Sweet Escape: No Laptops Allowed

Sweet Escape: No Laptops Allowed

Sweet Escape: No Laptops Allowed

I found a dreamy place for my weekend escape! If only. I could spend about 10 days in a place like this. See those two chairs? One for me, one for you. We can find some chairs for all of our other friends, too, don’t worry.

Sweet Escape: No Laptops Allowed

Oh! Here are more chairs. One for everyone. Shall we all go? A big blogging vacation? We could leave our laptops at home and just chat face to face. Drinks in hand. No computers to be found.
Sweet Escape: No Laptops Allowed

Sweet Escape: No Laptops Allowed
Cozy spot for morning scones!
Sweet Escape: No Laptops Allowed
Oh, and a sunny spot for afternoon tea! This is my kind of place.
Sweet Escape: No Laptops Allowed
Here’s my room! I’m claiming it. Sweet Escape: No Laptops Allowed

The Inn at Perry Cabin, [from their website] “a luxurious manor house resort and spa, is located in the Victorian resort town of St. Michaels on the Eastern shore of Maryland. Steeped in history, this colonial mansion exudes calm and elegance, the perfect hideaway.”


  1. I’d throw my laptop in the water to hang out there with you! :)

  2. Yes, no more twittering, stumbling, blogging, or any other crazy thing. Just a dreamy vacation. AHHHH!!!!

  3. I’ll meet you there!

  4. ….gone is the laptop! Here I come too!


  6. I WISH!!!! I could really use about 10 days there… heck… make it 2 full weeks!!!!

  7. Looks like a great place to be, and seeing everyone face to face would be as lovely as the rooms you show:>)

  8. I DREAM of places like this. This is amazing! We’re going to have to fight over that room! It’s all amazing. I have to go. Gotta go stare at those pictures again.

  9. Yes, a FULL TWO WEEKS it is. We’ll talk, instead of type! Imagine that! We will hear each other laugh, instead of seeing codes, LOL! We will relax over dinner instead of over our keyboard! I am READY. Let’s start packing.

  10. Oh…I am definitely bookmarking this! What a great place for vacation. How much fun would that be…face to face…and the view…the spa!!!

  11. Luckily, I am laptop free! I’m bringing fresh blueberry scones! Yippee. :)

  12. If I could spend 2 hours there I’d be happy!! ;-) How amazing!

  13. I’m there! Your blog is really wonderful!

  14. Hi girls! Blueberry scones? TASTY! Shut those computers down and we are OUT OF HERE! WOO HOO! (think anyone will miss us? nah.) Laura, just 2 hours? Come on, live it up girl. Two weeks. Ok, shutting down the laptop and packing bags right now.

  15. Sounds great… let’s go!

  16. Definitely a sweet escape…I don’t have a laptop…lol

  17. I think I will have to fight you for that room…..no, go ahead, I give in, you can have it. :} {but I’m keeping that picture in a file to be used at a future time.}
    Have a great weekend.

  18. I feel better already, just looking at the photos. What a fabulous place for a peaceful internet free holiday!

    Happy Saturday!

  19. I’ve been to St. Michaels and it’s the loveliest place. How I wish I could go back right now!

  20. Oh, that sounds so wonderful!

    Have a great weekend,

  21. plumwatercottage says

    Looks like a relaxing and beautiful place to spend some time. Count me in!!

  22. Looks like a beautiful spot Melissa. Thanks for sharing! Your daughter’s wedding must be coming up. Enjoy it! Also, I posted info on my blog about a great event for women in business. Feel free to pass it on to anyone you think may be interested. Thank you!

  23. I’m there if I have to run from Miami. 3hearts

  24. Two weeks, I would never want to leave.

  25. Gor-g-ous!!!! I’d never bring my laptop to a place like that.

  26. St. Michaels is one of my very favorite places. It’s just a wonderful little town. And the crabs at the Crab Claw are the best! Love to sit outside and watch the boats come and go.

  27. Fabulous! Just fabulous!

  28. Françoise says

    LOL! It is a dreamy place and you could count me in.
    You think it’s an impossible dream? Not at all. Next weekend in Portland I’ll be hosting a Sunday brunch for a group of us avid readers who met on the internet 12 years ago, well before there were any laptops. We manage a meeting every year or two and we have become such close friends, sharing well beyond books, supporting each other through illness and mournings, and celebrating together peaks of happiness and success.
    So I’ll speak up for our electronic taskmaster for without it, my horizon would be infinitely more restricted, my knowledge diminished and my friends far fewer!

  29. I’m ready! It’s absolutely beautiful. I wouldn’t know how to act for a two full weeks with no work or computer. I love that picture with the soft blue and yellow chairs.

