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Outdoor Rooms: Potting Benches

by | May 7, 2008 | Gardens & Outdoor Rooms

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Outdoor Rooms: Potting Benches

Cote Ouest via Garden Rooms blog

Outdoor Rooms: Potting Benches

Cottage Living Minh + Wass

A potting bench is a great idea for a focal point in a small shed or corner of your yard. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Creating a purpose for even the smallest nook in your yard makes the area a charming destination. A simple bench, picnic table or set of shelves is really all you need to define your space. Add some pots, shovels, a watering can and some gardening gloves and you are in business!

Outdoor Rooms: Potting Benches

John O’Hagen Cooking Light

Outdoor Rooms: Potting Benches

House to Home May 2005

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  1. Alison Gibbs

    Great Potting Benches. My favourite would have to be the last one that is outside and so rustic looking

  2. Virginia

    Melissa, oh goodness. Now I don’t want to work. I want to go outside and “build” an outdoor room. The pictures are mouth watering…and SO appealing. As always, your blog appeals to the core of my soul.

  3. CC

    Aaaahhhh……Divine! Such tranquility. I agree with Virginia, your blog hits home with me. Thank you!

  4. Beverly

    While each one is quite different, they each are charming. We’ve discussed the need for a potting table many times, but for some reason we just never seem to get there.

    I’ll justify by thinking it is another of our goals. I believe I need a bigger piece of paper.

  5. daisy cottage

    Good Morning Melissa!
    GORGEOUS inspiration – as always!!!!


  6. sue

    Hi Melissa,
    Lovely potting benches. Wish I had a place in our yard for a service area like that.

  7. melissa lewis - off the wall

    I am no gardener, but I really want to be for sure! I have always loved the idea of having an outside gardening work area…I love all of these photos! Can’t pick a favorite here:)

  8. Ruth Welter

    Hi Melissa….ah someday I would like a potting shed and also, a greenhouse. Especially the greenhouse I guess because I could work in there all year long. This post reminded me of my “someday’ dream.

  9. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    A potting bench is one of my fond wishes. Now this has me thinking again!

  10. cathy

    My favorite too, is the last picture, the rustic one. These pictures are helping me picture the potting bench my dear husband has offered to make me….I believe I will use the outside wall of an old red brick smokehouse for one side. I would like a covering or roof of some sort…your photos and writings are so inspiring….I love this blog and the lovely links.

  11. teresa

    the second picture is to die for- love it- I so could see myself using something like that- Maybe I will need to put my Handy man to work :}
    Thanks for the pictures!

  12. Melissa

    Hi girls! Glad you are enjoying the inspiration. It would be so nice to have a special area to call your potting shed, wouldn’t it? Even it was just a rustic bench. Maybe especially if it was, so you could get dirt all over it and not worry about cleaning it up!!

  13. Diana

    All these outdoor rooms look amazing…just need a green thumb now!

  14. Anne

    Love these pictures..favourite one is the top one…love the little gate…wonder where that leads too!!!!

  15. Jill

    I am so glad that you saw the award that I gave you on my blog. I know you have a ton of readers so I am sure that you read it often but I wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your posts. :O)

  16. Mrs. B

    I love these! I have an old shelf that I moved outside last year with the intent of creating a space like this. I never really achieved the look I was after. Mostly it ended up as a place for toys, sidewalk chalk, and dirty shoes. Now I’m inspired to try it again!

  17. Terri

    We have a potting shed, but it isn’t very pretty inside. We use it for storage of our gardening supplies, but I do all my potting outside on the lawn! Much more tidy! Eventually I will make my shed pretty, but it will be many years from now…!!

  18. Kari

    I love it…what a great idea, so spring-like too!! :) Now, I just need a house with a shed to work it. ;)

    Hope you’re having a lovely day…how are you feeling after Jason’s performance last night? I felt bad for him, truly. I would be sad to see him go for your sake! :)


  19. Pat

    Beautiful images Melissa! I’m enjoying everything about this series on outdoor rooms!


  20. Penny

    Now here is another thing I want to add to my yard! And I do have the perfect place. I just wish time and money were not an issue! Really it is the time…because like you said, it doesn’t have to be expensive….Sometimes I feel if I could just take a couple of weeks off to just work on my home and garden, I would have everything perfect! But who am I kidding? There will always be something to fluff.

    Hugs to another great post Melissa!

