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Backyard Parties
& New Plants for Privacy!

by | Jun 5, 2009 | Gardens & Outdoor Rooms

Backyard Parties <br> & New Plants for Privacy!

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks! My daughter is graduating tonight from high school and that has meant parties, a baccalaureate, tonight’s graduation and lots of fun with college planning–  not to mention looking forward to this weekend when my daughter is FINALLY moving up to Washington with us! We let her stay with friends back in Portland so she could finish high school — that was tough for me! I’ve missed her.

Backyard Parties <br> & New Plants for Privacy!

Our friends hosted a graduation party last weekend and their backyard was amazing!  I love all the bright pillows and fun furniture! Made me really want to spruce up my patio furniture with new cushions and paint. But, for now I can just droll over ideas.

Backyard Parties <br> & New Plants for Privacy!

Even though it was a busy time, I got to do something very fun just for me — take a little time out for shopping at Home Depot! Under the circumstances of our move, shopping for anything other than necessities is not really something I get to experience much! But, with a generous gift card from Home Depot, I was able to have some fun! Sigh. That made me happy.

I’ve been really wanting to find a way to add some privacy to my back deck, but since I cannot do anything permanent I needed to find an alternative that was easy to undo. And at Home Depot’s garden center, I found exactly what I was looking for.

I brought home two gorgeous climbing Star Jasmines! Oh the fragrance coming through the screen on my sliding door! Divine! The plants don’t completely close off my deck to the neighbors behind us, but it is a start. I absolutely love them.

I had a great time looking around the Home Depot garden center, they really had some beautiful plants. What I didn’t know before I went shopping is that Home Depot has a great Garden Club where you can ask questions, find inspiration, get professional advice and even get coupons!

Backyard Parties <br> & New Plants for Privacy!

Now, just so you don’t get too jealous of my little shopping spree, Home Depot has offered to give one of YOU a $100 gift card so you too find something fabulous!

But to enter, you need to come visit me over at Blissfully Domestic this weekend!

Thanks again to Home Depot for the fun shopping trip and giveaway!

Backyard Parties <br> & New Plants for Privacy!

Now, for Beautiful Life Friday where we pause to celebrate the beauty we found this week.

I keep hearing of continuing Mr. Linky troubles! I offer him to you today to share your Beautiful Life posts and just hope he’ll cooperate for us. I’m still hoping MRS. Linky is going to come to the rescue one of these days. But in the meantime, Mr. Linky is all we have. If you don’t have a blog or a post, feel free to share in the comments!

Posts added to Mr. Linky must go to a specific beautiful life post, not to your general blog address. And, link back here to The Inspired Room. All random posts will be deleted. Thanks for following the rules to make this fun and fair to everyone.

Love to you all, thanks for being such sweet and faithful readers. You really do make blogging fun and I really enjoy reading what is going on in your world. I hope you win the Home Depot card! Don’t forget to enter at Blissfully Domestic!

This post was shared at Hooked on Houses, because I am hooked on backyard parties and my new plants!


  1. Beach House Dreamer

    It’s a great (fragranted) start! I didn’t know about the Home Depot garden center.
    And thanks for this party!!!

    Beach House Dreamers inspiring blog post..More than she Dreamed

  2. Jasmine

    I love that patio furniture with big cushions that you would just sink into. You’d never want to leave! Just add a good book, some warm sunshine and a drink…it’d be bliss!

    Lucky you, with a gift voucher to spend to your heart’s content! I love it when I get a gift voucher to spend on anything I could possibly want.

    We don’t have Home Depot in Australia, but good luck to the winner of the giveaway.

    Jasmine @ The Suburban Sentiments inspiring blog post..Etsy in my backyard: Anna Laura

  3. Chie

    WoW! those girly summer chairs are adorable. The cool w/ the bulky sits, we call that in Asia as a “Mama San” chair §:-))

    How I wish it won’t rain tomorrow, as I arranged a bday party to my son. Swedish weather is not friendly at all. It’s been raining the whole day yesterday & never stop.

