Super Easy, Creative Party or Holiday Favor Idea!

Super Easy, Creative Party or Holiday Favor Idea!

Ilove simple party ideas. Every time I host an event or holiday gathering, there are certain recipes everyone asks for. And I usually say something like, “Oh, sure, I’ll get you that recipe.” Having the best intentions, of course. And then I usually forget and never send it.

Why not prepare ahead of time some really cute seasonally themed recipe cards for all of the best dishes you are serving? For Thanksgiving you could use little leaf borders on rust colored paper, and Christmas you could use holly or stars on red or green paper. Or whatever is appropriate for the event you are hosting. You could make them out of pre-printed paper or get all fancy and embellish them any way you want to.

You could make this a tradition, having themed recipe cards to hand out after parties. Ok, it could be risky or embarrassing if you are a bad cook and no one wants your recipes.

So clever to use clothes pins to clip the cards to a pretty ribbon! Or use whatever kind of clip you like! You could hang them by the door and people could take the ones they want as they leave. You could also expand this idea if you are having a potluck. You could ask guests to bring a stack of recipe cards with their dish!

The beauty of this idea? It doubles as a decoration. I’m always a fan of easy, creative and simple and this idea is one I will definitely be using.

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  1. Great idea, so cute! I love it when “favors” double as decoration!

    Steph @ Problem Solvin Moms inspiring blog post..More handmade Christmas inspiration!

  2. This is a great idea, in fact I was going to do it this year myself! I’m in the process of gettng recipes on the computer as each holiday comes along. That way I can email them easily when people ask, also.

    Elizabeths inspiring blog post..Yummy Goodness

  3. Adorable! Love the ribbon and clothespin idea, too, people just take one if they want it!

    Terri Steffess inspiring blog post..The Big 5-0 Continues….

  4. I LOVE this idea…I owe several people recipes at the moment!

    Cocos inspiring blog post..driving, thinking & falling behind…

  5. What a cute idea!! EZ, too!

    Jans inspiring blog post..Rose Wednesday

  6. Cute idea. I think lots of people would appreciate this. :)

    Staceys inspiring blog post..Giving Thanks for a Joyful Noise

  7. I just broke down & started a recipe only blog for everything!

    I could do the cute cards though, I love that idea….but with the URL!

    Jinxs inspiring blog post..A "Charming" Addition to the Table

  8. this is a great idea! this happens to me all the time!! I take something to a party and every woman there wants the recipe because their husband loved the dish! LOL :)
    Now I cant wait for the next party so I can do this!!

    Nikkis inspiring blog post..{cooking the trash}

  9. What a wonderful idea Melissa! We belong to a wine and dine group and every dinner someone is asking for the recipes..Thanks!

  10. Oh, so cute of an idea! But why do I not do things like this? TIME! I’m lucky to get the meal on the table for a party – LOL. It’s always a dilema, though, when friends ask for recipes (the quickest way, which seems to be email). Love ya, happy day!♥

    sandys inspiring blog post..Forget your Finances – Dinner! (& Pear Crumble)

  11. What a great idea to pre print the recipes as little gifts!! I love that they re-invented the ribbon with clothespin idea as well!! When our children were young, we used this concept in the kitchen, laundry room, and hallways to “display” their artwork (and there was always an abundance of it!). In fact, recently, I’ve been going through their treasure boxes (we have one for each child…these hold the creme de la creme (sp?) of their artwork and school papers etc. …for posterity ;-) and I am seriously thinking of having some of their pieces framed because they look very much like what’s in all the catalogs now!! But I digress…! Wonderful ideas here, as always! Thanks again for sharing.

    Tracey McBrides inspiring blog post..GIFT PANTRY

  12. Love it! I’m planning to host a wrapping party with some girlfriends of mine in a few weeks. We always bring appetizers to our gatherings and we are always asking for each others’ recipes. This is such a simple yet perfect solution! Thanks for the idea!