  21. Deb

    I could just live in that huge, windowed potting room.

  22. kari & kijsa

    Oh- these are magnificent photos!! love all the fabulous potting benches!!

    kari & kijsa

  23. seeb

    Thanks for inspiration,I’m working on my garden but never think of potting usually publish what I was searching for ,thanks again for today and every days:*

  24. A-M

    Oh they are absolutely delightful. If only we had the climate (and a bit of rain wouldn’t go astray) to have this sort of lifestyle. Potting rooms/benches just don’t feature in our homes. I could start the trend here in sunny Queensland! A-M xx

  25. Janet (Shabbyfufu)

    So much inspiration here Melissa. This is definitely like reading all of my favorite magazines in a modern way. ~XO~ Janet

  26. Lisa

    OK, I’m sold-now I want to add gardening to my interests.

    You find the most amazing photos. These are beautiful.

    I’m off now to find some dirt to play in-lol.

  27. Tara

    These potting benches are great, earthy.

  28. Rhoda

    I’ve always wanted one of those cute little potting sheds. They are just so much fun and look great in the pics. Probably won’t get one of those, so I’ll just enjoy looking at these!


  29. Robin

    Hi Melissa!! I would love to have a potting bench….and a lil shed…someday I will!! I hope you are well…I am catching up…

  30. Elizabeth

    Sometimes I wish the inside of my whole house looked as good at these ‘potting sheds’ :)

  31. Catherine

    Wow! I’ve missed out on so much while I was gone. Thanks for all the beautiful ideas.

  32. Annechovie

    Some great photos for illustration here, Melissa! It would be wonderful to have a dedicated potting table!

  33. Amanda Jo

    This pictures are AWESOME! I can’t wait till we get a house with yard! I’d love to have a potting shed!

  34. Mrs. Mordecai

    These are beautiful! They almost don’t seem real. My favorite is the first.

  35. Barbara

    These potting benches are so pretty, it makes me want to abandon the old picnic table I’ve used for years for my messy jobs.

  36. kara shriver

    Hi Melissa,

    I am go glad that you stopped by my blog. My 3 boy’s, Jackson age 9-2nd grade, Davis age 7-1st grade and
    Grant age 5-Pre-K are full of energy 24/7. You have a beautiful website, and are really blessed with the gift of decorating.

    I am new to the blogging world! My prayer is that I can use the blog to help encourage people and most of all be a witness for the Lord.

    My husband, boy’s and I are planning a trip to Oregon sometime between now and this fall. He flies for Southwest Airlines and Portland is one of the cities that they fly into. We want to see Mt. Hood, do you have any suggetions on sightseeing? Have a blessed weekend.

    Jer. 29:11

  37. Crystal

    This is my dream! To have an outdoor space like this!! :)

  38. momnibus

    I love these. I so wish I had one, and I don’t even garden that much LOL. I wonder if you could paint an indoor table to use outside?? I’ve got a spare.

  39. Lara

    I would love to create that last setting for my mom for mothers day.. a place to read, garden, relax and get her hands in the dirt. It’s just perfect!

  40. A Fanciful Twist

    Oh yummy lovely potting shed with potting benches and beautiful growing things, treasures!!!! xoxoxo

  41. Valarie in AL

    I need a potting bench, and I think I know where I would put one to. Yep this gives me some ideas.

  42. nel

    I had forgotten just how gorgeous and inspiring your blog is… so lovely to drop by and catch up on your posts. Just beautiful!

  43. Dianne Wood

    Hi Melissa, Oh what charming pictures. They are simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing such wonderful inspiration with us. Have a beautiful Mothers Day.

  44. Mrs. B

    Hi Melissa! Just wanted to stop by and wish you a very happy Mother’s Day weekend!

  45. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Oh boy, lots of great inspiration here. I just love how organized it all looks. Mine is always a mess!


  46. Katrina

    I love your quote: “Creating a purpose for even the smallest nook in your yard makes the area a charming destination.” I’m going to steal it and use it as my own. Well, okay, maybe I’ll give you credit. Thanks for the lovely inspiration. You certainly live up to your name!

  47. M&Co

    I’m just in tyhe process of making my own potting bench! :-) These examples are stunning! Thank you for keeping my inspiration flowing! :-)

  48. Outdoor Park Benches

    This pictures are AWESOME! Your place looks very nice. I’d love to have a potting shed. Sounds like a great project this spring :)


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