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Learning the art of design through observation

by | Jul 28, 2008 | Creative Inspiration & Projects, Decorating Inspiration, Details

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I know some people question the value of looking at beautiful homes in photos. Perhaps they really don’t understand the value of observation and learning from photos. And that is OK. We are all wired up differently and for some people this is not as fun as it is for me! Plus, I understand that sometimes looking at something beautiful can lead to discontent with what you have or a fixation on perfection, and that is certainly not a desirable effect. It all comes down to perspective, and what it is you are looking at.


I choose to study certain types of beautiful photos because they inspire me. I learn a lot from observation of details. While on the surface you may think, yeah, looking at beautiful photos inspires me to want something I cannot have! But I think there is value in studying something that is well done but not OVER done. You can absorb an ability to replicate beauty and ideas (on any budget) by studying the right kind of images.

Having an eye for beauty doesn’t mean you are obsessing over material things, or desiring something you cannot have. Obviously we don’t want to make beauty an obsession. Rich or poor, fancy or simple, in every different decorating style, we all have a need to find beauty in our life. Some of us find more pleasure in beauty than others, I realize that. For those of us who appreciate beauty, the ability to recreate appropriate beauty in our homes should lead to contentment, peace, gratitude, joy and a desire to share our home through hospitality.


There is beauty in the simple things of life, the way light pours through a clean window in the morning. The way a collection of white dishes look all piled behind a glass cupboard, the way a reading chair can invite you in to a moment of solitude because of the way it positioned in a room, the beauty of simplicity when you see a pleasing arrangement of beautiful objects on top of a console table, the joy of a burst of color in a mostly neutral room. The serenity of a certain color scheme. The contrast between an antique and new. The balance of texture in a room, or the way a room comes to life with a bouquet of flowers. The way a colorful table creates a festive atmosphere for company. The feeling of peace when you see a room free of clutter. The intrigue of a pile of beautiful books on a bedside table. Lovely photos can reveal creative ways to accomplish a beautiful composition or pleasing space and even a well-lived life.

All of these things can be inspired by simply looking at a photo. Whether you are setting up a table for a party, decor for a wedding, designing a blog or a room, good things come from observation.


You can duplicate beauty on a budget, using & arranging what you already have or can find at a garage sale. But first you have to understand what looks pleasing to your eye. You can learn by observation. Have you heard the saying “garbage in, garbage out?” Ok, then. If you spend a lot of time looking at things that are poorly done or poorly designed (even in your own home) in an effort to keep yourself from discontent, you will not develop your eye for beauty. And your surroundings will reflect what you look at everyday. If you get used to clutter and junk, and refuse to look at clean, pretty & orderly rooms, your home will reflect that.

We all might have a different perspective on what is beautiful, of course. But you can learn from the composition, even if you were to change a few things for your own taste.

I love to look at rooms that are imperfect but yet still lovely. Those rooms are attainable and are the most intriguing to me. If I look at perfect or sterile rooms, I get a little squirmy. I have to look at rooms that people, kids, and dogs could actually live in! Furthermore, I learn design principles from photos that don’t even show actual rooms. We can learn from all sorts of lovely photos, if we allow our minds to stretch to see beauty.


So, let’s start a new game on The Inspired Room. One I like to play myself. A learning game. I will share photos for you to observe from time to time on my blog. Sometimes I might share them for a whole week in a row, sometimes just on occasion here and there. So when you see the word “Observation” in the blog title, that means it will be a single photo for you to observe.

I will choose photos that have inspired me in some way (both new to you and maybe some from previous posts). I may or may not share some commentary on the photo, but either way, your job is simply to observe. You don’t have to love the room, the style, or the colors, but try to learn something from each one. If you enjoy this little exercise as much as I do, I’ll keep doing them.


Here are some things to consider:

What is inspiring about the image? What could you duplicate in your own home? What feelings does the room conjure up in your mind? How was a mood created? What makes the photo or room unique or special? What draws you in? Notice the colors, the textures, the placement of objects. Notice the layers. The accessories. The mix of patterns. The lighting. How they hung the curtains. The small details. The overall effect of the room or composition.


During our “Observation” posts, after you have studied the photo for a few moments, share your observations in the comments. There is no right or wrong here, just simply observing to hone our eye for beauty. We can learn from each other if you will all share a thought or two about what you noticed or what inspired you. Sound good? Aw, come on. Give it a try. It’ll be fun.


