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Baskets: A Beautiful & Useful Home Accessory {and a giveaway!}

by | Jan 17, 2011 | Decorating Inspiration, Organization

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Baskets: A Beautiful & Useful Home Accessory {and a giveaway!}

Since I know so many of us need attractive storage in our homes, I wanted to talk a little bit about one of my most favorite practical and beautiful storage accessories. I have at least one in every room in my house. I have them in closets, bathrooms, on shelves and in cars. I use them for just about everything!  I have collected them for years!

What are they? Yep, you guessed it! BASKETS!

You might remember me talking about one of the ways I use lidded baskets, back during my 31 Days of Autumn Bliss series — I keep seasonal decorating items and accessories for entertaining in baskets in my dining room. I have an armoire and a dresser in the dining room as well, but the baskets give even more storage while adding texture and interest to the room.

Baskets: A Beautiful & Useful Home Accessory {and a giveaway!}

Baskets: A Beautiful & Useful Home Accessory {and a giveaway!}

So besides seasonal items, what else do I keep in baskets?

  • When I wanted open shelves but didn’t want to see my baking supplies, baskets to the rescue!
  • Lunch and snack items getting lost in my pantry? Baskets corral things together!
  • When I need a little texture in a room or on shelves, baskets are a quick and beautiful solution!
  • Where do I keep my dusting rags? Baskets.
  • Where to we keep our stray socks in the laundry room until we match up their pairs? Yeah, baskets.
  • When I’m working on a creative project, how do I keep my supplies handy and organized? BASKETS!
  • How do I keep random pens, paper and car accessories organized in our vehicles? The car basket!
  • Where do I keep my magazines? In a basket, of course!
  • Where does my mail go when I bring it in from the mail box? A basket.

Baskets: A Beautiful & Useful Home Accessory {and a giveaway!}

Clutter Crisis?

Awhile back we started having too many video games and controllers stacked around my family room. So last week we had our son go through his games and pick out a handful. The rest got bundled up to be kept in his closet. The remaining games and controllers had to fit in one lidded basket on our shelves near the TV.  Crisis averted!

Baskets: A Beautiful & Useful Home Accessory {and a giveaway!}

Baskets are attractive, fit almost anywhere, and they are really one of the most convenient and versatile home accessories I own. I REALLY do not like to see clutter or excess stuff around my house.  I like things contained. Baskets are the way I keep my sanity. You cannot have too many baskets.

So where do I buy lidded baskets?

After I talked about my lidded baskets in October, many of you asked where I find my baskets. And a number of you asked where to find baskets that fit on shelves or cabinets.

I sometimes run across baskets at HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, or Pier One, but it is always hit or miss with their availability, quality and sizes. I wanted some new baskets a couple of months ago and I couldn’t find any baskets with lids! So frustrating. I started looking online to find a place that had good quality baskets that would be easy to order and would always be in stock.

I’m so happy to announce that I have finally found a reliable and beautiful resource for quality hand crafted lidded baskets, Diane from Longaberger is my new go-to gal! She has gorgeous baskets and other quality items such as bakeware, pottery, home accessories and dishes too!

If you aren’t yet aware of the wonderful products by Longaberger, you might want to check out their products. You’ll be happy to know that my new basket (pictured) also fits on shelves and cabinets!

Baskets: A Beautiful & Useful Home Accessory {and a giveaway!}

I’m thrilled to partner with Diane from Longaberger today as a sponsor of this giveaway! I hope you’ll remember her when you have a need for a great quality basket or gift! She is such a sweet lady! I just love working with so many great women and their businesses!

A Longaberger Giveaway!

Diane is offering one lucky winner at The Inspired Room their choice of a Sort & Store Small Rectangular Storage basket and wood lid (which is the item I showed today from my home, although it comes in various stains and black too!). It is a beautiful quality basket!


as an alternative prize you could select a Woven Traditions 9 x 13 Ivory Baking Dish with Cover and a Woven Traditions Travel Mug! Two gorgeous items I also love to use at  my house! They are really beautiful and quality pieces!

Baskets: A Beautiful & Useful Home Accessory {and a giveaway!}

Baskets: A Beautiful & Useful Home Accessory {and a giveaway!}

mmm. morning coffee to go!
no, my coffee maker is not included in the giveaway.

Baskets: A Beautiful & Useful Home Accessory {and a giveaway!}

How to enter:

All you have to do to be entered is to visit check out the beautiful Longaberger products, then leave a comment here on The Inspired Room  (click on the “comment” link) about how you use baskets at your home (or would like to use a basket if you win!). U.S. winner only this time! This giveaway is open to non-bloggers and bloggers alike.

For up to two additional entries, you can post about this giveaway on facebook or twitter and then come back to leave a comment for each! Up to three chances to win!

You can find Diane on Facebook, and be sure to check out her JANUARY SALE here!

Giveaway will end Friday at 9PM PST.

WINNER: April from say what you need to say!

Good luck!


  1. Mrs. Conti

    You just hit my favorite ‘spot’ > I love baskets! I think I have about 20/30 baskets in my house and on my terras. You can say I am obsessed with them! I use them for toys, dvd, shower products, socks…plants, flowers.. O yes and Shoes, I put my kids shoes in them! you name it and I’ve got a basket for them…! The basket you are showing is so pretty!!
    (so amazing they have their office in a ‘basket’) Would love to partecipate.. do you ship to Italy? If not Miami is ok as well… I’ll tweet about this! Ciao & thank you!

    • Diane

      Mrs. Conti…I’m soooooo sorry that we don’t ship to Italy. (Oh, but in my dreams I would *love* to personally carry a basket to Italy for you!!) However, we do ship to Miami!!!! :-D
      Thank you for your kind comments & for sharing!

  2. Christa stanley

    I use baskets for storing toys, craft supplies, school items on open shelves and everything in bertween. Longaberger is awesome stuff and I love the few peices I have:)

  3. Shannah

    What a lovely giveaway! Our main basket use is in the pantry.

  4. Sally

    I love baskets. We have a rather large one in our living room to store blankets & keep them handy for staying cozy while watching a movie. I also have some baskets in my cupboards to hold small items that get lost in the shuffle everyday. Thanks for the chance to win. Looks like Longaberger has lots of new things since I last checked them out!

  5. Sally

    I just retweeted YOUR tweet Melissa! =)

  6. Sally

    Just posted THIS on Facebook: “Melissa has a Longaberger giveaway today! Check it out.” (with a link)

    Happy Monday!

  7. Kristine S

    I love longaberger and I lost my consultant in my area. Thanks for the connection.

  8. Lori

    I love the black basket! I would use such a basket to store magazines or school supplies. Two things that are always floating around this house. I have a basket on my stairs right now to collect our table linens each day and make it easy to carry them upstairs to our laundry. I also use a basket to hold the cloth napkin supply in the kitchen. What a nice surprise the giveaway is. I just found your blog and subscribed yesterday!

  9. sarah

    i sure love baskets… i need one for under my livingroom table for kids odds and ends

  10. Terry

    What a great basket, I would use it to store candy or extra snacks that my kids (young adults now) would never think to look in. Always looking for a hiding place for our favorite snacks.

  11. Lynn from For Love or Funny

    I’ve got to say that I bought a kitchen napkin holder basket from Longaberger years ago. We use it every day and it still looks brand new. They have awesome stuff…I could really use a lidded basket to hold our TV remotes etc in the living room.

  12. Christine Aldinger

    i have collected Longaberger baskets for many years and i use alot of them around the house…..would love to win 1…ty for a chance!!

  13. Emily

    Your Wii use really speaks to our family’s needs! That’s how I’d use one of these lovely Longaberger baskets. Thanks for the opportunity.

  14. Lori

    I’ve just written a post about special memories I have with baskets. I mentioned your blog and linked to it.

  15. Arlene

    I own quite a few Longaberger baskets. My favorite is my Corn Basket which I use for Afghans in my living room. While I love Longaberger, they are a little pricey. Another good basket source is Peterboro Baskets. They are not as expensive but they do the job for organizing. I have a cute one that came with a blue toile lining on my kitchen cabinet next to the phone. It holds address books, notepads etc. I love mixing it up with all kinds of baskets around my house.

  16. Audrey

    The baskets are so lovely, and I recently found my large baking dish (not Longaberger!) cracked in two for no apparent reason, so it would be very hard to choose…
    Thank you!

  17. Melissa S

    I LOVE their baskets – they are so durable! I also love the Woven Traditions pottery in Paprika! I’ve been collecting it for years. However, I could really use the black Longaberger basket for the TV area to store remotes, etc!

  18. Stephanie

    Toys, toys, TOYS! One in every bedroom and also in the family room for holding all those little toys.

  19. Betsy

    I love to use baskets for storage, especially nice sturdy ones like Longaberger.

  20. Jennifer

    Wow, I could really use a basket in our TV room! All those remotes, pens, papers, and “stuff” that accumulates on our table would look great in a beautiful basket!! Thanks for hosting this giveaway – its a great one!!


  21. Lindsay

    Oh how I love baskets. I can never have enough! I use them in so many different rooms for storage from guest towels to clutter to socks in my closet. I don’t however have any baskets with lids, that would be fantastic! The Longaberger baskets are gorgeous.

  22. laxupermom

    I love baskets! Thanks for hosting this giveaway. Longaberger makes the sturdiest baskets. I like to use them to corral things all over the house. Baskets make it easier for the kids to put things away.

  23. Amy in PA

    Love baskets! And ‘need’ another one for our DVDs!! Thrift stores are also a good place to find baskets – although like retail stores, the supply is a hit or miss – although the price is usually right!!

  24. Laura

    I love baskets and you can never have too many! I love the blanket basket!

  25. Dominique

    I use the classic stairs basket to get random items back up to my twin sons’ room. And they are great to keep wash cloths in by the tub.

  26. Holly

    I love Longaberger! I grew up 10 minutes from their famous “Basket Building” in Newark, Ohio. They have amazing products. I use baskets for blankets, and for holding my washcloths and towels in.

  27. Beth

    I am a paper collector. There are tons of books, magazine, things I print off the internet all over the place, waiting for me to read them all. My “home base” is my dining room table, because I don’t have a desk or hobby room in my house. I think a basket would help me corral all my stuff, conceal it, but still let me have it in the area where it gets used.

    Pick me! :-) And thanks for the giveaway!!

  28. lisa

    I love the whole collegiate idea – I would love to have a lid that shows our favorite team’s logo. I use baskets everywhere in our home, so this one would hold all the messy bits that lay around in the living room and drive me crazy, or possible craft supplies, as I’m trying to reorganize my craft room right now!! Thanks for the chance!

  29. Deanna

    Love baskets, love Longaberger! Use them for everything everywhere…

  30. Shannon

    I love baskets too! I use them to put magazines in, small books, toilet paper in the bathroom, hair equipment, decorative pine cones, and many more idease as wll! Thanks for always finding some great give aways!

  31. {darlene}

    I too LOVE baskets. They solve the problem of clutter that must remain accessible. I use them everywhere! I would love a covered basket… that I don’t have!
    thanks for the great giveaway!

  32. lisa

    I just facebooked your giveaway, too!

  33. colleen

    I have a Longaberger umbrella basket in use in our tiny halfbath holding extra hand towels and toliet paper. We have many baskets around with 3 boys that help corral all the TOYS. Thanks for the chance at this great giveaway!

  34. Erica

    I love my basket for magazines. In our mudroom we have 4 baskets for hats and gloves in winter and ball gloves and batting gloves for summer. love them!
    Love your blog too! Thanks and keep up the practical and great advice

  35. Kim

    I think I have a storage basket in every room — office, family room, kids’ rooms… and could always use more! They are great for good-looking storage.

  36. keely

    I do love that basket in black! We use them a lot for kids storage.