    Kristens inspiring blog post..Adding to My List

  13. Great idea, good thing.

    pams inspiring blog post..Christmas Traditions

  14. My friend thinks I’m crazy for giving out my recipes. She thinks they should be kept secret.

    Jens inspiring blog post..Christmas Decor

  15. I can see myself using that idea all the time at special events, and small dinner parties- fabulous!

  16. Love that idea.. cute to attach to food gifts this year too! Cookies, mixes etc..

    so cute

    Megs inspiring blog post..Evolution of a Room

  17. What a cool idea! I love it….might be able to use it soon too :)

    Mrs. Qs inspiring blog post..How Did The Meal Plan Go: Day Five

  18. I love this idea and will definitely make some of these. However, I think I’ll keep them stashed away, just in case my guests don’t want my recipe:)

  19. I reeeeeaaaalllly like this idea! Thanks for sharing it : )

    Violet Skiless inspiring blog post..Thirsty?

  20. Thanks for sorting out the comment thing. I hated being invisible lol!

    Jens inspiring blog post..No Mantel No Problem!

  21. That’s a great idea! I need to send my daughter over here. She is a wonderful cook and I am sure as she throws more dinner parties this will be something she would love to do.

    ((hugs)) Rosie

    Rosie’s Whimsys inspiring blog post..Baby Vagabond …..

  22. That is a fantastic idea. I think I would really appreciate that when I am dining at someone else’s home…..I always want recipes!

    Rachael Wills inspiring blog post..Just in Time for the Holidays

  23. I just read your post over at Home Goods. Wish we had those stores here in Texas where I live. You have wonderful ideas. And a beautiful website.

    Brenda Kulas inspiring blog post..Morning Chain Saw Massacre

  24. Love you ideas here and at the HomeGoods site. This year I will have 2 big trees and maybe a couple of smaller ones as well. I am decorating this weekend because of hosting Cookie Swap the Friday after Thanksgiving. We always provide recipes with the cookies and print them on recipe cards and then laminate them. I love this time of year!

  25. Such creative ideas for a memorable favor to give guests at Thanksgiving. How do you think of all these things Melissa? I’m going to have start calling you the Leonardo Da Vinci of decorating and entertaining. I just love reading about your unique ideas and they seem easy enough that even I can attempt them. Your site is a gem!

    Genevieve Ferraros inspiring blog post..Rerun Of My Favorite Kitchen Things

  26. I don’t believe you accept blog awards but seeing as this is my favorite site..I am bestowing four upon you!

    Come and get them if you’d like:

  27. I love the idea of printing out extra recipes. Your right. How many times are we asked for a recipe and then forget to send it. I like making up the cards to match the festive occasion. Thank you.

    Carols inspiring blog post..Time for tea……

  28. This is popular amoung military spouses, especially those who have been in a while. I have wonderful recipes from so many people that I have met in the last 5 years of military life, including one written in German!

    Spanish Princesss inspiring blog post..Rose Wednesday … A Celebration of Life

  29. I love easy decorating ideas…..that’s all I’ve got time for :)

    Tamaras inspiring blog post..The Big Reveal – We’re Open for Christmas!

  30. What a wonderful idea! I just went to my book group last night and this exact thing happened. The host served an amazing pizza with a perfect crust. We all wanted the recipe. Hopefully she will find time, or even remember to send it. I am hosting bunco tomorrow night and I will now be prepared for, “Oh you have to give me that recipe!”

    Thanks so much!

    pams inspiring blog post..ode to the polaroid

  31. That is a cute idea. I’m not in to the whole wooden clothes pin thing, but it would be just as cute with some silver binder clips, I bet. Or maybe some plastic clothes pins. I’ll have to think about that.

    I’m going to link this up for Things to Write Home About on Sunday.

    Tara @ Feels like homes inspiring blog post..My Thanksgiving Menu

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