    My gazebo & other summer chairs are now drown. Luckily, I didn’t hang the banners. Well, hope it stop tomorrow.

    TY for sharing the good & beautiful tips for a happy life.


    Chies inspiring blog post..Mingling With The Famous Interior Designer’s On My SSS #25

  4. nel

    Love the hot pink and green… those big round chairs look so inviting and comfy. The star jasmines look lovely, what a great idea for privacy screening with the bonus of beautiful perfume floating through the windows!

    nels inspiring blog inspiration

  5. Marian

    Oh my goodness, I just am in LURV with the bright PINK [email protected]! I have a white one that needs a new coat of paint and have been THINKING about painting it pink too. Maybe a lighter shade but still PINK!!!!!
    And the round chairs are too cute too.

    Marians inspiring blog post..ELVIS :(

  6. The Blushing Hostess

    Totally capitalizes on the gardens’ flower and greenery shades. It is genius and so refreshing. Can I come over?

    On another note, congratulations to the grad and the parents!

    The Blushing Hostesss inspiring blog post..New York state of mind

  7. Paul / Palabuzz

    I love the rounded chair!

    Paul / Palabuzzs inspiring blog post..Eric Johnston Chua claims inoccence on alleged sex tapes

  8. Terri Steffes

    Sorry I have been away so long! I love the photos of your friend’s backyard. The bright colors are fabulous. Have a good time at graduation!

  9. Cathy

    Congratulations to your daughter for achieving this important milestone! I love the whimsical pink Adirondack chairs and I have never seen such colorful papasan cushions. They look like a nice spot to settle into.

    Cathy @ The Stylish Houses inspiring blog post..A Walk In The Park!

  10. Becky K.

    Hello Melissa!

    I love your new plants.

    What a busy and fun time for you right now!
    It is such a great thing to have a child graduate and
    move to live with you again for a while. I am so
    sure that you really missed her.

    I am not linking up today…my post does not really
    reflect the beautiful things of life…just the realities.

    Have a great weekend!!!!

    Becky K.s inspiring blog post..T.I.R.E.D.

  11. Irene

    I got a new jasmine two weeks ago, and I placed it so as to cover the fence we share with our neighbours. Very popular plant in Greece, lovely aroma, too.

  12. Bella Casa

    What a GORGEOUS backyard for your daughter’s graduation!

    I love the plants that you bought from The Home Depot. I buy most of my plants from there, too.

    Your life is very beautiful, Melissa :)

    Bella Casas inspiring blog post..My Favorite Paint Colors from Behr

  13. Kathy

    I love the brilliant colors of these photos! Beautiful! Congratulations on your daughters graduation and on her being able to come home, graduation is such a happy celebration:>) Now I need to hop over to blissfully domestic, I need that gift card!

    Kathys inspiring blog post..Morning Conversation

  14. Emily

    What a beautiful backyard space they have!

    I love that you got to go shopping for something you wanted instead of what you needed. I love what you picked!

    Happy Friday Melissa

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..$15 Entryway Makeover

  15. Debbykay

    What lovely star jasmine! You are going to enjoy the fragrances this summer, Melissa. The plants are so gorgeous in your backyard.

    Happy gardening and creating!
    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

    Debbykays inspiring blog post..Gorgeous Greens {lightly dressed

  16. Julia

    The climbing jasmine is a great idea. I bet it does smell heavenly! And I hadn’t heard about the Garden Club. I’ll have to check that out.

    Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation! It must be so good to have her back home again for the summer.

