Four Delightful Ideas for Summer Bliss

Four Delightful Ideas for Summer Bliss


Start a collection sea adventure books, or any kind of summer
book you can get lost in this summer!
Stack them on your coffee table
or shelf to inspire you to slow down
and enjoy a lazy summer day!

Four Delightful Ideas for Summer Bliss


Hang a hammock and promise yourself time to relax
and read at least a few times a week!
Indulge in an occasional afternoon nap!

Four Delightful Ideas for Summer Bliss


Dig out your old postcards and hang them from string.
Even if you aren’t going on vacation
you’ll feel like you’ve been somewhere!

Four Delightful Ideas for Summer Bliss


Hit the garage sales in search of
fun old fashioned games like croquet and horseshoes!
Start after barbecue tournaments and competitions.

What will YOU do this summer
to create some summer bliss?

Photos: {Thanks to Country Living for endless inspiration
for a beautiful life this summer!}


  1. Great idea’s. I’ll b be picking up at least two of them.

    hip chicks inspiring blog post..mellow yellow/blue Monday ~ 08 June

  2. That would be bliss! I need a hammock!

  3. Thanks for the ideas! I was just thinking, what will we do this summer?

    Kims inspiring blog post..School’s Out

  4. Thanks for the inspirations. :)

    sharaes inspiring blog post..Sonic Please!

  5. Who doesn’t love summer? My favorite suggested in this post were the travel post cards hanging with the clothes pins! How sweet.

    Last year I took the bright colorful balls from my croquet set and put them inside a dark red wooden bowl on my coffee table to help remind me that it’s summer. This year in my front hallway – I have a row boat ore that’s propped against the wall next to the stairs. And on my front hall table are two tall dark brown glass ” I Dream of Jeannie” style vases and standing right in front of them a clear crystal vase that’s filled with seashells to help remind me of the beach!

    Charlottes inspiring blog post..Evidence of a Changed Life

  6. I have four kids. Twelve years to twelve months. My summer bliss? Taking one day and going to the beach with a girlfriend to the BEACH! A friend who I am good enough friends with that I won’t feel the need to chat with…to just quietly sit beside each other and read in PEACE!!!

    Joy Cronauer…Joy at Homes inspiring blog post..Jake’s Graduation…Here we come Junior High!

  7. You’ve got some awesome ideas for creating summer bliss. A Hammock would be wonderful. I do have a glorious covered swing that can lie flat for amazing naps in the summer. We love to have bon-fires and make s’mores. But, I love to put little pieces of summer and beach all through the house. Great post!!

    Suzanns inspiring blog post..A is for…

  8. My summer bliss for this year is to deliver healthy baby #2 and enjoy up to 8 weeks of “vacation” with my little family while my husband is on paternity leave with us. We will also be introducing our 2 year old daughter to the art of camping – even though it will just be tenting in our backyard. lol

    Jodis inspiring blog post..More junking fun

  9. I will probably be painting all summer… maybe I can work some bliss in there somewhere. I love your idea about hanging postcards-
    Have a wonderful day

    teresas inspiring blog post..Nothing goes to waste-

  10. We don’t have yard space for croquet, but our little deck in the city does have a hammock! And it is wonderful.

  11. Debbykay says


    I love the idea of enjoying a great book on the darling hammock on the porch! How perfect for a summer afternoon!

    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

    Debbykays inspiring blog post..Gorgeous Greens {lightly dressed

  12. I love collecting old books, my husband has been collecting old cowboy books. I actually bought a vintage hammock at a barn sale three summers ago for $8.00 which I need to get out of the attic today…thanks for reminding me! Also, I bought a croquet set at a garage sale for $5 and it is in great shape. I actually have the croquet balls in an apothecary jar right now for a little whimsy.


    LeAnns inspiring blog post..I’m up to something …….

