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I Spy…
Sweet Touches & Charming Details

by | Aug 4, 2009 | Decorating Inspiration, Details

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I Spy...<br>Sweet Touches & Charming Details
Coastal Living

As much as I appreciate and even strive for a less is more approach, I am very much drawn to those tiny charming details of life. It is just part of who I am, I do love charm and personality. Sweet touches and unique details make me happy!

In the craziness of my life, I think a part of me is yearning for simplicity (have I mentioned that I have five kids ranging from 21 to 9 living with me right now? I’ll update on my life soon, right now I am hiding away in my room while they all run screaming through the house!). Even as I crave the simplicity of LESS, I thrive on the details. Call me complicated, or confused.

As many of you shared in the comments of the last post, a balance between “evolved over time” and “less is more” might very well be the best solution of all. I agree.

Just for fun today, here is a random collection of sweet touches & charming details that make me smile. Remember that childhood game, “I spy?” I confess, I play that game all the time! Yes, by myself. WHAT? I know. I am weird. I study photos and rooms — and enjoy discovering the details that draw me in! That is my kind of game.

Today I spy…

I Spy...<br>Sweet Touches & Charming DetailsCountry Living

a painted checkered wood floor
a charming street sign
flowers casually arranged in a pitcher
a vintage stove
plates stacked on shelves and hung on the wall…

I Spy...<br>Sweet Touches & Charming Details
Coastal Living

Oh, be still my heart.
I spy …
a sweet vine covered building
a charming covered entry porch
rock walls, brick patios and cottage gardens

I Spy...<br>Sweet Touches & Charming Details
Country Living

I spy…
sweet handwritten labels
simple touches of beauty reflected in antique mirror

I Spy...<br>Sweet Touches & Charming Details

Southern Living

I spy…
a well stocked guest room, full of details and textures
an antique suitcase
a luxurious and lovely patterned headboard
a stack of fluffy towels
a big mirror to expand the light and space
an assortment of goodies for the guests

I Spy...<br>Sweet Touches & Charming Details

I spy…
treasures just waiting to be discovered.

last photo: from my favorite beach shop, Sesame & Lillies (Cannon Beach, Oregon).


  1. Janmary, N Ireland

    I LOVE this verson of eye-spy!

    Often as I read home decor blogs, I scroll through the photos, not taking time to absorb all those “wee things” that make the room special.

    Thanks from N Ireland :)

  2. Jocelyn Stott

    That post gave me peace. haha. And I second you about Sesame and Lilies. That store is unbelievable and I will never forget the first time I discovered it – I practically lost my breath.

  3. Alison Gibbs

    What wonderful details in these photos.
    What a great way to view things… I spy with my little eye..something beginning with A.. oh yeh it’s me

  4. The Blushing Hostess

    The checkered floor and covered entry are beautiful, lovely images for the early morning.

  5. a-m

    Great fun! Love your eye spy… it has to be weekly! Yes, yes! Oh yes I am so with you on the simplicity thing. I had to clear out my family and kitchen area for the painter. (repainting… long story). It took me 5 seconds to move everything. The place looked empty for a day… then I put everything back in 5 seconds and that is when I realised, I have started on my ‘simplicity journey’. Everything has been pared back since starting my project and I love it….. just a few treasures mixed in with the necessities…. makes housework easier too!

  6. Becky K.

    That was fun. It is neat to see what you see.
    I would have totally missed the checkered floor!
    Great post.

    Becky K.

  7. lana

    I’d love the less is more look, but then I’d miss all my little odds and ends that are full of memories.

    Love the I spy post!

  8. Trish

    Great pictures. Comfortable rooms. I like the structure of the front chair in the very top photo.

  9. Chele

    Beautiful rooms! And what a wonderful idea of I-spy! Thanks for sharing Melissa! :)

  10. Kristen

    I love that guest bedroom. Now that we’re in our new place and I actually have a guest bedroom, I’m looking for some great inspiration! Thanks for sharing the sweet touches. They really are the things that make life beautiful. :)

  11. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    Sesame and Lilies! What a perfect name for a beautiful shop. And I agree with your conclusion about finding a balance. Without those special touches, rooms look stark and hotel-ish. I think the key is to include plenty of character, but keep it all somewhat contained and pared down .

  12. Christi from Charm & Grace

    I am such a visual artist/person that I see the overall shape, pattern, and color of a home decor photograph… but not usually all the detail things. Thanks for the prompt.


  13. Granny Smith Green

    What a great post, but aren’t all of yours great? I too am guilty of the “I spy” game. I want to know what it is that I’m drawn to in a room. I think the details definitely make a difference.

