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Oh the Packing Inside is Frightful, But the Weather Outside’s Delightful

by | Dec 23, 2008 | Authentic Living

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Oh the Packing Inside is Frightful, But the Weather Outside's Delightful

A few days ago, Winston was wondering when the snow would end. Little did he know, we’d break a 40 year record for snowfall in the Portland area. We are on week two of being house bound. At this rate, we’ll be having empty taco shells for Christmas dinner! Won’t that be memorable!?

Oh the Packing Inside is Frightful, But the Weather Outside's Delightful

Monday morning this is what it looked like as I peeked out my front door. Do you see my van?

Oh the Packing Inside is Frightful, But the Weather Outside's Delightful

Here is the tin foil star my kids made for our tree this year since we didn’t want to unpack all of our holiday decorations. I love it. So humble, but so precious. They were making the best of things.

Oh the Packing Inside is Frightful, But the Weather Outside's Delightful

Ok, what a disheveled looking kitchen. All festive for Christmas.

Oh the Packing Inside is Frightful, But the Weather Outside's Delightful

Welcome to Christmas at my home!

Inspiring, eh? Yeah, I thought so! Aren’t you glad you came over? Well at least we have the white Christmas I always dream about.

That makes things all better.

Here is a pretty holiday home I shared last year, enjoy!


  1. Jinx

    But Christmas lives in your heart, & that is properly & most festively decorated by the looks of things!

    Enjoy the snow…we are getting another foot over the next day or so.

  2. Becky K.

    You’ll be remembering this Christmas for a very long time!

    It is pretty….


  3. Jennifer

    Oh Melissa, I feel for you. Moving is always stressful but to be housebound & be doing it all at Christmas. Wow. You are so resourceful though & I know that your family will find a way to laugh about it all someday. Just think about how much more wonderful next Christmas will be and all that you will be able to do for your new home. Wishing you all my best wishes!!

  4. Debbie

    I appreciate your transparency. I’ve always loved the phrase “let’s get real”. Change can be good but also challenging. I admit I don’t deal with it very well. You’ve been a good example to me as you walk in obedience to what the Lord has called your family to do. Yes, it’s interfering in the routine of your life and particularly this Christmas. But you will always remember this one and I just know that you will be blessed for your faithfulness. And maybe that blanket of white snow is a gift.

    Debbies inspiring blog post..The Impact of a Life ~ Remembering Georgia

  5. Jan

    Oh yeah, I do re-call all the packing of my many, many moves…and my house looking like yours. But, somehow…with God…we get through it and are all the better for it. God has you right where HE wants you, in the palm of HIS hand.

    We’re still praying for you! You’re included in our Come to Jesus and Pray post again today!

    ~Christmas Blessings,

    Jans inspiring blog post..Come to Jesus and Pray

  6. Kathy

    Oh goodness. You are a real trooper to be moving this time of year. Think how much fun you will have next year decorating your new home:>)

    Kathys inspiring blog post..Fourth Sunday, Love~ The Angels Candle

  7. Misti England

    And you still have the energy to blog…You go girl! Blogging is the fun part of your day, right? The first thing I checked this morning is if you had a new post, and sure enough… We always look forward to your words of wisdom. How ever are you going to get a moving truck in there? And do they deliver pizza in that beautiful mess of snow. We are not lucky enough to have snow here in Georgia, well, not that kind of real snow anyway. Take care and I hope you are not having empty taco shells for your Christmas dinner!

    Misti Englands inspiring blog post..Real Living: Comfort and Beauty Combined

  8. cynthia

    all of this and you are such a good blogger!
    i have NEVER seen snow like that here in GA…looks like fun to me!!

    i cannot wait to see your new address (not literally!) just think how much fun that will be, getting it all gussied up for the new year!

    cynthias inspiring blog post..all on his own.

