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DIY: Dictionary Art

by | Nov 9, 2009 | DIY

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DIY: Dictionary Art

Guest DIY post submitted by:
Mrs. Limestone from Brooklyn Limestone

DIY: Dictionary Art

Not sure what it is about an old dictionary, but there is something beautiful about letter after letter spanning the onion skin pages. They aren’t practical anymore – its so much easier to look up a definition on the web but they can be appreciated in other ways.

Here is how to make your own art using an old dictionary!

Step 1: Get one old dictionary. (Purchased for $1 at junk shop)

Step 2: Find a dictionary page suitable for the print. (For example, I selected the pages including the word ‘sit’ and ‘furniture’ for this set)

Step 3: Carefully tear out page; trim rough edge straight.

Step 4: Find and print out an image you like (try searching for free clip art online!).

DIY: Dictionary Art

Step 5: Using regular old laser printer, print your selected image on to the dictionary page (or a photocopy of a dictionary page).

Step 5: Matte & Frame as desired.

DIY: Dictionary Art


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  1. gina


  2. sango

    totally love this! it’ll look great in my study :)

  3. Stephanie

    Oh this is awesome! I need some fun art for my daughter’s house, this is the answer! Thanks so much!

  4. jill

    Tried this today, but the pages in the dictionary i have are too thin for my printer, it just jammed up :( BUT it does have a scanner so all is not lost. Would have looked cooler on the actual dictionary page though!

  5. Carol

    This is fabalous. I have a sewing/craft room
    and the obvious words made into a collage will be
    great in that room. can’t wait to get an old dictionary.

  6. Debbie

    Just too cool, I am adding this to my list of ‘must do’ soon!
    Thank you so much for posting this!
    Debbie from the NW

  7. Camille

    OMG!!! This is so simply brilliant! Totally love this. You could do this with sheet music too!

  8. Amanda

    I know I’m a year late to this thread, but I tried this with rubber stamps instead of printing, and it came out beautifully – I even managed to do some light embossing on my pages (though they were too thin to really hold up to much). Very neat idea, thank you for the inspiration!


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