A Summer Porch Makeover

A Summer Porch Makeover

I know it has only been a few days since I talked about my BBFF Meg, but that is how it is with your best blogging girlfriends. It is fun to talk about them. I can’t remember when we met, but it has been a long time in blog years.

I have always adored Meg’s house and I would totally move in if I lived closer. I could talk about her house all day — she has five kids and her home looks like the funnest house to live in. I love it. I also love her pictures, she takes amazing photos.

But, instead of talking ABOUT her today behind her back like I usually do, I asked if she would tell you all about her recent porch makeover and she kindly agreed! It is time once again to grab a cup of lemonade, sit back, and be inspired by a lovely place to enjoy the summer! Let’s go to Meg’s house!

A Summer Porch Makeover

A Summer Porch Makeover

When our summer began I was feeling a little overwhelmed with having so many kids in the
house all day long again.

A box of Legos came out and they were taking over the kitchen island.

I couldn’t take one more mess…so i said “take those out on the porch!”

And they did.

They have never played out there.

Then two days later, after hours of porch time play, I looked outside and knew what I had to do.
It was finally time to work on the porch.
It had looked like that for a long time.
Very dirty…collecting junk…a place where no one spent any time.
Here is how I did it.

A Summer Porch Makeover

Step One: Clean.
I took everything off the porch and threw almost everything away.
I hosed the porch and all the chairs down.
I washed the cushions and swept the floor.

Step Two: Make a Plan.
I knew I wanted a comfy place to sit together…play games…talk…eat ice cream cones.
I knew I couldn’t spend much money.
I knew I already had lots of things here that I could use in a different way.
I wanted a living room….but outside.
I had mostly blues and greens already so I chose that palette to make it easier and less costly.

A Summer Porch Makeover

Step Three: Accumulate.
I gathered all my furniture I thought would work from the basement and other rooms in the house.
At World Market I found the sisal rugs on clearance (you buy them by the 1’x9′ strip as wide as you want)
and a cushion in my colors. It was the last cushion in that print and it had a small hole.
I asked for a discount and they gave it to me for 50% off!
We got a few things at Target and spray paint at Walmart. (Blue Ocean Breeze and Ivy Leaf…Krylon)

A Summer Porch Makeover

Step Four: Work.
I spray painted an old rocker we had from an auction, a metal table from a garage sale, an oak bench from our previous dining room set and a kids’ chair.
I covered the top of the bench with oil cloth fabric that I already had…stapled it right on the back.
I made three new pillows with scraps I had and a vintage tablecloth I have had for a long time.
I strung big glass Christmas lights on one side of the porch
For the sitting area I took the electrical parts out of a big iron chandelier my friend gave me and wrapped it with white Christmas lights.
They both turn on with a Christmas tree timer.

Step Five: Decorate.
Pull it all together and here we are…an outdoor space that is happy to be in!
I spent about $100 on the whole thing.

A suitcase is filled with games, art supplies, a snack and magazines.
We have a bucket full of outdoor play essentials.
The chalk board was from a garage sale.

A Summer Porch Makeover

I have been coming out in the morning with coffee while the kids are inside watching cartoons.
We are spending lots of time in this space. I can’t believe it took us this long!


Thank you BBFF!
photos: Meg from Whatever


  1. WOW – just love it! Isn’t it amazing how sometimes it just takes doing it, and then we can’t believe it took us that long? It’s so inviting.
    We actually built our house with a wrap around front porch in mind. It’s in our dream wish list…it will happen..sometime. :)

    Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlams inspiring blog post..Family Fun Fourth of July ideas

  2. i love the practicality of this porch and the fun bright colors! love. it. :)

    Sara @ Be Still and Knows inspiring blog post..stopping time

  3. What would we do with out Krylon Paint? Such a quick way to transform something for the decor :)

    Fun Summer colors….great transformation…very pretty!!!

    smiles and Happy 4th!!


