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Easter Recipe, Decorating and Traditions

I am way behind on my Easter plans. I can use moving as an excuse, though. I think. But my son and I did work on some Easter eggs today so I’m trying to catch up with the holiday! It made me so happy to see his smile when we sat down to make the eggs. Kids love traditions like that!

Easter Recipe, Decorating and Traditions

Every season on my blog I like to take a look around Williams Sonoma for some holiday inspiration. I usually look a bit earlier than the week of, but oh well. Better late than never. I saw these sweet little straw bunnies and I LOVE them! I would put those in my kids’ Easter baskets if I had more time to get them. I’ll have to pass on them this time since I don’t have a WS near me anymore.

Easter Recipe, Decorating and Traditions

The last couple of years I’ve seen Easter egg TREES. I’m thinking it is cool to leave branches out all year round seasonal decorating. I’ve always had spring twigs, fall twigs and winter twigs that I change out, but some simple white branches work year round. My son would love this, so I think this is a doable project for this week. I don’t have white branches but any branches would do.

Easter Recipe, Decorating and Traditions

Here is another use for all that leftover moss I had from my moss balls…stuffing it under a bell jar filled with twigs, nests, feathers and eggs! I’m going to fix up my apothecary jar with the eggs my son and I just did and the leftover moss.

Tell me, do you put together Easter baskets? What do you put in them? What do you eat for Easter brunch? What are your Easter/Good Friday traditions?

I try to keep my holidays fairly simple so even if life is crazy {as mine tends to be all the time} I can pull off a holiday without undue stress. One way I do that it to use some traditional recipes year after year. I’ll share my Easter Spinach Sausage Brunch casserole recipe with you all. I’ve used this one for probably 20 years. It is always a hit.

Here is our Easter Recipe!

Spinach Sausage Brunch Casserole

1 lb. bulk Italian sausage
1 cup chopped onion
1 lg bell pepper, roasted and chopped (I broil a couple of them them in the oven until the skin turns black, then I steam them in a baggie for about 10 minutes and then remove the skin)
9 oz. pkg. frozen chopped spinach thawed and well drained
1 cup flour
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 T. chopped fresh basil
8 eggs
2 cups of milk
4 oz (1 cup) Provolone cheese (shredded or even sliced is fine)

Heat oven to 425 degrees F.
Grease 13 x 9 inch pan.

In large skillet, brown sausage and onions. Remove from skillet; drain on paper towels.
Arrange sausage mixture in greased pan.
Sprinkle half of chopped pepper over sausage mixture; top with spinach.

Lightly spoon flour into measuring cup; level off.
In large bowl, combine flour, Parmesan cheese, salt and basil. In another large bowl, combine eggs and milk; beat until smooth. Add egg mixture to flour mixture; beat until well blended. Pour over spinach.  (you can cover it and put in fridge for 2 hours at this point—in fact, I put it in the fridge over night).

Bake at 425 degrees F for 20 to 25 minutes or until knife in center comes out clean. Sprinkle casserole with remaining red pepper and Provolone cheese. Bake at 425 degrees for additional 1 to 2 minutes until cheese is melted. Let stand about 5 minutes. Cut into squares. Serves 8 to 10.

Easter Recipe, Decorating and Traditions

A Woman Inspired Giveaway

Lastly, I need some questions from YOU. If you were at A Woman Inspired online conference on Wednesday, what questions would you ask me?

All products and images from Williams Sonoma



  1. Jennifer

    We traditionally do mass, brunch, Easter egg hunting….the usual. This year we are leaving for Disney on Easter morning! It’s a surprise for the kids and I am dying to spill the beans! We had an Easter egg hunt over the weekend at a local college and I had to buy dresses for the girls but they are very casual this year…perfect for a plane ride!
    I also have that glass basket. It was given to my girls on their first Easter. I just love it!

    Jennifers inspiring blog post..Welcome

  2. Nicole

    I really love your site and have been happy to find you several times through Simple Mom and now through the Inspired Woman conference links.
    I love the simple ideas of decorating for Easter.
    I’m blogging all this week about ways to celebrate Jesus through Easter. I hope you can join

    Nicoles inspiring blog post..Celebrate Easter-Pray

  3. denise

    Nice Melissa,

    We always have an egg tree because of the old children’s book “The Egg Tree” by Katherine Milhous. I love children’s books and I always place the book on an easel at the base of our tree. We just use tree branches placed in an old crock that belonged to my grandmother.

    Thanks for always being so inspiring!