    Love those bright chairs and pillows at the top of your post. So cheery and fun. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :-)

    Julia @ Hooked on Housess inspiring blog post..Hooked on Fresh Flowers at Home

  17. Arleen

    Hi Melissa. It’s fun to hear all your news today! Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation, and how nice that she was able to finish out high school in Portland rather than moving mid-school year. I love the photographs you’ve featured today and it sounds as though you had a great time shopping. Star jasmines truly are beautiful! Thank you again for hosting this weekly party, and have a great weekend! ~Arleen

    Arleen @ Seasons for All at Homes inspiring blog post..Decorating in French Country Blue and Yellow

  18. Kim

    I guess we’re all thinking about making our outdoor spaces beautiful. The backyard you featured makes me what to host a party! No graduates this year however…

    Kims inspiring blog post..Everything Old is New Again

  19. kirwin

    When I was in my 2nd year of college, my parents moved back to South Africa for my dad’s job (engineering.) My brother was 11 and excited about the adventure, but my sister was in the middle of her junior year of high school — she had to leave her boyfriend, her BFF’s, her soccer team, her life. My parents agreed that if she came with them January – June, then she’d be allowed to live with her friend (and parents!) for the entirity of her senior year.

    I can’t imagine how difficult how hard that would have been for a mom. Now, I’m a mom, and…wow.

    God bless for you for allowing your daughter to stay in Oregon to finish her year.

    kirwins inspiring blog post..Signature Style, NY style

  20. Deborah Milne

    Melissa: Congratulations to your daughter & to you the parents! It’s a great moment isn’t it?! I had not realized you moved from Portland to Seattle. My eldest daughter lives & works in Portland. My husband & I are flying into Portland next Friday! My eldest son is graduating from the U of O a wk. from tomorrow. So excited! My parents built a gorgeous home in Kelso when they sold our family home in Snohomish & so we get to see family after being gone for one year. We are really hoping to get to Seattle! I hope the weather is perfect for you all this wkend. Happy Celebration!! deb♥

    p.s. Great choices @ Home Depot!

    Deborah Milnes inspiring blog post..French Fabulous

  21. Shawn/Lifeatbuttercupfarm

    I love creating areas of “privacy” on my farm….lots of tall grasses, trees, and BUSHY bushes…..

    I spent a few minutes this week reflecting on what makes my life so beautiful…
    I thought of you and your beautiful blog often knowing that you are committed to sharing these messages. Thank you Melissa, for encouraging people stop to smell the roses and to encourage us all to think about how their lives are filled with beauty each week.

    Have a great weekend…

    Shawn/Lifeatbuttercupfarms inspiring blog post..The Best House Guest

  22. Kristen

    Congratulations to your daughter! What an exciting time for her. And your friends’ backyard is beautiful. I love the color. I also really like the beautiful plants on your deck – it’s such a great idea for creating some privacy. Thanks for sharing!

    Kristen @ Beautifully Imperfects inspiring blog post..A Day In the Life of the Beautifully Imperfect

  23. Nicky

    Beautiful space to celebrate your daughter’s achievements. Congrats to the grad and to all who’ve supported her. It must be great to have her come to you now.

  24. Julie Size

    How festive! The brightly colored furniture is wonderful. I always lean towards a more conservative palate of colors, but that fits their beautiful back yard!

    Julie Sizes inspiring blog post..100 Things About Me…

  25. Charlotte

    Love the HOT PINK chairs – which frankly is worth a trip to the home improvment store to spring for a few bottles of spray paint~!

    Charlottes inspiring blog post..A Hug and a Kiss

  26. Bonnie

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE your blog! It is so awesome and has such great ideas. i absolutely love Home Depot. I thought I was the only woman who could spend hours and hours in Home Depot! LOL! I sure do spend enough in there! Love the pics… Thanks for sharing!

  27. ImagineCozy

    I have been working on getting my backyard a little more festive as well. It has been so fun the past few weeks hitting the yard sales. I have found some wonderful treasures I just have to spend some time sewing up a few pillows for the patio furniture.

    The fabric on the furniture of your friend’s back yard is so fun!

    ImagineCozys inspiring blog post..Cozy Dining Room

  28. Tammy

    I love looking at your blog and hearing your ideas. I especially like the Beautiful Life Fridays. The post I linked to isn’t about home decor or anything, but rather about the beautiful life of my grandmother!
    Welcome to WA and congratulations to your daughter on her graduation.

