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Dreamy Escape in Nova Scotia

by | Jun 30, 2009 | Decorating Inspiration, exteriors, Summer Decorating

Dreamy Escape in Nova Scotia

Last week in blogland I met a kindred spirit who has been lovingly renovating a beautiful 130 year old home in Nova Scotia! I smile thinking about Tamara scraping off yucky old wallpaper at the same time I was doing the same at my old house in Oregon! We were both on a budget, which makes it all the more fun.

Oh, the things we will do for the love of an old home! Crazy, I tell ya!

Tamara kindly agreed to let me share some photos from her house and I am so excited! Road trip to Marriotts Cove near Chester, Nova Scotia! Let’s go!

There is something so peaceful and charming about this place. The surrounding property is as magically beautiful as the old home itself. My old house is practically in downtown Portland so I am drooling over her property!

Dreamy Escape in Nova Scotia

It looks like the kind of place you could pull up to and take a deep breath — knowing you could RELAX and just BE!

I can almost feel the fresh breezes and hear the birds chirping, the stress of life is melting away already!

Dreamy Escape in Nova Scotia

Dreamy Escape in Nova Scotia

I want to spend my summer mornings in one of these chairs, reading books and sipping a glass of iced tea! Will you join me? First three to raise your hands get dibs.

Dreamy Escape in Nova Scotia

Dreamy Escape in Nova Scotia

Oh, look at that barn! This is the perfect setting for a backyard barbecue and lively game of croquet or horseshoes.

Dreamy Escape in Nova Scotia

This little bump out on the front of the house is called a Lunenberg bump. Who knew? I love how old homes have snappy little names for things like cupolas and turrets. Makes me feel all fancy when I say them.

Dreamy Escape in Nova Scotia

Now this is amazing! A photo of the house when it was new — 130 years ago! Can you imagine? How charming is this? I so wished I had photos of my old home when it was new. But, no such luck for me!

Dreamy Escape in Nova Scotia

Ah yes, the inside is just as charming as the outside!

I love the old moldings, walls and wood floors! Just imagine the history of this home! I adore her rounded book case with the glass doors.

Dreamy Escape in Nova Scotia

The heart of the home, a family kitchen and butcher block table! It just oozes character! They did a wonderful job restoring it without compromising its original charm.

Dreamy Escape in Nova Scotia

That bathroom is absolutely lovely. I’m a sucker for the character of old bathrooms! I’d lock that door and not come out for days.

Dreamy Escape in Nova Scotia

Oh, look inside that Lunenberg bump! {I just love saying that.} It is a cozy little nest for night-time reading.

Dreamy Escape in Nova Scotia

Love this entry and all the details!

Dreamy Escape in Nova Scotia

Wow, that is an amazing floor!

This house is for sale (just like my old house is for sale, she is truly a kindred spirit!) so if you happen to want a piece of heaven in Nova Scotia, I’ll put you in touch! Tamara is on the move to restore yet another drool-worthy home, this time overlooking the ocean. SWOON! I’m looking forward to sharing her journey to her next home adventure!

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Tamara generously sent me tons of photos and information on this current home, including before photos and in process! They did so much work on this place! She is unbelievably funny too and I have lots of her interesting commentary about their home — I’d love to share more with you later! I cannot even begin to do this home justice in one post. There are are so many fun details to tell!

But have no fear if you are left wanting more, the wonderful Misti from Studio M Designs (who introduced me to Tamara and helped me to get all these great photos!) has wonderful posts on this house on her blog! So, I invite you to go check them out and learn more!

Visit Misti on Studio M design for her posts on this great old house here and here! Thanks Misti!

Stay tuned, as promised we will be taking little “drive by” road trips like this over summer. Do you have a charming home or setting you’d like to share? I can’t promise to feature it, but send me a photo or two and description and maybe I can work it into our Summer Road Trip series! I’d love to show off more dreamy escapes from different parts of the world and country.

Dreamy Escape in Nova Scotia

It was fun sharing this place with you!

A big THANK YOU to Tamara for staying up all night (maybe more than once!) to scan and email photos for me!

PS. When she isn’t renovating this dreamy home, Tamara is making jewelry! Here is her website!


  1. Claudia

    Oooooooooooh my goodness — i read this and then RE-read this and now will go back and review again!! Great stuff!

    Now this is traveling in style…:)

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  2. Becky K.

    Hold on while I get this drool wiped off my face! Wow! To have all of that beauty and the wonderful photo of the beginning of its odyssey. Too cool!

    You are a sweetie to share it.

    I am thinking of how wonderful it would be to sit in one of those chairs and relax. Not much relaxing going on here of late.

    Have an awesome day, Melissa! Hoping your buyer comes out from hiding soon.

    Becky K.

    Becky K.s inspiring blog post..My Talented Brother

    • Melissa

      Thanks Becky, you have a great day too!

  3. Marcy


    Thank you so much taking us to Nova Scotia. It is beautiful! It truly looks like a wonderful place to relax and stay a while. I’ll sit with you in one of those chairs and chat a bit.