  4. Jodi

    This is only my daughter’s 2nd Easter, so we’re still working on making our own traditions.

    Last year, she was too young for an egg hunt, so we just did a small basket. This year, we’ll be staying at my parents 4 hours away, so she’ll get to do an egg hunt with her 4 year old big cousin.

    We will be bringing basket supplies – crayons, finger paints, coloring book, sidewalk chalk, chocolate and a kite – to put together a basket there.

    We will do mass on Saturday evening (no Sunday morning mass in their small town :-( and then dinner with my mother’s side of the family which always involves a ham and a birthday cake for me when I am present for Easter celebrations. :-)

    I know we’ll add new traditions as we go along – and I’m sure they’re bound to change and adjust as our children get older.

    The best part of any holiday is getting to spend time with our family.

    Happy Easter!

  5. SoBella Creations

    For my daughters I do try to limit the amount of candy they get in their baskets. They always get a book pertaining to Easter. Sometimes a movie that they have had on their “list”. Bubble bath or cute soaps. This year I found some cute little horns like a train whistle, penny whistle, Kazoo. So I think they will enjoy those things.

    As far as questions ~ I would ask what inspires you in your everyday life? How do you try to inspire other people? What do you do to find inspiration daily?

    SoBella Creationss inspiring blog post..When I am Quiet on O’ahu

  6. Remodeling Guy

    Hi Melissa!

    The recipe sounds great!

    The Easter Egg Tree reminds me of a trip Kim and I took to Europe a long time ago, probably fifteen years ago or more. In Switzerland and Austria all the picturesque little towns had Easter decorations everywhere, including eggs in all the trees in the town! It was really beautiful!

    Thanks for bringing back the great memory!


    Remodeling Guys inspiring blog post..Close-Up Video: Build Your Skills Outdoors!

  7. Traci

    I often worrying about how I present myself on my blog or even Facebook for that matter. I have friends who I know are not AT ALL like what they have on their blogs or Facebook. I wanted my blog to be a journal of my life…not a lie. Unfortunately, I have to hide some things because there are people reading that I don’t want to know certain things. I also want to be a Christian witness through these avenues. How do you balance offering your life on your blog and not telling too much or too little to give a skewed perspective? Thanks! Traci

    Tracis inspiring blog post..Prom with Friends….

  8. Sue

    Easter traditions include hidden baskets of sweets and treats for my kids, church, and an egg hunt at home afterward. This year, we are going to brunch at a local golf club because we have so many family members coming to visit, we can’t all sit down in my little house at once!

    As for questions, I would love to hear more about something I struggle with – the desire to surround myself with beautiful things and yet the goal to live simply and non-materialistically. Fortunately, much of my problem is solved by budget! But I still often feel that those two things are competing within me. How do I teach my kids that material things don’t matter and yet still make a lovely and cozy nest for us that we all treasure?

    Sue @ My Party of 6s inspiring blog post..A challenge

  9. Shilo

    This year we can’t be with any extended family but we are excited that our firstborn is old enough to enjoy an easter egg hunt! I’ll also be making bunny buns which are sweet rolls in the shape of little rabbits (adorable). And most of all we’ll be worshiping the RISEN SAVIOR!
    My question for your conference would be, how much time do you spend on your personal blog – writing posts, finding inspiration and answering emails, etc.; and how much time do you spend looking at other peoples blogs. Do you limit yourself?

  10. Candace

    We actually don’t do Easter baskets. I do a summer basket instead when they get out of school- stuff to get us through the long summer :). We try to keep Easter centered on Christ.

    I’m fairly new to your blog so you might have already answered this, but if you had $100 to spend on your house what items would you buy? One big thing- lots of little things.?

    Candaces inspiring blog post..The Weekend Wrap-up

  11. Deidra

    I’m definitely trying that recipe! Thanks for sharing it.

    Here’s my question: With regard to your church planting ministry, and from a fellow ministry spouse, how to you distinguish/discern the difference between a “call” and an “invitation”? How do you decide that it’s God telling you to pick up your life and move on, as opposed to your own desire to try something new?

    Deidras inspiring blog post..*Daddy*

  12. Vee

    Will definitely be in your listening audience tomorrow! I’m very excited about it and posted a little bit about it today. If you tell us what you want to tell us, then I think the bases will be covered. What you’ve shared above sounds excellent. Finding passion or life’s work is always a big thing for me. Sometimes, I feel as if life has passed me by and that I will never do whatever-it-is-that-I’m-supposed-to-be-doing.