  37. Jen

    I love to use baskets in the laundry room where we also have some extra food storage. They corral the small items like random juice boxes and packets of tuna as well as the stain remover and rags for the laundry. In separate baskets, of course. :)

  38. Monique

    Longaberger makes beautiful and sturdy baskets. This basket would make a wonderful container for my sewing supplies.

    Thanks for this offer!

  39. Monique

    Longaberger makes beautiful and sturdy baskets. This basket would make a wonderful container for my sewing supplies.

    Thanks for this offer!

  40. Michelle F

    When our boys were little we stored all their toys in a big Longaberger basket – would have *loved* a lid for that one!! Since they’ve outgrown those toys – we’ve repurposed the basket for their books. I also have one on a shelf that holds all the “hair-cutting stuff”: clippers & accessories, scissors, combs, etc.

  41. Allison

    I use a basket to keep our Wii games and controllers organized, too! I also use them a lot in my office for holding extra ink cartridges, cds, pens, etc.

  42. beth

    I LOVE Longaberger baskets and what an HONOR it would be to have one in my home! Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Elyse

    I use baskets to store toys in. My toddler can get his toys out easily, the clean up is easy, and the plastic toys look a lot prettier in a basket.

    Love these baskets. Perfectly beautiful!

  44. maggi

    I use vintage coleman coolers & vintage picnic baskets to “hide” anything from blankets to wine glasses to dust rags to camera equipment. What a great giveaway!

  45. Carol in Md

    A basket in the kitchen was ‘school central’ for all the papers that would come home and need to be kept. We too have a basket for games (though ours aren’t nearly as neat and organized as yours!), and I really like the look of that large ‘recycling bin’ basket Longaberger has – right now we have an ugly plastic bag hanging on the back of a kitchen door as our ‘recycling center’. ACK!

  46. Phyllis Lindsay

    I’ve always long admired Longaberger baskets that my friends had back in TN and VA. I would LOVE to contain some of my clutter in one of these beautiful baskets!

  47. Stephanie

    I really love the baskets – I love the Blanket Basket set, especially. I use them for my son’s toys, for knick knacks around the living room and one on the steps going upstairs….so that I can toss stuff in that needs to go upstairs, and then take it the next time I go up, rather than going up and down! :)

  48. Liz W

    I would love to use a basket for my pile of stuff next to myside of the bed. Jon would be thrilled if I contained that clutter!

  49. Bebe

    I love longaberger baskets, and would love another one to help me organize my office!

  50. Sharon

    I too love baskets for organizing my home and my life!

  51. Laura

    I was just just just thinking about Longabergers! We have a blanket basket in our living room to store my 3 yr olds toys when hes not using them. They make clean up a breeze and everything out of sight!

  52. Annie Joy

    I love baskets, too, and use them throughout my house. I’ve added Longaberger to my favorites and look forward to shopping there. The lidded basket can be a container as well as part of a layered look — beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity! Annie

  53. amanda

    oooh, my craft room is calling for a nice storage basket. and my hubby will love that it has a lid to hide the goodies inside. i can’t wait to further explore Longabergers!

  54. cathy

    Would love a lidded basket to house all of our Wii junk! What a beautiful way to do it.

  55. Traci Sembrot

    My first basket was a Longerberger- 20 years ago! I still use it for rolls and bread! It even came with a warming brick. I love baskets and use them for everything!

  56. Sherri Drzewiecki

    Adore baskets, use them everywhere I can for storge. Alas, would love to have a Longaberger but they’re a little out of my budget. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  57. Karen

    I love baskets. I’m happy to know of a source for all sizes and shapes…especially lidded baskets.

  58. Marixa

    I love baskets too! Any time I need something contained I go find a basket. I’ve been helping my friends organize their house and one thing they love the most is having baskets by their garage door that holds purses, coats, diaper bags, and stuff that needs to go to work. Since they don’t have a mudroom or big laundry room this stuff always was littered around their dinning room. This was one of the biggest helps to them in keeping the clutter down and the dinning room picked up. We also used them in the bathroom cabinets to hold extra supplies, medicines, hair things, etc. They love that too!

  59. Jeanna Scharff

    I LOVE longaberger baskets. What a great idea to store wii games in one! Thanks for the great idea.

  60. Melissa Blocker

    There is nothing more lovely than a Longaberger basket and yours is beautiful. I love to keep a small basket of baby toys in the living room. When someone is visiting with a little one the baby can play and we can visit. The older kids we send upstairs to play. The basket hides the clutter but having the contents close means I can spend longer building relationships with friends. Thanks for the giveaway.

  61. angie

    I keep a basket full of cloth napkins in my kitchen for use at meals. When the current napkins get messy, I pull out 4 more from the basket. Love Longaberger!

  62. amanda

    We use baskets everywhere..However this one can be used in a place where I would want people to see it! I would probably put it in the living room and get the black shade since most of our living room has my hubbys YUCKY black leather

  63. Shelley

    Love Lobngaberger! One of the places I’ve always wanted to visit is their headquarters! Want to see that basket building. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  64. maggie

    I, like you, have baskets all over the house. Magazines, dog toys, mail, computer/electronic doodads, I could go on and on! Now I’m eyeing that great blanket basket on Diane’s site! I love the black baskets.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    • maggie

      PLUS I forgot to mention that today is my birthday and that would make make a great birthday gift! :)

  65. Lori R.

    Longaberger is the best!

  66. Roxanna

    I am currently reorganizing my office space & would love to win a black basket with lid to store my office paper supplies & folders etc. Then again it would be great for storing the grandkids coloring books, craft books, etc. Thanks for the giveaway.

    [email protected]

  67. Shelley

    Make that LONGABERGER! I can spell most of the time. Fingers didn’t cooperate and I obviously didn’t proofread!

  68. Raquel

    We use baskets to store projects, homework, mail etc. – love attractive storage that has many uses.

  69. sharee morris

    What a fun giveaway! I have a confession to make, I don’t currently use baskets but I want to! Looking at the basket choices on her website I was most struck by the fact that they look so stylish in black. Who Knew!!

  70. Sonya B

    I love these baskets, I too use them for all sorts of things and would love to win a basket. I received some from my Grandmother’s home after she passed away and think of her every time I see them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  71. StaciM

    I ONLY use baskets and have been scouring stores for baskets with lids! I’m stoked that you posted this link to Longaberger! Problem solved!

  72. Tammara

    I love baskets, I currently have them all over my house, but I love how you have so many similar baskets around your home, carries a more peaceful flow – and I LOVE the baskets with lids. I’d love to win one as I’ve never had one with a lid…and if i get hooked, which I probably will, I’ll be visiting Longaberger more often to make some more purchases :)

  73. Katie

    As soon as I saw your photo, I knew it was a Longaberger. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane! As a little girl, my family toured their factory (Dresdin, OH), and the look of their baskets is etched in my mind. OUr home is basket central these days. The most useful baskets in our house are the three on top of the fridge. THey hold baking items like nuts and chocolate. (We have no pantry). OUr closet is small, so a basket on the open shelving in our bedroom gives DH’s tshirts a home. A girl can never have too many baskets!

  74. Melinda Stanton

    I have a basket on my hearth with magazines and a basket by my bed for lotions, nighttime devotion book, pens, and my spiral notebook (“idea” or longterm plans book).

  75. Andrea

    I love to use baskets in my home. They are essential since the space I have to work with is small. I am also on a tight budget. I often find inexpensive baskets at thrift shops. My favorite are picnic baskets with hinged lids. I use them to store linens, sewing supplies, hats and gloves. sometimes finding the correct size can be tricky if you need to fit a certain spot. If I am patient I will usually find what I need.

  76. Rita

    I live in a small apartment and have limited space, so I use them for everything! For holding cereal etc on top of the fridge, for movies, for bills, for hiding clutter…everything. I would love to win! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  77. Donna O.

    Baskets are everywhere in my house. The pantry has more than anywhere else. The laundry room has a few big squat rectangluar ones to hold both reusable & brown grocery bags. The bathroom baskets hold cosmetics. The fireplace basket holds fatwood, bellows & stick matches. I love the texture they add to a room.

  78. Beth

    I love having an organized home. I also love Longaberger products. I have several baskets throughout my home, but I also love their pottery, and the travel mug is also one of my favorites!

  79. jamie

    i have a list of things i want to store in baskets. thanks for this giveaway!

  80. Sarah P.

    I’m in the process of organizing our household. I would use the basket in our kitchen.

  81. Jeannie Schlitt

    What lovely products! I use baskets in my pantry, in my bathroom, living room, next to my bed for a small flashlight & lip balm and in the study for magazines.
    Have a blessed week!

  82. shala_darkstone

    Hi, I use baskets to store toys on the coffee table, and to store my husband’s “stuff” that he puts on the dining room table. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  83. Gloria Kressin

    I’d love to use some baskets in my daughter’s bedroom re-do!

  84. StaceyE

    I use baskets for my boys toys and cloth diapers. Records and hat’s and gloves!

  85. Lori

    I would love to put all of my mail and papers in a pretty basket on my counter.

    Longaberger also had some beautiful holiday pillows. I got one for my mom for Christmas!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  86. Donna

    We use basket throughout the house. I’d love to have a lidded basket to put all of my “mommy time” stuff in. Magazines, journal, bible and pens. I’d keep this by my chair in the living room. I think having the lid would help keep little hands from rifling through my stuff. :)

    I love the recycling bin basket set – our recyclables are always all over the place!

  87. Michelle

    I love Longaberger!! I have their baskets all over my house, they make organizing so pretty!!!

  88. Gloria Kressin

    I just retweeted your tweet for the giveaway!

  89. Heidi Milton

    Wonderful giveaway and so timely, as many of us have resolved to organize and de-clutter in the new year! I use larger baskets in the family to corral extra afghans and on my kitchen counter for bread, bagels and buns. Love the lidded basket– could use a few of those as well. Diane has beautiful choices! Thanks for sharing and hosting!

  90. Hannah d.

    I love your idea for storing those wii case and the various remotes! I would probably do the same.

  91. Marilyn

    I love baskets! especially Longaberger! I use baskets for napkins and silverware and magazines and recipes and bread and the list goes on…
    Hope I win!!

  92. maureen

    What a beautiful basket.
    I could use this in organizing my knitting accessories.
    I have circular needles and I have double pointed needles that are arranged rather hodge podge. This would also be a good item to keep the left over yarns in.

  93. deidra

    Oh my goodness! Longabarger! When we lived in CT, these were very popular. I’m so glad you posted about them here. In CT, I learned the fine art of using baskets for organization. In this house I use baskets in my pantry, but I don’t have any with lids. I like that idea for storage on open shelves.

  94. deidra

    I tweeted! :)

  95. Ro

    I have heard about Longaberger…I know some people that collect them. But I have never owned one myself. They are lovely and of heirloom quality.

    I use baskets mainly to hold kid toys. But, if I won a beautiful Longaberger, it would not be going to the kiddos! I’d put it in my bedroom to hold a book, a tissue box and the tv remotes…perfect!

  96. Kourtney

    Thank you for leaving such wonderful items to our decorating grid!

    I appreciate you and would definitely love a snazzy basket for our Wii stuff, too.

  97. deidra

    Shared on fb! :)

  98. Patricia

    I love the idea of using baskets for organization! I’ve never actually seen a basket with a ‘lid’ -so this would be a great gift to win. On my way to organizing my home in the new year!

  99. Cathy

    I collected several Longaberger baskets years ago. They are all still as good as new and so useful for everything from holding dinner napkins on the kitchen counter to carrying tax info to the accountant to keeping my quilting supplies in order in the family room. It’s certainly time for a new addition to my collection. Thanks for bringing them back to my attention.

  100. Glenda Childers

    I have been a basket fan for a long time. I remember going to a party once that sold Longaberger baskets.

