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Sweet Escape {Mis Adventures}: The Airport Drama

by | Mar 27, 2008 | Sweet Escape, Where I Lose My Sanity

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Sweet Escape {Mis Adventures}: The Airport Drama

For those of you who have been asking to hear about my airport {mis} adventure, behold The Airport Drama. As I mentioned in a previous post, I had traveled to NYC to see my daughter’s school choir sing in Carnegie Hall. It was a wonderful honor for her and a great experience for us. We enjoyed our time in NYC but to be honest, I was ready to go home!

My mom and I were flying home separately from the choir so we could use our United miles. We arrived at JFK two and a half hours early like good airport rule-obeying model passengers, and sat and drank coffee until it was time to board.

Sweet Escape {Mis Adventures}: The Airport Drama

Mom and I — innocently waiting for our flight.

This is where things started to go downhill. Unfortunately, without warning, our flight was bumped three hours and we were going to have to spend the night in the San Francisco airport as we would’ve missed our connecting flight. After begging three separate agents for another flight to Portland, we were able to be booked on the same Delta flight my daughter was on. Yippee!

The only catch was that the Delta flight was leaving in 35 minutes. From a different building in the airport. HOLY COW! And we had to stop to pick up our own luggage from the United baggage claim AND get new tickets before we could board. We had to ride the tram to get to Delta, and go through security again. Oh boy. We were warned we would not make it. But, you don’t tell me I can’t do something! LOL!

So, with my mom following behind me, I started to run like a mad woman through the terminals. Mind you, I had no idea where I was going. We flew down escalators. And boarded a tram. And yelled out for directions. We took wrong turns. Waited for luggage that never arrived (because it ended up in San Francisco). And ran some more until we reached the Delta counter. We arrived with our hair sticking up and sweat pouring off our brows.

Sweet Escape {Mis Adventures}: The Airport Drama

Winston simulating what our hair looked like after running through the airport

Of course, we got Miss Mumble Grumble Crankster at the ticket counter. No surprise to us, her ticket printer didn’t work and she assured us (shaking her head with a loud sigh) we would indeed miss the plane and we should just give up right now. Fat chance (I didn’t say that, but I was thinking it).

She motioned for us to go through security. We barged in front of about a dozen people (Sorry!) and threw our bags on the scanner. Of course, as always happens when one is in a particular hurry, my laptop signaled the “officials” as it went through the x-ray machine and I was told to go through the process again. My flight was supposed to LEAVE in nine minutes. C’mon people! NINE MINUTES! Everyone seemed to be moving in super slow-mo. I tried to appear calm and collected, but I might’ve ACCIDENTALLY rolled my eyes. MAYBE I mumbled something in appropriate about Delta’s service. I don’t know.

Next thing I know, I am escorted to the “Secure Area” by Mr. T. I was frisked and glared at. My identification was studied with a fine tooth comb. I tried to patch things up by smiling at the security guy with my most innocent grin (cheese!), but by that point it was too late. I was now a suspect and I think the whole airport went on Red Alert.

Sweet Escape {Mis Adventures}: The Airport Drama

My best, innocent grin. Nothing guilty about this face.

I can’t imagine what all the fuss was about, but I was really getting irritated. After what seemed like a few national security conferences and phone calls to The White House, they decided I was allowed to go on my merry way. I’m grateful for the stepped up security in airports. I really am. Don’t get me wrong. But I had a plane to catch.

Sweet Escape {Mis Adventures}: The Airport Drama

Me, caught on hidden security cameras just before entering the airport.

I noticed the boarding area was (good grief!) 30 gates away, so we started running again. Running and running and running. Had I only been wearing my favorite “sensible shoes” I could’ve gone faster. WHY, OH WHY! had I chosen fashion over function? My feet looked super chic but the rest of me was looking mighty frazzled by that point.

Sweet Escape {Mis Adventures}: The Airport Drama

Note to self: wear running shoes to airports from now on.