    Have fun with it!

    Loved seeing all the Easter images today.

    Vees inspiring blog post..Windows Live Writer Experiment and Much More

  13. Debbykay

    Lovely ideas to celebrate Easter and create traditions and memories! Kids really do love traditions–the time spent with mom and dad, don’t they!

    We haven’t been dying Easter eggs for about 15 years. Our “girls” provide us with the most beautiful blue and green eggs–the colors are amazing! In the past, we used natural ingredients to dye eggs, spices, teas and produce. The colors are soft and lovely–but it takes a little longer as the eggs need to sit in the dye.

    Have a wonderful Easter celebration!
    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

    Debbykays inspiring blog post..Beautiful Easter Eggs {au naturale

  14. Marcy

    How much time do you spend on the computer each day? I find that once I get on it’s easy to spend a lot of time checking out blogs and sites. How do you keep this to a “reasonable” amount of time?

  15. Still Learning

    Hi Melissa, I have a couple of questions actually.
    1. How do you know the difference between you thinking you are supposed to be doing something and thinking it’s from God or an actually calling?

    2. How did you or did you keep your peace through a job loss?

    Still Learnings inspiring blog post..It Snowed This Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Taylor at Household Management 101

    Yes, I do create Easter baskets for the kids. They have plastic eggs with some candy, a small toy or too, and we do an Easter egg hunt. It is lots of fun. We already dyed Easter eggs, about 2 weeks ago actually because the kids were so excited. It is always a lot of fun. It is one of my favorite holidays for religious reasons, obviously, but also for the simple fun activities with the kids.

    Taylor at Household Management 101s inspiring blog post..Apr 7, House Cleaning Quotes Worth Thinking About

  17. Gina

    Well we keep it pretty simple-a few easy to prepare and fix ahead dishes are all we do. Church takes the priority of the day so we focus on that instead. We make the baskets for the kids easy too, just a little bit of candy and a new outside toy. This year we’ll just pick up some of the big bouncy balls-I know they don’t fit in a basket but the kids have been asking for them!

    That brunch casserole sounds yummy!

    Ginas inspiring blog post..oh, that smell!

  18. Tracey Young

    I stumbled upon your site and I love it! Your home and ideas are so beautiful-they are inspiring to me!

    My question is, how do you find contenment while trying to create the beauty? I have always struggled with contentment-it is a continuous prayer of mine! And I am wondering if you are content or do you keep searching for something better (knowing that really, there is nothing better than the Lord!)
    Thanks so much!!!!

    Tracey Youngs inspiring blog post..WWJD? Or, What Would Jennifer Do??

  19. Julia

    I’m on Spring Break, visiting family, and will be on the road on Wednesday, so I’m not sure if I could see your session unless they let you watch it later or something? But if possible, I’ll check it out!

    I liked the questions some people already asked, but would also just enjoy hearing more about your journey to this point in your life, since you said so much has changed after turning 40. :-)

    Julia @ Hookedonhouses.nets inspiring blog post..I Wonder How These Neighbors Feel About Each Other?

  20. Karen B

    Wow, you’ve received some great questions so far. I just glad I’m not the one answering them! ;-) Regarding Easter, we have the usual traditions of worship and food. I always make a carrot cake for Easter. It just seems appropriate. Our girls are adults now, so Easter baskets haven’t happened in a long time. I’m actually doing one this year for my youngest who will be home. It’s mostly just girly stuff, not candy. One of our most consistent traditions is to watch Ben Hur. It’s a long movie, so it’s probably only good for older teens or adults. But, it’s a very personal, yet fictional, look at the life of Christ and the impact of his sacrifice for us. It actually doesn’t depict the Resurrection, but definitely through the cross. It’s really great.

    Karen Bs inspiring blog post..Mission Accomplished

  21. Barbara

    First, don’t include me in the tickets, I’d love one, but I have to work. Question I’d ask you: What prompted you to start blogging? What was the turning point for you in terms of authentic living, you’ve mentioned before you used to want everything magazine ready: when, how, why did that change? or has it? Would you mind doing a post answering all of the commenters questions after Wednesday for those of us who can’t attend?

    Second, to answer your questions:
    Hubby and I do easter baskets for each other, (no kids yet, still waiting to be chosen in the adoption process) usually with a movie, card game, or other goodie, and our favorite treats.

