Four Weeks Until Christmas!
Holiday Linky Inspiration!

Four Weeks Until Christmas! <br>Holiday Linky Inspiration!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

Four Weeks Until Christmas! <br>Holiday Linky Inspiration!

Due to a mashed potato overload and an internet crisis at the beach, I was unable to get all my holiday finds up for this week. But, next week I’ll share some links. For anyone who has holiday posts from this week that they would like to share, here is that amazing Mr. Linky! Still a lot of great posts (68!) up from last week so feel free to roam around and catch up on the best of the best holiday posts from around blogland!

Big hugs to all!

Don’t forget about Moms Unite! See the side bar for details!

photo: Martha Stewart

Mr. Linky Instructions: ALERT! MR. LINKY MIGHT BE BROKEN! YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO USE MR. LINKY! Hopefully it will be FIXED SOON! :-)

1) Select a specific holiday post from your blog and add the link! Please do not link to your blog home page or people will not be able to find your post in a week or two! And please only link to holiday related posts.

2) It is a nice courtesy to add a link back to The Inspired Room so that other people can be included in our fun too.


  1. I was so excited to be the first link for this week. Holiday inspiration…bring it on!

    mary beths inspiring blog post..Vintage Christmas Cone Ornaments

  2. Can’t wait to read some of the holiday stories!!!

    Jennys inspiring blog post..The Snowflake

  3. I’m curious about the ‘mashed potato overload’… does this affliction require medical treatment or just 6 weeks of intensive personal training? Just between you and me, I couldn’t think of a better way to go… hope it had cream in it! A-M xx

    A-Ms inspiring blog post..Prelude To A Porch

  4. Melissa, thank you so much for hosting this weekly Holiday Linky Love. I’m so looking forward to reading everyone’s posts! Happy Holidays! ~Arleen

    Arleens inspiring blog post..A New Nutcracker for My Kitchen

  5. I wish I had mashed potato overload; I didn’t eat ANY! I was very busy eating things I don’t get as often, though! We have lots of leftover potatos and they will be yummy warmed up w/ a little butter and milk added to fluff them up. Or, we could make potato pancakes!

    Elizabeths inspiring blog post..Christmas Pins

  6. I love potato Pancakes! Enjoy some for me.

  7. hehe – I like the responses to your mashed potato overload!

    Katies inspiring blog post..Thanksgiving in Berlin: What We Put On Our Plates

  8. Thanks Melissa, what fun!

    Darlas inspiring blog post..Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Melissa, I LOVE your site and sense of style. Thanks so much.

  10. Hey girl! I’m with you on the mashed potato overload. I am also suffering from stuffing overload, homemade cookie overload and sweet potato overload.

    Yesterday was Thanksgiving with hubby’s family and we get to do it all over again today when we have “2nd Thanksgiving” with my family. Woo Hoo!

    I linked up to the Moms Unite Shopping Guide today because that’s where I’ll be today…finishing up my Christmas shopping with those talented ladies while I eat some more stuffing.

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

    Kimbas inspiring blog post..Black Friday

  11. Thanks for hosting this again and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

    Liz@VioletPosys inspiring blog post..Happy Thanksgiving

  12. Melissa!!

    Happy Day After Thanksgiving! I’m recovering from a decedant chocolate pecan pie… in a very good way:)

    I linked to my Santa Letter and Pretty Organizers and of course our Moms Unite shopping guide! I’ve enjoyed shopping online and at the boutiques buying from fabulous creative women! What a fun Christmas!

    Love you dear lady!
    Pretty Organizer

    Pretty Organizers inspiring blog post..Weekend Shopping Guide

  13. wonderful idea!

  14. gosh, compared to all the holiday posts, mine pales in comparison…but it’s from my heart :) none the less, hope everyone had a gorgeous thanksgiving!

    shelbis inspiring blog post..

  15. Dear heart,

    I just went to email you through a reply to one of your comments and I realized that yours is a “no-reply” comment, so here I am!

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that it was filled with lots of joy, family and laughter! I count you as one of my many blessings.


    Oh yes, I sent you a little something via paypal as a site-warming gift. 18 is the number for “life” and is meant to bring good luck. I wish you much success and happiness. Consider this the bouquet of flowers that I would bring you if I could!

    Debbie/Four Angel’s Mommas inspiring blog post..Sunshine From Within

  16. Melissa, thank you for stopping by and sharing! We also see the need to reach out to those who just don’t see the church as significant in their lives. This relationshipping style of evangelism is much more “time consuming” if you will , and you don’t see the big numbers that many like to see but it is such a rewarding and what I think is the way Jesus always intended- entering into each others lives-

    I do hope to get some more christmas ideas up- do I relink each week with a new idea?


    mary (megardengal)s inspiring blog post..Day 28 CT- Content with Thanksgiving Leftovers!

