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A Charming Kitchen Re-do

by | Jan 27, 2009 | Decorating Inspiration, Kitchens

A Charming Kitchen Re-do


Another inspiring kitchen for you this week! My blogging friend Heather Bullard {Vintage Inspired Living} did a lovely update of her kitchen and I knew you’d want to see it. She graciously gave me permission to feature it here.

A Charming Kitchen Re-do

I was inspired by all she did because —

  • Her project was more of a makeover than a remodel (I love seeing how you can work with what you already have)
  • She has a similar layout to my new kitchen so she gave me some ideas for my own space
  • I loved the glass cabinets. In my old kitchen I put glass in a couple of cabinet doors and it made a HUGE difference in how the kitchen felt. I am certain I will do the same thing in my new kitchen.
  • And lastly, I think she did a beautiful job! I love all the little details and touches she put into it.

A Charming Kitchen Re-do

A Charming Kitchen Re-do

A Charming Kitchen Re-do

Be sure to pop over to Heather’s blog to read about her kitchen update and see more gorgeous photos!

If you missed the kitchen I featured last week, click here!

All photos copyright Heather Bullard, used by permission.

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  1. Shawn/Lifeatbuttercupfarm

    Melissa…I love how Heather accessorizes! So inspiring as I complete my kitchen re-do! It is the little touches that turn a house into a home and a room into a beautiful living space! Also, I am working on a Post about Alexandra Stoddard. I have had the amazing opportunity to spend some time with her over the last year and was interviewed for her new book “What Good Mothers Know”. I will send you an e-mail once my post is complete. Have a great day!

    Shawn/Lifeatbuttercupfarms inspiring blog post..The Nest Treehouse

  2. Kasey

    I really like it. Pretty colors. Eventually we are going to re do our kitchen so these are all good ideas.

    Kaseys inspiring blog post..Mechanic in the making

  3. Kristen

    How beautiful! I love how light and open it is. And I love the glass doors on those cabinets too. I think it adds a nice touch to the room to be able to see pretty dishes and other odds ‘n’ ends. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    Kristens inspiring blog post..Can You Hear It?

  4. Kathryn

    Oh, my, what a beautiful kitchen! Thanks so much for sharing it, Melissa. I’ve been thinking (for almost six years now!) about integrating glass doors on some of my kitchen cabinets. I just need to stop thinking about it and do it!

    Hope you are settling nicely into your new home …

  5. Astrid

    That’s one very lovely and pretty kitchen! Charming for sure! (now..charming isn’t a word I would use to describe my kitchen…in my dreams perhaps! LOL!)

    Thanks for sharing the lovely photos!

    Astrids inspiring blog post..Sleep Overs & Braids

  6. cityfarmer

    my kitchen makeover is on the stove simmering…you’re welcome to its rights in about a week.

    I most definitely am on the shoestring budget…using what I have…I’ll give you a taste…the paint color is called Eiffel tower…YUM

    these photos inspire, TO BE SURE

  7. Terri Steffes

    Ok, I am really excited about the glass doors. I’ll have to figure out if that is a doable thing in my doors. Her makeover is awesome.

    Terri Steffess inspiring blog post..Kitchen Scrubbing

  8. Remodeling Guy

    This looks great! In addition to those things you mentioned, I like the use of two different backsplash materials. She has that cool shaped tumbled stone on the side behind the stove, and then over to the right of the sink that section of bead board looks great!
    Very bright and inviting. Looks good.

    Remodeling Guy

  9. Vee

    Heather did an amazing job…I, too, love the way the kitchen is not completely redone. Some wonderful ideas here!

    Vees inspiring blog post..Join Me in A Gardiner Larson Dream

  10. Shannan

    What a pleasant surprise to wake up to this morning! I never grow tired of seeing how other people decorate – and live! This is beautiful and there’s never been a better time to feature kitchen re-dos that are kind to the budget. Thanks!

    Shannans inspiring blog post..Needing a Fix

  11. Kimba

    Thanks for featuring Heather’s kitchen makeover. I love her blog but hadn’t been by in a while so I missed this. It’s beautiful!


    Kimbas inspiring blog post..Pull Up a (Tufted) Seat

  12. Lazy Mom Leslie

    Just beautiful! So light and bright! I love how she made a ho-hum kitchen into a delightful space!

    Lazy Mom Leslies inspiring blog post..A Bum Deal

  13. Liz

    Just lovely, I’m off to look at her blog now. Thanks for you showing it

    Liz@VioletPosys inspiring blog post..Thankyou so much!

  14. teresa

    I love that Kitchen- there’s just something about it that calls to me. I’m also a big fan of glass in some of the cabinets.
    Thanks for sharing- I’m off to check out her site.

    teresas inspiring blog post..Joy on his Face-

  15. Jessica Washburn

    That is one pretty kitchen. I love all the soft colors. Please come by my blog today for my first ever give away. :)

  16. melissa baldwin

    Love your blog…..I love a good makeover/redesign.

    melissa baldwins inspiring blog post..Funny things

  17. Wendy

    OH I adore her kitchen makeover! It inspired me to redo my kitchen shelves. I posted about it a week or so ago! Thank you Heather…and thank you Melissa for sharing her kitchen here!

