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My One-House Drive By (Ok, it was a walk by)

by | Oct 3, 2008 | drive bys

My One-House Drive By (Ok, it was a walk by)

My husband and I took a walk on a sunny fall afternoon this week and I just had to snap these photos for you all. Those window boxes, aren’t they amazing?! Such gorgeous fall colors! The whole front yard and setting of the home was just lovely.

My One-House Drive By (Ok, it was a walk by)

I was a little worried as I zoomed in on that window. It would be so embarrassing if someone was peeking out and I was caught with the zoom lens pointed at their bedroom. I just wanted to get a close up of the window boxes! Really! {nervous laugh}

My One-House Drive By (Ok, it was a walk by)

My One-House Drive By (Ok, it was a walk by)

My One-House Drive By (Ok, it was a walk by)

That balcony! I can imagine having my morning coffee out there. {Sigh}

My One-House Drive By (Ok, it was a walk by)

This concludes my one house walk by!
Thanks for joining me.

If you are out this weekend, don’t forget to be on the
look out for front doors and porches decked out
for fall in YOUR neck of the woods!
I hope you’ll share them with us on October 20th!
Click the photo below for more details! Have fun!
(how many exclamation points did I just use?)

My One-House Drive By (Ok, it was a walk by)

Photos: Melissa Michaels


  1. anne

    Hi Melissa, you are lucky to have a husband who will go for a walk with you, and let you take photos !!! My husband would run a mile if I started doing that as for him walking, not round here. I love going to Europe. We did a lot of walking in Sicily and Lake Como..:-)

  2. Lena

    Oh my gosh, to have a growing season long enough to grow something tht lavish and large. That would never happen up here in Minnesota unless you started everything in a greenhouse three months before the last frost (end of May). Those window boxes were gorgeous, as was the entire yard.

  3. Diane

    That window box is gorgeous! Wonder if ‘they’ have a full time gardener? LOL

  4. Bella Casa

    I hate them, lol. What a gorgeous home!!!

  5. Jill Flory

    Only 10 exclamation points, Melissa! I know the feeling, I use them WAY too much. I’ll do a post and then have to go back and take some out just so I don’t sound crazy!!!!! See what I mean? I use them liberally!!
    Lovely house, wouldn’t mind living there!

  6. Kathy

    Oh those window boxes! I need to save these photos for inspiration next spring when I am planting the window boxes on my porch.

  7. Natalie

    I love how consistant their color scheme is. Those are the most incredible window boxes. I like their scale in comparison to the home. They’d be over powering if there were more windows, any smaller and they’d be a bit lost I think…Thanks for sharing this, it is absolutely inspirational. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for something to snap pics of (while we’re out taking pics for bank BPO’s , those are nerve racking for me, too…don’t mind us…just taking pics of your house for the bank….yikes…) but nothing yet.

  8. Suzann

    That is one beautiful house! I love flower boxes and these are exquisite. Such a beautiful house.

  9. Kristen

    Wow! I’m with you; I love those amazing window boxes. I am so excited about the porch parade. I wish I lived in a neighborhood so I could join in the fun. I might have to take Hubby to the neighborhood across the street from out apartment and see what I can find!

  10. Jinx


    I was out snapping some shots for a driveby slideshow & suddenly thought, “Oh gees, what if they see & think I’m some kind of nut!”

    I decided I need to strategize my picture taking so the local authorities don’t show up at my door & inquire about my escapades!

  11. Judy

    Those are the most amazing window boxes I’ve ever seen….I bet their water bill is out of this world keeping those things growing like that all season, plus she must have a really green thumb!

    Thanks for the walk-by, it was worth the chance you took for the close up!


  12. the Farmer's Wife

    That is simply amazing!! WOW. I have some window boxes but didn’t even plant them this year. I must simply get on the ball. I love the tropical feel to the planting of this house including the large banana plant….at least I think that’s what it is.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  13. Françoise

    Those are truly impressive flower boxes! What do they feed those plants??!

  14. Karin

    Wow what a gorgeous home…the landscaping is breathtaking. Love the flower boxes. I love your blog…the before and after photos are just amazing….youv’e inspired me!!


  15. Kim

    I’m loving those flower boxes – this is very much on my “Can we do this next year, hubby?” list. Although, with my black thumb, I’m not counting on having the plants on steroids. But a girl can dream.

  16. The Deco Detective

    Gorgeous! I know how you felt when taking these photos. But at least you were genuinely interested in the flower boxes! (I like to see how people live, so I can’t resist taking sneak peeks if it’s dark outside and the curtains aren’t drawn. My boyfriend absolutely hates me doing this, but hopefully these people would have drawn the curtains if they minded?)

  17. jen

    Gorgeous! (I am addicted to ! too)

  18. Sue


  19. Adrienne

    What a gorgeous home and yard! The practical side of me wonders who they pay to dead-head those window boxes. But I would love to have such beauty spilling over boxes at my windows. I have plans for window boxes but they don’t exist yet. Maybe next year! I just found a wonderful box about window boxes at a nearby Goodwill. I’m planning to study it all winter and have a plan before Spring arrives. Thanks for sharing your walk-by with us. You’ve inspired me!

  20. Karen B

    IMHO they HAVE to have a gardener. Watering those planters would be a royal pain unless they have a long wandy thing. Plus, they have to be using Miracle Grow or something. They did such a nice job integrating the colors and shapes, it is so beautiful. I think it’s especially nice because it’s Fall. If this was early Spring I’d want to see pinks and purples, but they have to stick with this color palatte because of their New Zealand Flax and maybe some kind of banana? I think magazines with beautiful photos cause me to want “perfect” yard/planters for every season and it’s just not possible.