    Most of my collection is from overseas. I have drug baskets home from many countries. My philosophy has always been . . . if I love it, there is a way to get it home.:)

    This is a great idea for January . . . get organized in baskets. Thanks Melissa.


  101. Jessica

    I Love me some baskets!! I use them for organizing: stationary, vegetables, photos, puzzles, books, magazines, and more. Longaberger has a beautiful selection. Thanks for the tip.

  102. Terri

    Longaberger baskets are so well made I use them everyday. I use them to organize papers, hold throws in the living room, hold a selection of teas in the kitchen, in the mudroom with their wrought iron rack to hold keys, wallets, sunglasses, on the coffee table to hold remotes and playing cards. They are beautiful, practical and they last! Hope to win. :)

  103. Judy

    I am organizing every room in my house and could use these everywhere. They are great.

  104. Jillian MCcRACKEN

    I would LOVE the black basket!!! I think that it would look wonderful in our “family room/play room with some of the kiddos toys/books etc!!!

  105. Lisa

    I haven’t seen Longaberger in a while, but they are great! I hadn’t seen those Sort & Store baskets…awesome!! I love using baskets all over my home for all sorts of things. (and that Black, yum!) Thanks to Diane for providing this giveaway!!

  106. Cottage Coastal Stoe, Inc ~ Kim

    We are huge basket fans in my home. I use them for all my son’s toys and trucks. They are in the kitchen used like you do and in the living room for Wii and games too. I love potted plants in them. Def. a basket fiend, all sizes and colors but also like a uniform look of color and size say in the bathroom closets for toiletries ;) Thanks for sharing.

  107. Jamie

    Oh, lovely! I use baskets for my kids’ toys. I love the look of baskets and need to get more. I have a Longaberger basket and love it! Thanks for sharing with us.

  108. Brittany

    My 6 month’s old nursery is a disaster…I would use it to try and calm down the mess!

  109. Amber

    I love the Sort & Store Large Desktop Basket! It would be perfect for eliminating the clutter that lives on my kitchen island.

  110. Holly S.

    We use baskets for everything too to contain the clutter and organize into groups of similar things. I like the texture they add to any room.

  111. Mary

    I use baskets all the time for storage. I keep a basket of office supplies on my desk so that all you see is the pretty basket, but the items are easily accessible when I need them.

  112. Wendy J

    I love to keep books and homeschooling supplies in baskets. I have four small children, so I need all the help organizing I can get! Thanks!

  113. Paula D.

    I do not own any baskets, and I would love one to use in the kitchen, to hold napkins, silverware, etc. Thank you.

  114. mary

    I love Longaberger – they are the best quality. I am in the middle of a family room redo- I would use that great basket in the middle of my new coffee table to gather all the table top clutter.

  115. Sylvia

    I love the Sort & Store Large Desktop Basket and would use it to clear the clutter of the entry way table! It needs it badly!

  116. Allison

    I have a craft room/office/kid’s play room that is in DESPERATE need of some organization. One of my new year resolutions is to get this room organized. I would use the basket to get me started! :)

  117. Terri Steffes

    I love Lonaberger baskets. I use baskets for mail, scarves, gloves, whatever I can find! Love the look. I have actually made baskets, too, while in college!

  118. Rebekah

    I would use it for storage in my living room probably!

  119. Nicole

    I have baskets in many places but love the two big ones in the living room. They store some of my daughter’s books and toys! I would love to have another basket for my bedside table :)

  120. Bethe

    I’ve been collecting Longenberger for years. They are stylish and functional, making them worth the investment. I have Easter baskets for each of my children that they’ve used for 17 and 19 years!! I love having one to corral my nail polishes, eye make up remover and other assorted products on my bathroom counter. Love the serving baskets. Have never used anything lidded for storage. . . but based on your post I can envision all sorts of applications in my home (thinking X-BOX!!). Thanks for getting us inspired!!

  121. Missy June

    I have little, little children, so I use baskets all over to contain their little pieces of toys. One of my favorites is a covered pic-nic basket that holds puzzles (and the pieces). We, too, have our Wii controllers in a basket!

    I would just LOVE to add to my basket ‘collection.’

  122. Casey

    I use large baskets on the shelf under my coffee table – It’s great for storing movies, video games, etc. in a convenient location, but my living room never looks cluttered! I also keep a basket with the day’s “getting ready” necessities on the bathroom counter – but when people are coming over and may be coming into the master bedroom area? The whole basket under the counter in a flash, and no more clutter! I would use a new basket to store incoming mail and clutter in the kitchen – it always seems to pile up on the bar – despite my best efforts.

  123. Leslie M

    I use baskets for everything!
    To organize pantry, to store TV+cable+DVD Remote Controls, to organize cleaning products, to sort mail, etc etc

  124. Ennis

    I use baskets in the kitchen for bread, napkins, and my husband’s smoothie ingredients like protein powder and honey. I don’t have any lidded ones but would love it! Thank you.

  125. Gina

    I have a ton of Longaberger baskets but most of them are behind closed doors now because their color doesn’t go with my home now. I still use them though for carrying food items to church, etc., recipes, ice bucket/basket, napkins, magazines, my cross stitch stuff (so I can carry it around), booklets…I could go on. :)

  126. Linda Spencer

    I love Longaberger. I sold it years ago, before “life” happened, and have a number of baskets from those days. I’d love a new basket. I use baskets to store my current reading pile, my hand work, I have a serving tray that gets regular use taking items here and there, I worked hard to earn a Laundry Basket and still use it (though not for laundry). My longest and most constant baskets in use? A large and a medium trash can. They are so pretty and yet immensely functional! My baskets aren’t just for looks they are workers around here, though they are beautiful and have held up to 20 years of use.

  127. Linda Spencer

    I love Longaberger. I sold it years ago, before “life” happened, and have a number of baskets from those days. I’d love a new basket. I use baskets to store my current reading pile, my hand work, I have a serving tray that gets regular use taking items here and there, I worked hard to earn a Laundry Basket and still use it (though not for laundry). My longest and most constant baskets in use? A large and a medium trash can. They are so pretty and yet immensely functional! My baskets aren’t just for looks they are workers around here, though they are beautiful and have held up to 20 years of use.

  128. Cindy

    I would put my granddaughter art supplies all in one place. She loves to draw.

  129. Melissa

    I love baskets! They are great for storing and organizing and hiding “stuff” we don’t want to look at but need (like beauty products, electronic accessories). I also use a big wicker basket for my laundry and baskets to organize cans of cat food. Love Longaberger and that black basked is De-Lightful! Happy MLK day.

  130. Amanda

    I use baskets to hide clutter and store toys. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  131. kristina

    I have deemed this year, the year I will get organized. I love my desk, but it needs some organizing, so I would use a lidded one to help me there! Love your blog!

  132. Jeni

    Oh how I heart Baskets! Especially LB Baskets!!!!

  133. Jeni

    Tweet Tweet Tweet

  134. Jeni

    Facebook announced the sale and the contest to all my basket loving friends, too!!! xo

  135. Jessica M.

    Wow! I’ve never been to their website-they are more than just basket! I use baskets everywhere in our home. Towels, toys, school supplies, scarves, I love baskets!
    Thanks,Jess [email protected]

  136. Mary

    I also love baskets, I would use one on my desk to consoldate all the little items.

  137. Sherri

    Oh, I love baskets! I use them everywhere, but I really like the ones I use for spices and baking supplies – grab one basket and everything is there. A lidded basket would be great for so many things…

  138. Judy

    I use baskets around the house to store stuff that needs to be out and available but I don’t want to “see”. I have a Longaberger magazine basket (given to us 11 years ago as a wedding present,they really do last) to store the kids library books so they don’t get lost among the books we own.

  139. Rebekah

    I love baskets and would be delighted to win a Longaberger beauty! If I win, I will be copying your idea for video game storage in the family room, those game accessories can quickly take over a room. Thanks for the giveaway!

  140. Leigh Anne

    What a great giveaway! I love baskets and use them for my kid’s toys. In fact, that’s what I’d do w/ this one if I won – more toy organization! Makes me soooo happy :)

  141. Amber B.

    I love using baskets for storage and organization. Currently, I’m in need of more for my bedroom closet to store flip flops, belts and other knic knacs!

  142. pamm

    I Love Longaberger Baskets. I use baskets for everything in my home. LOVE THEM>

  143. Nicole

    I love baskets for all types of things! They keep your home looking neat and de-cluttered! I use them for fabrics, books, magazines, etc!

  144. Jackie

    What a great giveaway and it is fun to think about all the possibilities of using the basket. I think I would use it beside my reading table to hold books and maybe a few other goodies. I love baskets and there are so many different uses for them. Thanks!

  145. Laura Paring Down

    I am a basket fanatic, and I would love a lidded basket to hold feminine products in my bathroom remodel.

    Thanks for a lovely opportunity!


  146. Laura Paring Down

    I tweeted this giveaway @lauraparingdown.

    :) Laura

  147. Laura Paring Down

    I facebooked this giveaway at Laura Dockery Lyon

    :) Laura

  148. Crystal

    I’ve been looking for some baskets for my office to hold my notebook stash. I adore baskets almost as much as love a fresh notebook!

  149. Sara

    I baskets! These covered baskets would be perfect for wrangling video game controllers in the living room!

  150. Roberta

    Just love the black lidded basket…I’ve been known to spary paint my old baskets ;) Really like the Sort & Store Mail Basket that they are retiring…have the perfect place for it on my kitchen counter. Thanks for a fun giveaway…I’ve had the recipe basket for years, Longabeger Baskets are great.

  151. awgirl

    Are you kidding?! What would I do? I have lots of organizing to do and baskets totally fit the bill!! I would love to win one.

  152. Sangeetha

    I love the baskets. Me…I would use mine for holding my fresh towels in the bathroom!

  153. Kim

    The cracker basket would be perfect for our remotes or for organizing our kitchen junk drawer!

  154. Alice Adams

    I would love to have a basket with a lid. My dining room is used for a desk to pay bills, to cut out coupons, make my to do list, etc. It would be great to be able to put all those things in a basket when I am not using them. Everything in one NEAT place!!! I so enjoy your blog!

  155. Shannon

    I love baskets and use them for everything such as decoration to storage. A basket with a lid would be great for storage as well as a pretty decoration!

  156. Robin Walston

    I also use baskets in every room in the house to store: paper pads by the phone, various things on top of the entertainment center, craft projects in the sewing room, cosmetics in the bathroom and much more.
    I have some Longaberger baskets and would love a new one!
    Thanks for all the great ideas you provide.

  157. Megan

    I use baskets for everything, to hold rolled up towels, diapers and baby products, spices, games, movies, odds and ends. I think I would go insane without baskets!

  158. Minnesotamom

    I’m a big fan of the basket for storage! I would probably use that new basket as a place to corral some of my TV room clutter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  159. Laryssa

    I’m a basket girl too! Practical and pretty…that’s the best.

  160. ElaineDavis

    We use baskets to hold mail, kleenex boxes, bills to be paid, library books, etc : )
    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  161. Chrissy

    The black lidded basket is my *DREAM* basket! Both of my children have grown up and moved out on their own this year and I’m trying to make myself an office or maybe a craft cave. I have a craft table I want to put that on :)

  162. Linda

    I love Longaberger baskets. I’ve collected them for many years in the past. I use some in my pantry, on shelves to hold odds and ends, magazines, sewing basket plus I love using them when I am serving a buffet. Glad to know they are still around and that I just may have a new rep to order from. :0)

  163. Tiffaney Mikell

    I, too, use baskets for just about everything! I believe my mom and my aunt instilled this in me as I grew up. I now use baskets to hold pictures that haen’t gotten into picture albums. My office has bookcases with baskets (that beautifully match the wood of the bookcases) to hold loose papers and ugly telephone books. Our living room has baskets for the remotes, the toys, and the blankets. I use baskets in my sons playroom to hold the unnumberable toys they have. My laudry room has a row of matching baskets for all the little things that collect in there. Our dog even has his basket (that matches his him – he’s a multi-colored basset hound) for all his toys and bones. I love baskets and use them whenever there is stuff just laying around. I don’t believe there is one room of my house that doesn’t have baskets in it. I think they look classy and homey all at the same time. Your house can still look put together and organized without all the platic bins – it just takes a few baskets! (-;

  164. Amy

    I love the sort and store line.

