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Craft, Wrap & Gift Closet
{And Christmas in July!}

by | Jul 28, 2010 | Decorating Inspiration, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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Craft, Wrap & Gift Closet <br>{And Christmas in July!}

Inspiration: Country Living
Make a craft, wrap and gift closet


I’m not pining away for Christmas yet. I’m still enjoying summer. But I have always wanted to be one of “those” people who is so organized that they have all of their Christmas shopping done by fall and they can FULLY enjoy the holiday season — baking, decorating and wrapping gifts, and not stressed out about too much money flying out the window at Christmas. OK, I know that might be a crazy dream, but I have managed that a time or two in my life and it was BLISS.

Craft, Wrap & Gift Closet <br>{And Christmas in July!}

Holiday gift wrapping: Country Living

For years and years, I have had a gift closet, or even just a gift shelf, that I used to stash my pre-bought gifts. Sometimes the closet holds crafts, wrap and gifts, and sometimes just gifts. I really enjoy finding gifts at my own pace, as I see things I like. Then when I need a present for someone (like a hostess or teacher’s gift where I completely forget about giving the gift until it is time to leave for the party!), I can go to my gift closet and find something appropriate at a moment’s notice.

By purchasing great gifts when I find them, I save lots of time wandering aimlessly through shops getting frustrated. And even better, I save money because I am not overspending in a hurry to find something. It is a win-win.

Craft, Wrap & Gift Closet <br>{And Christmas in July!}Country Living

Do you have a gift closet?


  1. Tara

    I used to have a gift closet and I miss it…need to start that back again b/c it is so helpful!

    …I’m one of those people that tries to have all of my shopping done by the end of October so that I can enjoy November and December and keep my focus clear…..doesn’t always happen..but I try.

    Great post…. :)

  2. Michelle C.

    Hi Melissa,
    Is it free shipping for International orders as well? I live in Australia.
    (Maybe half price shipping) for international orders over $50+ or more?

    • Melissa

      Hi Michelle, right now OpenSky does not ship outside of the US. They are working on it though. You can ship to me and I can ship to you, perhaps?

  3. Imperfect

    What a lovely closet space! I’m not terribly good at shopping early, but I think some of that is due to lack of space to store gifts. I’ll usually start at the very beginning of December and knock it out quickly. Then we can use wrapped gifts as decoration under the tree until Christmas Day comes!

  4. Pam

    I keep both my wrapping and gifts in the attic off of our craft room. I have 2 stacks of pull out bins where I keep the gifts. The wrapping entails a tall box for wrap, some flat plastic containers for tissue and some bins for misc ribbons. Not very pretty. In my craft room I keep whole rolls of all kinds of ribbon in plastic containers. The ribbon is used for crafts and wrapping if I want to get fancy. I have way too much stuff to make it look pretty like the picture above, but at least it is organized!

  5. Sandy

    Since we downsized, I really don’t have the room or a closet to store. When it gets cooler, I’m planning to clean out the attic off my daughter’s room and that would be a good fall/winter space for the gifts. At this time of the year, especially during this heatwave, it’s probably 120 degrees up there.

  6. Mary Joy

    I love the gift closet idea. I need to start thinking that way…I don’t know how many times I have been in that situation for gifts for teachers, Sunday School teachers, a sick friend from church, or forgetting someone’s birthday till the last minute. I am going to start my own gift closet in August…thanks for the suggestion.

    Also…I started my Christmas shopping in February…LOL. We should be done by the end of October with shopping and I should be finished with the ones that I am making by Thanksgiving. There have been years when I was shopping up until 12/24 but it was awful! No more! I love relaxing and enjoying the holiday season and being able to be a blessing to others during that time instead of being so stressed out that no one enjoys Christmas because of my stress level. Life is so much better with my year long shopping…LOL…as long as I remember where I hid things and no one finds any of them! :)

  7. Tracy O

    first let me say that I love your blog. I stumbled upon it a while back and have been following it ever since. I don’t have a gift closet, I do have a gift wrap station though that has been a life saver when I do find that perfect gift…everything is right there. I always say I will be done and wrapped before december and it has yet to happen…hopefully this year though, that is the plan!