We shoved past people and pets and probably scared a lot of small children. Excuse me! Pardon me! Move it BUDDY! Finally arriving at the gate, hearts pounding, only to find it DESERTED! Nooooo, tell us it isn’t so!!!!! No one was in sight. I sadly turned towards the window to leave when I saw it! The plane! It was no longer connected to the gate, but it was still there! The plane, the plane! I could see it!

We ran to the window and I started jumping up and down waving at the little men working below. No one paid attention. We found an employee with a broom and asked her to PAHLEEEZE get us on the plane. We told her my daughter was on board. I didn’t mention that she was with chaperones or that she is sixteen. Pretty soon the lady with the broom was jumping up and down with us in front of the gate window, using a made up sign language to indicate we had a “wee one” on board and needed to be let on the plane.

Sweet Escape {Mis Adventures}: The Airport Drama

We went back to jumping up and down and gesturing at the cockpit window of the plane. I can’t imagine the horror or laughter that must’ve been going on in the cockpit as the pilots watched us through the window. The sight of us could’ve alarmed them enough to re-alert security. I wouldn’t have blamed them, our antics bordered on the ridiculous. I’ll admit it. But suddenly we saw the giant gate start to move towards the plane. Fortunately for us, the captain had mercy on us. He had seen our cries and our groveling and took pity on those poor pathetic women in the window. In an exceptional move of kindness, the gate was reconnected to the plane on our behalf and the doors swung open. THANK YOU CAPTAIN!

We were allowed to board. After hugging the crew and shaking hands with Captain Tom (we would’ve used it as a blog photo op, but my camera was in San Francisco with my bags), we made our way to our seats. Most passengers looked at us with squinted eyes (the “evil eye” as I like to call it), but as we neared our seats the choir students broke out into cheers and clapping for our valiant and successful effort. We did it!

It was a proud moment for my daughter (just kidding, I’m sure she was mortified — MOM!! Please. So embarrassing.)

Sweet Escape {Mis Adventures}: The Airport Drama

And that was my airport mis-adventure. Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. rosieswhimsy

    Oh my…’s a wonder we didn’t read about you in the papers! ROFL!!!!

    :-) Rosie

  2. megan duerksen

    that is insane.
    my mother repacked her bags quickly right before she left for the airport in france. only to discover…in security…that she had put her big set of brand new expensive french KNIVES in her carry-on bag!! she said all these french plicemen were going nuts and then she heard “knives!” in a french accent and realized what she’d done. they made a big deal about it…of course. and they took them away forever. total bummer.
    it is always amazing to me to ever have any flight go as planned.
    are they ever on-time?
    do they ever not have engine problems?
    are the ticket counter people EVER friendly?

    you have to feel pretty proud of yourself for getting an airplane to come back for you. not many people can say that.

  3. Tara


    Well, now you know nothing is ever easy in New York! Yikes! I am trying to imagine the visual of you running with the heels –hee-hee!

    I like the pic of you smiling your best–do I suspect an FAO Schwarz outing?? ha-ha, it looks like you had a great time in all! Great post!


  4. Melissa

    Hi girls! Yes, I went into FAO Schwartz to find a little something for my seven year old! And snapped some pics for him while I was there! Didn’t realize they’d come in handy for some of my “creative illustrations”…

  5. Lori

    Oh my goodness! what a story, and I am sure, one you and your Mom and your daughter will never forget! Ha!

  6. janet

    Glad you made it back safe and sound. Many people you met that day might question the “sound” part :)


  7. mary

    OMG, how funny! Are you sure you didn’t flash a little leg or something to get that pilot to come back? ;) Glad you had a good time!

  8. Villa Anna

    LOL I’m sorry but that was hilarious! reading that made me feel like I was watching a Hollywood blockbuster lol

    Anna ;)

  9. Becky K.

    Whew! Glad you made it!

    Your photos were funny, too.

    Becky K.

  10. Becca

    Wow! That was quite the story! Glad you made it!