  9. Cheryl

    I,m telling you…….the amount of snow you all are getting is crazy! But you are right…..the best part of it all is you are going to have a white Christmas….and this will be a very memorable holiday in years to come. Love the Star the children made…..a couple lights and that’s all you need. Sorry to hear about the empty taco shells though! LOL….

    ps…winston in his sweater…..tooo cute!

    pss..not sure I have commented on your blog before…but I have been here to read. it was fun! ~Cheryl

  10. We are THAT family

    Oh, bless your packing heart!

    Have a Merry Christmas!

    We are THAT familys inspiring blog post..My New Office Space

  11. Jen

    Merry Christmas!

    We’re all sick here and hoping that we’re feeling better tomorrow because we have lots to cook and eat!


    Jens inspiring blog post..Fun with Paper

  12. Linda

    What a GREAT attitude you have…just imagine next Christmas you will be tucked inside your new nest all decorated beautifully!

    Those stacked boxes are green…I see a Christmas tree out of them…if I squint really hard!

    Merry Christmas to you…and the best in your travels!!

    [email protected] in the Coconuts inspiring blog post..From our imperfect home…to yours…

  13. Deanna

    This Christmas will become family lore – and I bet it will be remembered fondly!

    Have a wonderful Christmas, it is become of Christ, that all this upheaval has come upon you! Remember that HE knows!

    Merriest Christmas!

    Deannas inspiring blog post..We Have Been Having Fun!

  14. Tessa

    This Christmas is totally about making memories!

    Snow fall… Snow bound… Home made tin foil star on tree… Packing for a new life… Even empty taco shells for dinner, if that should happen… ,-)

    Yes, totally about making memories, which none of you will ever, ever forget. And which all of you will always, always remember, with a smile.

    A very Happy Christmas to you and to yours, Dear!!!

    And warm and snuggly hugs, too,

    Tessas inspiring blog post..Icicle Progression

  15. Tessa

    Ding-dang Word Press! That is NOT my present Icon!!! That fancy lady in a huge red hat, is an old one, from past, on Word Press. I once was able to make it go away, and be replaced with my present Icon. But it reverted to the same old one. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….

    “Grumpy” Tessa

    Tessas inspiring blog post..Icicle Progression

  16. Amy

    Oh my! Not the mess, but that snow!! How beautiful. Good luck with the move. It will be a memorable Christmas for sure:-)

    Amy @ Living Locurtos inspiring blog post..Time for Giving

  17. Lisa

    That is so much snow! I suppose it helps you to focus on packing up though!

    Have a Merry Christmas!

    Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolatess inspiring blog post..Randomnicity

  18. Amanda McLeroy

    I am so going to steal the tin foil star idea! A box with some special ornaments and my angel for the top of my big tree has vanished during our latest move, so I made a bow for the top of the tree this year. Since Chicagoland is getting another 4-7 inches today, I will have my 2 and 4 year old boys help make a star for our tree.
    Thank you for using this season of change in your life to help refocus the rest of us!

  19. jane

    oh winston! melt my heart! how does he go outside? did you make a tunnel for him? (ever practical in the face of beauty and challenge) happy christmas wishes to all your family . and a wonderful 09 with the new church, new home, town, people. we are all here for you for any bumps… jkj

  20. teresa

    Man I love your attitude ! That all the inspiration I need- :}
    I don’t think I would be as Merry!
    My daughter lives in your area and she has been going through just about the same thing- her kids are having a blast on the ice roads!
    Merry Christmas- snow and all!
    Hugs- Teresa

  21. Irene

    Dear Melissa,
    I am sure baby Jesus has plenty of good things for you in store in your new house. Maybe it is an opportunity to focus on what is important. like the meaning of the star instad of the star itself…I am sure you;ll have a great Christmas. Enjoy your loved ones and Jesus’ love.

    Irenes inspiring blog post..Christmas sneak peek-Alicia [email protected]

  22. Vee

    Hang tough! It’s almost as if you should celebrate Christmas in February. :D

    Wonderful Winter Wonderland there…very ethereal and serene.
    As for the kitchen. Mine looks just like that after shopping.