  29. Mary Jean

    Love friday’s with you! Thanks for the outside pics! I’m so lost outside…an area I avoid, but need to work on!

    Mary Jeans inspiring blog post..Before and After

  30. RML

    I love those chairs and cushions- just gorgeous and the place I would very much like to curl up in the sun with a book…

    RMLs inspiring blog post..Back to Black…

  31. susan

    Congrats on your daughter’s graduation! You must miss her dearly! Love the chairs, and all the wonderful ideas here. Must stop by BD for my chance to win…thanks!

    susans inspiring blog post..A Non-Princess Pink Room

  32. Patty

    I LOve those colorful outdoor oversized chairs with the lush landscaped gardens behind… wish it were mine!

  33. Connie

    Melissa, These are happy times for you. How exciting to have your daughter back with you.
    What a welcome when she sees the gorgeous colors that await her in your backyard. Oh, I just love color !!!
    You are so talented and have a great style .

    Have a great celebration !

  34. SoBella Creations

    Congrats to your daughter! I know you must be so happy that she will be home with you soon. That was so nice of you to let her finish her senior year with her friends. I bet she thinks your a super cool Mom.

    SoBella Creationss inspiring blog post..One Lovely Blog Award

  35. Gina

    I love the jasmine! When we lived in the Valley we had tons of it-so pretty and the smell….I miss that! Now where we live it’s just too cold for them, I’ve tried but they don’t like it here. Enjoy them!

    Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation-what a milestone and how proud you must be.

    Ginas inspiring blog post..Side Table Transformation

  36. Denise

    Wow, those pink chairs are the cat’s meow! Love all the colorful fabrics. Congrats to you and your graduate – aren’t graduation parties fun!

    Denises inspiring blog post..The Geek Squad hits Seattle

  37. Gayle at Mountain Moma

    I love the colors for the party and the wonderful patio. June can be a busy month with the end of school and graduation!

    Gayle at Mountain Momas inspiring blog post..June’s Rose

  38. Sophie

    I love jasmine. What an inspired pick!
    And the backyard looks gorgeous. I am jealous. Our patio area needs redoing from the ground up, before we can even think about new furniture.
    Congratulations to your daughter too. It will be nice for you to have her with you again.

  39. Hydroponic Garden

    I love the chairs! :) The color– with the balloon? Very nice and the plants at the back too. Thanks for sharing

  40. Kelli

    Congratulations to your daughter. Love the pink chairs!! Thanks for sharing.

  41. Adrienne

    oh how I miss the smell of night blooming jasmine on a warm summer night … that is the only thing I miss about California … no night blooming jasmine in Hawaii :(

    Adrienne @ Susan Palmer Designss inspiring blog post..Imperial Range – The “True” Industrial / Commercial Style Residential Range

  42. Rekha

    Wow, loved the colorful backyard….they sure add color to the party…congratulations to your daughter and her mom too :)

    Rekhas inspiring blog post..The numbers tag

  43. Claudia

    You had me reminissing about my kids’ graduations. I agree, its a time for celebration but one of reflection. Tears seem to be on the edge all during those long days of congrats. Hang in there…you should be proud too!

    I love love love those pink chairs and pillows… oh my goodness!


    [email protected] inspiring blog post..Cottage Bride and Rose

  44. Trish

    Okay… I tried to link me to you. Still new and trying to get it all done! You inspired me to do the front porch and love sitting out and having coffee while blogging on the porch now!!!
    Hope I did all this right! Love your inspirations!!!

    Trishs inspiring blog post..Bee Gee Bags… ie: C-U-T-E Clutches!!!

  45. sandra

    First of all how funny that you chose this topic that is what I spent this past weekend doing but on a budget. So I had to be real creative and my patio is starting to look great. Now, about those jasmines. I have NEVER seen anything so beautiful at the home depot where I live. I am soooo jealous!!

  46. TrendyBrandyKids

    Looks amazing! I didn’t know about the Home Depot garden center.
    thanks for links



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