    For easter morning I usually have an overnight french toast casserole ready to pop in the oven. We usually go to his parents for Easter with the rest of his family. We eat an early dinner, then read the story of easter from a children’s picture book Bible (13 little kids!). It’s too cold and usually still tons of snow on the ground so we have only been able to hide eggs for the kids outside once in the 12 years we’ve had nieces and nephews. So we usually hide them inside, in the largest room in the house. They go in the room in groups of 4 youngest to oldest and each find 6 plastic eggs. The plastic eggs are filled with jellybeans, erasers, quarters, etc.

    Barbaras inspiring blog post..Monday Musings {48}

  22. Milie

    I have a question….
    Do you get any negative responses to the ideas put forth in your blog, and how do you deal wth them?
    I find your blog very inspirational, as well as beautiful!

    Milies inspiring blog post..Birds !!

  23. songbirdtiff

    I would love to attend the conference! I know I might not be able to watch while it’s going on, but I can catch it later.

    I’m very interested in hearing your story of starting your blog. What I really want to know is what has been the hardest part of all of your moves? It seems like you guys have moved quite a few times for work or church, has it been hard on your family? Have you grown closer because of it ?

    songbirdtiffs inspiring blog post..Lead Me To The Cross (Hillsong United)

  24. Michelle

    Hi Melissa,
    I am fairly certain the two of you will have plenty to talk about, and I’m betting the time will just fly by. I’d like to know whether you ever feel like you’re showing a cleaned up version of yourself and your home life on your blog. It’s hard to know what to share and what not to share on your blog. Very often, we choose to only share the ‘pretty’, when, in fact, it may be more helpful to readers to share more of the ‘ugly.’ (Let me just say that I am not talking about you or Alli specifically, but all of us women bloggers out there.)

    I know that for me, the posts that touch me the most are the ones that make me feel better about my fault-filled self. You know…the ones where someone shares her mistakes, worries, limitation, etc.

    Thanks for the opportunity. Have a great time tomorrow.
    -Michelle (aka Vintagesquirrel)

    Michelles inspiring blog post..The No-Good, Horrible Day

  25. Adrienne

    Oh, I’d love to be part of your conference. Hope I can be there to hear your story. If we can’t all be there, will you share it with us sometime soon? Please? I’m doing some Easter decorating this week since life has been crazy and I was sick for most of two weeks. Now that I’m feeling better I think I need to get busy – especially since our kids and grandkids, my dear little mother and cousin and her husband will all be together here at my home after church on Sunday. A day to celebrate life together – the living Jesus and the life of my sweet dad who would have been eighty six on Sunday. We are going to have his favorite dessert as part of our time together!

    Adriennes inspiring blog post..Remembering

  26. Kirsty

    Oh! I would love a ticket!

    I am from South Africa and I am still trying to get a feel for the Easter basket idea (14 years later :D). We just did an egg hunt as kids and that is what I have continued with my own kids. They have baskets but they are just to collect the eggs they find, some other candy and a chocolate bunny each. It’s all about the sugar here, no other presents ;)

    As for a question for you. Hmm…how about this-how do you fit cleaning and tidying into your routine. I am frustrated that just cleaning and cleaning again takes up time I want to be nesting and prettifying (a word?)

    Kirstys inspiring blog post..A Little Horror Story

  27. Jennifer

    We spend Easter at my parent’s house. Mass, a wonderful brunch, then spend the day together. Visiting and playing games, depending on the weather, inside or out. My mom has always made us Easter baskets. But not just loaded with candy. Of course there is always a few things of candy, but she takes the time to include a personal little gift in each basket. It means so much to know that she thinks about each of us individually, and the gift is from her heart, not just a basket full of candy.

    Jennifers inspiring blog post..Spring?

  28. sara

    My sister and I take our kids to our parents’ house and they dye eggs and then have the egg hunt. My mom always makes a cake in the shape of a bunny, the kids LOVE it. We come back on Saturday afternoon so we can go to church at home. This year we have been doing the Resurrection Eggs. My church sold them this year and it’s been great to open an egg each day leading up to Easter and read the corresponding scripture. My son is only five but he has really enjoyed them and I think it helps him understand better the true meaning of Easter.

  29. Kara

    Love your apothecary jars with the nests; and your breakfast casserole sounds divine!