Country Homes & Interiors via House to Home
Scott Sanders via Desire to Inspire
Decorative Country Living


  1. Jen M

    I loved this post! I totally agree. I have a huge folder of over a 1,200 inspiring pictures of decor, window treatments etc and another of almost 250 inspiring pictures of how people display art in their homes.

    I’ve had people say to me that I have such an eye for decorating as if I have all this inbuilt knowledge. That’s partly true, but it’s also true that I study and observe hundreds of pictures and learn – how do they make the master bed look cosy? How many cushions do they use? How do they layer throws on it?

    How do they make a shelf look interesting and not cluttered? How do they group objects? How do they select them for unity and interest?

    How do they bring colour into a room with touches here and there, without the colour being lost or too much? How do they display pillows on their sofa?

    By absorbing inspiration from pictures we can learn practical ways to bring our tastes and instincts to fruition. I can’t wait to see more pictures on your blog.

  2. Cherrie

    I’ll definitely take part! I might need a reminder the first time of things to look for though. Thinking about the other people who don’t understand your type of blog, you need to remember that our brains work in different ways to one another and some peoples brains are not configured so much to appreciate art and look more at the mathematical or scientific side of things. That doesn’t mean they are less or more than us but just different and you may never fully be able to get through to them. But I do so love the idea of observation excercises. See you tomorrow. Cherrie

  3. Nina

    I’ll play! Love the idea of an observation game. I look at your gorgeous site every morning for inspiration.

  4. Bella

    I’m in!

    One time, my son picked a pear from my Father-in-law’s tree, it still had the stem and leaf on it…I put it on his mantel and it looked so lovely in all of its simplicity.

    Of course, I asked everyone at the party what they thought and they just kind of looked at me like I had 2 heads or too much vino! lol But that’s ok, it was pretty to me :)

    Have a great day,

  5. Kim

    I’m excited to see the photos! Whatever learning takes place will be great. I’m always looking at pictures (and blogs) for inspiration.

  6. Kathleen Grace

    I love this, you addressed some subjects that have bothered me for quite some time. It can be hard to balance beauty and contentment. With so many people in the world who don’t have enough to eat, or a home of their own, are we obsessive about all our fluffing and redoing? Balance, which you address so often, can be hard to achieve. As a creative person, I have always loved fluffing and decorating, and God made me with that drive to create which I channel into my home and other outlets, but when are our homes done? Is our focus too inwardly directed? I look forward to the observation game, I am rambling, I know, but from your writing I think you know how difficult this balance of contentment and home keeping can be.

  7. anne

    I love the first picture…what draws me in…is the simplicity of it and the colours…how I wish I had the money to do my room and make it serene and calm.

  8. Ann Marie

    Nice post. I think this is a great topic, especially for those that often feel intimidated when it comes to designing the spaces around them. I am a 100% visual person. I most often learn through observation; less often from words. As a designer myself, I feel no shame in studying images of all sorts for inspiration. In fact, my college professors encourage and many times assign lessons around just that; observing and then sharing what it is you have come away with from that experience. I’m looking forward to your “game.”

  9. CC

    Melissa, what a well written post. I love your blog and thank you for taking the time to share with all of us! It’s one of those simple pleasures that I partake in daily. No harm….it’s simple goodness, beautiful pictures, great inspiration, and sweet company to visit with :). I agree with your comments 100%….balance is what it’s all about. We must keep things in perspective.

    Okay, enough from me….can’t wait to play your game. I think I’m going to learn a lot from this little game…..I can’t wait. :)

    Here’s to a beautiful day~

  10. Deanna

    I agree with you Melissa. I love to look and observe. I have learned so much about pulling a room together, using what I love etc, from looking at pictures or watching shows.

    This will be so fun to play!

  11. Teresa

    This is such a valuable lesson. When I take pictures of my spaces, it’s so much easier to see what works and what doesn’t. The picture captures all…my eyes usually block out the messes and mishaps–but when I look at a photo of the room it’s ALL there.

  12. Erica

    i enjoy your blog. you always post beautiful images and i love it! yes, it does make me want to improve my home but that’s a good thing. thanks for your thoughts today. i look forward to many more beautiful images from you. and the observation game sounds fun!