  13. Love the idea of the books! And outdoor games are the best…we’d play bocce ball and jarts! I love love love to decorate with shells and coral and flowers from the garden for summer! :)

    Stacey @ The Blessed Nests inspiring blog post..Thrifty Treasure

  14. I DECORATE my house for all seasons, including summer! I put shells around the house, decorate the decks with pots of colorful flowers, and take every opportunity to sit and read with a cool drink. This year we are going to the Outer Banks with best friends and THAT will be BLISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs, Pinky

  15. To create Summer Bliss…ahhh…
    First, plant a new start of honeysuckle (from side yard) in a giant pot to grow on the back patio (Melissa, this vine grows like a weed in the PNW valley and smells heavenly!).
    Second, wait for the evening breeze after a long hot day.
    Third, wait for everyone else to be tucked snuggly into bed.
    Third, grab a refreshing glass of iced tea, my DH (Darling Husband) and a couple chairs on the patio.
    R-e-l-a-x in the scented aromatic cool of the evening and reflect with my love on God’s goodness for the day. Mmmmm

  16. Those are some great ideas, especially the one about the nap. ;)

    We are hoping that our garden provides us with a little summer bliss this year. We are trying raspberries, blackberries, and basil for the very first time. I sure hope I don’t kill them!

    Karas inspiring blog post..100th Post Giveaway!!!

  17. Great post! We just moved into our first house and what a great time to host a Summer house-warming party! We will be throwing a great party to invite our friends to see our house and celebrate! I look forward to the Tapas theme Cuban flair! Mojitos here we come! Summer is such a wonderful time to relax and enjoy time with friends and family!

    Holly Blockers inspiring blog post..Yard Sale finds!

  18. LOVE my hammock! It provides the best view of my yard! Great post!
    ♥ Jen

    jens inspiring blog post..Treasure Hunting

  19. You reminded me, we haven’t put the hammock out yet. It’s a real Pauley’s Island hammock we bought when we took our trip down to Charleston. We’ve only had it out a few times. We’ve had so much rain this year, but maybe we can get it out this week sometime. I picked up lots of good summer reading at the book fair a couple of weeks ago.

    We just plan to spend more time at the lake, this summer. That would be great!! Wish we had room for the hammock, there. Maybe we can figure something out!

    Pats inspiring blog post..~A Black Table~

  20. Hammock, check..yard sales, check….pile of fabulous summer reads, check…..Post cards? Fabulous idea! We are soooo ready for summer around here.
    ♥, Susan

    black eyed susans kitchens inspiring blog post..STARTED ON SUNDAY, FINISHED ON MONDAY

  21. Great ideas! We’ve got serious hammock plans this summer-and an occasional weekend adventure with the kids!

    Ginas inspiring blog post..Adventure Saturday

  22. I would love to have a hammock, but I would never be in it alone! This summer, I am looking forward to sun tea in the backyard admiring my new herb garden and watching the kids play. School is out and I don’t want to get back into my car for a while!

    Marci@OvercomingBusys inspiring blog post..Menu Plan Monday – June 8, 2009

  23. I haven’t thought about looking at garage sales for croquet sets! That’s a good idea! I remember playing in the summer at my uncle’s house. So much fun!

    Heathahlees inspiring blog post..Drop Cloth Bedskirt

  24. Noelle Tomco says

    moving into a house and bringing almost no furniture. fresh start without knowing when we’ll be able to afford furniture but not minding.

  25. It will get very hot and humid here; already is in fact. So during that type weather I like to stay indoors and do decoupage and paper projects. Make plans for the garden and yard I can implement come cooler weather in the fall. And do lots of reading!

  26. What fun suggestions!!

    Like others, I try and “redecorate” for the seasons, So… I redo baths with fresh summer colors, change my warm rich colored duvey to a white cotton with bright pink pillows.

    Then i try and put a big ol jug out on my porch for SUN-tea. Nothing like fresh sun tea and ice, laying in a hammock (ok its a lounge chair) and reading a good novel.