  11. Penny

    Ok, I know it was probably not fun while it was happening…, but your story had me laughing out loud. I am so happy you made it on the plane…I LOVE your determination girl!
    p.s. my granddaughter and the rest of her choir, just sang at Carnigie Hall a couple of weeks ago

  12. KJ

    OH MY GOSH!!! THIS WAS MR. TOAD’S WILD RIDE FOR SURE! You had me glued to my seat! I love your tenacity! The photos definitely contributed to the story!

    I do a “turtle eating lettuce” routine and once while my daughter was in grade school, her teacher had lettuce brought to me during an assembly. You can imagine how enthusiastic my daughter was to see her mother playing a turtle in front of the entire school. I wasn’t bothered in the least, but my daughter literally slid down in her seat! She still speaks of this incident fondly… NOT!

    I actually was thinking about you today! I read Jo’s post (NeareAnDear) on blogging, as well as all of the comments which of course included yours. Very nicely stated, my dear! I eventually added my thoughts, although there was plenty of good input!

    Finally, thanks for the compliment on the windshield funny! That is definitely my style of humor, but that didn’t happen to me. It’s a shaggy dog story that has been around for awhile. Now, when I’m doing public speaking, it is not beyond me to pretend that happened to me. I will make it a bit more clear on my blog.



  13. Jill from

    Oh my goodness! I had such a good laugh after reading your story. I love all of your pictures with my favourite one being the picture of your dog!! Funny, funny girl! :o)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog the other day about what to do with my living room. It was very appreciated. There have been some really wonderful creative ideas that have come out of that post. I am amazed at the talent and generosity of the ladies of blogworld. Thanks again. :o)

  14. Sherri

    Oh my word – I LAUGHED so hard reading this and seeing Chewbacca with the Blaster and Ammo (saying that was you before entering the airport! too funny) – I think you summed it up in a WONDERFUL and humorous (although at the time it was not) and highly enjoyable story for your readers! My goodness – you have a way with words! I’ve not been entertained this much in Bloglandia for quite some time. Cheers!!! You made my evening reading about your somewhat miraculous Airport drama! xox Sher

  15. Courtney

    okay that was one of the more entertaining posts I’ve read in a while!! Sorry that it happened to you…no, wait…well, I AM sorry it happened to you, but also very GLAD I got to read your extremely amusing version of the story. :-) Love it!

  16. Mrs. B

    I guess the good thing about bad experiences like that is that they make good stories later on!

    I wanted to tell you that I did a post about “drive bys” on my blog and linked back to yours. Hope that’s okay!

  17. M.Kate

    gosh..what an experience, BUT i had fun reading it, especially love the pics..very hilarious :)

  18. Emily-Sarah

    You have a treasured family memory for generations to come! :-) These days just running through the airport (with a distressed/intense look) is enough to alarm security. I had a near-miss when I was traveling home from a Nova Scotia wedding and six months pregnant — a big belly and a small brain: I’d laid down my passport and ticket in an airport store. Geesh! By the time my dear hubby, MIL, SIL, niece, and employees (in several stores, mind you — how could I know WHICH store I’d left them in?!) retraced my steps, we had held up the plane 10 minutes (and as you can imagine, I could NOT run as fast as the others so I told them all, save my husband, to run faster and STOP THAT PLANE!). Yes, passengers DO have the “evil eye” when they’re delayed on the runway. :-) No mercy for a pregnant lady either!

  19. Catherder

    Thats so funny. Nearly EVERYTIME we fly, I get searched…baggage and my person. I dont know if I look like a guilty person or something, but its everywhere I go. In Maui they tore my luggage apart looking for another compartment…two years ago they took my oldest son from us and xrayed his cast on his arm. My brother is very dark with a beard, I guess they think he is middleeastern (we’re italian) he winds up getting pulled aside into a private room to be searched as well…its a family joke now. The only airport that doesnt bother us is Key West lol!! I certainly dont think we look like shady characters!

  20. Susanne

    Wow! What a day! I’m so happy you made the flight at last! Hope you had a nice time once there!
    Have a nice weekend!