  13. please sir

    I agree – looking at beauty can inspire you with ideas. Some may not understand the value of a beautiful room because it is too expensive or perfect. But I believe you can find parts you like to incorporate into your home…even small things like the cool frame or the neat way they organize the bookshelf. I like the details and feel I could duplicate things on a budget even if it is a $100 room or $10,000 room.

  14. Marie

    What a perfect post for me today. I have been feeling SO inadequate lately. Over ROOMS in my house! You put things in perspective for me today… thank you. I can’t wait to read tomorrow’s post and OBSERVE the pictures you chose!

  15. Amber

    Thanks for this post, it reflects my thoughts as well. Not only as a Christian, but also as a family on a limited income, I always feel the need to use what I already have. And because I will never aquire a formal education in design, I have only learned to “recreate and decorate” from observing in the way you speak!
    In fact I just bought a lamp at a yard sale this weekend ($5)like the one in your second picture, and would never have thought to fill the base with anything. But really you could use tiny flowers, buttons, shells and such- and now, I’ve learned a new trick to dress it up!
    Thanks so much for keeping the creative juices flowing, I appreciate it a lot! It helps me to enjoy the home that God has provided, and makes being a hostess more fun!

  16. Carrie

    I love your inspiring posts, yes, I will play! I have always wanted to learn how to decorate my home and have an eye for my kind of style. I find myself sometimes becoming discontent looking at other lovely images from photos, but then I realized like you said here, I need to learn to incorporate that in my own home, learn to have an eye for it and do it. You are right, no it does not need to be expensive at all.

  17. Melissa

    MUAH, you guys are the best! This will be fun, I can’t wait to learn from you! Amber mentioned something about a lamp in the second photo and it took me TWO TIMES of looking for it to see what she had seen. I can learn from how observant you all are!!! Yippee, this will be fun…see you tomorrow!

    Happy day y’all!

  18. Jen

    Sounds fun! I am in, but hey…I rarely turn doesn an opportunity to give an opinion. :)

  19. Trina

    Love this post. And again you bring lovely balance to everything. I most certainly agree that there is a lot to be learned from all of these photos floating around….much inspiration and ideas. And I love your observation ideas! Can’t wait!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Trina xx

  20. Mrs. Q

    I love looking at beautiful room photos. (That’s one of the main things I LOVE about your blog!) You never know where your next inspiration will spring from. And I also welcome the challenge of creating something I will love on a modest budget.

    I am currently working on transforming my music/media room. I promise to post pictures when it’s completed, so you can see what YOU inspired in me :)

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  21. the Farmer's Wife

    Oh I’m excited. I’ll be here tomorrow, but my bet is that the inspirations are as varied as the people who express them. That’s what is going to make this so interesting.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  22. Barb

    Hi Melissa,

    What a wonderful blog. I collect pictures of looks I love from different magazines. They are in folders and from time to time I will pull them out and find inspiration. It is interesting to see how my taste has evolved over the years. Once thing has always remained the same though- The French inspiration.

    I am adding you as a fav on my blog.


  23. cathy

    I love looking at the photos, and discovering what in the photo draws me, and what “sense” it is that I can recreate in a particular room or area. What I also enjoy, is, there are SO many ways and homes that people live in….no “right” one, just and endless variety of styles to enjoy and draw from…although I am “classic country!!” lol Ultimately, don’t we just want to create a space that is welcoming, comforting and refreshing for family and friends. For myself, many times that means editing something out, rather than adding anything to the space!! Also, looking at something I already have but using it in a new way…..recylcleing!! Not always or even usually “consuming”, or wanting more. Anyway, random thoughts, love this blog!!

  24. mmw

    Great post! I, too, struggle like some other readers with a supposed contradiction between Christian humility, simplicity, etc. and desiring a beautiful home. I admit I do feel discontent sometimes with my surroundings, BUT I also believe that God placed in all of us a creative spark that leads us to beauty. No one can deny that God is a God of structure and aesthetic excellence. Take a look at nature. His handiwork is the ultimate beauty.

    In my home I try to create order, functionality, AND beauty. I often fail when my housekeeping is poor or our busy schedules create enormous piles of clutter, but my life and the lives of my family members are always better when we live in a clean house with aesthetically pleasing rooms. Our furnishings are not expensive, mostly hand-me-downs from relatives, but they are reupholstered, repurposed, and lovely in their own way. I learn how to make the most of what I already have by studying others’ homes through photos and training my eye. That is why I love your blog so much. I copy the photos, add them to My Pictures, and rotate them as my desktop background so I can study them a week or so at a time. Thank you for feeding our souls with so many pretty things.

