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Style Tips: A Picture Quiz

by | Jul 24, 2008 | Decorating Inspiration, Details, Style Tips

Style Tips: A Picture Quiz

Need some help defining your style?

I can’t guarantee the results of this, but you can have some fun trying! I saw a link to a fun picture quiz on This is Glamorous’ blog and tried it myself with my spare time tonight (ooo, you caught me playing when I should have been working or enjoying some solitude).

Style Tips: A Picture Quiz

Here is a description of my style, according to the quiz:


You take the inspiration for your home from the surrounding countryside. And why not? The country cottage look has been, and continues to be, the epitome of what a family ‘home’ should stand for: warm, welcoming, cozy and comfortable. There’s nothing at all pretentious about this style, just a love of the good, simple pleasures in life.

Style Tips: A Picture Quiz

Style Tips: A Picture Quiz

So, what do you think? Did that description sound like me? What happened to my coastal cottage style? Or my British Colonial style? Guess I need to figure out just where I am, so I can look to the appropriate surrounding countryside for my style. This explains a few things about why I can never decide what I like best. As you know, I can dream I am just about anywhere. The shore, the French countryside, an English Castle. Whims are like that.

Give this quiz a try yourself and let me know the results! When you get there, just start choosing the photo that best describes each question.

Go ahead and play, it is almost Friday! And besides, knowing your style is serious business.

Style Tips: A Picture Quiz

Have fun!

(kitchen) 25 Beautiful Homes
all others; Country Homes & Interiors
via House to Home


  1. Kathleen Grace

    That was s fun quiz. At first I thought the things I was choosing were not going to go together, but when I saw the final result I saw how it all fit. I was Classic Country too!

  2. CC

    This is funny….I’m Classic Country too! Ladies, I guess we are kindred spirits~ :)

  3. Deanna

    I am Classic Country too!

  4. Annie

    I am “pot-luck pro”! I was all over the place :D. Which is just my style, mix-matched and unique

  5. the Farmer's Wife

    I’m the Back-to-Nature style girl. Mine was quite an eclectic mix after I looked at my choices. Thanks, that was a fun survey.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  6. dawn

    Ok, I am also Classic Country, surprise for me actually, no wonder I enjoy this blog so much!

  7. Cherrie

    Hi, I think you ARE warm, welcoming, comfy and cosy. I am comfy, country and that sounds like me. Cherrie

  8. Marie

    Fun quiz! But it was SO wrong. It has to be. lol It said I was “modern maestro”. HUH? I’m not even sure I spelled maestro correctly…how can I be one? :o) My problem with those picture quizzes is that I think I know the outcome so I think I’m being honest with my answer and I don’t think I really am in the end. lol Did ya get all that?

  9. Michelle

    That was so much fun! Thanks for the link.


  10. Holly

    Ooooh I am so off to take the quiz hehe!! LOVE that red in the kitchen, so adorable!!!! Pop over to my blog to see that I awarded you with the “brillante” blog award!!! xo!

  11. Dee

    Test said I am a “Country Classic” as well. Pretty accurate:)

  12. please sir

    This quiz looks so fun – heading over there now!

  13. Lauren

    Thanks for the fun quiz! I was regular ‘classic’ defined-polished but practical. I think that is right.

  14. The Closet Therapist

    Hi there! I love all this red.

    I wanted you to know I gave you a Premio Award from my blog. Put it up on the shelf or it a box, it doesn’t matter, but you are one of my favorites so I had to include you.


  15. Susan Drysdale

    That was a fun quiz. I was country-modern which could be right. That’s country with elements of nature mixed in. I love to do that. Sometimes it was hard to choose the colors…they weren’t quite right for me. I’m more into aqua, light blue, light green and peachy-pink right now. I love the coastal style, too.

  16. Lorrie

    That was a fun quiz. It was hard to choose sometimes. I came out as “Lady of the Manor” which I don’t think I agree with as it says “There’s no such thing as too pretty in your book, and probably never too much pink or pomp either.” I have no pink and not much frilly pretty stuff.
    I love all the photos you’ve shown. They are definitely my style!


  17. Karen B

    Well, that was interesting. I ended up being Lady of the Manor as well as Lorrie. I’m on the fence about that also. Melissa, I like your pictures better than the ones we had to choose from. I could tell it was a British site just by the photos, I do love British decorating magazines. It was a very enjoyable diversion, I must say.
    Karen B.

  18. Karen B

    Love, Love, Love the AGA by the way.