  21. Rachael

    I am laughing and laughing, great story, great pictures and of course is was all Murphy’s Law . . . Rachael:)

  22. Annechovie

    Wow, what a tale, Melissa! So glad you made it and they let you on. What a funny story. Have a great wekend!

  23. karen

    This is the most entertaining and wonderful story of a terrible day. But, Oh you should have this published. You had me laughing, then on the edge of my seat. I could see all the details as if I were right there. I love the images too. What a great story, sorry about the luggage, but your writing is Superb! Karen

  24. charlotte lyons

    and that is the best and most amazing airport story ever…even beats mine when the captain put me in first class! the jumping up and down, waving with an employee/broom is a priceless image there. would have been a hit on you-tube, no wonder you said you need a nap! well done!

  25. Pat

    Dear Melissa…I’m sweatin’, out of breath and my hair is standing on end, after reading this hair raising tale! What an adventure! Loved the story and the illustrations! I’ll be reading this to Mr J, this morning, too.


  26. Ruth Welter

    Melissa, this is probably the funnies post I have read anywhere. I loved all the pictures you enclosed too, I was really cracking up laughing when reading it.

    Flying , in my opinion, is sheer hell these days. What a crazy and hectic experience you had..cannot believe you made that plane. : )

  27. Rachel Going

    Now THAT my dear is impressive!! I’m glad you’re home safe and sound. Love,Rachel

  28. jane

    so glad you made your plane. i am surprised that you were not stopped as you ran through the airport. i have done that very thing and been stopped by evil eyes and gun toting guards. {would that it had been chewbaka (sp)} i’m laughing imagining your daughter’s reaction when she saw who delayed the departure!! what a great story, and delightful posting! jkj

  29. rochambeau

    It’s a wonder you found your way back home to us Melissa!
    It wasn’t fun, but you made it funny!


  30. Aina

    Many thanks for Inspiring posts!! I am amazed to see all the different textures, colours and settings. Enjoyable and inspiring at the same time.

    Have a great great weekend!
    Aina x

  31. Jen

    Hil-ar-i-ous! Thanks for the Friday Funny!

  32. Mari-Nanci

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a loud Haurrrahhhh for your Mom, for keeping up with you, through this marathon!!! :-))))

    So sorry you are looking out at snow too. Just as I am, over here in the NE.

    Global Warming? Ahemmm… Ahemmmm… Ahemmmmmm…


  33. Rhoda

    Great story, Melissa! Now that would only happen once in a million for them to let you on that plane, LOL. Y’all were very fortunate. What an adventure. We were all holding our breath that you made it. Wheewwwwww!


  34. Lynda

    Having been through NYC airports on many occassions as well as living there (in NYC that is ~ not the airports) , I know exactly what you were up against! Still, it was pretty funny … although at the time it may not have been. Glad you made it through your ordeal!

    I love NYC but have always said that a weekend is just enough … 3 days is about all I can take before I’m ready to leave.


    ps ~ what a fabulous opportunity for your daughter to sing at Carnegie Hall! I’m sure she’ll remeber the experience forever!

  35. anne

    Hi Melissa…so pleased you made the plane :-)

    Your description had me in stitches, I could visualize you running….I know it wasn’t funny at the time, but you must of been laughing as you were typing your post!!!! :-)

  36. Aimee

    Makes me tired just reading that! Glad everything worked out though! :)

  37. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    I’m still laughing!

    This proves that good things can come of adversity and that
    e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g is fodder for blogging.

    Thanks for indulging us!

  38. KJ

    Hi Melissa! I just posted a THANK YOU LETTER PROJECT where Bill is collecting 100 Thank You letters for an upcoming book. You might be interested. KJ

  39. julia

    That is such a great and wonderfully told story Melissa. Your Mom is definitely a trooper and what a wonderful Lucy and Ethel moment you shared together! Your writing is so picturesque my feet were hurting as you ran down the miles of airport hallways. Have a great weekend Melissa.
    love j

  40. Beverly

    Melissa, I have to say the two of you look particularly charming in the first picture. If you still looked like that when you were jumping up and down in the window for the pilot, I can see why he decided to let you on the plane.