    More hugs…

    Vees inspiring blog post..Last Minute Ideas

  23. Lisa & Alfie

    Happy Holidays Melissa in whatever form they inspire! I have been remiss in visiting here and am just catching up with your huge news.Wow, this is a big move for you and your family. I’m sure you are excited and nervous and frantic and exhausted. But if anyone can survive it with style it is you! And what fun it will be for all of us to see you start your new home from scratch. All the best of the holidays to you and your family.
    Love Lisa & Alfie

    Lisa & Alfies inspiring blog post..SEE YOU AFTER CHRISTMAS!

  24. Karol

    I can’t wait to see how beautiful you make your new home. Beautiful snow pics!

    Karol :0)

    Karols inspiring blog post..Keeping Warm

  25. Tara

    I love the snow pics, here in CA we don’t get much of that, so i am envious when I see these gorgeous pics…are you rolling your eyes at me yet? :) Good luck with the packing and Christmas really isn’t about the decorations, or the lights on the house, or the gifts, it is about Family and looks like yours is precious!

    Happy Holidays~


  26. Ashley

    I love the foil star! It is soooo cute! I would use it even if my home wasn’t filled with moving boxes! Way to make the best of things :)

    Ashley @ Domestic Fashionistas inspiring blog post..I learn from my mom…

  27. Pat

    I remember tin foil stars, from my childhood. What a wonderful way for your kiddo’s to decorate their tree, this Christmas. It’s beautiful!

    Merry Christmas!

    Pats inspiring blog post..~Silver & Gold~

  28. arlene

    I’m coming out of lurkdom to wish you well and hope you have a happy and peaceful Christmas. I was surrounded by boxes and boxes and boxes for many months in my old and then new home AND in my office. (Actually this packrat still has a storage shed full of boxes to go through, but they are not in the house!) There were a couple of melt-downs along the way, but I need to tell you that you will survive. And after seeing that precious star, I know your family will be the better for it. Just remember, one day at a time. Blessings.

  29. LuLu

    Tin foil star… so sweet. My husband is in the military (so Know all about moves…) one of my favorite Christmas memories is being stationed in Japan for 1 year and couldn’t take anything but clothing, for stockings at Christmas we used my husbands black military socks and hung them up! I still love that memory. My parents are in WA state so I know all about the large amounts of snow you are all getting!!!

    LuLus inspiring blog post..Cookies For Santa

  30. pam

    Love your star, a great symbol of love for your children. Best of luck with your move, if you want more snow you can have some of mine, we are getting too much snow. Have a great Christmas, hope you get some time to just breathe and relax.

    pams inspiring blog post..Fun with kids

  31. meg duerksen

    1. that’s a lot of snow!
    2. all those boxes make me feel crazy just looking at them.

    oh you must be something special to do this chore at christmas. amazing woman.
    no wait….WONDER WOMAN!
    merry christmas.

    meg duerksens inspiring blog shoot 2008

  32. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall

    Oh my goodness, that picture of Winston is soooo cute!

  33. kim in Camas

    moving? where have I been? Where are you moving to?
    This weather has been nuts! Chains here……..not here…….take on, take off…………nuts.
    To top it off………we have snow in our attic.

  34. A-M

    Oh you will look back on this time with such fond memories! I love the tin star! If it is any consolation, we too are living amongst packed boxes and we still have 4 months at least until we move. I couldn’t bring myself to unpack much in such a temporary arrangement. I cannot believe the snow! Wow… I have never seen so much. I do hope you will have more than taco shells to eat for Christmas. Have a lovely one! A-M xx

    A-Ms inspiring blog post..Happy Christmas Friends

  35. Gayle at Mountain Moma

    Wow, and I thought the Seattle area had snow!! I do feel for you packing and moving during Christmas. Oh well…a new beginning for the new year is always exciting! Merry Christmas!