  19. Elzie

    This was funny. And I must say I just love the stoves in your country. They sure look smashy LOL.
    Hope you have a great day Melissa.
    Love Elzie

  20. jane

    well, now i KNOW i’m “laid back luxory”. amazing test! i just love all the pics to select from. thanks for the test link! how fun!jkj

  21. Sharon Goemaere

    I am”Country Comfy!”And that is true!Very accurate results for me.Blessings~Sharon

  22. this is glamorous

    Well, it seems I might have been less subtle about the quiz, since your method seems to be getting better results :)

  23. Barbara

    Ok… I took this twice, first based on what I have now (stuff given to me or bought when I was dead broke for my first house, not necessarily indicative of my preferred style) that turned up Home-Coming Queen… but nothing in the recommended items to buy would tempt me at all these days…

    So I figured I’d retake it this time with where I’m going as we’re remodeling… only about a 1/4 – 1/3 of the answers changed, but the result was much better… this returned Classic Chic and all of the recommended items that went with it are SOOOOO my style. I did have fun with the site though… and there is a room designer on there as well… talk about a time waster… I’ll play with that when I get home tonight.

    I’m forever telling hubby I need more houses to decorate… I love different styles and which way I want to go is forever changing!

  24. Shelly

    Wow, that was fun! Thanks for showing us the way to the quiz. I’m a “world traveler”…no wonder I can’t decide on one style, I like a whole lot of different styles. The quiz said that if something speaks to me I incorporate it into a room…I just need to figure out how to make it all work together – cuz it’s not..he he.

  25. Melissa

    Just for fun, I took it again, and selected a few different photos if there were other options I liked, and lo and behold the result came out the same. I think because that style description could be interpreted different ways. I did note that this is a European site so “country” there means something entirely different than “American Country” (thank goodness, since that wouldn’t really describe my style at all).

    It is so fun to see what you all are, style-wise! Fun fun.

  26. Mrs. Q

    That was a fun quiz…I got “Family Mix”: “You pull off the ‘nostalgic modern’ look to a T: it’s fun, easy on the eye, and kids often love it too. ” Not sure if that is exactly what my home reflects right now, but it is the low maintenance kid-friendly look I like…lol :) Thanks for posting the quiz.

  27. limette

    apparently my style is masculine/bachelor! funny considering i’m a sahm wth two kids. i think i’m going through a personality change. i’ve always been an introverted kinda gal with highly modern tastes but lately i’ve become more outgoing and gravitating towards more traditional and cottagey design. it must be the kids.

  28. Becca

    That was fun. It said I was the Earth Mother. Huh? But, that is a cousin to classic country. Not, so sure if it was me or not, but thanks for the quiz. BTW, I love your blog! I have been lurking here for a few weeks. Did a drive by a few weeks back, missed the link up, but had so much fun. Thanks for your inspiration!

  29. amanda

    I’m a “family favorites” – ‘Classic’ can seem grandiose and even cold – but it’s also tried and tested, and surprisingly adaptable to raising a family. There’s a lot to be said for bringing elegant simplicity to life with the odd ‘design statement’, especially when it’s being made by someone with taste as impeccable as yours.

    Ah… now if only my house would agree. Ha.

  30. Françoise

    What fun that was! I came out as a “Classic Chic” which sounds very posh to me. You’ve seen my house , Melissa, so you be the judge. I forgot to look at their recommendation though so I don’t know whether I would agree with them .
    Nice way to wrap up the afternoon!

  31. pam

    Just wanted to let you know even my oldest daughter likes your blog and she wants you to come up with some ideas for girls rooms.

  32. Neutral Dwelling

    That was fun– I was deemed a Duchess of Distinction. Hey, I like that!

  33. marnie

    my style “absolutely fabulous” – that made me feel good – fun way to start the weekend

  34. sarah

    country modern for me

  35. Christi from Charm & Grace

    I am going over to take the quiz… I have always thought, about myself, that it’s easier for me to pinpoint what is NOT my style than what IS because I like so many different kinds of things. But then I definitely know what I don’t like when I see it. Thought the Classic Country *description* was pretty on cue, however when I saw the title before I read the description, I was skeptical. Thanks for all the great resources you gather together for all of us out here! You are a gem.


  36. Polly

    Oh that little bedroom is darling!! I have the same trouble, both with my home and my blog sometimes… defining it. I love so many styles that I enjoy having each of them in the house. As for the blog, I’ll probably never reach “definition” =) I’m sticking with the reasoning that Christ gives us infinite arrangements of joy! Have a beautiful weekend. Blessings… Polly

  37. Pat

    Comfy Country, here. Fun Quiz, Melissa!


  38. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    That was fun! Thanks to you and to This is Glamorous for finding it.

    No wonder I adore your style so much! ;>

  39. Jill

    Turns out I am Lady Of The Manor. It seemed to be pretty much me!

  40. Tracey

    I am country and modern- totally me! I love a clean, modern interior, but the cottage look throughout my gardens! Funquiz!

  41. Christi from Charm & Grace

    Just had to come back and say that I ended up Classic Country, too. Go figure! It’s cozy cottage comfy for me… just like the English cottage in the The Holiday!


  42. Barb


    Thank you for stopping by. It has been a rough couple of weeks.