    I’m actually doing a little linen closet redo today and using baskets to store small items.

  165. Courtney

    I use baskets to collect the mess that my boys leave at the end of the day before I return everything to their home and I keep one at the bottom of my stairs to load up with anything that belongs upstairs.

  166. lisa

    I just love these baskets. Since I first read your blog entry regarding baskets and storage, I’ve been looking for more to use. Mine are old and icky. I would love the black lidded baskets, of course the casserole is pretty too.
    I’ve always used plastic boxes to corral toys, bathroom items, etc. and baskets are so much prettier. Plastic discolors and breaks after time. Now for using, great for those controllers. Just how many do kids need!
    I use mine for books and stuff on my bedside table, my spices and those pesky envelopes for soup, sauces, etc.
    They’re also great for small boxes of puddings and jello.
    Baskets are great!

  167. Allison

    I am a basket queen- since moving 6 months ago- I have put everything from medicine to cleaning rags to dog gear in baskets- I would love a lidded basket however- what a great idea to keep clutter out of sight!!!

  168. Dawn

    I am a huge Longaberger fan w/my favorite being the Medium Market basket – I have several & use them for a variety of purposes: a cooler @ the neighborhood block party, a back-&-forth tote between car & house, a portable office & in-box… great quality & many practical uses. Can never have too many Longaberger baskets!!! So glad you’ve discovered them – they’re the bomb & worth every penny!

  169. Laura

    Beautiful lidded-basket, should i be blessed to win…I lead women’s wisdom circles and have plastic bins full of supplies that are unloaded and then stored in the car during the events. BUT, I desperately need a pretty, lidded container that will remain out in plain site, to lovingly hold all the sacred items that women can choose from when they build our community altar. One of these gorgeous baskets would be a fantastic solution. Thanks very much for the opportunity to comment!

  170. Carmen E.

    Ooh…LOVE baskets! I have a 5 month old daughter and I would use a basket for some of her little toys in the living room.

  171. Fabulous Finds Studio

    I love the Buffet Basket…how cool!
    I use baskets around my home for magazines and I also use them for entertaining (for my hot rolls!).

  172. Ashley C

    I would love to use a lidded basket to help organize my office! I can think of so many things to store in these wonderful baskets!

  173. amanda heath

    I have been looking for a basket for the same exact purpose…VIDEO GAMES! This is the perfect basket!

  174. marty

    I use a basket in the guest room to hold towels because the guest bath has no space for towel racks. I would love a covered basket to hold the books and magazines that pile up beside my reading chair — the idea of a cover would make it look so my neater!

  175. June

    How lovely! I’ve just started getting into using baskets and I definitely need to increase my “basket stash” :) I remember driving by the Longaberger factory when I was little! How could I forget the worlds largest basket!

  176. Jennifer

    I also love using baskets to tidy things up. I would love one of these!

  177. Chris

    I love baskets and especially Longaberger, of which I have many. I just re-did my sewing room closet and baskets are a big part of the organization that I did so if I were to win it would be a basket for me.

  178. Pam

    Love Longaberger baskets! I have a few that I have used for many years they still look new. The black lidded basket would be great in my kitchen on the counter for bread. I can see a little white starfish tied on the side…

  179. Jacquie

    I love Longaberger baskets. I have the laundry basket and couldn’t live without it. I love the black one and the travel mug.

  180. Barbara (WA)

    I, too, use baskets for everything and many of them are Longeberger. I scored once at a garage sale and got a pie basket (the old stain, too!) for $10.

  181. Pat

    I’d love one of the black lidded baskets! Would be so nice to put mail in when you walk in the door. I can think of many places I could use it ~ :-)

  182. Els

    Baskets bring instant warmth to a room. Love it! Adore the laundry hamper!

  183. Robun

    I really love how clean the baskets present storage. I have recently added some to my bathroom closet. I have also begun purchasing a basket or two from diff countries that make them in order to help support them. Thanks for this opportunity :-)

  184. the chatty housewife

    I use baskets in many of the same ways that you do. I love to corral a bunch of things that look messy into baskets in order to simplify the view of the room. For example in my laundry room I have baskets for paper picnic supplies, laundry supplies, shoe polishing supplies and motorcycle gear.

  185. Joan

    I use a lot of baskets to, but my favorite one sits on my stairs. Instead of having to run up and down them I just have a basket there. When its full I take the basket down with me. Unload it then place it back on the stairs. It saves me a lot of steps. Come to think of it I should take it down now and unload it again.

  186. Sarah

    I’ve used baskets for all sorts of things. Big baskets to hold blankets, and to wrangle in backpacks by the door. Small baskets to separate measuring cups wooden spoons and other random kitche utensils.

  187. christy

    I use baskets in everyroom of the house for something. Would love the lidded basket shown. Very cool.

  188. Ellen

    Love the black baskets! Hadn’t seen those before… would love to use them in our den to corral movies and video games!

  189. Sarah

    I love baskets! Check out my post today and see how much I heart them:) I would adore the black covered basket, could use it in any of my rooms. Thanks for introducing me to such a great resource.

  190. Flash

    My storage baskets are all uncovered. The covered basket with the wooden lid would be PERFECT for my entry closet to imprison all those escaping mittens, scarves and hats.

  191. Theresa

    I LOVE those Longaberger lidded baskets AND in black! Beautiful. I love baskets as well. I have used baskets when my daughters were babies for a “diaper station.” I filled pretty baskets (one in their room, one in my room and one downstairs) with everything one would need to change a diaper. It was then easy to toss in the car for an overnight road trip. I use baskets for all my little “grocery store cook books,” kids games….the possibilities are endless. I am in the process of reorganizing my small home and home office. I’m sure I will find many uses for a beautiful lidded black basket.

  192. Melissa

    Currently one of my baskets are holding baby’s diapers,wipes,cream and mat. The desktop basket would be great as our desk can look awful off at times and we often lose important papers. Definitely could use some pretty organization there.

  193. Paula

    When I saw the title of your post I just knew it was going to be a Longaberger that you were giving away! I have been out to the Homestead several times and adore the baskets; there are so many imitations even here in New England, but none can compare with a Longaberger basket for beauty and quality. How do I use my baskets,oh so many ways: I,too,store seasonal decor right here in the living room in some large baskets; have cookbooks in a basket on the kitchen counter; use for magazines in the den; for towel storage in the laundry and the list goes on….thanks for the chance to win a beautiful basket or piece of pottery!!!

  194. Amy

    Love the baskets. Having two boys ages 9 and 7 we are always looking for functional organization. Would love to be able to organize my shelves of all their little toys (pokemon, bakugan, legos, etc) in baskets with lids. what a great idea!!

  195. Joy

    I have two picnic baskets under my kitchen side board; they hold napkins and table cloths.

  196. shelbi

    love baskets too :) i’d use them for our homeschool shelves. it always looks so cluttered at the end of the day and paper and what not would be so nice out of sight and tucked away in a nice basket on the shelves.

  197. cailan

    I need a good basket for children’s books – I love them, but they are taking over!

  198. Lauren

    Love Longaberger! Best quality anywhere. Need some serious help with my craft/school supplies!

  199. Kandace Brown

    We have a rather small apartment, so a basket would serve as a wonderful space saver. I would probably use it for extra books or towels or sheets. I could definitely use one!

  200. Elizabeth R.

    I grew up on Longaberger! My mom started collecting in the early 80’s. You can never have enough and they are all handy for storage. :)

  201. slb

    I am renovating my home office as we speak. I am turning the closet in the office into more office space by opening up and adding open shelved storage. Baskets would be functional, textural, and pleasing to look at.

  202. Krista

    With an infant, I am learning the value of baskets for sorting and organizing. Our side table looks so much better with her diaper rags, and bibs in baskets than just folded on the table. I love the idea of a lidded basket to hide the clutter just a bit more.

    • jane

      I am obsessed with baskets! I really enjoyed the Longaberger site. I am actually looking for baskets now for the shelf under my coffee table for magazines and candles. The coffee mug is also just awesome. I am inspired every time I log on to The Inspired Room. Melissa, you are amazing!!!

  203. Kandace Brown

    Just posted about the giveaway on facebook! :)

  204. Erin

    It’s been a long time since I looked at Longaberger baskets and my have they changed over the years. So many interesting styles and colors!

    Oh and yeah, I use baskets for everything you can think of. Basketaholic here.

  205. Kandace Brown

    I also tweeted about the giveaway..

  206. Lesa McMahon

    I love my Longaberger baskets! My grandfather collects/sells them and every year at Christmas we all get to pick out one. I use them for everything! They are all over the house. I have a small one that is perfect to store old CC’s and new gift cards… a large one is in the living room holding all of our Wii supplies… I have one on top of the dishwasher, holding my teas… one on top of my dresser, holding stuff… the one I just got this Christmas is in the kitchen, holding fruit! :D

    I would be honored to add one more to my growing collection!

  207. Shelby

    I LOVE baskets and we use them for all sorts of things in our home: decorating, storing, keeping pens and pencils, organizing, everything! :-)

  208. peggy miller

    I would use a basket to put all my papers and magazines that never have a place to go.

  209. Tena Nading

    WOw! beautiful stuff on her site! I love to use basktes to organize my daughters hair bows and jewelry. [email protected]

  210. Susan H.

    Baskets are perfect for organizing and would help me do that.. I would love to win. Thanks.

  211. Sarah J.

    I use baskets for a lot of things: napkins, magazines, storage in the medicine cabinet, etc. I do not have a lidded basket and would love one!

  212. Rachel M

    I could finally start to get organized if I used baskets! LOL I love looking watt all of the ideas you have and the baskets on the site. It’s pretty inspiring to see what could be! I am especially liking the kleenex basket b/c I loathe the look of a kleenex box! ;)

  213. Amber H

    I have 2 kids under 3. Baskets are a must to keep their closet quasi-organized!

  214. Jamie

    I love baskets, too! They are soooo functional and stylish… unfortunately, most of the ones I find are so darn expensive, that I have to buy them one at a time. They come in handy in my craft room, as well as under the sink in my bathroom!

  215. Abby

    I *heart* longaberger baskets. My aunt has been a fan and displayed them in her home for years.

    I use a basket with a chalkboard name tag for each of my girls. During the day we put all their “stray stuff” into their assigned baskets and before they go to bed they find a home for all that has been collected throughout the day. This way we save trips going up and down the stairs and it makes them responsible for picking up after themselves.

  216. bridget {bake at 350}

    Oh, I LOVE that black lidded basket! My mom ALWAYS had baskets and we were taught to “respect the longaberger.” LOL

  217. Milehimama

    I love baskets so much my husband teases me about them! I’ve sprayed several junky looking thrift store baskets with ORB spray paint so they’ll match each other. I think I have a basket in every room for *something*. I love using little baskets for Montessori style kid activities.

  218. Ronnell

    Do I love baskets? Yes! Do I love Longaberger Baskets? YES! I use them for so many things, but the very first Longaberger Basket I got was the Kiddie Purse, and it was way to mall to used as a purse for me! But the perfect adult use for it is in your bathroom to hold tampons! It holds them perfectly and discretely and can sit on a shelf or on the tank of the toilet. Other than that they hold magazines, snacks, craft supplies, socks, pencils, mail, and anything lese I need them to hold!