    Tamara has a terrific house and how lucky to have that historic photo. I look forward to seeing the house by the sea that she’ll find.

    I look forward to more trips together!


    Marcys inspiring blog post..Father’s Day

    • Melissa

      I’m glad you enjoyed our little trip and I am looking forward to more too :-)

  4. laney

    …your blog is such a delight…as are you…

    • Melissa

      Aw, THANK you. You are so sweet.

  5. black eyed susans kitchen

    This is my idea of a wonderful place to vacation. The scenery and the adirondack chairs…it is all so welcoming. I could feel myself relaxing just from looking at the pics.
    ♥, susan

    black eyed susans kitchens inspiring blog post..GARDEN QUICKIES

  6. Tina

    Wow! This home is amazing! I LOVE their bathroom – that beaded board and those painted floorboards are to die for. Great post! =)

    Tinas inspiring blog post..Six Flags Day

  7. Misti of Studio M Design

    Thank you Melissa for sharing this post! I knew you could do it much better justice than I!

    Everything looks better over at your place, I’ll just hang out here for a while… ahhhhhhhhhh….could you bring me some lemonade please?


    Misti of Studio M Designs inspiring blog post..This old house: It’s all in the details

  8. Kristen

    Oh my! What an amazing house. I love the neat little bump in the front. And the yard looks delightful. But I think I like the little reading space the best. Thanks for sharing!

    Kristen @ Beautifully Imperfects inspiring blog post..Moving On

  9. Deidra

    Beautiful home! I love the photo of the back of the house, with the cellar door open. It took me right back to summers in New Jersey when I was young. The bathroom…can I just buy that?

    Deidras inspiring blog post..I Got Nothin’

  10. Trish

    Loved the tour! And can’t you just TELL it is never 99 degrees there?!?

  11. g.suzie

    I want to sit in one of those chairs with a good book and enjoy the beautiful serenity too. . .Looks like a very peaceful place to spend time, wonderful accomplishment. . .Thanks for sharing, I now have a fancy schmancy new word to add to my vocabulary list too (lunenberg bump)!

  12. delightfuldwelling

    Wow, thanks for sharing those photos. That house is just too charming. I love the bump out in the front and the old barn. The land around it looks lovely as well. I would feel like I was always on vacation.

    delightfuldwellings inspiring blog post..Beautiful Rug Giveaway

  13. Pat

    What a beautiful home! Thanks so much for sharing this, Melissa!!

    Hope your 4th celebration is lovely!

    Pat@Back Porch Musingss inspiring blog post..~Red White & Blue Dessert~

  14. Kathy

    Love these pics! The bump out in front is really unique – I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like that (encompassing two stories). You might be able to find an old photo of your house Melissa, if there is a Historic Society in your area.

    • Melissa

      Good idea, I’ll have to check into that! Thanks Kathy!

  15. Gwen

    The house is beautiful and we are in the market for a house, just not in Nova Scotia. Bummer.

    Her jewelry is to die for and I did bookmark the page. I love the shorter lengths with drops.

    Gwen@MurphyGraceHomes inspiring blog post..Monday Makeover

  16. cribtales

    It looks like something out of “Anne of Green Gables!” Beautiful! I thought I’d share with you – since you were wanting a picture of your old house when it was new. When I lived in Seattle we were able to get a survey photo of our older home (1930’s) from the city. They used to do photos for survey purposes and many of our friends had ordered (inexpensively!) photos of their homes when they were new. I ordered mine and gave it to my husband for our first anniversary – paper. We have it framed in our new (2001) house here in Colorado as a reminder of our first home. You might check and see if Portland also offers survey photos of older homes. I think I payed $14 for it. :-)

    • Melissa

      Great tip! I think I have heard of that but never followed up on it. I would love to see an original photo of the house, especially since the previous owners changed the front of the house. I’m going to check on getting a survey photo, thank you!!

  17. Tracy

    Beautiful photos and what a wonderful little house!
    My maternal grandfather was raised in Nova Scotia. My mother and her sister travelled there for the first time a few years ago. All of their photos have the same qualities as these: peaceful and dreamy, verdant and miles-removed from anything resembling stress. I hope you and I both get to go there someday.

    Tracys inspiring blog post..No! Not that kind of vice!

  18. Teresa

    Melissa- Loved the tour- I’m a little sad that I wasn’t one of the first three would of loved to be relaxing with you right now in one of those fabulous lawn chairs =)
    Thanks – Have a wonderful day

  19. Diane Costanza

    I WISH I could live there! Her decorating is right out of a magazine. So beautiful. How can she bare to part with it??

    Diane Costanzas inspiring blog post..Pray for Andrew

  20. kat

    That house is charming! I grew up in Nova Scotia and my parents still live there. We love Chester, it is so pretty there. What is the MLS for this house, I would love to check it out when I am home in a week and a half.

    kats inspiring blog post..Hey, Good Lookin’

  21. lylah ledner

    Melissa – it’s always so fun to have tea or coffee with another woman touring through those special places of her home….thanks!