    What a special memory you made. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Counting Your Blessings

    Two years ago hubby and I won a cruise – woo hooo! Flew into Miami – luggage lost. Got on the boat – very seasick. Got off the boat. Stayed in well known (except to us) gay hotel. The service was great though =) Arrive to airport 2 hours early for the flight home. Stopped at security. Missed our flight. Went back to hotel =)

    Glad we have all made it home safely from our various escapades. Happy Friday!! Blessings… Polly

  42. Dara

    Chewbacca, LOL!!!! Oh my, that was funny!!!!
    Your little doggie is adorable by the way!!! :)

    *huggies* Dara

  43. Charmingdesigns

    too funny…oh! not so funny?!> lol. Thanks for coming to see me..hey you’re right!! Whats up with this snow?? Blossoms on the trees with snow coming down…STRANGE!! Heard the last time it snowed in Oregon in March…1951. No global warming today huh. lol. Laurie

  44. Lisa & Alfie

    Melissa, that story just made our day. I love your determination in the face of adversity.
    Lisa & Alfie

  45. marita

    an incredible story and still you made it into the plain, against all odds!! i very much enjoyed your airport adventure on this early saturday morning. cup of coffee and melanie’s nightmare!
    great way to start the weekend ;))
    i love the participation of winston, showing his hair-do ;))

  46. Jocelyne

    Wow! My God! I’m still laughing! You should write a script for a moovie!

  47. Terri Pollhein

    See, this is why you should take the train…even if you miss it there will be another one along in 15 minutes
    Not to mention the fact that you stay on the GROUND!

    Great airport lounging outfits, by the way. LOL

  48. Catherine

    How funny! Wish I could have witnessed all this.

  49. Elzie

    You seem to have been busy LOL. Hope you’re having a great weekend.
    Love Elzie