    Let the summer breeze blow!!


    Claudia @ DipityRoads inspiring blog post..Cottage Bride and Rose

  27. Badminton – got it put up last night and had a blast! :)

    sandys inspiring blog post..2 Copies of No More Jellyfish … GIVEAWAY!

  28. I love the post card idea! My girls and I enjoy hunting for sea shells and pretty rocks during the summertime and displaying them in jars around our home.


    Maries inspiring blog post..memory lane

  29. What I love about summer is being able to open the windows. It just makes the house feel so much more light, airy and less closed in. I love to sleep with breezes blowing through the open window of my bedroom.

    Carries inspiring blog post..The Art of Hanging Laundry

  30. I have never hunted specifically for summer books. That is SOOOO on my to-do list! Thanks Melissa-inspiring photos!


    Misti of Studio M Designs inspiring blog post..New Solo Cups ROCK!

  31. I’m working on cleaning up our screened porch to sit out there and relax. I love the postcards hanging from rope. I ‘ve been wanting to do that forever.

    Ranas inspiring blog post..Nature Challenge #2

  32. What wonderful Summer pics. Makes me feel even colder here in Australia on this Winters Day

    Alison Gibbss inspiring blog post..LAST WEEK IN MELBOURNE

  33. Melissa,
    Summers are a time I enjoy fresh air, walking and bike riding on a wooded path near my home. In the fall a quaint cider mill on the trail is a local gathering spot and serves the best fresh drinks. It’s a great place to have a break and take in the scenery. ~Cathy

    Cathy @ The Stylish Houses inspiring blog post..Easy Door Wreath Project!

  34. I just set some summer books out last night. I cant wait to create a little time to sit down, relax, and read. I love everything summery, beachy, and sandy :)

  35. Hi Melissa :)

    I look forward to walks in our neighborhood after 10 pm when it cools down, watching the kids catching fireflies and letting them go, tan legs and coming in from the hot air into the cool air conditioning. Oh and thank you for the reminder to bring out the croquet set!


    rues inspiring blog post..Happiness

  36. today was the day! i could n’t stand it anymore….i went out and cleaned off the porch…hosed it down, hosed off the furniture, washed the covers and made a list of the things i need to pick up to make our porch a room we will enjoy…pulled funriture pieces that are just sitting in the dirty basement.
    the kids have been out there playing all day…that’s without anything…just a clean space.
    but i want a spot for sharing ice cream cones over uno games…or coffee in the morning…or wine in the evening…or cuddling for bedtime books on a summer night…or a outside slumber party with siblings…or sitting with neighbors.
    so…today was the day.
    it’s coming right along.

    meg duerksens inspiring blog post..california 5…tide pools

  37. I saw the postcard clothesline in Pottery Barn. I’ve been thinking of doing it in our apartment.
    Thanks for the motivation. I think I will do it.

  38. Once it stops raining I’m going to pull out our hammock…want to paint the frame white from the green…now, I also want to ‘fluff’ it up like pics I’ve seen in Rachel Ashwell’s stuff…anyone know where I can get a pattern? I’ve been searching and googling and not finding anything.

  39. I just bought my husband a set of horseshoes for fathers day, and a new blender for his famous margaritas. THAT is how we will be spending our summer…Pool, horseshoes, croquet, margaritas.

    kristen@nosmallthings inspiring blog post..Does the feeling ever really go away?

  40. Adrienne says

    I love the postcards on a string! What a great idea, especially if you live in an area inundated with postcards! I too wish I had room for a hammock, but alas not possible when you live in a high-rise!

    Adrienne @ Susan Palmer Designss inspiring blog post..Before & After Photos … The “After” Pictures are Here!

  41. Can you tell me anything about the striped chair in #3? Chair? Sofa?

  42. I love the color combination. Inspires me to do something with paint. Thanks for sharing.


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