    PS…praying for and can’t wait to see – that sanctuary space that God has for you…

    lylah ledners inspiring blog post..Risking It All

  22. Cynthia

    This is stunning. Thanks for sharing all the photos. Especially the photo of the house when it was new. I have a friend who renovated an old farm house. There is so much charm to an old house. I always imagine who was there before me. What a wonderful job she’s done restoring it all.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Cynthia…from Nova Scotia Tourism

  23. Jeanne

    Oh – she/they did an amazing job! I’m with you on the road trip!

    Jeanne @ Inspiring Ideass inspiring blog post..Red, White & Blue

  24. Julia

    I swooned when I saw this house on Misti’s site. I was so impressed by the work Tamara did! I can’t even imagine the work that goes into a major project like that. It’s obvious that she did it with love!

    One of my favorite things is seeing that old photo of the house. How cool is that?!

    Julia @ Hooked on Housess inspiring blog post..Meg Ryan’s Brownstone in “You’ve Got Mail”

  25. Pearl Maple

    Loved this post about Nova Scotia, one of the best things about summer in that part of the world is everything is so green and fresh, and the light is beautiful for photography.

    I hail from the part of country and do miss it every day.

    Pearl Maples inspiring blog post..Sky Watch Friday

  26. gina

    Amazing. Every time I scrolled down I was like, THIS is my favorite picture, only to have to amend that thought with , NO, THIS is my favorite picture. For. each. pne. What a spot. What a home. What a history! Great choice for a feature. sigh, just perfect.

    ginas inspiring blog post..i won a prize!

  27. Nel

    As I was scrolling down I was hoping there were inside photos as well… you didn’t disappoint! What a beautiful home, so welcoming and inspiring and full of character.

    Nels inspiring blog post..busy, busy, busy…….

  28. living with lindsay

    Oh, wow! I love that little bump! Such a cute house! And I would just die for the blue VW parked by the barn!

    My in-laws live in an old house, but it was “only” built 102 years ago. :) They have a pic of the original house and owners, and it’s so funny how much it has changed and how much it has remained the same. They’ve owned it since the 70s, and it has only had 3 owners total, so it’s pretty special.

    living with lindsays inspiring blog post..Teach Me Tuesday: Reinvent Your Stuff

  29. Kimba

    Oh my word. Do you think that Tamara would let me come live with her? I’ll bring my glue gun!


    Kimba @ A Soft Place to Lands inspiring blog post..Gigantic Kimba Made Sale!

  30. sandy

    All I can say is dreamy!

    sandys inspiring blog post..HEAT on a Summer Night!

  31. Amanda-TheEckLife

    my husbands granparents live in Moncton, NB Canada- we visited several years ago and drove to Prince Edward Island-home of Anne of Green Gables- ahhhh! it was so beautiful! the charming homes, the lush landscapes, the cute little shoppes, loved it all!

  32. Pinky

    What a beautiful, charming house! The “bump” is my favorite part! There would be an imprint of my body on that chair in the bump:):) Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics!!!!!!!! Have a great 4th! Pinky

  33. meg duerksen

    oh my.
    this. is. beautiful.
    it’s like my dream home in the country…the green…the white…the barn…the garden…the van!!! oh i love this so much.
    maybe she’s want to do a house swap like on the Holiday with me? :)
    her home reminds me of that.

    meg duerksens inspiring blog post..hanging out

  34. Chie

    Unbelievable gorgeous place to live and getting old in.
    After all those years, rain or shine? Magnifique!

    TY for sharing.


    Chies inspiring blog post..HOT IN THE CITY…

  35. Richella

    Oh, how beautiful. I’ve always wanted to visit Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island–and seeing this renews that desire!

    First three to raise our hands have dibs? How about first three hundred?

    Thanks for taking us on this dreamy journey!

    Richellas inspiring blog post..An act of God

  36. Sara

    it’s so awesome to see someone blogging about nova scotia! i live in the capital of the province and chester is only about a 30ish minute drive from the city! a great little espcape!

    nova scotia has so much to offer! if you’re looking to travel here, you also need to check out cape breton — mostly the cabot trail! beautiful!

  37. Lori

    I LOVE old houses. I’ve been fortunate enough as well to have bought two of them. My mother’s ancestors are from Nova Scotia–Yarmouth and this pic just makes me want to go there and visit. I love these old homes–they have so much character and history to them.

    Loris inspiring blog post..A New Creation!

  38. Becca

    Lovely place. I grew up near Chester and used to love being driven around in the South Shore area and looking out the windows at all the many different quirky/nice things people did with their yards. And you can’t beat rural NS for relaxation and quietude.

  39. Leanne

    Beautiful house, we live 45 minutes away, but spend alot of time in the summer in Marriotts cove.
    A great job on the renovation so relaxing feeling.
    The old picture has my kids fascinated!


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