  17. November is almost over! The tree is going up on Monday. I love Christmas!!!

    Jens inspiring blog post..Christmas In Red

  18. I found some old photos from Christmases past and posted some fun tradition ideas.

    Debs inspiring blog post..Rethinking Christmas: Around Town

  19. Right there with you on mashed potato overload!!!!!!!!

    Neutral Dwellings inspiring blog post..Christmas- Pure & Simple

  20. Happy Thanksgivig Melissa! Stopped by to say hello, and saw your fun Mr. Linky….thought we join you! Now….back to those links!!
    Karla & Karrie

    The Summer Kitchen Girlss inspiring blog post..The 12 Decorating Tips of Christmas

  21. Love all the great ideas out there, once again it’s fun to get inspired and see what everyone’s doing to make the holiday special, pretty and meaningful!

    Ginas inspiring blog post..An Encounter

  22. Thanks for including me. Great idea! I love to look at all the homes decorated for the holidays.

    Britten Johnsons inspiring blog post..My Home At Halloween

  23. HI Melissa, are we packing yet? Hope you are holding up well! I will say an extra prayer for you this week-Peace be still-in the midst of your moving storm!

    Debbie @ ribbonwoods inspiring blog post..NOEL

  24. Here’s my first contribution!

    Karen Bs inspiring blog post..Luke 2

  25. How fun to link other’s holiday posts. The eye candy, the counting of blessings, all consumed along with the morning cup of Starbuck’s. Blessings ~ eileen

    Eileen Terwilligers inspiring blog post..Thankful Beyond Measure ~

  26. can’t wait to work my way through each of these!

    cynthias inspiring blog post..phew…what a week!

  27. Thanks for the fun! Hope you had the most blessed Thanksgiving!! Thank you so much for your sweet words!

    kari & kijsa

    kari & kijsas inspiring blog post..Quote O’ the Day

  28. My first time to participate….thanks!!!

    Tracis inspiring blog post..What Do I DoWith This?

  29. This is exactly what I needed. I’m kicking back and heading in!

  30. I love your blog. I come here often. I am reader of the nester and of Kimba-You are all on my daily read list. I love the inspiration!
    Can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with! I so love a good idea!! Please, come and stop by and say hello!

    taushas inspiring blog post..Fa La La La La

  31. Love, love, love your website!

    Danis inspiring blog post..Song of the Angels…

  32. Yay, can’t wait to see what other goodness there is in blogland. Thanks for hosting this.

    Andreas inspiring blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  33. What a fun event~ Thanks for hosting this :-)

    cheryl comforts inspiring blog post..Happy-happy-happy….

  34. Sorry I’m a little late!

    Hope you had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. I’ve been up to my earloabs in holiday theme planning :-)

    Mavens inspiring blog post..My First Christmas Blog – Finding Light in the Depths of Winter

  35. Hey thanks for the links. I added one to the specific post. I did that before too, but I don’t see it now. This is a new post anyways.

    Beckys inspiring blog post..Christmas On The Porch

  36. Fun idea!

    Jenn Ps inspiring blog post..What I found while I was cleaning

  37. I am so excited to get decking the house out this week and start on my Christmas sewing! I’ll be checking back for more beautiful inspiration…

    heather janes inspiring blog post..Our Local Pantry

  38. Gayle at Mountain Moma says

    So much wonderful inspiration from everyone! Stop by and see my vintage home decorated for the holidays.

    Gayle at Mountain Momas inspiring blog post..Christmas Porch

  39. Love your ideas…I linked to you today!

    Shilos inspiring blog post..Christmas Photo Mats

  40. Hey Melissa! I just linked up to pics from my Holiday Open house. Thanks for the Mr Linky! I hope you are getting in the packing mode. It must be so hard to do at this time of year. I wish you tons of motivation! It all does sound very exciting. I always wanted to move out of state. Just haven’t had the guts to leave the family. Everyone’s here!

    Dawn-Hydrangea Homes inspiring blog post..Holiday Open House Pics

  41. Hello Melissa! Just stopping in to see how your week is going so far. On my end, am beginning to panic . . . not one Christmas gift yet for anyone on my lists, and there’s a naked tree in my living room :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  42. This is a Thanksgiving post I did but I absolutely love the tableware featured here. It’s great for the entire fall season!

    Modern Thanksgiving Tableware

    Suzanne Turnbulls inspiring blog post..International Modern Designer: Doshi Levien

  43. This is a Thanksgiving post I did but I absolutely love the tableware featured here. It’s great for the entire fall season!

    Suzanne Turnbulls inspiring blog post..International Modern Designer: Doshi Levien


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