    I plan on re-visiting a little later when I can take my time.

    take good care,


  43. anne

    I am Country Modern…thats quite true..:-)

  44. Penny

    Fun! I was classic country too. I am not surprised. I love the look….

  45. Muralimanohar

    Well, THAT was…ugly. I got Swiss Family Robinson. The vague description was okay, but when they started being specific in each room, they totally lost the plot, imo!

    Off to try it again, using answers for what my perfect life would look like! lol

    Okay, Bohemian Rhapsody…much better. :p Still not perfect, but better.

  46. Mari-Nanci

    -moan- I can’t make it work. -pout-

    Miss Mari-Nanci

  47. jane

    it’d be nice if i read my own comment to edit typos! l-u-x-u-r-y is correct! jkj

  48. Jencop

    I’m comfy country!!! I guess I may be considered classic country when I don’t have three little ones jumping on the bed:) That was a fun survey, thanks for the link.

  49. Joni Webb

    I’m a bohemian rhapsody – whatever that is! No I’m NOT! I’m country French!!!!! I don’t WANT to be Bohemian Rhapsody!!!!
    Thanks for making me take this test – now I’m all upset. Ah hahahha!!!!!!!

  50. all things bright and beautiful

    I’m “Home Queen” – which sounds not at all what I think I am – but the description made me feel rather fabulous – adventure and glamor.”

  51. hookedonhouses

    Well, that was fun. It said I was “Family Modern,” which does seem to fit my life right now with two kids. I’m all about what’s practical and workable these days! -Julia :-)

  52. PamperingBeki

    I am “Family Cool” which I can handle. :) Thanks for the fun quiz!!

  53. Janet

    I’m “Absolutely Fabulous” ! While this may not be true it makes me feel good and this quiz actually helped me make some choices I’ve been torturing myself over. Thanks for sending me there.

  54. Beth Ann

    I really enjoyed your quiz~ I thought I was definitely a classic country gal, with British and every other kind of decorating…I love it all! I guess that shows because I am a World Traveler! That suits me perfectly!
    Thanks for giving me validation and some fun for a Monday!

  55. Beck

    Suprise Suprise… I’m Classic Country too.

  56. Jane

    This was fun, thanks for the link. They tell me I’m “Comfy Country” – I guess that means the pillows can be squashy and don’t have to be lined up on the couch…

  57. Kirstin

    That was fun. I was classic country too. I know my hubby wouldn’t be though, so I think we’ve found a happy medium.

  58. Sandy

    I, too am a country classic yet I didn’t always like what they thought I’d like . Love your pictures but would have a few less flowers and more blue.
    I am enjoying your site. Thanks for all the fun

  59. Shirl

    I really enjoyed myself with this quiz. And so true – I’m “Absolutely Fabulous”. On my blog, I linked to this post and the quiz, I hope you don’t mind. Thanks for the fun!

    Shirls last blog post..Quiz on your decorating style

  60. Cathy

    I am a World Traveler, which is perfectly ME to a tee! I stumbled on your wonderful blog which brought back fond memories of living in Oregon many moves ago. Wherever the heaven’s lead me I enjoy making a stylish and comfortable home (or villa) enjoying kindred spirits encountered on my journey. My motto is “we are not lost we are on an adventure!”

  61. Ann

    I was Back to Nature– never would have guessed it! It was fun, thanks!

  62. rachel

    this was really fun! i’m a “yummy-mummy,” apparently. huh- i thought i was “old rusty & flaking paint repurposed.” but whatever!
    thanks for sharing!

  63. Lori

    I got “Family Modern” which is pretty accurate. Fun quiz!

  64. Jen

    I am a Classic Country too. I love huge florals, and slipcovers. I would say I tend to go to more of the French Country at times. I love your blog and all of the pictures all the time. It’s just beautiful.

  65. Joelle

    I took this quiz and I came out “City Sophisticate.” I think it came pretty close… however I really don’t like some of the suggested things it said I’d like. So I took it again and came out with the same results. It says I have a comfortably contemporary living room (true enough) and that my bedroom shows a love of country comforts. (True. My bedroom is the most country-esque of the other rooms.) It said my home office is formal and sober, and not to forget to introduce an element of my own personality to the space – which definitely applies to my work office. I’ve worked here 2 yrs and never personalized it!
    Thanks! This was really fun. I always wondered what my style was!

    Joelles inspiring blog post..My prayer journal

  66. Emily-Sarah

    Mine is “elegant classic.” As someone else said, sometimes it was hard to choose (and on a couple of questions, there wasn’t my IDEAL answer so of course that can tarnish the 100% true outcome) … but it does serve as a fun and helpful way to bring things together for some people. Most of the description was spot-on for me (appreciation for history and tradition and old-fashioned virtues, value of family heirlooms…). Scary how accurate that is — and validating too. And I can put the tips to good use, eh?!

    Thanks for pointing us to it!



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