    Gayle at Mountain Momas inspiring blog post..Christmas Storms

  36. Julia

    oh my!! sure wish i could be there to help! thinking of you during this season Melissa, stay warm and healthy sweet friend!

    Julias inspiring blog post..Merry Christmas

  37. Libby

    This is what my house looks like right now! No lie! We thought we were moving into our new house last week, then things were delayed so we thought it would be this week, but now there are more delays so we won’t move til next month. Sounds great in some ways, more time and all that, but we have to live in this big mess of a house half packed and looking like a tornado went through! Oh well, I am however very thankful that we have a roof over our heads right now and that we have a great new house to move into.
    I love the star your kids made. Great to have little things like that to remind us to be thankful and enjoy our family. Have a blessed Christmas! And happy moving too. :)

  38. Christine

    Wishing you a wonderful and Blessed Christmas!!
    …Winston looks soo cute…
    I hope your move goes well.
    I can’t to see your pictures of the new place.

    Christines inspiring blog post..Blam..Pow…smack…!

  39. Tidymom

    WOW look at all that snow!! and the boxes!!
    Hope your move goes well, I know you’re excited to get started on the new house!!

    Have a VERY MERRY Christmas!!

    Tidymoms inspiring blog post..Need Gift Tags?

  40. lylah ledner

    Oh my dear friend. You’re simply awesome! Love the pics. Am glad I’m in the desert right now. :-)

    blessings and Merry Christmas! lylah

    lylah ledners inspiring blog mother – happy birthday

  41. Jeanne

    This will certainly be a memorable Christmas — without all the fussle and bustle you can focus on simple joys and Jesus! :-)
    Have a joy-filled Christmas and hug your babies – what a special star!

    Jeanne @ Inspiring Ideass inspiring blog post..Holiday Guests Breakfast Idea

  42. Terri

    Melissa – thanks for keeping it real sister! I love the way your house looks – exactly the way most people’s does every day of the week.

    Winston is just A D O R A B L E. He looks like he is wearing a giant body sock. That is one cute dog – you make me want to go get one.

    Wow, that is a lot of snow. Since when did you start getting these Canadian winters. I grew up with that on the east coast and even I’m not accustomed to it any more.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Big hug and xo’s, Terri

    Terris inspiring blog post..Merry Christmas! God Jul! Joyeux Noël!

  43. Angela (Cottage Magpie)

    Oh, goodness girl, I feel for you! I don’t know how I’d handle it. We’re lucky because DH is from Wyoming and just goes out anyway. He says he can drive fine. I keep trying to explain to him it’s the OTHER people I’m worried about. But back to your Packing Christmas. I wish I could help!!! I was going to say Merry Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful holiday, but somehow that just doesn’t seem like it’s going to cut it.
    ~Angela :-)

    Angela (Cottage Magpie)s inspiring blog post..Happy Holidays!

  44. Sheryl

    I am your neighbor in Tigard! Isn’t this unbelievable? I am supposed to have everyone here tomorrow night for dinner, but some live in higher elevations and aren’t sure they can get out. DH might have to go try to rescue them! It sure is pretty, though.

    Sheryls inspiring blog post..I’ve Moved!

  45. Elaine

    Hey, I think those pictures came from MY house…you little sneak! Just kidding. Our westie had quite a time getting out in the yard…I think she was puzzled at first about WHERE to go…thank goodness she made a decision! LOL Merry Christmas and thanks for all the great stuff on your blog! :)

    Elaine in Seattle (where the busses were hanging over I-5 after crashing through the guard rails)…

    Elaines inspiring blog post..GUESS where I went today!?

  46. Bobbi Jo Nichols

    The snow is so pretty. I love the star too. Just think of the new home with the new beginning of the New Year. Wishing you all the very best in the New Year. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

    Bobbi Jo Nicholss inspiring blog post..Turkey TIP



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