  50. Sue

    O.M.G. Well, at least I know I am not the only one with airplane/port misadventures! Many years ago my hubby and I had a horrible in-air experience … we lost altitude three times (the first time five people were thrown from their seats, overhead bins opened and all kinds of nasties flew out and if that wasn’t enough, we then ROLLED!) Needless to say, several years went by that I would not fly. My husband loves to travel so he talked to my doc and the two of them decided I should be medicated. Once I was introduced to Valium, I was able to fly to California once, to New Mexico twice, and to Florida a couple of times – each time getting a three-pill renewal from my local pharmacy. Then we moved! New state, new city, new doctor, new pharmacy — and new Valium drug company. Time to go to California for my daughter’s retirement from the United States Navy. Never noticed that the pills looked different until sitting in the boarding area but looked at the label and it said the same thing so I popped my pill in my mouth and within minutes – NO LIE – I was woozy and could not keep my eyes open. When it was time for us to board, I could barely walk and was dang near incoherent. Finally made it to my seat and instantly was in la-la-land until we were back on land. As with each trip, I am constantly thankful we made it there but am also constantly reminded that we yet have to go home and it somewhat puts a slight damper on the vacation. Well, we got through the ceremony and the party and the party-ing and all the sightseeing, etc., and it’s now time to go back home (yeah, all good things do have to end, don’t they?) Must insert here that my husband kept telling me all week “when we go home, you better only take a half a pill … blah blah blah” … but I LIKE IT WHEN I’M OUT OF IT! But, as a dutiful wife, took only a half a pill. Honest! He even WATCHED ME. But, I gotta tell you, it was like I took a pill and a half! I made sure I had food in my tummy and even waited a little closer to boarding time before taking the pill but it didn’t matter one iota! I was G.O.N.E. My poor husband guided me down the aisle of the plane – yeah yeah yeah, we were in the second last seat of the plane! He was carrying both of our carry-ons and my purse in his left hand and was dragging me along with his right hand. He told me later that my eyes were closed and I was bumping my way to the back of the plane – first from one seat to another. Don’tcha just LOVE when inconsiderate people do that? NOT. Well, we almost made it to our seats — that is until I plowed into the flight attendant that was standing in the little “kitchen area” and nearly knocked her down. Hubby just kept dragging me along. Finally, our row and our seats. Well, maybe I should say “our seat” … because, as luck would have it, there was a woman sitting in MY SEAT. My husband told her she was in my seat – even showed her the ticket and she was quite rude and said something like “but I need to sit next to my daughter” … must insert here that her daughter was a perfectly normal 14-year old and not a four-year old. Mom’s seat was actually just in the row in front of us and she tried to get us to split up. Yeah, like THAT was going to happen! Finally, the attendant that I nearly knocked to the ground finally composed herself and came to our rescue and made the woman move up a row. By now, everybody has boarded but we didn’t start taxing. By the way, all of this is hearsay because I am in my drug-induced “state” … Hubby said he knew something was wrong when he looked up and saw a very “official-looking-mean-woman” walking down the aisle. Yep – she was the Customer Relations person from “X” Airlines. (I will not list the airlines here for obvious reasons.) She asked that hubby come with her. So, the two of them deplaned – only to meet the pilot with his Rule Book. My husband, right up front, agreed with them and told them I was in no condition to fly and was not going to argue with them – said something like “lets just do this quickly so not to hold up the rest of the plane” (yeah, he’s THE BEST!) Soooooooo – the official-looking-mean-woman Customer Relations person and hubby get back on the plane and head to the back where he gathers the two carry ons and my purse and the official-looking-mean-woman Customer Relations person gathers ME … the drug-induced me. She had my by both hands and was walking backwards while guiding me and trying to keep me from banging into everybody lucky enough to be in an aisle seat. The second we were off the plane, she plopped me into a wheelchair and pushed me back into the terminal. We were told we couldn’t fly until the next day. When I heard this, I woke up and started to cry and said “noooooooooooooooooooooo – I wanna go home today” and as luck would have it, there was another direct flight from San Diego to Dallas in two hours. They gave my hubby food vouchers, told him to leave the gate area, fill her up with food and see if he could get me to walk it off. Well, we did our best and passed “inspection” and made it home safely. My big concern was that the half of a pill would wear off mid-flight and I was not loving that thought. Don’t know what was in that pill but I gotta tell you, it was mid-day the next day (over 24 hours after taking it!) that I was clear headed. I got an email the next day from “X” Airlines and, in part, reads “Please accept my apology for any inconvenience that resulted from our decision not to accommodate you on flight xxxx from San Diego to Dallas/Fort Worth on November x. Although you may have disagreed with our decision, I hope you will understand that we acted with our customers’ best interests in mind. If, in our best judgment, we believe a customer’s medical condition would endanger flight safety or require extraordinary medical attention during the course of the flight, we have the authority and responsibility to deny that customer passage. When
    you boarded the aircraft, our personnel were seriously concerned about your ability to complete the flight safely. Our concern for your safety left us no choice but to decline to accommodate you. Our procedures have been designed to be in full compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations regarding the accommodation of customers with
    disabilities; however, any customer may pursue DOT enforcement action if they believe a violation of the regulations has occurred. There was no violation of the mentioned regulations since our decision was based on safety.
    Mrs. X, please give us the opportunity to restore your confidence in our ability to meet your travel needs. We want your business and we will work hard to earn it.” I spoke to the pharmacist and he ASSURED me that the pills were the exact same pills that I got from the other pharmacy in Ohio – just a different manufacturer. He said FDA regulations require all manufacturers to carry the same pill. There were no differences – everything stayed the same (except about five years in my age) but for some reason, the pills just made me react differently. Since that experience, I had to fly (ALONE – nobody to guide me down the aisles!) to Florida when my mother was dying – and then to Pennsylvania (with my ‘guide’) for her funeral. Each flight I took a half a pill and was not as bad. Soooooooooooooo, to any and all of my fellow flight passengers, I am sincerely apologetic for any inconveniences I may have caused you. Truly, I was not intoxicated thought I sure looked and acted like it nor am I a drug addict…just afraid of flying, with good reason!