  21. Shar

    Wow! Gorgeous indeed! I’d also like to say that if you encountered this house within walking distance of your home you are blessed to live in a beautiful neighborhood.
    Thanks for sharing and for taking that risk with your zoom lens.
    Blessings to You!

  22. Darlene

    Wow, those window boxes are amazing! Even more impressive that they are on the 2nd level. I have a 2nd level window box and haven’t figured out how to water the plants in the window box so I just put in fake flowers. Any hints on how they water? Or are those really good fake plants?

  23. Kim P.

    I looked right past the window boxes in the dlose up and zoomed in on the plantation shutters. I just love plantation shutters!

  24. Rachel L

    GORGEOUS pictures!!!!

  25. janet

    Heart be still; those are the most gorgeous planters of all time. An excellent example of what a temperate climate can do.


  26. Elizabeth

    I love that house! The garden is just amazing!

  27. Catharine


    How much fun are you? The pictures you took are refreshing. I enjoy the Italian inspired home you shot on your walk.

    I met Milissa Mashburn this weekend at CLASS seminar. She lead me to your blog. She said I would enjoy your it, and how right she was…know wonder you have a huge following.

  28. Mrs. Q


    Love the window boxes and all the “shrubbery”…so what I want to do with my house but our Pacific Northwest weather wouldn’t be too conducive to growing tropical plants!

  29. Debbie/Four Angel's Momma


    What a lovely home! I hope that the next neighborhood that you move to is just as charming. Somehow I am sure that it will be!

    Big hugs and lots of love,

  30. meg duerksen

    they must love gardening.
    that is really beautiful. so tropical too.
    i love it.

  31. Barbara

    OH my!! Just a beautiful home!

  32. Debbie

    Oh what a lovely home. I love all the beautiful flowers and the surroundings are positively gorgeous. Nice photos!

    I was out doing the very same thing today in hopes to find something to enter on the 20th. A man down the street must have seen me because he hollered out to me as I passed “are you with the CIA”. I kid you not and I still don’t have anything for the 20th. But I shall forge on and find something to enter so look for me then.

  33. Sarah

    Thank you for sharing! Your candle in a teacup and saucer is inspiring! I love the look!

  34. lylah ledner

    funny thing is…i think i’ve seen that house! if it’s on burnside toward 34th or so, then it’s been redone.

    it definitely made me catch my breath with a beauty pause. coffee there? yup!

    love the drive by series. blessings…lylah

  35. Pinky

    This is one of the most beautiful hames I have ever seen! The window boxes are unbelievable! I SOOO enjoyed seeing these pictures and am going to save them to my favorites! I so wish I lived in a climate that would allow me to TRY to do gardening like that!!!! Thanks again! Pinky

  36. amanda

    Golly, I’d love to know what all those plants in the window boxes were! I just love all the colors and how they look together. I’m also curious if they look good all year round… or if they’re changed from season to season.

    Gunna print this out and pass it around to my green thumbs in the neighborhood and in my family and find out the details! I must know! Ha.

    And I am sooo not a green thumb.

  37. Mrs. B

    What a beautiful home! You’re so brave Melissa! I’m so scared to go take pictures of people’s homes if I’m walking. I need to get a little tiny spy camera or something so I can be sneaky. I think for the fall porch drive by I need to get my hubs to drive me around so I can just shoot from the safety of my car!

  38. Lisa

    What a beautiful house – I love it! Thanks for sharing it!

    And I happen to be a big fan of exclamation points!!!!!!

  39. Debbie

    That home looks beautiful! I especially love the flowers at the windows. It adds so much to the visual effect of the house. Wouldn’t you just love to peek inside too?

  40. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    Oh I adore upstairs window boxes. And it’s so danged gorgeous that I will never participate in these drive-bys again. Never. :D

  41. Deb

    Oh, wow, if my neighborhood had such beautiful homes I might be out walking more often…

  42. Lana

    Those window boxes are fabulous! It is really difficult to get them so symmetrical and keep them looking good. I must work harder on mine.

  43. Dionna

    Yes, the foliage around that house looks very well loved and taken care of. Gorgeous.

  44. PamperingBeki

    Huh, I never even saw you outside taking pictures of my house.

    That is GORGEOUS!

    Hey, I’m hosting a 2008 Blogger Ornament Exchange if you want to participate!

  45. Catherine

    I love those window boxes. Wish I knew what those flowers are. I recognize the sweet potato vine, but that’s it. I many have to take that photo to my garden center to find out what those are. I have a second floor window box and can water it from the inside by simply raising the screen. I’m sure people driving by wonder what I’m doing hanging out the window!

  46. The Style PAh

    That house is so pretty, a real stunner. Those flowers must keep the owners (or their gardener) very busy!

    Love the blog by the way, I have linked you on mine.

  47. dawn

    I have exclamation point issues too! Thank you for the beautiful “walk by!”

  48. Lisa

    I love big beautiful window boxes like this too. What stunning grounds.

  49. Rosie's Whimsy

    Those have got to be the most lush window boxes I have ever seen! A beautiful home, indeed. Thanks for walking us by :-) Rosie

  50. Villa Anna

    What a gorgeous gorgeous home! That balcony is ever so dreamy! Thank you for sharing these amazing images Melissa.

    Anna :)

  51. Beth

    The window boxes are so pretty! I love the entrance. It is so well groomed and inviting. I am glad that you and sweet hubby took time to walk and to share these pics with us. This beautiful home reminds me of some of the wonderful homes we found on a trip to Quincy MO where the flowers were actually growing on top of the roof and in the window boxes. Gorgeous.


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