    Love ’em!

  219. Wendhy

    Such beautiful baskets! I would use a basket in our living room for magazines or video games. Probably games, the kids love them, but they do not compliment my color palette! :(

  220. Dana

    I love baskets! My home decor is a “beachy” theme, and baskets go so well with it! I can store all my stuff neatly, and decorate my house at the same time, which saves money!

  221. verlan day

    I have always loved the Longaberger basket–maybe I will win. I love using baskets to hold all kinds of things in all the rooms of my home.

  222. christi

    I would love to use a basket to organize office supplies in my kitchen desk area! :)

  223. Barbara

    I love these baskets. I could use some to organize my kids’ video games!

  224. Polly

    Gotta love Longaberger! I have two breast cancer commemorative ones and treasure them. Well made, beautiful and so useful. Oh could I use that black one! My fingers are crossed.

  225. Andrea

    I love any basket, but particularly Longaberger baskets…..I have them in nearly every room in my home including my children’s rooms….they are all utilitarian, but lovely too……I need two more for my desk area in my kitchen to hide school papers and mail……my fingers and toes are crossed ….I would love to win!

  226. Kelly K.

    I would love to win one of these baskets to organize the magazines and other reading material in my living room!

  227. Pat

    I use baskets to store my art supplies. I also use baskets to leave filled with supplies for my guests when they visit my home. I leave lotions, toothbrushes, magazines, a snack or two…things to make their stay more comfortable and easy for them. Longaberger baskets are beautiful!!!

  228. Marianne

    I live in the Netherlands. As Longaberger does not ship outside the US I am not taking part in your lovely give away.
    I do have a small Longaberger basket though. I found it at a fleamarket (over here) a couple of years ago. It has a plastic insert to keep the (blue) fabric insert clean. I think it is no longer in their collection.

  229. Samantha

    I would love to win this basket to store all my ribbon and crafting supplies in!
    So cute!

  230. Pat

    I posted about this giveaway on facebook. :-)

  231. Sue Symens

    I must say I have been a huge fan of Longeberger for many, many years. I use them with protectors for serving food all the time. They are my trash cans in all my rooms. Keep my crochet in them in the living room. They just keep everthing stylish. Thanks so much!

  232. Angela Smith

    I love baskets because they keep the odd sized stuff that goes together contained as opposed to having a messy pile mixed together. Posted on FB profile.

  233. Liane

    I love Longaberger and stay in close contact with a friend that is also a consultant. I use Longaberger baskets for serving. I also have several of the pottery pieces and love those as well. I do have a few of the larger baskets which I use for storing/carrying quilting and sewing items. Longaberger gives style to storage!

  234. Marilyn Holeman

    Hi Melissa, I LOVE baskets, and have always loved Longaberger, too, but they are usually too rich for me. I did score four Longaberger baskets at a thrift store recently for half off the thrift store price! I was thrilled.

    As for what I use baskets for? Everything! I have baskets with stationery, baskets with phone directories and note paper, baskets with books, baskets with pens, a basket for taxes, baskets for clean laundry, baskets for dirty laundry… I’d love to win another Longaberger!

    Thanks for your great blog, Melissa. Blessings.

  235. Michelle

    Baskets are a great way for us to store the masses of toys that we have collected over the years. I also love to store magazines and cd’s in them. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway.

  236. Laura Zarrin

    They’re both beautiful! It would be hard to decide!

  237. Leah Marie

    I heart baskets and most especially Longaberger baskets! I use mismatched baskets all over my house for organizing and (hiding) stuff! LOVE them!

  238. dixie jonsson

    pls enter me into the basket drawing. thank you.

  239. Allison Schultz

    I am just about to re-organize all my scrapbooking/crafting things. I would love baskets in any size to make the organization look pretty!

  240. Julie Ahern

    Baskets are a wonderful way to store things close at hand, yet out of sight… and it’s a bonus when the baskets are as attractive as these Longaberger beauties. Just imagine a world where extra buttons, pens, tea bags, onions, dog treats, greeting cards, candles, toys, snacks, pantry pandemonium, postage stamps, cotton balls, cookie cutters, power cords, headbands, and peppermints ran amok in a jumbled clutter. Baskets quite possibly save us from planetary chaos. Hail to the woven receptacles!

  241. Terri

    I would probably use my basket to store craft supplies in, since all my other baskets have been hijacked by my orange tabby, Paddy McWhiskers.

  242. Marilyn Holeman

    I posted about your basket giveaway on my Facebook page.

  243. TravelBug

    Love the baskets.Have lots of baskets but no longaberger’s. Checked out the website and was wowed..definately getting one by hook or crook :)
    We just redid our master bath and have been looking for a basket for the bath towels and accesories.

  244. Alishia Johnson

    I went over to ther site and check it out – great products! I use baskets everywhere in my house. I have a great collection that I use in my craft room – can’t live without them! Thanks for the giveaway. AJ – queenofmynest(at)gmail(dot)com

  245. Suzy McNeilly

    I have been using Longaberger baskets for over 20 years, if not more. I have a daughter that swears by them for decorating, organizing or so much more. We recently renovated our farm house kitchen, so a fresh new basket, especially a lidded one to keep out the farm dust, would be perfect!

    Will be posting about this giveaway on my blog

  246. Krysta N.

    I have a few small baskets hanging about holding bathroom towels, video game accessories, and assorted craft supplies – I wouldn’t mind another one for more organization! ;)

  247. Catherine

    I’ve heard of Longaberger baskets but never checked them out before. I could definitely use some baskets to corral our art supplies. Thank you!

  248. Carol Ann

    Since I am STILL celebrating the Auburn Tigers National Championship and plan to keep celebrating for the rest of my life, I would have to choose the Tiger basket for all the magazines, DVD’s and newspaper clippings I’m saving for posterity. Thanks and War Eagle

  249. Hannah

    I, too, use baskets all over the house! In the kitchen for our mail, on the kitchen floor for potatoes, in the bathroom with extra toilet paper, by the back door in the summer with bug spray and sunscreen, in the bathroom with our vitamins, in my boys’ room with their socks, shoes & diapers… the list goes on! :)

  250. melissa

    I use baskets for EVERYTHING!!!! I find most things can find a home in a basket, and in my opinion, it’s something you really can’t have too many of:)

  251. Kelly Clark

    I would love,love, love to win a basket! I love baskets. I have them all over the house but none have a lid :( This would be fantastic to win.

  252. Kelly Clark

    I posted this on Facebook.

  253. Emily B

    We use baskets for extra blankets and pillows in the living room.

  254. Jeannie

    I love baskets! I use them everywhere. I just got one at Goodwill during their half off Saturday. It still had the tags on it from World Market and I got it for 3.50 and its holidng my paper plates and cups in my pantry. I am constantly looking for that perfect basket for one thing or another. Thanks for the giveaway!

  255. Kelly Clark

    I tweeted this too!

  256. Barbara Nelson

    You can nover have enough baskets so much prettier then plastic bins love the lid such a great idea to hide the video games

  257. Miss

    Baskets are a life saver for me. I have 3 boys and several businesses so I have a constant influx of papers, mail and constant issues with clutter. I try to keep papers, magazines and other important items into different baskets

  258. Donna McBroom-Theriot

    Baskes are also my favorite source of organizing. My baking supplies, magazines, projects, any shelf or corner that needs organizing – you guessed it – baskets. I would love to win the basket – you can never have too many. I look forward to shopping her site also. Already liked her on Fbook! Thanks.

  259. Geriann

    Longaberger is awesome. I have so many baskets and I find uses for all of them. I guess you can say I am a collector of Longaberger baskets… me and my mom. Thanks for the giveaway!

  260. Amy G.

    I love baskets and keep all my crafting supplies in them; I would love to add more to my collection!

  261. Christy

    I love Longeberger as I’m sure everyone does. I would use the lidded baskets for my knitting to keep them organzined because right now it is out of control. Also I’m sure Longeberger baskets would look much better sitting by my bed then the 3 backpacks I have everything in now lol. Thanks

  262. Melissa H

    There are so many times when I am organizing, and think “I could use a basket for this, and it would look so much nicer!”… I don’t have many baskets! I’d love to get one for corralling the mail, on the coffee table for the remotes/game controllers, and in my craft room for organizing supplies. Thanks for the chance to win!

  263. Jackie Klayman

    I use baskets to organize my 2 girls books and toys- they are EVERYWHERE. Baskets to the rescue :)

  264. abby

    I love Longaberger & have quite a few already that I use for crafts, newspapers, magazines & even as a canister set! =) Thanks for the giveaway =)

  265. Laura K

    Love, love, love Longaberger baskets for organizing. I have a few that are 20 years old and still going strong.

  266. Heidi Waud

    I have ALL open shelving in my current kitchen and would love extra storage baskets to hide some less attractive, but ever functional items. Love the coffee mug too!

  267. vb

    I use baskets all over the house. A majority of them hold my crafting supplies. I would be at a loss without them.

  268. Leanne

    I love a great basket! and that cookware is so pretty!

  269. Bonnie

    I too use baskets to in nearly every room. My makeup is in one, bills to be paid, craft supplies, magazines, small items in the pantry – the list goes on and on…. I’d love to win another to fill!

  270. punkinmama

    I was just thinking earlier today how I was in need of more baskets. I would like some rectangular baskets for use in our linen closet. To organize the guest towels, extra sheets, etc.

  271. vb

    I just shared this post on Facebook. Beautiful baskets at the Longaberger site.

  272. Debbie White

    I didn’t realize that Longaberger carried so much more than just beautiful baskets!

  273. Rebecca

    I love longaberger baskets.. I have them in almost every room of my house and there are two on my office desk at work… I use them to corral like items to ultimately help with organization!

  274. Debbie White

    I posted this on Twitter!

  275. Jessi

    I use baskets everywhere too….for blankets, random ‘junk’ (I don’t have a junk drawer, just a junk basket), one designated specifically for library books (to avoid the crazy scramble on library day!), hair stuff and a host of other things! And I’m always wanting more baskets!! Right now we desperately need one for the Wii paraphernalia!

  276. Tasha

    I currently have place mats from different seasons in a basket.

    I love the idea of storing video games/cds in one!!!

    Thanks for the entry,

  277. Debbie White

    I posted this on Facebook!

  278. finaorlena

    How do I use baskets at home? Well, I’m not at home to use my baskets, as I’ve moved to another country to help deaf children… :] But I was given a couple, and am using one for little bottles of tinctures (which I’ve recently learnt to make). Another is sitting in the bathroom with lotions and pills, the third is in my closet with hand towels and aprons.
    Because the closet is open to the main room in the dorm, I’d use a new one-if I won-in the same cubby spot. They’d look cute together, keep more things contained, and make life easier! :]

  279. finaorlena

    I link this give-away on facebook :]

  280. Leigha

    LOVE baskets and all they can be used for! Currently using baskests for: bread products in the kitchen, unmatched socks in the laundry, random electronic cords and accessories and software cd’s for those things you have to keep but don’t use that often, Tea assortment in the kitchen, stock of candles and lamp oil and hand warmers for potential power outages, magazines/catalogs, misc toiletires in bathroom, blank cards/note papers/envelopes/stamps/nice pen(s)/address book to keep handily organized for when I want or need to send a card or note to someone, and the list goes on! LOVE baskets (and vases and pottery dishes too!) =) P.S. I love your blog! Found it one day in search of white kitchen photos! Love your kitchen too by the way!

  281. Randi Rademacher

    We keep our current magazines, newspaper, books we are reading in baskets. I would love to put out Wii games and accessories in a basket. Great idea!