  51. this is glamorous

    Oh my goodness, Melissa! Quite the {mis}adventure, but so amazing that you made the flight! Loved reading about the incident, along with hilarious photos, and your story-telling abilities are really quite something :)

  52. shelbi

    melissa! what a true adventure, and yes, (mis) at that! i am just thankful that you made it thru…what an ordeal. i have always wanted to shop in FAO Schwartz…so your photos really tickled me!

    i am hoping you are having a wonderful weekend!!! you are in my thoughts this week!


  53. Jenn and Jacqui

    Hi Melissa! Oh gosh how we have missed you and your Blog, it is like coming over to a friends home for a visit on that beautiful veranda and having a long chat! It seems we have been away for years!! Have enjoyed reading all your lovely posts, as always you continue inspire us with your special style :) Winston is adorable, love that Westie face :) Your airport drama was quite the mis-adventure!! We can imagine not funny for you at the time!! But in retrospect hope you can laugh :) And we LOVE FAO Schwartz too!! We miss visiting regularly but know we are thinking about you and will fly by again when we can :) Take care and have a gorgeous Sunday M! Huge cuddle for Winston for us!! Jenn and Jacqui xo

  54. Mari-Nanci

    You turned off comments, on your next entry. -heh- Now you don’t think you can stop an ol’ gal like me from commenting on it, do you? >,-)

    I wanted to say that YOU, I’d ask to help me with decorating. You and Candice Olson {‘Divine Design’ on tv} and that’s all. I have this “thing” about not wanting someone to come in and advise me. Although I know perfectly well that I could use it! My husband wants to. But I always balk.

    But you and Candice ~ you two could come in and advise away and I’d not have a “thing” about it. :-))))


  55. Barbara

    This was a fun tour. I tried to leave a comment on your next post to say that I enjoyed your inteview but it said “comments off”

  56. Esther Sunday

    OMG! This made me stress out and laugh at the sametime! What an experience! Glad you are home safely! Love, Esther

  57. Paris Parfait

    Well no doubt this story was enjoyed in the telling much more than in the living! Great images to illustrate your misadventures – thankfully with a happy ending. In May I am about to spend way too much time on planes and at airports, so am allowing plenty of wriggle room to accommodate the inevitable delays, mishaps, etc. Thanks for sharing your story!

  58. Joni Webb

    So funny!!! the best pictures ever. this has to be one of your most entertaining posts!!! Loved it but I’m glad you made it home safe and sound.


  59. Neutral Dwelling

    How funny! (now that you can look back on it!) Loved the shot of you and your mom!

  60. joanna goddard

    omg, i laughed out loud with this post — you are so funny. this was a great story. i totally know that feeling where people seem to be going in slow-mo. xoxo

  61. Terri

    Melissa, what a fantastic, brave story. If you weren’t before, you are now officially MY HERO. I also love your photos! I can’t stand airports. It’s like the second you’re in a hurry, a big neon sign with the word CONVICT appears above your head and everyone treats you badly…but that captain! I can’t believe he came BACK! Wow! God was indeed with you that day and clearly having a darned good chuckle at the whole debacle!

    Glad you made it! And what a great tale! xo Terri

  62. Terri

    P.S. The photos of you and your Mom are divine. You are a couple of HOT gals. Now I know why the captain came back…those legs, those outfits.

    Dear little Winston…I want to smoosh him. :)

  63. Dianne Wood

    I just told my Hubby last night that we HAVE to go to New York. I feel as if I’ve been there now. What a lovely fun tour. Now I know FOR SURE….we MUST make plans and visit there soon…!!!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE you blog. It’s so beautifu and inspiring. Great Job….!!!!



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