  30. i’m thinking a month. that would be good. really have a feel for the place. think of the people we would meet at tea. and the night air… wowie. thanks for finding this treasure. when is checkin time?jkj

  31. Emily-Sarah says

    Definitely a month (with spouses/children visiting on the weekends?) … Oh my goodness, that place must surely inspire uber creativity. Maybe if we booked the whole place, we could get a special group rate too. :-)


  32. Oh yes please – I am THERE!

  33. Will there be shopping?
    And breakfast in bed?
    I want to come…
    I am off to San Antonio for a super Siesta Fiesta this month! Over 200 blogging girlfriends are meeting there for a Living Proof Ministries Event with Beth Moore. It will be so nice to meet women face-to-face that we’ve met here on the internet. By the way “Siesta” is the word “spellcheck” always changed “Sistas” to when Beth Moore would post something to us…her Sistas-in-Christ. So now we are all her Siestas…

  34. I’m copying most of those photos to gaze upon when I need an escape. That’s my kind of place…in my dreams.

  35. I’d leave my laptop at home. If dh came I could use his or his blackberry ! Just once a day !!

  36. I am going to have to check that place out! Wow!

  37. That’s just two hours from my house! I’m there!!

  38. Sigh! I am relaxing already just looking at it. How in the world did you find it! It is beautiful. Ahhh!

  39. even just for a weekend sounds great!
    I’d be there in a second!

  40. ooh, sign me up. I’ll cross the continent and the border to relax in such a dreamy place with all of you.


  41. I have dibs on one of those chairs! The whole place looks lovely – a beautifully sweet escape!

  42. I’m definitely adding this to my “someday” list – when we lived in PA, that would have been a much easier getaway, but perhaps the next time we make our way to DC we can add in an extra couple of days of relaxation and downtime.

  43. Oh my goodness! What an absolutely lovely place to relax. Wish I could go there! Lovely indeed!

  44. Love these photos. What a beautiful retreat. I love the color scheme in the first room. I never thought of combining yellow and pale aqua. So airy and comfortable looking.

    Hope all is well. Have a great weekend.

  45. Any time someone else cooks and cleans — I’m there. Thanks for the visual vacation.

  46. WOW… I’d stay there and chat with you any ol’ day… GORGEOUS! Who needs a laptop at a place like that!

  47. I could easily give up all technology for that.

  48. Oh my this place looks amazing!!
    I have had a difficult week and this looks like a great getaway.

    Thanks for sharing the lovely photos!
    Blessing to you:)


  49. Okay, I’m in. It’s even on the same side of the country for me. R&R here I come. Total girl fun.!!!

  50. Can I sip a mint julep while sitting on the wonderful yellow chair with the aqua floral pillow? It’s divine.

  51. Oh, Melissa — such a dreamy, dreamy place — I may even be convinced to leave my CrackBerry at home :)

  52. Melissa, you hit the nail on the head when you found this beautiful place. It is exactly the kind of holiday I dream to have and just forget about my daily life. I LOVE that afternoon tea room!!

    Anna :)

  53. Sign me up! I’m going, too! It’s a beautiful place and I could rest for days there!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  54. i’m with emily….toss the lap top in the water and sit and breathe and chat…YES!

  55. Lovely, lovely… just make sure the temperatures aren’t going to be in the high 90s as they have been here for days on end, and I will be with you in a heartbeat! You had me at “no laptop.” Thanks for being such an encouragement to me!

    :-) Christi

  56. Hi ladies: Thank you so much for your wonderful comments about The Inn at Perry Cabin. It truly is a beautiful, almost magical place to relax and renew. Try logging on again today; our new website just went live.

    If you do get the chance to come for a few days, a week, or even a month – let me know. I would love to assist in making your stay with us very memorable. P.S. We have a fabulous spa as well!

    Maureen Scott-Taylor
    Marketing & Communications Mgr.

  57. Another wonderful post. What a gorgeous place and great idea!
    Thank you again, dearest Melissa.

  58. This is exactly the type of place I think of when I think classic American Style – I absolutely love it. Will definately be saving these pics for future inspiration – thanks Melissa. Tracey

  59. Sweet Cottage Dreams says

    I’m there…just say when. The only problem is is that I would never want to leave. Love the room with the pale blue chairs and the bed below. OMG! Gorgeous!


  60. Ooooh! Count me in!

  61. Such lovely houses!! I love the style!!

    Kind Regards


  62. I believe this is where some of the scenes from the movie ‘Wedding Crashers’ was filmed. I have had my eye on it for years!! I think they have a strict no children policy, so it would be a big time getaway!

  63. Oh wow! We used to go to St. Michaels when I was a teenager and it really is an amazing place. We used to dock our boat in the harbor and take a little row boat to “The Crab Claw”, a famous restaurant out in the middle of the water. I’ve actually had a little notecard with a sketch of that inn on it since I was 15 or 16. I have never gotten rid of it because I always thought it was so beautiful. And now to see pics of the inside on your blog was a treat for me. Thanks for sharing! One day, my hubby and I are going there! =)


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