  282. LeAnn Caseria

    I love Longaberger baskets. They’re beautiful and great quality. My husband had a nightmare once that he lost something important in our home. All he knew was that it was somewhere in our house and it was in a basket. Ever since then, he teases me about my “basket” organization.

  283. Heather E Transue

    I am working on a laundry room redo where I need baskets! I would also love to make over a Goodwill dresser or something and pull out the bottom drawer to put baskets in to add texture!

  284. Rose

    I use baskets for lots of things. I use them for my linens and napkins etc. I use them for storing my napkin rings, I give them away at Christmas time with tea related items in them or cooked goodies in them. I use them for my sewing things, like threads. I even make my hubby a coffee basket full of coffee related things at Christmas time as well. I have one I use on the patio with forks, spoons and napkins in it for when we eat out there. I LOVE baskets!

  285. Sandy A

    Love Baskets and their versatility. On their own just to look pretty of fill in an empty spot. But mainly I use them for books and magazines, blankets and throws, extra storage for just about anything,and I have a couple I use for tables…

  286. Sandy

    I would use this basket(in black) to store kitchen towels. Right now they are stacked on a small shelf in the laundry room, and when the stack gets too high, they all fall over. Boo.

  287. Heather E Transue

    I just posted this link on FB on my {twenty}something page!

  288. Jenn Cascell

    I too use baskets in every room of the house but the most used basket is the one that I keep on the kitchen table to gather all those little things everyone throws around, keys, mail, chapstick, whatever it may be. Each night the basket is dumped and voilà no clutter!

  289. Carolyn

    I have two large picnic baskets in our greatroom where I store my magazines. Plus I have a basket in the shape/design of a fishing creel which sits on the hearth and holds the toys for our dogs. I ADORE my Longaberger two-tiered pie basket which includes a shelf that allows you to stack and carry two pies. A beautiful basket is a combination of artwork and function. Love them! Cj

  290. Maria

    I love using baskets too!!!! I love the way baskets hide the things that make a room look messy.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  291. Sharyl Leggate

    I love Longaberger Baskets. I have been collecting and using them for more than 25 years! We recently moved from a large home to a 1 bedroom retirement community! I took every basket with me. In our bedroom, on my sewing/craft wall I have four 7’shelves, and each of them are lined with baskets of sewing/craft things. Our laundry basket is in the closet on the floor, and the shelves are full of baskets! Every room is full of storage baskets – stacked as tables and behind chairs. They look beautiful, while keeping all the things we don’t have cupboard space for. I must have 100+ baskets, all Longaberger! My husband said if we have a fire the baskets get saved first!!!!! I love your site and have looked at many of your sponsors. Thanks for such a wonderful place to share.

  292. Tonya

    I use baskets throughout my house to corral all those small (and sometimes not so small) items that end up creating extra clutter when left on their own.

  293. Nev

    I too, like many of you, use baskets in every room and closet. Even though they may be fun of “junk”, they always look good. I use them with plastic liners under the bathroom sinks to hold hair products, in the pantry to hold all the mixes and samples, in the bathroom to hold extra tp & feminine items, and in my craft room to old future projects. Like others, I have collected for 20+ years! I love their stability and the fact that they go in any room,no matter the style or colors. Thanks for this opportunity!

  294. Jamie

    I use baskets everywhere in my house as well.

    I am currently wanting to find a basket to use on my kitchen counter to contain the bread on the counter, as well as a basket for in my guest room on top of the amoire.

    Love your site! Your posts are so helpful.

  295. Mary Joy

    Melissa!!! I am so excited about this giveaway!!! I have loved Longaberger baskets for years but was never able to afford them. Its been a while since I’ve seen a Longaberger catalog and I had no idea that they had lidded ones now!! How wonderful!!!! Please enter me into the drawing!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

    Building Home with Him,

    Mary Joy

  296. erin

    I also use baskets everywhere – to hold magazines, DVDs, tp on the back of the toilet, mail and newsletters on my desk, incoming mail by the doorway. I have several Longaberger baskets that were given to me as gifts years ago, and their quality is unmatched. I keep my potatoes and unions in a round basket, and I have a lidded recipe basket on my kitchen counter. I have not looked at their new product lines in years, and I love the new (to me) colors!

  297. Kim Rowland

    I have baskets everywhere in my house too. I’d like a basket to store my kids library books in. Something attractive enough to leave out but sturdy enough to handle books.

    [email protected]

  298. Sarah

    I use baskets for storage and also to decorate. We have an old egg gathering basket that I think came from my great-grandmother’s farm that currently has dried flowers in it as a decorations. In the past I’ve stacked books in baskets for easy reach my chairs.

  299. Kris

    I have used baskets in almost every room for years…not that I have that much “stuff” to corral…truly…my favorite use has probably been to organize a large armoire we have been using as a closet-extender, filling it with jeans, sweaters, socks, etc. The challenge there is that none of the baskets are lidded baskets :) Nice, heavier-duty lidded baskets have been harder to find – glad to know where they can be purchased!! I would be even nicer to win one !

  300. Natalie

    Love Longaberger! Have used them in many ways around the house, as well as other baskets. My office area is much neater with the use of a basket for files I want right at hand, as well as little bits of paper or clippings I want to save.

  301. Denise Frederick

    I use a picnic basket in the kitchen on top of the refrigerator to hold bread. Thanks for the giveaway.

  302. Barb Mc

    I would totally use the basket for the Wii supplies, as you showed in the pic. What a great idea!

  303. Rena

    I use a basket for my grandchildren to keep videos in – easy to put away when they go home.

  304. kimberly renee

    i LOVE baskets! after your post in October I bought some baskets at homegoods to corral my tupperware and cook ware :) i would love a lidded basket for my living room! :)

  305. Debra Price

    I use baskets for decorative purposes, baskets to store things in, baskets to go to farmers markets, I love baskets. My dog even keeps his toys in a basket!

  306. Debra Price

    I posted this give away on Facebook!

  307. Megan Stoker

    I use baskets as storage in my home and I use them to bring home groceries on those smaller grocery trips!

  308. Susie Cliffel

    I have collected Longaberger Baskets for close to twenty years. I have close to 100 baskets in various shapes and sizes. They never go out of style and are not only wonderful quality, but an investment. I use them as display pieces throughout my home, to provide storage in every room of my house, serve food when entertaining, organize my office, cabinets and childrens dresser tops. Longaberger baskets and liners make an ordinary display extraordinary. I even use one in my car as a catch all for the wayward items that make the way into my car. Best of all is to give one as a shower or wedding gift and use the basket as the centerpiece and place your other gifts inside. Something to keep forever.

  309. Megan Stoker

    I post this on FB!

  310. Sherri

    I use baskets in apt because I have have limited storage space as it it. I use them for storage under my sofa table and in the bathroom on my behind the toilet shelves for storage of my hair supplies and bathroom toiletries. Would love to add a Longaberger to my collection.

  311. Philicia Martin

    Thanks for the chance to win! I use baskets to take items to and from work, potlucks, etc. I also use them to house my craft projects. I can take them from room to room or take them on a trip. : )

  312. Sherri

    I tweeted this giveaway @sherrismilez on Twitter.

  313. Sarah

    I’ve always loved baskets, as well. My mom used to hang them on the walls as decoration when I was growing up, and we used them all over the house to hold things. I have a “car basket” for the stuff that gathers on the front seat – cd’s, box of tissues, hand sanitizer, etc. On my kitchen counter, a basket holds oatmeal packets, kashi bars, fruit bars, crystal light packets, peanut butter cups, and more – stuff to easily grab and throw into lunches. Baskets are a pretty and convenient way to hold all those loose things without a home. (:

  314. Karen

    I love your blog and I love Longaberger as well. All my dishes are Longaberger – in fabulous colors like cornflower yellow, blue, sage green, etc. I also love their baskets. I’ll check out her site for the latest – it’s been a few years since I’ve seen what they have.

  315. Catherine

    I use baskets all over. In my bath to keep all they boys shaving stuff together but out of sight. In my bedroom I have three matching baskets on top of an amoire to store out of season clothes. In the family room for all the dog toys. I recently have been looking for a basket to put on the floor beside a sofa for magazines. I love the black with the lid and especially like the…
    Sort and store recycle bin and basket
    Would love to win.

  316. susan

    I love baskets too! I have them on top of bookshelves with “swapout stuff” in them (you cant see the stuff); I have two 30″w Pier1 basket chests with locking lids,currently bedside tables/blanket storage. And when I start my pieces/parts xtra tall armoires for the momma treasures? Already hv the baskets to fit in a few of the drawer “holes”, a la Maine Cottage, Matthew Mead,etc. Oh! Stacker cubbies in bathroom have baskets waiting for me to reorganize. Gotta go tweet& FB &chk Diane’s site &…:D Thank you both! -s-

  317. tricia

    I use baskets throughout my house and have depended on garage sales to meet my needs. The sort and store basket is beautiful and the Sort & Store Recycle Bin Basket Set blew me away!

  318. Janna C.

    I love using baskets. They currently house books, magazines, toys, DVDs, towels and washcloths in our home.

  319. Cathy

    The basket would be great to keep my latest embroidery project in :) Thanks for the chance to win a beautiful Longaberger basket!

  320. Mixed Strategy Household

    I love baskets too… and I know the Longaberger ones are high quality from handful my mom has splurged on over the years. Bins and boxes are also great–it all depends on your style and the application.

  321. Wendi

    I have been a Longaberger lover and collector for years! I use baskets to store: magazines,napkins,placemats,produce,books,cosmetics,craft supplies,kids snacks, etc.
    I bring a couple of baskets with us on vacations to put snacks in for the car and to put on the vacation house counter for all of the stuff we bring so it stays orderly:)

  322. Jody

    I store my granddaughter’s books in baskets, junk by the phone gets corralled in a basket, magazines, stuff under the sink all are basketed to keep them together.

    I’d love to be entered in the give-away!

  323. Christy Sattler

    What would I do with a basket – sooo many things, as they are wonderful accessories to a home. Especially Longaberger baskets, which are beautiful, functional and well made. I have a few from many years ago and they are still in use. Always wanted to go visit their HQ as it’s in my home state of OHIO and it looks like a basket.

    • susan

      O-H-I-O! It’s a truly gr8 state, yes? :) -s-

  324. janice

    I use baskets for everything! Thank you for the chance to win one!

  325. Janet

    I love Longaberger baskets. I have quite a few and use them for just about everything. They look beautiful, and solve the clutter and organizing issues at the same time. What an awesome giveaway. thanks.

  326. Christy Sattler

    Posted my love for L. baskets on FB Thanks!

  327. susan

    I tweeted! ;)

  328. Karen Mary

    I have an aversion to plastic, so baskets abound in my home. My favorite is a big basket for our grandson’s toys. Whenever he comes over he makes a beeline for his basket — sometimes there’s a surprise in there!
    Alas, most of my baskets aren’t the best quality. A Longaberger would be lovely!

  329. LaVonna Tetzlaff

    Love your blog & am on your email list. Please enter my name to win the Longaberger lidded basket. I can use for so many things. Thanks & will keep my fingers crossed. :-)

  330. susan

    I posted an announcement on Facebook! :D -s-

  331. Kathy Roloff

    I am a quilter, knitter, crocheter, rug hooker (you get the idea) and I keep my ongoing projects in baskets. A new basket would be put to good use for another project!

  332. Lindsey Armstrong

    I have used backets in my home for toys,shoes, towels, and kitchen linens. I am short on storage space so anything I can do to store things with cutting out clutter I’m willing to try. These baskets are very cute and look like they would be versatile so I could use it for. Just about anything.

  333. Kathy

    I use them in every room but I’m alwAys looking for more.
    Thanks for a chance to win one.