    One of my kid’s favorite Easter tradition is that the Easter bunny hides jelly beans in nooks and crannies all around the house. They have fun searching. He seems to get more clever every year! ;)

    Karas inspiring blog post..Cheap & Easy Fabric Easter Eggs (and basket)

  30. amydeanne

    I think someone else asked it as well, but what’s your inspiration? and how much do you actually do in your own home!

    amydeannes inspiring blog post..Hear the Easter story

  31. J. Cochran

    You can even make your own Easter tree. Just clip a branch or twig and spray paint it white (or any other Spring color), and stand it up in a nice vase. Decorate it with ribbons, photos or eggs drawn on pretty paper.

    J. Cochrans inspiring blog post..Pencil In Some Thanks

  32. Missy K

    Thanks for the chance to ask a question. It is really for some family members who are in a difficult time. How do you stay encouraged when all outward signs are discouraging– when you pray and pray and God seems silent?

  33. Jolie Musick

    Normally we have a good old fashion Texas Easter bring-a-dish-brunch. Mama, Dad and I make friend chicken with honey, mashed potatoes, chard gratin, parkerhouse rolls, and fruit pies after going to church in a tiny clapboard chapel near my parent’s neighborhood. The rest of the food is up to the people who bring it! But this year my Dad is in Houston recovering from cancer surgery. So we are going to decorate his room with Easter prettiness!

    Jolie Musicks inspiring blog post..Tickled pink

  34. Noelle Tomco

    I have failed miserably at creating holiday traditions. but the one we always do for Easter is church and dinner with family or friends. your casserole looks amazing.
    question: What is the best way to support your husband in a new job change?

    Noelle Tomcos inspiring blog post..Kate is four!

  35. Karla

    I just happend to come up on your blog and I love it! I’m almost an empty nester and my older kids are not married so no grandkids. BUT I have a 4 year old grand niece and I love making things for her. For her Easter basket I bought a clear plastic paint can and decorated it with stickers and adorned it with darling embellishments. It’s so cute. You can check it out on my blog to see it. My kids that live away I send them boxes full of easter candy, homemade cookies and a new piece of clothing. My daughter who is still home gets a basket full of candy, jewelery anything silly and fun I can find. Easter sunday we attend church and have a great dinner with family. We live in Idaho and the last two days have been beautiful. We’re holding our breath hoping it will hold out for the weekend! Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.

  36. Garret Belisle

    I love that recipe, now I know what I am making (yum). Our family does the usual, church, family and dinner. The only difference we have is at the end of dinner, no I am not making this part up, we move to the backyard and have a water fight with easter balloons.

    I love that part lol. This year will be off as we have snow still….maybe warm water ;)

    Happy Easter Everyone

    Garret Belisles inspiring blog post..An oldy but a goody – funny job application.

  37. teresa

    I too love the apothecary jars with the birds nest in them- to die for.
    Wish I wasn’t so busy, I would love to hear you speak at the conference.
    I will be at my Sons graduation.
    Our Easter baskets always have “peeps” in them then they get roasted later =) We usually do all our Easter Bunny/ basket stuff on the Saturday before, and leave Sunday for Church and the real meaning of Easter. After church we have a great family dinner-
    Have a wonderful day-
    Thanks for always having fabulous idea- and best wishes with the conference.

    teresas inspiring blog post..Happy Anniversary to us…..

  38. Susan

    We always have breakfast casserole for Easter morning. My Nana, Mother, and now I always make it.

    How do you find the time in the day to balance the necessary tasks while still drawing inspiration to other aspects of your life? How do you balance work/life comfortably – making everyone and yourself happy?

    Blessings and hugs!

  39. Jenn

    I found your blog through the conference. I will be listening. I already LOVE you blog. I am a ministry wife and love doing the best I can to make our fixer upper houses a cozy home. My question is, How do you know when God has called you to support your husband and when you should follow your own ministry calling?

    Jenns inspiring blog post..ER Finale

  40. Addi's mom

    We usually just dye a few eggs…and of course focus on the real reason for the Easter season. Can’t really think of a question for you, but would love to hear you speak!

  41. Meredith

    We have a public holiday on Good Friday in Australia, so it is usually a pretty low-day, quiet family day after Holy Communion in the morning. Easter Sunday is all about hot cross buns, eggs and rejoicing. At church they minister says “Christ is Risen” and everyone yells out “He is risen indeed!”. It’s wonderful.

    My question would be:
    How do you determine which direction your blog is going to take?

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

  42. Sanity Fair

    As a relatively new blogger, I’d like to know: how do you avoid blog burnout? Your site has a lot of variety (and creativity)! How do you keep those creative juices flowing?