  25. Kathy

    I really enjoyed this post! For years I debated within myself about the desire for beauty in my home and whether it “fit” my values and beliefs. What a relief blogging has been to find out other folks see the beauty of a single pear on a mantle! I’m intensely observant and love to pore over images in magazines–and online. I’ve never had the resources to have a perfectly designed home but it hasn’t stopped me from creating something for my family to enjoy. What a blessing! I’m looking forward to the observation exercises. They sound like fun!

  26. Myrna

    I couldn’t agree with you more! I LOVE looking at decorating photos–have a couple of binders full that have been ripped out of magazines. I refer to them over and over for inspiration. And often I’ll find something different (in the same photo) that catches my eye and inspires me to incorporate into a room I want to “tweak”.
    I happen to love the organized clutter look–lots o stuff. I’ve tried putting things away, but they come right back out again! ;-)
    Love your ‘observation’ idea!!

  27. Polly

    In the little Baptist school where I grew up, the southern preacher used to tell us all the time, “Garbage In -Garbage Out”. Of course, he was talking about what we put into our minds is what comes out in our behavior. I still say it to my kids!

    One time I heard the most wicked decorating advice.. “Buy What you Love”. So, of course, it because a good excuse to buy, buy, buy. Now that I’ve refined my tastes (ok, just realized that I don’t use everything that I buy and it takes up precious space – not to mention the money), I’ve changed my decorating purchase plan is this: If I need something, wait and get what I love.

    I don’t love every single article in every single decorating magazine but I love that one little thing can be that thing I’ve been waiting for! Have a beautiful Monday. Blessings… Polly

  28. Teresa

    You did it again- another great post! and what a clever little game to start- I plan to play along. it will be very interesting to read others comments and how each of us interpret things differently. Fun!

  29. Melissa

    Oh goody! I love games!

  30. thequeenofre

    I love this idea. I will be checking in with you.

  31. bj

    Oh, I am with you 100 %….I LOVE looking at beautiful photos of beautiful and not so beautiful rooms. I learn from them all and have duplicated many times in my home.
    Thanks for doing this!
    love, bj

  32. Sweet Remembrance

    I adore your photos…
    I am def an observer!
    I get so inspired & motivated…

  33. Holly

    What a fun idea, and I so agree with you. I have boxes full of “inspiration” photos to get me motivated to do my own decorating and creating!!! :) xo!

  34. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    Now this sounds very intriguing…I’m looking forward to it. Nothing like a great assignment from a great teacher!

  35. Sandy

    Hi Melissa! You’ve got some great points here, and I think it does all come down to balance and perspective in our lives. Art and beauty was created by God – for us to enjoy. I think it’s healthy as long as we keep “relationships” in mind – the most important aspect to why God even created us!
    Your readers know exactly what they are going to get on your blog, and that is why they come back!
    Go girl! Have fun – and I hope you’re enjoying your summer and wedding plans? Sandy

  36. Joy of Frugal Living

    Wonderful post!! I so agree with this philosophy. I have learned so much this way. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll share with us.


  37. The Chatty Housewife

    I love looking at decorating photos. It gives me ideas for my own home and most often- different ways to use what I already have. I also am more creative when I thrift/yard sale shop! I love your blog, keep up the good work.

  38. Nikki

    I could not agree more! I too have a doler with ripped out pages from magazines, photos of “mosel homes” I have been in, ideas printed from blogs, and so much more. I dont think my house would even be decorated if I didnt observe these ideas and learn from them! Thanks so much for posting this!! :)

  39. Lallee

    So very well said! I could say the same things for why I enjoy your blog. Thank you for all the inspiration.


  40. Chris

    I, like you, love looking at photos. I think you learn a lot from studying them. You learn about color and furniture arrangement, scale and size, and just develope and eye that helps you in your own home. I love your blog and really enjoy the visual treat it is.

  41. ann marie

    Your post is so lovely. Everything I think in my little brain you have expressed here so well. I am going to send my visitors to your blog.

    I love your idea! I am game!

  42. Suzy

    I love your post today and I can’t wait your observation post. I think it is a great game because this is one rule you can apply in all areas in everyday life. Find the beauty all around you!