  8. Gayle

    Yes, I have a gift closet but it’s not nearly that cute!

  9. Linda

    No gift closet for us. In our various homes closet space was often at a premium but I always had and still do keep a gift box on hand for those cute buys you run across from time to time. I put wrapping paper in a storage bin and tuck under the bed or top of the closet, depending on where we are living at the time. It is so helpful just like you said! And pretty fun to have too. I love to give gifts!

  10. Jean

    I re-purpose an antique pine amoire which is divided into two sections. One side with narrow pull out shelves for my ribbons, tissue, tulle, cellophane bags and raffia. The other side houses gifts on shelves. It is in a laundry room down stairs. I use the laundry counter for my stack of white tissue and have a large roll of shiny white paper in a roll- and -cut container. I wrap most of my gifts in the shiny white and use lots of colorful ribbons with it. It works perfectly for me. Just under the counter I have a long tension rod that stretches across the area that used to house a washer and dryer. This rod has ribbons on it that I use most often. The space for the w/d now holds large baskets which are hidden from view with b/wh stripe ticking fabric on a tension rod. Gifts are also stored in the cupboards above the counter. Hope that makes sense.

  11. Missy June

    I don’t have an official “gift closet” but I do stash great buys or items I’m saving for a loved one’s birthday…they go in MY closet, righthand corner by my shoes.

  12. tina

    I don’t have a gift closet, but I do try to keep some little gifts on hand, such as you mentioned, hostess gifts, a little something to say “get well”, etc., that kind of thing. I do have an area in one closet for wrapping paper, gift bags, bows, etc.

    I am always finished with Christmas shopping beforehand but one reason is because we do not put alot of emphasis on gifts, therefore, we do not buy alot. Several years ago, my side of the family decided we would no longer do Christmas gifts. We’d instead focus on a family activity. We’ve also done some charity gifts or “adopted” a child or family and done Christmas for them. It had gotten to the point we were giving each other cash, gift cards, etc. for Christmas because none of us really NEEDED gifts and it had become very hard to think of things for each other over the years. We enjoy doing something together and then getting together for a big family meal, etc. on Christmas Day. We also now make a bigger deal out of each person’s b-day through the year.

    As for the other gifts we buy, we really don’t have a long list to buy for and I get it done ahead of time, no later than the 1st of December. I fully enjoy the decorating, activities, get togethers, of the season that way.


  13. Jacque

    No gift closet… yet.

    Since all of my gift wrap and craft stuff is spread among various locations (over three floors), I’m hoping to consolidate it all into one space this Fall after some renovation stuff is complete. Then, it’ll be time to stock up on lovely little items again because I’ll have a convenient place to store them.

    And, it’s never too early to think about Holiday gifts. My husband used to give me a hard time because I’d be nipping at his heels in September (and it took all of my patience to wait until then) to tell me what he’d like to do giftwise for his family. He’d proclaim that it was ‘just wrong’ to start shopping before Thanksgiving. Now, after a few too many years with him out on Christmas Eve all stressed and harried while the rest of the family is snuggled up enjoying the festivities, he’s changed his tune. Gotta love it.

  14. Fiona Sanders

    OK This is something I’m not very good at. I could definitely use some improvement here.

    So at least for today I will map out a plan, and write out gift ideas for everyone.

    But getting a jump start on this would DEFINITELY be to my benefit. Since we are on staff at a local church, and I’m a photographer, EVERYTHING gets busier as we approach Christmas.

    Great idea Melissa! I’ll jump on board!

  15. Julie

    I ALWAYS have my shopping done BEFORE Thanksgiving. I hate, hate, hate going into a store after that! I buy a few things throughout the year if I see something great on sale, but the bulk of my shopping is done in the fall. I have a bin in a storage closet that I use for the gifts ;-)

  16. Marla

    Gift wrap or craft room? What’s that? I know I am not alone here.;)
    I have an unright box of gift wrap rolls in a closet corner, and two rolling ‘storage’ boxes under a bed – one contains tissue paper, the other has gifts and rolls of ribbons. Oh, almost forgot the flattened white and cardboard boxes in a clear bag (keeps critters/dirt out) on a shelf in the garage.
    Wouldn’t most of us adore a giant custom-built room especially for gifting purposes like the one in the house formerly built and owned by the Spelling’s in L.A.? That would be like shopping in your own mall!LOL No, wait, that would mean I would have to clean that room too…on second thought, no thanks.