  334. Jeanna

    I love Longanberger baskets! I have many, many are over a decade old. I USE these baskets every day. My favorite basket after going to the web site is no longer availabe, so I will say the market basket, love it too. These baskets are worth the money, they hold up. I sometimes find them at garage sales and Thrift stores and will do some creative ninja moves to get them, heart racing etc. I love the new colors, black and White wash. I also have the pottery pieces and will tell you they bake amazingly and find the best housewarming gift is grandma bonnies pie plate with a pie or “pot pie” in it frozen. You can scribble baking directions right on the tin foil, its a 2 for 1 gift. I have the patriotic pie plate and use it every few days and have for years, it has never chipped–thats saying something.

  335. Megan williams

    I use baskets everywhere and absolutely LOVE longaberger baskets! I have several and I USE them all! I have one in the car, I use them to hold blankets and kids toys, and I love the small ones for sorting my craft things.

  336. Pinky

    I use baskets for all kinds of things including decorating with them! I have purely decorative baskets in my foyer and other rooms. I have papers in a basket here on my computer desk, Toiletries in baskets in the bathroom etc., etc. Longerberger makes terrific baskets! This is a great giveaway!!!! XO, Pinky

  337. rebecca a

    I love baskets. I use them as catch-alls by the back door, hold scrapbook supplies, movies, etc.

  338. Mary Feagley

    I use baskets all over my home–and my classroom! I have textbooks in baskets…newspapers, magazines, toys…when my daughter was a baby we had a go to changing basket filled with diapers, cream, wipes, etc.

  339. Mary Feagley

    Mark me down for Facebook!

  340. Mary Feagley


  341. Sharon


    Thank you so much for entering me in your giveaway. I look forward to spending more time on your blog. I am thankful for the wonderful ideas I have already seen. I love using baskets but have never seen any like those pictured with the lid. I would love to have opportunity to win one and use it for storing baking items in our newly revamped and organized pantry :)

    Thank you!


  342. Kris

    I use baskets to organize craft items such as scrapbook supplies.

  343. Pam Keener

    I use a basket on my kitchen table to store daily medicines.
    Love & Hugs,

  344. Billie

    I acquired my first basket almost 10 years ago while participating in an upscale craft show where I was selling my beautiful handcrafted soaps. Post show many vendors liked to barter products. I was approached by a basket weaver to barter baskets for soaps. I got 3 beautiful baskets, one I gifted to my mom and two I kept for my own use. One of those baskets holds special albums of my daughter’s baby photos in our family room. The other discretely houses our dog’s leashes and such by the door. Many baskets have since found their way for storage & decoration throughout our home.

  345. Kelley

    I’d love a basket for all the scrapbooking ribbon I have. Or maybe for recipes I’ve clipped.

  346. susanne ponce

    I think my favorite is the Sort -n- Store with the lid. Black!! I didn’t know they now carried black! Awesome!!

  347. sangeetha

    I love baskets versatile, different shapes, sizes and can be used for absolutely anything

  348. Dawn Zapata

    Love baskets! I used them for a variety of uses in my home: holding pens & pencils, holding magazines, corralling wii remotes, and even to hold my coffee K-cups. I’m trying to reorganize my living room and would love some new organizational baskets!

  349. stephanie

    I need baskets everywhere to organize my life!

  350. Kim

    I have Longaberger EVERYWHERE in my house, car & home office!! Love it Love it Love it!! Enter my name and I will buy some more while I am at it – good sale Diane!

  351. Meredith

    I have been on the hunt for a lidded basket to contain and hide all the toys my son has accumulated!

  352. Jeannine B.

    I use baskets a bunch in my house. We also have gathered all of our Wii games and controllers in one basket, and all of our Gamecube games and controllers in another. I could find a use for another basket, I’m sure!

  353. Susan Reimer

    I love baskets! It’s hard for me to pass them up anywhere. I would use a lidded basket for school supplies. We do school in our living room and it gets pretty busy looking in there, so I’d probably use it to quickly clear up the table after we’re done.

  354. Anita

    I have always loved baskets. I have a stack of old picnic baskets that are filled with all the pool towels right now. I use them as pretty trash can in the bathroom, napkin in kitchen, magazine in the family room. Yep, everywhere!

  355. jen

    I love using baskets as organizers in my home. they are so much more inviting and warm than plastic baskets or bins.


  356. Linda

    I would love a basket!

  357. Sheila Shapley

    I use a basket to hold magazines in the living room. In the kitchen I have a bread basket, a basket that holds coffee supplies and one that holds dishcloths. That is just in two rooms and I am just getting started.

  358. Dana

    I use baskets in my family room for video games and controllers and for magazines. I have a basket in my dining room for placemats, napkins and napkin rings. I use a basket in my reading nook for library books. I use a basket in my bedroom for reading materials and have been known to toss other stuff in there when cleaning up quickly. Finally, I use a large basket in my master bath for extra towels. I like the little basket tags at Longaberger.

  359. Judie

    I purchased my first Longaberger basket over 20 years ago! Their baskets are such an integral part of my home decor and organization. I would be lost without Longaberger… :)

  360. Darcy Panak

    I would love to win a basket ! Be nice to corral my hair accessories !

  361. April Roland

    I love Longaberger baskets and use them all over my house. My favorite is using them to sort my mail and my pantry, too!

  362. Linh C

    I have several Longaberger baskets and I love their quality! I don’t have any lidded baskets, which I think would be very useful to hide things.

  363. Heidi

    Hiding things in covered baskets!! I love that idea!!

  364. Linh C

    I mentioned this giveaway on FB.

  365. anne

    Love baskets in every room. Grandchildrens toys, magazines, my iron. Lots of things are better in abasket!

  366. Meghan

    I love my Longenberger baskets. My favorite basket is there market basket. I haven’t been to a party in so long, I’m loving their NFL and collegiate line!!!! Thanks!

  367. Jen

    I use an under-the-bed size basket under the coffee table for storing dvds and video game paraphernalia. I came across it at a thrift store!

  368. Amanda H.

    My MIL is Longaberger obsessed so I know they are excellent quality with lots of styles to choose from. I have just started using baskets to decorate with, but I have not invested in any Longaberger yet. I will be looking into them now for sure though! (I forgot about the lidded ones, just what I was looking for!)

  369. Susan Rea

    I love baskets & would love to be entered in the giveaway!!! Thank YOu!!

  370. Cathy C.

    I use baskets to keep my kids’ toys organized.

  371. Susan Rea

    I love baskets & you them through out the house. I need a new one for gloves, hats & scarves! I would love to be entered in the giveaway!!! Thank YOu!!

  372. Jenna

    I have four boys and spend a lot of time organizing their little things and toys… But I have discovered my little things don’t have a place to call their own… So maybe all my books laying by my bed would appreciate a place to call their own in a cute Longaberger basket!

  373. Clara S.

    I get my love of baskets from my Mother who has loved Longaberger baskets for a long time. I’m currently using baskets to corral baby toys, another for board book. I have one in my girls room for dress up clothes. The possibilities are endless…

  374. Roxanne Davis

    I love these baskets, wonderful resource and thank you for sharing! I use baskets to corral everything, printer paper on shelves above my printer, magazines, seldom used kitchen supplies on open shelves in the kitchen… but most of mine are taken from other’s trash piles and I try to paint and fix them up. I would love a real quality basket to display!

  375. Dee

    I use baskets to contain my grandson’s toys in the living room. I would love to have one of those covered baskets stained black!!!!

  376. BethG.

    I love baskets! I use them for everything too! I’ve been using Longaberger for years. They are a very durable basket.


  377. Elise

    I LOVE the blanket basket! ALL their products are AMAZING though!! :)

  378. Heather Schlittler

    I use them for everything, too! I really want one in my daughter’s “big girl” room for a hamper and one for a trash.

  379. Sunnie Suhr

    I love these baskets, especially the black ones! I NEED them in our new home when we move in the summer. I have four boys (five including hubby) and I need all of their games, toys, electronics, Legos, etc. all put away in these adorable baskets. Thanks for the link!

  380. Joyce

    I love this company, and I have a few of their baskets in my home. One basket holds a fake green plant and is purely for decoration purposes. I use other baskets for magazines and holding my knitting yarn.

  381. Natalie D.

    I use baskets to store a variety of things in my house…library books, videos, CDs, snack bars, towels, soap, napkins. But I’ve never been able to “afford” a Longaberger basket. Thank you for the giveaway!

  382. LisaG. Lawrence,KS

    We’ve recently moved to a smaller home and clutter is so much more annoying in a small home. We have a basket to help corral the Wii games and accessories, and one for gloves and scarves in the closet, some for scrapbooking supplies. Love Longaberger baskets but hadn’t seen their new lines, nice!

  383. Juliann

    I would love one of the black Longaberger baskets. I have used Longaberger for years but have shied away from them in my most recent house. I felt they had too much of a country feel with my more modern decor. But I think the black ones would be a perfect addition to our current house. :0)

  384. Jennifer from WI

    I LOVE baskets too. They are both useful and decorative. Most of my baskets have been picked up at yard sales. I have a number of old picnic baskets with hinged lids that I store magazines, DVD’s etc in. I have always loved the Longaberger baskets but have to say as well constructed and beautiful as they are, they are outside my affordability. I would LOVE one of the lidded baskets. In fact, I could think of a use for one in every room :-)
    Thanks for hosting such a wonderful and generous giveaway.

  385. Jennifer

    I love baskets! I have baskets in every room of my house. They hold everything from CDs to computer cords to cell phone chargers in my office, and they hold the remote controls and netflix movies in the living room. Baskets in the laundry hold rags and Swiffers, and baskets in the kitchen hold plastic bags, coupons, and rubber bands. My favorite baskets are Longaberger baskets I’ve had for thirteen or fourteen years–the mother of one of my students sold Longaberger, and my students went together to get me a basket for my birthday which they all signed on the bottom. Priceless!

  386. Nana K

    I go through periods where I can’t sleep all the way through the night, and I like to have a BASKET ready by “my chair” with quiet time materials at the ready (Bible, notebook, pen, socks and/or throw, reading glasses, etc.) so I don’t have to scuffle through the house in the dark and chance waking anyone up. It is so quiet in the middle of the night and no distractions.

  387. Angela Wichman

    I love to use baskets to put toys books anything in.

  388. Angela Wichman

    Shared on my face book page

  389. Janis Hill


    How would I cope without one for envelopes?
    What would I do without one for glue?
    Where would I be if we couldn’t find the tea?
    Why not give me one, two,…three?

    • Janis Hill

      ..if you please. (^_^)

  390. judy

    Love Longaberger baskets !! Love all baskets, actually.

  391. Bethany

    I have too many uses for the basket!

  392. Amy Hay

    I really enjoy using Longaberger. I would be happy to receive any Longaberger basket! Thanks so much for the giveaway! Amy [email protected]

  393. lisa

    love love love.

    i need baskets for all the library books to hide in while they are in process of being read. AND dvd’s!

  394. Barb

    I have just moved into a smaller house, and was agonizing over which baskets I had to get rid of, but after reading your blog, I think I’m being premature. Perhaps I really can’t have too many baskets! And I’ve used longaberger baskets for years. Love them!

  395. Melissa R.

    I LOOVE my Longeberger baskets! My favorite is my Tine Basket, we are rockin’ the Scandinavian style in our first house!

  396. Melissa R.

    I facebook shared this UHmazing giveaway! Thanks Melissa and Diane!

  397. Laurie Foster

    Posted and shared on facebook. Love baskets!!

  398. Laurie Foster

    Checked out all of the Longerberger products. I have several of their baskets already. Love them! They are great for every room in the house. What would life be without baskets!!!

  399. Yvonne Higgins

    I love baskets for everything. I have one by the back door for keys and mail, one in the bathroom for odds and ends, several in my sewing/craft rooms and my favorite use it to take my handouts and teaching aids when I teach a lesson at church.