    Sanity Fairs inspiring blog post..Wall Hangings From Textile Arts

  43. Elaine

    Yes, I still do Easter Baskets for my kids! Sadly they hardly ever got candy from us in their baskets…everything was NON-candy (we did buy it for ourselves but just didn’t get them into that habit!) They now get fragrance items (i’ve been buyin on ebay lately because things are so expensive and I am not getting bonuses very often at work), maybe a piece of jewelry if I can afford it, a framed picture, something for their bulletin board/room, sometimes neat pens/pencils/paper pads and art supplies, DVDs, games, little scrapbook things that I make for them, and we try to give them one of the little treasure items that belonged to either my husband’s parents or my grandparents (handing them down something that has sentimental value -sometimes it’s an odd thing like a slide rule for my son, a crocheted doily for my daughter, etc…). I love this time of year. I used to leave a messy table in the evening (making sure they saw what a mess it was and complaining about it) then the next morning have it set super cute with all of the Easter accessories and plates etc….they used to think the Easter bunny came and cleaned up for me and set the table for them! LOL

  44. Laura

    I am new to your blog, but I love it so far. I happened in on the day you were doing a drive-by in Gig Harbor. I grew up driving the hour to Gig Harbor because my grandparents lived there! It was a great place to be growing up, and has changed so much since then! Since I don’t really know your story yet, I’ll wait to read as it comes out. My question would be regarding blogging about your life, and would be along the lines of, “Do you have times where you think you just don’t have anything interesting to blog about? And if so, what do you do then? Do you feel obligated to blog even if you don’t feel you have good content, or do you wait until you do? Do you keep a ‘rainy day’ blog list of ideas for when you’re fresh out? Etc.” I am considering starting a blog, but I’m not sure I’d be very consistent at it. And I’d echo one I read above, regarding how much time on average do you think you spend on your own blog and things associated with it? Does anyone else think this way besides me?

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to reading back in your archives. You have nice photos and inspiring decor. Thanks for sharing!

  45. Gayle at Mountain Moma

    I’m into bringing beauty into your home through simple things. How do you bring beauty into your home on a regular basis that would be available to every homemaker?
    One of the very simple traditions I do for Easter is fill our home with daffodils. They are grown commercially a few miles from here (check out my blog for pics of the fields of them!) and you can get a bouquet for just a few dollars. Every Easter I have an abundant display of them , as well as take a bouquet to church for our alter on Easter.

    Gayle at Mountain Momas inspiring blog post..Daffodil Valley

  46. Julie

    Melissa–Thank you for the inspiration. With two grown children and 3 precious grands I still like to do Easter baskets, thought I would down size to Easter bags this year, but probably not. :) We do all of our “fun” Easter things on Saturday, hide eggs, do baskets, and keep Sunday for Jesus. I hope your Wednesday is wonderful, wish I were there. Have a beautiful Easter with your sweet family.

  47. Laura Ingalls Gunn

    What gorgeous images! Stop on by my blog and view my Easter tree and a sweet nest of baby hummingbirds.

    Laura Ingalls Gunns inspiring blog post..Easter Table Ideas

  48. Sandy M.

    I will be “visiting” with you in a few minutes on the conference; just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you & Allison, & I’m really looking forward to our time together! (I am Gretchen’s mom…NewEveryAM)

  49. Miss Sandy

    Hi Melissa,

    I came by to give you a standing ovation for your inspirational talk today over at A Woman Inspired conference! You are such and encouragement. I am at a new phase in my life right now and my roles have changed and left we wondering what’s next. I loved the reminder that “God knows what our passions are and He can and will use them because He gave them to us for a reason, all we have to do is be willing.”

    Miss Sandys inspiring blog post..Listen My Children…..

  50. Jill Flory

    Hi Melissa,
    I love that nest in the top pic. I need one of those, where did it come from? If you want white twigs you could always spray paint some from the back yard!
    Have a happy Easter, HE IS RISEN!

    Jill Florys inspiring blog post..Easter outfits.

  51. LuLu

    Thank you for the recipe. I must try it. Easter is always a big event. We always celebrate Easter and 2 of my childrens birthday together,This year my daughter turns 9 the day before. We go to church and invite other military families that don’t have families near by to come to our home and celebrate with us. Lots of food and large egg hunt.

    LuLus inspiring blog post..Simple Act…

  52. Julia

    Thanks for the ticket! I just got home from our trip, so I missed your session, but I hope it went well! They say I can download all of the ones I missed after May 9.

    Julia @ Hooked on Housess inspiring blog post..Sally Field’s $6.95 Million Malibu Home


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