    For our family, we give restaurant gift cards to the adults, and for the kids, we give money ~ they are never too young to start learning the importance of good stewardship with finances.

    A great and fun way to give cash is via, a money-gifting kit that comes with frames and decor stickers allowing you to decorate the money as you see fit (no damage done to the bills). Check it out!
    It is so freeing not to have to agonize over selecting the ‘right’ gift, the time spent shopping is minimal, and the recipient is never disappointed!

  17. Kayleen

    Sadly I am a last minute shopper. I hate it and it really does effect the mood of the holidays for me. It is solely responsible for the new found love of Ground Hog day. That is my favorite holiday. There is no pressure involved. You can participate (watch the news) or not and no one is expecting a party or cookies! Bah Humbug.

  18. Jocelyn Stott

    That craft closet is too much. I want it!

  19. Nikki

    I just bought a dresser for our guest bedroom. It already holds wrapping supplies, but I hope to start using it to hold gifts. So far, I have been pretty good about shopping ahead of time for gifts for family/friends for the holidays/birthdays. But, I’ve never really bought just for the sake of having extra gifts on hand. Thanks for the ideas.
    PS: I love that your links open into a new page.

  20. jana

    I love the idea of a gift closet. Someday I will have one. I love the idea of wallpapering the interior.

  21. Amy Caroline

    Oh that cabinet! I am drooling! I should start thinking about Christmas, I tried to make everything last year and it almost killed me, lol.

  22. Jennifer

    Yes, yes, yes… this year I finally have a big gift drawer! I feel so organized and planned! :) Baby steps!

  23. Kris Freitag

    I start shopping the week after Christmas–there are always great deals and its a great time to pick up fun teacher/daycare provider gifts Christmas design for the next year. I always buy fun and funky card sets when they are 75% off too and then use them as gifts the next year but dress them up with tuelle wrapping and ribbons. I used to have a great place to store, but we downsized, so now I have multiple locations.

  24. Ann

    I’ve just bought a huge old wardrobe from a vintage shop to turn into a craft and Christmas cupboard. This picture has given me so much inspiration as what to do with it on the inside! I’m into Christmas in a big way and run gift and decorating seminars so need a cupboard just for my Christmas supplies alone! I have a Christmas blog with lots of ideas for gifts and hand made garlands, bon bons etc – link is on my main blog page. I know it is July but some people actually celebrate ‘Christmas in July’ in Australia too – just last weekend – in order to have a taste of a midwinter Christmas which we miss out on because it is summer in December!

  25. Lynn from For Love or Funny

    You are absolutely right! It’s so much more relaxing (and inexpensive) to shop for Xmas ahead of time. I’ll probably start once the kids are back in school!

  26. Cara

    I’m in the middle of organizing all of my wrapping paper, bags and ribbons right now. We keep it in a long and narrow closet making it hard to use. I’m using ladder hooks to hang and sort the bags by occasion/size, and a plastic drawer unit for everything else.

    I always have great intentions of starting my Christmas shopping super-duper early, but I never quite get started before the end of October/early November. This year I’d like I’d like to give a few handmade gifts (a little apron for my 3 year old, and something crafty for my nieces), so I definitely need to get started! All of your gift ideas are just perfect….for ME especially! :)

  27. Robin

    Unfortunately no. When we built this house a few years ago, we stupidly forgot to add CLOSETS to this house….I mean, WHO DOES THAT? (Except for the bedroom closets).

    Fortunately, we have managed to come up with some creative solutions for storage.

    As for Christmas gifts, I say I’m going to shop all year long, but in reality, I usually end up running around at the last minute buying things.

  28. Chris

    This could be the prettiest project/space I’ve ever seen! I can’t stop looking at it. This one’s definitely going into my idea file.

  29. Eileen

    I love that closet! I just wish I was that organized. ahhh yes I can dream.

  30. Debra Rausa

    Can you tell me the name of the wallpaper or where i can find it?


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