    Thanks for a great post. Enjoy your day! Suzy

  43. crystalrelfections

    Another game? great post!
    I believe this too… people say that I am creative. I say, I grew up being surrounded with creative people. My cousin and my sister are the “left-sided” brainiacs in the family and we used to just do what they instruct us to do. That’s how I learned to appreciate creativity. Yup! It can be developed.

  44. Kim

    I am new to your site…just clicked on it randomly and I am so glad I did. The photos are amazing! I am inspired and will definitely be back!!!

  45. Lisa

    Fantastic post with so much insight. I love to look at beautiful homes as a source of inspiration, color, design ideas… the list goes on and on.

    I love your blog for that reason. You are able to find such a wonderful variety of photos that cover every style and interest.

    It’s always a pleasure to pop in to visit you!!!!

  46. Alesha

    This was so well said! We DO need beauty in our lives. It often refreshes our souls like nothing else can. Why do you think God made so many beautiful things in nature…He knew we needed to see beauty so that it could nourish our minds and hearts.

    Thanks, again, for your lovely blog. I always enjoy it.

  47. pam

    I love looking at beautiful rooms, home, I just keep making a wish list so when I do make those millions I will have beautiful rooms, but for now I will be beautiful happy with what I do have. My sisters are really good at making rooms beautiful and I try to learn from them, they are amazing and they are so good to share. I love your site you inspire me to dream harder. Can’t wait to learn more from you You Amazing Person!

  48. Debra W


    I love looking at the world through different eyes because there is always something new to observe.

    You are amazing, dear heart. I LOVE this idea. I find it very interesting to hear what other people have to say about the very same image. This is going to be a lot of fun!

    Love you, sweetie,

  49. Wonders Never Cease

    I LOVE looking at pictures of beautiful homes! It helps me discover what I like, and inspires me to find/make beauty in my own home.

    I also love watching movies for the same purpose. I guess it might be strange to admit to watching movies only to observe furniture, etc., but it makes it even more fun! Especially the oldies!

  50. Penny

    Sounds like fun! I will see you tomorrow…

  51. Beck

    Don’t you stop including your wonderful photos… they are so inspirational. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Thankyou for your sourcing!

  52. twinkle

    I really enjoy the photos you post. I loved the “Drive-by.” I’m looking for ideas for hanging pictures with bows and it helps to “see” what other’s are doing. I despise placing pictures. I never seem to have that perfect grouping in my own mind. But if I see something I like in a magazine or blog, then I’m okay.
    Beauty…I don’t think we can have too much of it in today’s ugly world. Thanks for inspiring me to be more creative in my own home.

  53. Faith

    Great post Melissa. I always love your photos and, like you, enjoy looking at the beauty therein. I believe there is beauty and personality in the details. Like Amber, I noticed the little white lamp because I have one that was in my room during childhood. I never thought of placing items in the saucer base with the exception of my earrings as I removed them at night. Now I am picturing colorful marbles that belonged to my now teenage boys. How sweet, part of my childhood paired with that of my own children! Thanks for the inspiration.

  54. Rose

    This sounds like fun! I’m in. I love visiting your blog, it’s just beautiful and so inpiring.

  55. Cindy ~ my romantic home

    This was a great post! Looking at beautiful rooms feeds my soul. I can’t explain it but it makes me happy! I think it’s just something some of us “need”. That is one of the best things about blogging…I’ve met a huge group of women that feel the same way I do!

  56. aswewalk

    I can’t WAIT to play!


    Hi Melissa,
    I wanna play too! I love to look at design magazines and blogs for ideas, my problem is that I want to change my rooms ALL THE TIME. I am such a seasonal decorator. Oh well. -Cheers, Amy

  58. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Like you, I love looking through pages of magazines and getting ideas to incorporate into my own home. Now mind you, there have been MANY times that I wanted just to toss out everything and start over – start fresh. But then the realization set in. haha. I think it is easy to be discontent with what we have sometimes. I compare it to looking at a Cosmo and getting depressed cause I don’t look like one of those perfectly poised girls. HOWEVER, we work with what we have and make the most of it.

    Lovely photos, Melissa. I really like the first one – clean and fresh. Ok, that is IT~~~~~!!!! :) I am ditching my furniture. haha.


    Doogie sends his love and a woof to Winston.