    kayellens inspiring blog post..Gardenia Bloom Memories

  4. wow just love it and loved reading about it, interesting what you can achieve without spending much isn’t it…all pulls into your beautiful life theory

    you know recently Country Living focused on a porch makeover on their cover in their so called ‘budget’ issue, I was eagerly looking forward to it, but there so called budget friendly porch totted up to thousands and that was with the seating already there…so I thought I would send them an email from a real person on a real budget and my little deck makeover costing all of oh 50 bucks…never did hear from them, shame

    anyway I think making the most of the deck for us even though it is far from perfect is great, it gives us another room most of the year round and best of all, have not got to worry about clear-up


    abeachcottages inspiring blog post..Dining Tables and Shattering Vintage Glass

  5. I absolutely LOVED reading Meg’s heart – through her fun in creating that sanctuary spot. Thanks for sharing Melissa!

  6. So cute!! I need to go thrifting again soon to find some treasures to spray paint! Oh how I wish I had a nice porch like that!

    Lindsay C.s inspiring blog post..Happy Homeowner Anniversary to Us!!

  7. So inspiring Melissa…Loved it. The chalk board was a great addition and I so love the colors!
    Thanks for sharing…
    All Things Heart and Home

    Robin All Things Heart and Homes inspiring blog post..Getting Ready for the Fourth!

  8. The blue color on those rocking chairs makes me swoon. I can’t WAIT until I get outta this darn apartment and into a house so I can have fun like this!!!

    Jocelyn Stotts inspiring blog post..Coraline

  9. So fab inspiration. I just done mine and it came out a romantic one. I love it and shame, no one sit there as our weather is really HOT! So, front porch is waiting till the late summer §:-))

    Have a fab day, Mel!

    Chies inspiring blog post..HOT IN THE CITY…

  10. This is wonderful – love the vibrant colors and the use of Christmas lights all year round.

    A perfect spot for all the family, and amazing value too.

    Janmary, N Irelands inspiring blog post..Lessons Learned – Feel free!

  11. Wow, Meg did a fantastic job on her porch! It’s great that she had most of the stuff already, just repurposed it for outside. Love the chandelier with the lights.

  12. Beautiful idea! I have 4 kids at home with me this summer and I share your problem of the mess in the house. We have a covered porch too. You gave me encouragement to do something with it!!

    Cheles inspiring blog post..Thirsty Thursday – Happy verse Joy

  13. Melissa,
    Your friend’s porch is so fresh and inviting! It looks like the perfect spot to enjoy a summer afternoon.
    Have a wonderful day!

    The Stylish Houses inspiring blog post..Romancing The Slipcover!

  14. This is such a darling porch makeover! I also enjoy reading Meg’s blog and was excited to see her post on your blog!

    Kims inspiring blog post..Antiques

  15. WOW, I love it, so cozy….
    I know I felt the same way about the kids being home all day, but I have got used to it! I try to have my coffee BEFORE they get up, so I can start my morning off with me for a few minutes.

    sharaes inspiring blog post..A wonderful visit with the Pryors’

  16. I dream of having a big porch. Now…even more! Love it.

    lil mamas inspiring blog post..Updates, Updates, Hooray!!

  17. What a creative way to create a new room to live in. I know your children will have happy memories of playing on the porch. Rachel at A Romantic Porch is featuring my back porch on her blog. If you have time pop over and visit.

    Stellas inspiring blog post..Happy Independence Day

  18. After you finish a project like that, don’t you just want to stay there and bask in the finished goodness of it all. I bet you and your family are really enjoying this space now! Have a great weekend!

