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Unique Ideas: Vintage Number Keyplates

by | Apr 22, 2010 | Decorating Inspiration, Details

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Unique Ideas: Vintage Number Keyplates

Do you ever see something so lovely that you just know you have to have it?

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the Anthropologie-ish Vintage Key plates that I am head over heels in love with (from my Shop). Well I just happened to notice that Cake Vintage also has another version of their vintage keyplates that have numbers on them! NUMBERS! As soon as I saw those, I was smitten all over again. Could they be any more awesome? I think not.

The plates are actually described as being house numbers (and oh how unique and adorable they would be on your door, mail box or front porch!), but I think there are probably dozens of other creative ways to use them inside the house too. Numbers are EVERYWHERE these days!

These amazing vintage pieces are little works of art — they would be awesome mixed in with frames on a photo wall, fashioned into towel hooks for the kids’ towels or even put on the backs of chairs for a charming update to your old dining chairs.

Could you put on your creative thinking cap on and help me think of more ideas for these?

I know you all will think of a bazillion more ideas than I will! So, what do you think? What would you use these oh-so-unique-and-anthropologie-ish keyplates for?


And because I love these so much I was able to work out an amazing deal that I am super excited about — for the next two days only if you buy two or more of these beauties from my OpenSky shop, you will get FREE SHIPPING! Woot! The only catch is I can only sell 50 keyplates with free shipping, so if you want the deal don’t delay or you’ll be too late. Just warning you.

Don’t forget to share in the comments today your ideas for how these could be used, oh creative friends in blogland…

You could use these Vintage Number plates … {fill in the blank}

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  1. Tara

    You could use them in a child’s room with the numbers of their birthday. ( 041200) or (082802)

    You could put them in your master bath with your anniversary.. (082496)

    just a thought….

  2. trish

    You could attach one of them to one of those old windows people are using for picture frames now with the number to match your child’s age or #year anniversary etc. (the bigger the better)
    To me they would simply make great house numbers!!! Good luck!!!

  3. Annelise Wilcox

    Our four kids have favorite numbers so we could put them on the outside of their doors much like the motel that we run at our home, or at least the kids think it is a motel/hotel.

    The other thing you could use these numbers for …in the garden to tag your plants rather than by name by code, they would look cute in pots as well just stuck in the dirt.
    .-= Annelise Wilcox´s last blog ..My Small Pool of Readers, Comment Please! =-.

  4. g.suzie

    I love the numbers, my wheels were spinning when I saw them. Hubby likes cars, they would be fun to make a placque with his ‘car year’. . .

  5. Gina

    Cool key plates! I think I’d use them for house numbers-but I could see them in my kid’s bathroom with a 1,2,3 and hooks below for child 1,2 and 3 to know where to hang their towels. Or, cute little house numbers on our garden shed….or just a random assortment on the wall…. they’re very cute, lots of possibilities!
    .-= Gina´s last blog ..Wednesday Reviewed =-.

  6. Karen

    I would love them on my garden gate! They are wonderful.
    .-= Karen @ Garden, Home & Party´s last blog ..Spring in the Garden =-.

  7. Mary Joy

    You always find the most interesting things! You challenge my creativity!! Thanks!!! Melissa…I’d love to share some of our wedding pics with you from our elopement on April 10…stop by and see them sometime! I posted some on my new blogsite today! Thanks!
    .-= Mary Joy @ Snapshots from my Heart & Home´s last blog ..The Day I Married My Very Best Friend! =-.

  8. Hip Hip Gin Gin

    These are beyond cute! Tara – I love that anniversary digits idea, I would totally do that in our bedroom. If you are someone like me who has moved around a lot you could do all the zip codes you have lived in. On a photo wall with photos from that time etc.
    .-= Hip Hip Gin Gin´s last blog ..Marry Me =-.

  9. cathy

    I too would use them outside as house numbers. Gosh, I love your blog. It is my escape from every day responsibilities. It makes me dream and visualize every aspect of my finished home, which is a bit challenging when pretty much every space requires serious work and dollars.
    .-= cathy´s last blog ..Confessions of a Recovered Multi-Tasker. =-.

  10. Lisa

    how about on mudroom lockers? on kitchen cabinets? or defining groups of pictures- all your children at age 1,2… or anniversary pictures-1st, 2nd…
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..A Time for Miracles =-.

  11. Melissa

    Awesome ideas! I knew you’d have creative ideas for me!! THANK YOU!

  12. teresa

    I bet a wooden peg would fit in the hole….if it would, I would put them in the pool bathroom to hang towels on….then when the kids visit they each get a number to hang their towel on….no nasty mix ups. =)
    {by the way the vintage key plate that I bought from your store I have hanging in my “mirrored” bathroom it looks so adorable…kind of like a secret door is behind it. =)
    .-= teresa´s last blog ..Burlap and Bows- the rest of the story. =-.

  13. Holly

    I would use them to organize things, like baskets or bins. Laundry baskets – 1 lights, 2 brights, 3 darks, 4 linens, etc. Or current craft projects, have a different basket for each one on a bookshelf, number them with their importance, helps you stay organized and when you’re done with the project you can use it again without relabeling your bin.
    .-= Holly´s last blog ..a good birthday =-.

  14. Mary Douglas

    I recently moved a wardrobe in my den from one wall to another side of the room. It was surrounded by four hunt scene pictures. After a few days of looking at the strange looking space between the pictures(where the wardrobe used to be) , I realized I HAD TO fill in that space with something. I have been looking, but couldn’t find the right item. We have a horse named 7, and the vintage number, placed on a black curved iron shelf I have at my shop, will be just the ticket! I think it will look great!

  15. Holly

    i’ve been wanting to paint numbers on my stairs for years..might finally do it..these could work possibly….
    .-= Holly´s last blog ..The Fine Art of Family =-.



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