  59. Mrs. B

    Hi Melissa! I love looking at beautiful rooms, but I’m sure I’m not as good as you at picking out “why” a room is beautiful and what works about them! I think some people just aren’t asthetically oriented, and so the pictures don’t inspire them the same. The “Observation” game sounds like fun!

  60. Joy

    Count me in on the observation game! I enjoyed your comment on “garbage in garbage out” because now I understand why my taste has been refined since I started looking at beautiful blogs.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  61. Maria

    Thank You for this post. You are so right. And one other thing, not to be afraid of doing wrong. There is no wrong! and by testing and observing you find that out and more, you challange your fears.

  62. Janera

    Melissa, this is an excellent post! Like others have posted, I truly enjoy looking at the beautiful photos and vignettes; they inspire me and comfort me, as good art can do.

    I also have struggled with finding balance so that I do not become discontent. I do hope that in posting about some of that struggle, I have not offended.

    We are blessed with beauty of all kinds in this wonderful world — interior design included. After all, God gave us our desire to “nest”.

    Thanks for a very thoughtful post here and a great idea for learning observation skills.

  63. karen

    What a great idea. I love looking at beautiful rooms, homes and gardens. When I first looked at the room at the beginning of your post I loved the blue hutch against the blue couch, and thought it clever how the formal chandelier was mixed with the more casual room. I never get tired of looking at lovely rooms. Karen

  64. catherine

    I love everything about that second photo. The sand pails, the old lawn chair, ladder, just the whole beach house look. Very soothing!

  65. Chris

    I’m glad you posted this. I’m such a visual person. I appreciate every picture (beautiful or otherwise) that people put on their blogs, and I am realizing that not everyone thinks like me. I could be looking at a million dollar room and only get inspiration from the $2.00 candle sitting on the side table. But…at least it’s inspiration, right?

  66. hill upon hill

    I agree. I get inspiration by looking at a room and also a window into people’s lives and personalities. I think a room is there for its occupants. I love looking and thinking….

  67. Lesley Riley

    I totally “get” looking at beautiful photos of beautiful rooms. Yor blog is a blessing. I found it because I am moving and looking for new design idea. I stay because of thoughtful post (and pretty pictures) like this. I have often wanted to write an article entitled “In Defense of Beauty” and I think you’ve done something quite similar in this post. Thank you!

  68. Mary Kay

    You just summed up why I have 5 years of shelter magazines (at any given time) in an old pine cabinet in my living room. I go over them again and again, always finding new details depending on what I’m focussing on at the time.

    Being a DIY-er, I’m always looking for ideas I can make my own. I can’t wait to see the comments in this fun exercise!

  69. jane

    hi melissa. i love this activity. and you expressed yourself beautifully about what we are all doing in our homes. i look at magazines over and over. i don’t necessarily replicate something i like right away. usually it is later that i figure out how to do something nice, and it is often a blend of what i have seen in several photos. i am not always aware of what elements i have borrowed, but the effect is pleasing (and economical for the most part!). you pick the most awesome photos, and even if many are much more “decorated” than how i live, the ELEMENTS translate. this will be a very helpful excise for all your readers. many thanks! jkj

  70. Sue

    Great post Melissa! I so agree with everything you said here.

  71. Rosemary

    Sounds like a fun game. I look forward to playing. I have been inspired by your wonderful photos on a daily basis for quite some time now. Great post!

  72. this is glamorous

    This is a great post, Melissa. Just checking in to say hello, and to wish you a belated happy week, and early happy weekend, as you know I tend to get my days mixed up :)

  73. courtney

    I totally agree with everything you said, Melissa. It’s such a positive and constructive way to beautiful rooms, encouraging inspiration rather than discontent. I know that’s the way I always look at these photos, but I know not everyone does it that way. thanks for a great pos. :-)

  74. courtney

    i mean thanks for a great POST not pos….LOL…

  75. Julie Size

    Please keep posting the beautiful pictures. I draw inspiration from them. I can hone in on one single thing that will work for my home and it gives me direction and motivation to do it. I also collect another set of photos for a dream house that I know we will build on our farm land one day!

  76. Kristeen

    I am here to join the game – lately my observation is blue a seafom blue for my master room – a sofa blue or the walls ??? I found a sofa that’s melts my heart but will I change my mood later – ummm – Anyway I’ll be among the many …

  77. Terri Steffes

    I am so far behind. I am reading all your posts. I wanted you to know that I have been here. I love the stripes on the curtains but I kinda was overwhelmed by them.



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