    Wendys inspiring blog post..Inspire-Me Tuesday~

  18. kathysue

    Melissa,In our present economic climate this is a great post to show a total re-do is not necessary to have a lovely kitchen.I did the same thing 5 yrs ago until I could do a re-do and guess what?! I love it so much I don’t want a re-do anymore.We painted a depression era green and added glass fronts and I even took it a step farther and added mirror to the back of the wall and lights,It makes my small 70s kitchen pretty and larger.We also used the ugly flourescent light box and added mouldings and a vingtage crystal chandelier and what a diff.that made.Easy inexpensive and a big WOW.Kathysue

  19. Tiffany

    Wow! What a beautiful kitchen. I just love the texture of glass in cabinets. I’m seriously envious of her white ware. I’m slowly getting a collection of my own.

    Tiffanys inspiring blog post..Bottom Shelf (Damien Rice)

  20. Helen

    Heather’s kitchen is a dream come true … I have glass in a set of cabinets opposite a set with solid doors … I love the look!

    Helens inspiring blog post..No Feelin’ Blue Today!

  21. Misti

    Wow! The pictures look like they came straight out of a magazine! She didn’t miss anything! Love the details and especially the cloche… ahhh that’s gorgeous. The open shelving next to the sink is a perfect use of that wall, imagine decorating the shelves for all seasons, I would anyway…
    Thanks for sharing Melissa, I will stop over at her place too.

    Misti @ Studio M Designss inspiring blog post..To Be or Not To Be…A Bench

  22. Valerie

    I LOVE it. It’s so fresh and alive.

  23. PamperingBeki

    That is so beautiful! I love all the white.

    It’s so fresh and crisp!

    PamperingBekis inspiring blog post..Waiting…

  24. Heidi

    Quite beautiful. I too, love the idea of making over and reviving what I already have. This kitchen is stunning and so inspiring.

    Heidi@TrulyEngagings inspiring blog post..In Love and War

  25. Amber Filkins

    I also follow her blog, and saw her kitchen makeover a few days ago. But it is so beautiful, I could never get tired of seeing it! Thanks for sharing.

    Amber Filkinss inspiring blog post..Bachelor Review

  26. Pat

    Thanks for sharing this, Melissa…it’s beautiful!!

    Pats inspiring blog post..~Red & White~

  27. Brianna

    Great kitchen! It looks very much like my dream kitchen!

    Briannas inspiring blog post..Rotten Bananas! (Banana Bread Day)

  28. Myrnie

    Oh sigh….what a wonderful kitchen! I’ve been slowly collecting white pieces, after seeing pictures of white dinnerware on white shelves. I’m hoping that if I collect enough, my husband will instantly want to build me some shelves when I suggest it. :) Right now our kitchen is a mish-mash of mustard paint, terra-cotta and teal backsplash tiles, and oak cabinets. Oh, and green counters. It needs serious help…thanks for the inspiration :)

    Myrnies inspiring blog post..Ernie’s Lunch Prayer And a Jar

  29. shelly beson

    I’m redoing my own kitchen and really love what she did here. I have a new house with good cabinets and want so badly to paint them white. My husband is soooo against it. I’m doing a before and after on my blog when I get it done. Thanks for the great info.

    shelly besons inspiring blog post..Le Studio

  30. laura

    I am one dishwasher away (coming Saturday!) from completing a kitchen makeover…which will not be nearly as stellar as this one!! But I do appreciate a good makeover vs. gut reno myself. Heather has some beautiful collections and objects that she’s created the perfect room to display in. Brava! :-)

    laura @ the shore houses inspiring blog post..What a week.

  31. LuLu

    Dreamy! love all the touches! Glass doors a wonderful touch! that is a ohh and ahhh lovely kitchen!!!! Thanks for sharing to see wonderful ideas!!!

    LuLus inspiring blog post..Daydreaming Kind Of Day….

  32. jenifriend

    I love the glass panes in the cupboards; it’s definitely something I’ll have to try in my home after we’ve moved in and are looking to fine tune the details.

    jenifriends inspiring blog post..Just A Quick Touchbase

  33. Ferrill

    I think I’m in love. Her kitchen is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Ferrills inspiring blog post..Draper Temple Open House

  34. Julianne

    Love it! I think the best thing about glass-front cabinets is that it forces you to keep your cupboards organized and nice-looking! I think I will have to keep those on my “someday” list…

  35. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall

    This is just beautiful. Very calming and romantic, and still workable. I love this re-do!

  36. Bonnie Mattson

    Melissa, this is a great remodel. We have a kitchen remodel coming up so I have been enjoying the ideas. Loved the one a week or so ago with the marble counter tops, also in white. Both are beautiful! Thanks for being so inspiring!

    Bonnie Mattsons inspiring blog post..Let There Be Light

  37. anita rivera

    Hi there! I am a new kid on the blog, so my site is not as professional looking as yours. I did find you a couple of weeks ago on my own but Karen Harvey Cox visited my site and mentioned you again to me. WOW! Can I be part of your following? Please visit me at Castles Crowns and Cottages. I am all about makeovers on a budget. My photos don’t do justice to the hard work we have done, on our own! Your photos are beautiful and you truly inspire us lovers of beauty! PTL, ANita

  38. Joni Webb

    I love this! I love the countertops – a great alternative to white marble – it has the same light effect without the “issues.” And I love those shelves – just gorgeous, great job!

    Joni Webbs inspiring blog post..Belgian Design – Hot, Hot, Hot!

  39. Barbara

    Oh I love her kitchen, when I saw it on her blog I saved a few of her pics for my kitchen inspiration folder!

    Barbaras inspiring blog post..Spring, Spring, Spring


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