    The older I get, the simpler I want my interiors to be. Now, instead of filling every corner, I try to select only my favorites. The details can still play a big part: the texture of the fabrics, the mitering of a frame, etc.

    The Southern Living guest room is incredible. Wouldn’t you feel so welcomed there?)

    You have an incredible blog and a wonderful attitude. I enjoy reading your words more than you know!

  14. g.suzie

    Everything looks so pure and wonderful. I love many things in your photos, especially the pastel kitchen table and chairs, on the checkerboard floor. Makes you want to be there and experience it first hand!

  15. I'm Julia

    I do the same :-) It’s fun to really peer into photos to see what makes a room work.

  16. Michelle

    You always find the most beautiful photos! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  17. Kathy

    I love that guest room picture – very inviting, calming, love the details.

  18. Fiona Sanders

    Melissa, I am always telling my kids that we spread love and beauty wherever we go. You are taking it to a whole new level! I love it! I am really enjoying your website. It inspires me to keep working on my beautiful old farmhouse.

    And I love the photos! They just MAKE it! I was fortunate enough to work for an interior designer (as a photographer) and an architect before she relocated to another state. What a blast!

  19. teresa

    Five kids running around the house now that would be…Heaven!
    Love your thoughts- YOu always get me to thinking- and that is a good thing =)
    Have a fabulous day with a full house. =)

  20. Morning T

    Fun post- I especially love the pics from your favorite beach shop- amazing!

  21. Pinky

    That guest room is GOOOOORGEOUS!!!! I just love it. The huge mirror I really like too! LOve your I spy game. I do something similiar: I practically STUDY magazines for ideas….. Have a great day! Pinky

  22. My First Kitchen

    I think that’s a great idea for your own house, too – look at the details of your own space, discovering things you might have forgotten. The thing I’m noticing about mine right now is that my oven just buzzed alerting me to a ready pan of brownies. Excuse me. :)

  23. Tracy

    Beautiful bedroom. And plates on a wall will always catch my eye. It’s those charming extras and details I would miss if I tried to live the “less is more” life… you run out of things to look at too soon!

  24. Mrslimestone

    Am I the only one who gets a little agita looking at those photos? They are beautifully styled but having stuff on every available space is very upsetting to me :)

  25. SoBella Creations

    Wonderful Treasure to be found on the pages of magazines. I love all the details that the photos show. Although I have the less is more approach to life.

  26. Gina

    I like this kind of eye spy! It’s fun to find little hidden details in decor….I love those photos too!

  27. Pearl Maple

    Really enjoy these posts prompting us to analyise what makes a great room and what little details are the cherry on top for us, great learning tools to use on our own projects.

  28. Joanie

    Ohh, wouldn’t it be heavenly to be invited to stay in that guest room? Lovely. Thanks for the inspiration.

  29. Deirdre

    I have been sighing over the top photo all day. The colors absolutely speak to me right now. The quilt on the back of the chair is a detail I *need* for my living room… and family room … and sun room.

  30. Kim

    I am conflicted too!!! I love these photos as well.

  31. Robin

    Love all of these photos! Thanks for letting us join your game of “I Spy!” Blessings!

  32. janice

    I thrive on details, especially harmonious ones! I love the pastel painted chairs and how the duck egg blue on that beautiful lamp echoes the sofa!

  33. Katie

    I am a total detail person…the little details that sometimes even go unnoticed are what makes me a happy girl! I even like the insides of things to look pretty (like under my cabinets, inside drawers, closets, etc.) even if nobody looks at them but little ol’ me. Because it makes me smile! :o) In the first photo, I spied the five dishes lined up across the door frame and the vintage light fixture immediately. Way in the back, the vintage stove was hollaring at me, though. In the second image, yes, the ivy…oh the ivy… But also the scalloped shingles above the door and the gutter system. Yes, honey, the gutters. In the picture with the bottles…I love how they look so utilitarian in shape but have the fancy scrollwork on the labels. I love that! And in the last image…I adore a twisted barley leg table. It could have straight legs, but why be straight when you can look like that?! To me, it is *ALL* about the details.

  34. Arleen

    Hi Melissa. I saw this post earlier in the week but had to come back to read it again. I just love this “I spy…” idea! The details you’ve pointed out are the very things that brings luxury and a personal touch to a room. Thanks so much. ~Arleen

  35. Patty

    I love the Southern Living guest room! Would you please tell me in which issue you found it? Thank you!!


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