  19. Megan is so good! I love it all! So inviting and fun! You can count on her to use color :o)

    Anna Maries inspiring blog post..i love buttons

  20. Love the pops of turquoise! Looks like a fun place to relax and play. Thanks for sharing this makeover.


    Amy at The Red Chair Blogs inspiring blog post..Light Fixtures for Food and Wine Connoisseurs

  21. I love Meg’s blog…it’s a favorite of mine that i find myself at everyday! Yours too!

    Fun to see her and her family spending time out there! Excellent use of outdoor space…which makes me think of my deck, now let’s see…

    cynthias inspiring blog post..wednesday window shopping

  22. What a colorful and relaxing place to sit and enjoy the summer. I love the idea of saying “take those to the porch” and the fact it was done for no more than $100 is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing

    Melissa Maries inspiring blog post..Be kind painting

  23. This is wonderful! I, too, had a great porch that really wasn’t being used, and this spring I “fixed it up” with stuff I had plus $100. Reading this story makes me want to go ahead and finish–there are a couple of projects out there that I still need to complete. As always, thanks for the inspiration!

    Richellas inspiring blog post..An act of God

  24. Every time I come here I want to stop everything I’m doing and go decorate something. And sister, my porch needs it BADLY. I have one swing, one wicker chest, one wrought iron plant stand and that is it! PITIFUL.

    I think I’ll go dig in my fabric box to see what I can use to spruce up out there. :)

    Much love to you Melissa!

    Lisa @ The PWs inspiring blog post..A NEW HOME!

  25. What a brilliant idea with the chandelier! I love the porch. Maybe it’s time to do something with my own?

    Flower Patch Farmgirls inspiring blog post..My Babes

  26. Michelle B says

    Love! Makes me want to work on my porch! Great ideas!

    Michelle B

    Michelle Bs inspiring blog post..Ethan’s to do list

  27. Wow! It’s such a beautiful space. We’re moving into a slightly bigger place in a couple weeks – and that means a bigger porch. So for me, this is a very timely guest post. Thanks for the great ideas!

    Kristen @ Beautifully Imperfects inspiring blog post..Moving On

  28. Meg is so talented…so creative! I just love the space she has created! It just oozes happiness and her love of family. The chandelier wrapped in lights is a super idea! She always makes her spaces so welcoming just like her warm personality. Thanks for sharing.

  29. This is perfect! The colors and textures are great, and I love that it’s liveable, yet adorable. You did SUCH a great job :)

    Natalies inspiring blog post..Lovely Living

  30. Meg- love your porch- those colors just scream summer- especially the little blue chairs! Love them. Thanks for sharing your talents with us today.

    teresas inspiring blog post..A lot of ……

  31. Cute as a button! My covered deck out back is my biggest project for next year. I can’t wait to get it done, it’s been too many years of not using our great space. Glad your friend got it together, now she has inspired me to get moving!


    Misti of Studio M Designss inspiring blog post..I confess my love of…

  32. i have been in love with meg since i saw her READ room on ohdeedoh..she is awesome..love this porch! great job Meg and glad you highlighted it Melissa!

    Holly Mathiss inspiring blog post..::oh yall..it’s Eddie & Jaithan & JONI!!!! ::

  33. GREAT porch! LOVE LOVE LOVE that little green table!

    Fifi Flowerss inspiring blog post..Tablescape by the Water…

  34. Fun! I would love to have a porch!
    Thank you for sharing all your great ideas to transform an overlooked area of your house! I am thinking of ways to incorporate some of them in my home.

  35. I envy your of this porch. Over here in Germany houses don’t have a porch. Sigh – I will keep dreaming of one and look at the great makeovers pictured in blogland.

    Nimmis inspiring blog post..No-spend-month – count us in

  36. This is just amazing work. Really amazing.. I so want to do ours now. very inspiring… m & j @ zcouple.com

    m & j @ zcouple.coms inspiring blog post..BBQ at Nick’s & Herny’s Place

  37. What an inspiring post. Your decorating ideas are beautiful. I love your summer porch redo.


    karens inspiring blog post..Outdoor Wednesday

  38. I love it! Great jobs and great finds! It always pays to ask for a discount I have learned! :)

    Sarah @ Prayerfuldrivenlifes inspiring blog post..Summer Breeze

  39. Melissa,
    I see why you like Meg. She is real, creative and sounds like
    someone you could enjoy hanging out with. ..especially on that porch. Even with kids building Legos. Maybe especially with kids building Legos. I miss that stage.

