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Interior Windows:
Make a Small Space Brighter & Larger

by | Jun 3, 2009 | Decorating Inspiration, Details

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Interior Windows: <br>Make a Small Space Brighter & Larger

(inspiration: kitchen and bath ideas)

If you have a small house or a small closed in room, a great way to make the space feel larger is to open it up visually with an interior window. You can find old windows at garage sales, second hand stores and old house parts stores. If you are handy or have access to someone who is, this would be a great project that could completely transform the feeling of your space.

Adding a window to a solid wall in a hallway, closet or small bath can make a space feel less claustrophobic.

Interior Windows: <br>Make a Small Space Brighter & Larger

{inspiration: remodeling center}

Dividing walls can define a space, but by adding a window you don’t block all the light plus you add a charming detail to the space.

Interior Windows: <br>Make a Small Space Brighter & Larger

{inspiration: This Old House}

Even if you don’t actually put in glass, cutting out openings or avoiding a solid wall gives a more open feel.

Interior Windows: <br>Make a Small Space Brighter & Larger

{inspiration: Better Homes & Gardens}

In a windowless room, you can add a window to take advantage of the view and light coming from a room that does have a window!

Interior Windows: <br>Make a Small Space Brighter & Larger

{inspiration: Better Homes & Gardens}

Change out solid cabinet doors for glass and you’ll be amazed at how much roomier your space will feel!

Interior Windows: <br>Make a Small Space Brighter & Larger

{inspiration: Remodeling Center}

Vellum sheets, curtains, shutters or stained glass can be added to interior windows if privacy is desired!

Interior Windows: <br>Make a Small Space Brighter & Larger

{inspiration: This Old House}

Changing out a solid interior door for a glass door is another way to make a big impact by visually expanding your space.

Interior Windows: <br>Make a Small Space Brighter & Larger

{inspiration: Pottery Barn}

If you want a quick or less permanent fix, a mirror can always stand in for a window.
And if you place it across from a real window, the impact is doubled!

Interior Windows: <br>Make a Small Space Brighter & Larger

{inspiration: My Home Ideas}

You can even create “windows” outside to expand those dark corners!
Put mirrors on the outside of your house, hang them on fences and above potting tables!

Make the most of the space you have with a few interior windows to increase the visual size of your room, magnify and reflect the light and even give your room a brand new view!


  1. Marian

    Wonderful ideas!!

    Marians inspiring blog post..ELVIS :(

  2. Becky K.

    Hmmm….I have never thought of this. What a great alternative to the classic pass through. I’ve been itching to open up the space between our kitchen and living room…maybe this is a possibility.

    Thanks for the idea to ponder.

    Becky K.s inspiring blog post..Great Light!

  3. Kathy

    Love the pictures you used for this post! For my next house I have at least one cabinet with glass doors in the kitchen on my wish list. Before we redid our master bath, we had put in glass block to allow light from the window to come through the tub/shower to the sink on the other side. Worked beautifully and better than a solid wall full of tile.

  4. Julia

    My aunt built a house recently and her architect added interior transom windows to bring light into a dark hallway and bath. It really works! I love it.

    Julia @ Hooked on Housess inspiring blog post..This Georgian Colonial in Greenwich Has Kick

  5. Debbykay

    Love the ideas for opening up small spaces with windows, glass cabinet fronts or mirrors. Living in a cottage, I am always looking for more ways to create the feeling and illusion of more space. Thanks for sharing, Melissa!

    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

    Debbykays inspiring blog post..Gorgeous Greens {lightly dressed

  6. Mrs.Rabe

    What fabulous inspiration, Melissa! I love the ideas about the indoor windows! Don’t know where I would use it but, I like the idea to ponder!


    Mrs.Rabes inspiring blog post..1 Thessalonians 4:13

  7. Christi

    I love all the pictures, but especially that last one. Inspiring post!

  8. Misti of Studio M Design

    Love, love, love the idea of an interior window. Actually, I would love to incorporate one over my kitchen sink. Our kitchen and family room have an “opening” between them. Adding an old window would be really cool! Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I would hurt someone for that Pottery Barn mirror, and I adore the short, squatty pillars!


