. We do need to get away from technology . Cheers!


  16. this is glamorous

    Hello Melissa–sounds like you had a perfectly lovely weekend and even got caught up on a few things. The second last photo is really striking–love the play of light and shadow.

    Happy week!

  17. this is glamorous

    Hello Melissa–sounds like you had a perfectly lovely weekend and even got caught up on a few things. The second last photo is really striking–love the play of light and shadow.

    Happy week!

  18. Tamara

    Oooh…Melissa, I love your bathroom. Love the little bathtub cove. So cool & refreshing!

  19. charmandgrace

    Glad you had a peaceful time away this weekend. We’re definitely not sick of seeing photos of your kitchen, and this one with the light and shadow falling in the corner is just fabulous! It has such a warm glow about it. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of that glow.



  20. janet

    Loved all the house pics!! Hope you are better soon.


  21. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Hi Melissa! Hope you are feeling better! See….it isn’t so bad or difficult to unplug. I did that, too, and HAD the flu bug as well! Just get plenty of rest.

    I love the pics of your home and peeking at your lovely collections. Great roosters and tole trays!

    Hugs to you and woof to Mr. Winston,

  22. Paige

    Cute rooster stuff! And I LOVE the flower pictures. Wish it were spring here.

  23. Lorrie

    Hi Melissa,
    I hope you’re feeling better. Thanks for sharing the photos of your home. I had a disconnect day as well and shared about some of the things I did on my blog.
    It was a good day – time spent thinking and creating made me realize I want more of it and I spent less time on the computer last week than I usually do.
    It’s something I want to be conscious of in the future – to be balanced in my use of time.

  24. Pat

    Melissa, the rooster plate looks great in it’s new home!

    Thanks so much for stopping by the Back Porch and your thoughts on our decision. We weren’t sure what the reaction would be, but so far, everyone is seeing how we came to the decision and understands why!

    I believe I’ll be trying for a disconnect soon. The brief hiatus Saturday, when we took the drive, was heaven!


  25. Lynda

    Hi Melissa! It sounds like you had a delightful weekend in spite of having the flu! I hope you feel 100% again soon.

    On Friday, I began my committment to spend no more than 2 hours a day online and yesterday (Sunday) was my first day to completely unplugged. I can’t believe how much I accomplished AND how much more relaxed I feel! Now, when I’m online, I’m here … I’m not dealing with laundry, crafting, and assorted chores. It’s nice to give my full attention to what I’m doing and not trying to multi-task. I’ll be posting about my day on my blog a bit later.

    I know one thing for sure … I won’t be allowing the computer to steal my time anymore!

    Have a great week!

    hugs, Lynda xo

  26. Michelle

    Hope you’re feeling better soon! I enjoyed the photos today!

  27. jen

    Please do not EVER think we get tired of seeing your house. I almost prefer them to “designed” homes. Very beautiful!

  28. A Fanciful Twist

    Is that an actual real pup in the photo below? Must go look again!! Oh no! The flu? Yuckety yucky. I have been trying to avoid it like the plague… Everyone i know has been ill. Any chance I might get away with not having it? Oh please flu gods please!!! Loooove your home!! I have my bags packed, which way do I go? xoxoxo

  29. Melissa in Mel's World

    Oh my goodness girl…you have such an amazing house. It is so warm and inviting, I could totally get lost in your house. It’s like cracker barrel meets Southern Living. Fun, comfy, and cozy…just the way I like it.

    I should take pics of my house and get some ‘suggestions’ or professional opinions on my desire to re-design.

    Hope you are feeling better!!!

    Melissa ;)

  30. Joni Webb

    Melissa – your pictures of your house are just beautiful! I can’t wait to see your beach house! Your bathroom is adorable with the aqua tiles. glad you enjoyed your time away – I was knee deep in it while you were relaxing in bed, drinking foamy coffee.

  31. Villa Anna

    Hi Melissa, one of my favourite things to do is potter around my house. I never get tired of seeing pics from your beautiful home. Thank you :)

    Get well soon!

    Anna :)

  32. kara garber

    glad you enjoyed your weekend away from the computer. checking in on ya…..hope all is well and remember my new rule…..when it’s cold outside get organized inside because spring is on its way! Behold: yard work!

  33. Barbara

    It was a privilledge to visit your lovely home today Mellisa. I really liked your cork board. I do hope you are completely well soon.

  34. Catherine

    Sorry to hear that you have the flu, but it sounds like you’re making the best of it. Your house is lovely and I can’t wait to see more. Get well soon.

  35. Anne

    Wow you did it then!! Well done. Your house is beautiful..I love the memory board, what a lovely idea. Can’t wait to see more. xoxo

  36. JO

    HI Melissa… so glad to see that your days have been fulfilled with wonderful moments even if you didnt feel so well….. ADORE your house… warm…cozy…. inviting… Your kitchen is a dream for some of us… its gorgeous…

    I have been so happy staying off the computer except for business….. I am working on a new project for all to see soon… I got several paintings finished….. more drawn for me to paint… and will soon have a bunch of new items on the web site…

    Hopefully will have a new post coming by the beginning of next week..



  37. Polly

    Hey I’m proud of you for disconnecting! I’m getting packages ready to ship off today and then I think I’ll be done for the day. Of course “done” doesn’t include the kids school work, meals, laundry and dishes =) Your house is amazing! I love your blue bathroom. Blessings.. Polly (p.s. I started reading your last email but then saved it new. I got so many email on Sunday that it went to the second page and I’ve not re-opened yet, but I will. Love talk with you!)

  38. shelbi

    melissa, we are both struggling with this thing…i send you health and hugs. i love the bathrooms….just gorgeous!! and as always….inspiring!

    healthy hugs to you,

  39. accessoryalamode

    Oh, Melissa, your house looks gorgeous!! I am happy you are feeling better from the flu! Doesn’t it feel wonderful getting back into the real world from time to time.

    Stay well, Deb

  40. Jrizzo

    I love your house and the colors! I love our architecture too, especailly above the tuba nd in the living room. It’s so interesting to look at….Thanks for the tour! It must have been nice to be disconnected for a while….
    Jen R

  41. Mara of ::the simpler things::

    Hi again, Melissa! I love the platter on the top shelf in the first pic. That’s not one of your DIY projects, is it? I love it!

  42. Sue

    It is all so lovely Melissa!! I adore the roosters and the plate from sweet Pat is so pretty!
    I am so sorry you had the flu (It has been all through my family!)
    but so glad you had a lovely disconnect!~ It is a good thing to do that from time to time!

    Your homes is just so special…and your new beach house is…well…fabulous! Oh my goodness! Can you see the lovely shade of pea green with envy I have turned?? And how glorious is that view??

    You are blessed!


  43. ewix

    Wonderful house.
    Beautiful ocean views.

  44. Sue

    Wow, your beach house is going to be amazing. Enjoy your time spent there with your extended family, that is our favorite thing to do too.


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