  40. LOVE HER! Seriously…her house looks like so much fun…heck…SHE looks like fun! Thanks for sharing.

    AnNicole@OurSuburbanCottages inspiring blog post..Yummy Fourth of July Desserts

  41. i just love it! i’m having major porch envy.

    pattis inspiring blog post..1 year

  42. love this!! wonderful work. and killer porch! jkj

  43. my home needs help.

    Lauras inspiring blog post..piece of cake on stage

  44. Covered porches are a great place to sit and read, or take a meal. This one is so charming. I just re-did my porch and did a blog about it this week. Come visit. Happy 4th! Love your inspiring pictures and words!

    Jeans inspiring blog post..Pictures from the Cooking Class

  45. I love the chandelier, I bought a similar one with flowers at a yard sale for $10 and it makes me so happy. All of the fabrics are terrific as well, i can see how you would enjoy your mornings there.

    cindys inspiring blog post..Seaport Village & City Tour via Bicicleta

  46. How fun!
    Looks like a perfect place for a bunch of kids to spend summer days and grown-ups to spend twinkly summer nights. (and reminds me that I need to hang my globe lights on the patio)

    Tracys inspiring blog post..Comfort Food Friday (on Thursday)

  47. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve stopped by MANY times but never said hello.
    So, Hello!
    And Meg’s blog IS fabulous.
    And so is YOURS!

    Mary Beths inspiring blog post..degrees of separation…

  48. I love it! Is there room enough on that front porch for all of us?


    KJs inspiring blog post..Two Year Anniversary & Tea Giveaway!

  49. Rachel / cREaTe says

    LOVE IT. i have NEVER thought of wrapping a chandelier in christmas lights. brilliant! :) and i love the aqua & green.

    Rachel / cREaTes inspiring blog post..Playing With My Food …

  50. Just adore the porch and Megan’s blog. Just happen to live close enough that we are going over to have her take pics of my grandson who is here visiting. Soooo next week I get to see her porch in person! I can’t wait for this. To meet Megan, see her porch, have her take pics, oh my!

    Lindys inspiring blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Bathing Beauties

  51. ML in Chicagoland says

    Oh, for a porch….

    I am wondering what that red beverage was?! It looked summer-y and delicious!

  52. I just love that meg, especially when she is cranky.
    That porch holds such memories for me. One of 7, my Mom would tell us to “take it outside” and I loved our porch. We even had water slides out there….without helmets. Oh My!!
    be well friend! happy 4th!

  53. I LOVE this! We’re redoing our porch this summer and this gives me lots of inspiration!

    Mavens inspiring blog post..The Notebook – Mave’s Best of U Tube 2009!

  54. Diane Costanza says

    How fabulous! We don’t have anything but some potted plants and two folding chairs on my porch right now and I am dying to decorate so we can enjoy it before the season is over. You have some great shoestring ideas. Thanks!

    Diane Costanzas inspiring blog post..Pray for Andrew

  55. Renovation Therapy says

    Where is the table w/ the scalloped trim from? Thanks!

  56. LOVE it! so creative & such great color usage. We’re contemplating doing a screened-in porch…this makes me want to do it all the more! thanks for the inspiration!

    jodis inspiring blog post..love this little girlie

  57. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! SO Want to have time to do this to my porch. Inspiring…..

  58. How utterly divine, Melissa!! I love your new porch area!

    Angelic Accents

    Stephanies inspiring blog post..PINK SATURDAY 7/11/09

  59. This is beautiful!

    Lizzies inspiring blog post..Works for Me~Sunless Sun Tea

  60. We built our back porch 4 years ago and it is still my favorite “room” in the house! enjoy yours!

    Jennys inspiring blog post..My "Little" Literary Shopping Spree

  61. Michelle B says

    love Meg porch! Working on mine..check it out here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mbostinelos/3761075097/

  62. This is just the inspiration I was looking for! Now I can’t wait to get my deck and front porch summer ready! Thanks!


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