    Misti of Studio M Designs inspiring blog post..Window Ideas: A Great Look for Less

  9. songbirdtiff

    I could just spend HOURS looking at the photos you find. Thanks for putting them all in one place. :)

    songbirdtiffs inspiring blog post..

  10. Karen B

    Great post, Melissa. Newer California homes come with big “windows” in the walls. They’re definitely not framed out pretty like the ones you posted, though. I did have a huge mirror made to reflect the view outside, though. It made a huge difference. I think it’s way back somewhere on my blog.

    Karen Bs inspiring blog post..Hardware project

  11. Our Creative Life

    Love all the inspiration pics, especially the toilet area. Now it is less claustrophobic feeling!

  12. Gina

    I love these ideas! That last picture is amazing-it’s got my wheels turning…wondering if I could something similar.

    Thanks for sharing great inspiration as usual!

    Ginas inspiring blog post..Living Simply-Yet Focused

  13. aubrey

    What a good idea–I better start collecting old windows for future use. And be on the lookout for a mirror–I would never have thought to hang one outside so people with their backs to the view can still enjoy it–as well as the light.

    aubreys inspiring blog post..You know what’s cool?

  14. Arleen

    Hi Melissa. I agree with you — windows make a huge difference. And when there is none, mirrors and lighting can do the trick! ~Arleen

    Arleen @ Seasons for All at Homes inspiring blog post..Wall Decor ~ Large Round Mirrors

  15. beth daggett

    Great post. Such beautiful pictures and terrific ideas!

    beth daggetts inspiring blog post..Our little spelling champ

  16. Culpepper

    I could (and want too) live in each of these pictures. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

  17. anne

    Fantastic ideas….I want to know how to make a Large room smaller..when it has two big windows, one at either end of the room..!!

    annes inspiring blog post..Feeling Flowery…..

  18. Roeshel

    Beautiful inspiration! Thanks! Now I’m wondering where I can add an interior window! haha. We did install French doors in the place of single solid doors…huge difference!

    Roeshels inspiring blog post..Painting Kitchen Cabinets – New Look!

  19. katiedid

    Yes! Great ideas, every one. I put a window in an interior laundry room (that had no windows) to capture the light from a window right across a stairwell for this very purpose….get some of that light in here!

    katiedids inspiring blog post..Shopping: Lighten Up!

  20. pearl maple

    Fabulous images full of inspiration. Lots of fun things you can do with those interior windows.

    pearl maples inspiring blog post..Sky Watch Friday

  21. Rebekah

    I love the “built-on” look of interior windows. The mirrors outdoors thing is intriguing. Thanks for the lovely pictures.

    Rebekahs inspiring blog post..Got It At Goodwill!

  22. Jen

    Great pictures, especially love the bathroom. One of the best things we did after we moved into our house last year was to swap out the solid door at the top of the basement stairs for a French door–makes our space so much brighter and less closed in! The best part was that the door was re-used from another room where we no longer needed it because we had the doorway enlarged : )

    Jens inspiring blog post..Patriotic Etsy Update

  23. laurie

    Beautiful inspiration. Thanks. laurie

  24. SJN

    all wonderful! Love your blog! Come see me sometime at Tales of a Golf Gal and the latest Bridal Buzz from WED event design

    SJNs inspiring blog’s your party!

  25. caren

    Such great ideas, as usual! Thanks for sharing ideas and wonderful photos.

  26. used cars sioux falls

    What a great idea! I’ve never thought of that. I’ve got an upstairs bathroom with no window and I hate it! I love windows.

  27. LuLu

    This is my favorite! I have a few areas where I want to cut out the drywall and add window and am crazy for the mirrors outside! Great photo!!!

    LuLus inspiring blog post..Sunshine….

  28. Annika

    Thanks for all those inspiring photos, I’m moving in a few weeks so I’m really happy about such great ideas.

  29. Aimee

    Oh, I love these ideas for using windows indoors! I recently hung an old window from my patio ceiling and I love how it turned out! Love, love, love all those gorgeous photos! Makes me inspired! :)

    Aimees inspiring blog post..Repurposed Window

  30. Mary Joy

    Those are all so gorgeous! Wow! I am so wishing we owned our own home right now so that we could start creating windows! Thanks for the beautiful inspirations!
    .-= Mary Joy´s last blog ..My nesting journey ~ such a freeing place to be! =-.


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