  400. Tracey S

    Wonderful selection of baskets. I would use them to round up the clutter in the living room.

  401. Katie Stanley

    I love Longerburger baskets but own very few. I love using them to store any and every thing!

  402. Katie Stanley

    I posted on facebook about the giveaway.

  403. Becky K.

    Ooh, I would love a new basket to help with my mail clutter crisis. A gal and a house can never have enough basketes!

  404. Katie Stanley

    I tweeted about the giveaway! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  405. Kate

    I would get the med. monogram basket to house my craft projects. Hope I win! Thanks.

  406. Melissa

    Love baskets. And I need more for storage!

  407. Kim D.

    Love baskets of any kind, but the longaberger baskets are exceptionally nice, I own several. Please enter me in the draw for a black basket. Thanks for the chance.

  408. Margo K

    I use baskets for everything also. My son’s video games, storage by our bed, you name it. I have a basket with a lid hanging at the back door, it holds a large towel that we use to clean our dog’s paws as he comes back in the house. I love baskets!

  409. Dorothy

    When I moved we scaled down and had a giant yard sale, unfortunately we sold or gave away a lot of our baskets, I would love to replinish my supply!

  410. Laura Lee

    LOVE baskets, use them for magazines, kiddies’ stuffed animals, hats, mittens & scarves, decoration, so many things.
    But oh, a covered basket, beautiful! Would make those Wii games look so much nicer in our den!!

  411. Annette Hoffman

    Would love this basket! I am currently doing a declutter of my house, and this basket would be a great place to put/hide my crafting supplies. I love the lid on this basket!

  412. Rivka

    I would use this basket for my kids toys!

  413. Donna M.

    Lots of baskets on my wish list now! Love the Longaberger lidded baskets!

  414. Melissa M.

    I LOVE Longaberger and have an aunt that is a sales representative, so guess what we get for Christmas gifts?! I have several of the large baskets that I store my yarn in and others that I keep my magazines in, I also have the “dog bowl” pottery that I keep our remotes in, it’s just toooooo pretty for the dogs to drink out of!

  415. craftytammie

    i love baskets too! i use old picnic baskets i find thrifting to store my crafty things (like cookie cutters and ribbons). love the black finish.

  416. Marjorie

    What lovely baskets and how I need a few! We have several baskets in our school room for books and supplies, but nothing nice enough for the living room. One of these would definitely qualify!

  417. sandra mosolgo

    Baskets are so functional as well as lovely to see.
    I love all kinds.

  418. Meredith

    I love baskets! My favorite are the Longaberger tissue boxes. There’s just something about tissues in a pretty basket that warms my heart.

  419. S

    I’ve enjoyed following your blog and talked about your giveaway today on my blog. Keep inspiring us to tackle all the rooms in our homes.

  420. Robin

    I have 2 stair baskets from Ballards that I use for all of my girls’ stuff that gets left all over the house…then they can take the whole basketful up at once to put away! I also have plastic baskets in the pantry for snacks. And of course, I have a large basket…or two…for magazines! Thank you for the giveaway!

  421. Robin

    I have shared the giveaway on FB!

  422. Vickie

    I love these baskets! They make a home just so cozy and organized too. I would use this basket to contain our extra DVDs that seem to collect after Christmas. Thanks!

  423. Julie

    I love baskets for hiding all sorts of things from school supplies to toys to crafts.

  424. Wendi

    I use baskets throughout my home to contain things. I also use them for my “on the go/ to-do” running items in my van. New to this home is a lack of a linen closet so I have creatively used a large basket in the back corner of the ledge around the tub in the master bedroom to hold rolled up towels and wash clothes. It makes it look like a spa. Baskets are a life saver, and I am falling in love with these Longaberger baskets.

  425. Melodye

    I’d love a Longerburger basket! I’d use it to store the tiny (unbreakable) heirlooms/antiques I’ve collected over the years. How fun, to use it as a treasure chest!

  426. DianaLynn

    Oh baby! Do I ever have stuff that needs to be hid! Endless yarn, Fisher Price farm, magazines, papers, papers, and more papers!

  427. Susan

    I have give Longaberger baskets. I use two for my tea and coffee. One is the big picnic, so it usually just sits there looking pretty keeping paper plates a cups hidden. I have a cute little kiddy purse one that I keep little odds and ends in. One is for bread and has a stone for heating in it. I use it quite a bit and it sits on top of my fridge.

  428. Megan

    I have loved Longaberger since I visited Ohio as a teen and found out about them! I would use this basket in my livingroom to organize things on our media wall I plan to build. Fun!! (Pick me!)

  429. Debra

    I use baskets in nearly every room in my house.

  430. Eileen Lee

    I love using my baskets to store my most treasured magazines and books. I always wanted a Longaberger basket!

  431. April in CT

    I use baskets everywhere! I love them in our pantry for organizing snacks and pasta bags. They fill our linen closet for corralling medicines and other odds and ends. Love them!

  432. kathy

    I have always loved Longaberger Baskets……………they are so great and are useful in so many sizes. I would love to finally own one myself.

  433. Wendi

    I would use this basket to corral some of my craft supplies. I have several Longaberger baskets corraling my little guys toys now but I need one for ME! :)

  434. Sandy

    Wow! How exciting! If I won this beautiful basket I would use it in my living room on my cofee table. It is so beautiful I would want it out where I could enjoy it everyday.

  435. Kristen

    I have one Longaberger basket that I have had since I was first married 18 years ago. It still looks brand new. It is technically a bread basket but right now it holds our paper napkins in the pantry! I enjoyed browsing the Longaberger site. The pottery and the wrought iron pieces are beautiful along with the baskets!

  436. Tamara

    I love using baskets for storage. Before Christmas, I did a major pantry reorganization using baskets to corral sugars, nuts, etc. I would love win one of these beautiful lidded baskets.

  437. Heather Kendrick

    I use baskets to store everything in my house – make up, hair styling supplies on the bathroom counter, magazines. I even have a missing sock basket – socks wait in it until their mate is found or they become a dusting rag.

  438. Holly F.

    I’ve never heard of Longaberger! They look great. I’ll have to take more time and peruse the different ones available. I’d love one to store extra throws in that are out of season and also corral kid toys to keep in the family room. (Or lots of other things!)

  439. Andrea Watts

    Baskets are my favorite storage item. I love to put hide my magazines in them.

  440. jenifriend

    we use the bread basket for our napkins and love it! it’s so pretty! i would love to win the ivory baking dish and travel mug – crossing my fingers!

  441. Julie C

    I’d like a basket to store my packaged tea bags, sweetener packages and honey straw stirrers OR maybe I should get one to organize my napkins for the kitchen table; a meal is richer with real dinner linens.

  442. Paul C

    Organize my many many cords for the computer, flat screen tv and other electronics. My wife will be thrilled.

  443. Teresa Wilson

    I LOVE Longaberger baskets but don’t have alot of them. I have had the bread basket on my counter holding my mail and sometimes bread.

  444. Erin Humm

    I have several Longaberger baskets but can always use one more!! I use one on my table for napkins, one for bills and mail, I also have the one with the silverware insert for picnics! This one would make a great one for our living room. Thanks for this opportunity.

  445. T Carter

    I love using baskets in my home for organizing the little things which can cause so much clutter. The featured storage basket with wood lid would be very useful in my home

  446. Lucy

    I love to use baskets too! I use them for dvds, in the kitchen for vegetables, on my bedside table for lotion, etc., in the bathroom for hair clips . . . Would love to win!

  447. Amy Haynes

    We use baskets for so many things…including kids toys! I think I could use another!:)

  448. Kelley

    We use baskets for a lot of things around here. As I look around the room that I am currently in, baskets are mainly being used to hold kids’ toys and stuffed animals. I also use them to hold clothing items. My three daughters share a room, so we have lots of baskets in their closet and on some shelves to hold certain clothing items since space is a premium in the dresser that we have in their room.

  449. Keli M.

    Baskets are a beautiful and organic way to decorate! I have several around my house; I use a small one to drop mail into, another small longish rectangular one to hold extra toilet paper rolls in our powder room, one to hold magazines in my bedroom and several varying sized baskets in my daughter’s room for toys, blankets, etc. I’ve also used them for indoor potted plant displays and I think one would even look great holding firewood near a fireplace!

  450. Rachel Nehmelman

    I use my baskets currently to organize toys in my girls rooms. Both rooms are using my bigger baskets to keep sets of toys in. My oldests keeps her snap and style dolls and clothes, my youngest has her little people in one. So stylish and great quality.

  451. Ann H

    I need a matched lidded set for under my new console/entry table for “stuff”!

  452. Dana

    I live in a small midwestern town (I mean REALLY small) I have an old country home with limited storage. So baskets are used for just about anything and everything in my home. Love em!! These Longaberger baskets and home accents are awesome.

  453. Cassie

    I love baskets for many things- children’s toys; catchall at the bottom of the stairs; container for hats, gloves, and mittens in the winter; mail container- so many uses! I would love to win that beautiful basket!!

  454. Teresa S.

    I use baskets for all sorts of things! From where I sit right now I can see one basket that stores our cases of DVDs, one containing my son’s art work, and one containing my odd shaped tupperware pieces.

  455. J

    I use baskets for dog toys, for magazines and for storage in my crafts room. Love the giveaway opportunity!

  456. Diane Pierce

    Long time reader, first time commenter. :-) Your blog is such an inspiration – thank you! I have Longaberger baskets everywhere in my house and would of course love to win one! THANK YOU.

  457. Meliss S

    I have a basket for the Wii games but after Christmas this year, it became too small!! — been looking for a new one. thanks for the chance!

  458. Lynn Campbell

    I am sorry to say that I don’t have but two baskets and they were made by an elderly couple some 25 years ago and I purchased them at a local craft event. They were making them of white oak strips I believe. Very pretty and high quality work but I’ve not been able to afford any high quality baskets since then (five children came along and took my play money!) : )
    I visited Diane’s site and see so many pretty baskets there! LOVE LOVE!!! I think I would use one on my coffee table or maybe in the kitchen.

  459. Jennife r

    I love baskets, I use them to organize the toys in the playroom, one at the top and bottom of each staircase and in the mudroom to organize all. I would love one of these beautiful baskets.

  460. Lisa

    I use baskets for everything…my craft projects, kids story books, extra sheets for each bed go in a basket under that bed, decoration in my office. I use baskets in every room of my house. I could always use another!

  461. Kara Thompson

    I would LOVE to win the basket with the lid to organize in my kitchen! I use baskets to organize all over my house and just love that they are functional and look nice at the same time!

  462. Amy A.

    I love baskets, too! I use them for hats/gloves/scarves, food in my pantry, storing electronic ‘stuff’, and keeping frequently used items handy in my bathroom!

  463. Corina

    I have used Longaberger baskets for over 13 years and I absolutely love them! My husband, daughter , and I each have our favorites and my daughter even does her toy clean up with an old Easter Basket that she used to collect Easter eggs.
    She carries all the little things that go with her Barbies from upstairs to down with a Longaberger. These baskets are so user friendly and stay pretty and strong even when used by our kids on a daily basis.

  464. Sakina

    I would love to win the ivory baking dish!

  465. Angelica

    I have twin 15 month olds and keep everything in baskets. Toys, diapers, socks and adult items too like magazines, napkins, and cards/invitations we receive! My husband thinks I’m a basket nut.

  466. Karen

    I use baskets all over my home for books that I’ve read as well as magazines. I put plants in pretty baskets as well.

  467. Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia}

    I love that it has a lid! I’d use it to store my odds & ends…hidden by the lid, of course!

  468. Diann

    I love baskets too! My family calls me the basket queen because I use them all over the house. I don’t believe you can have too many baskets ever. I have never seen these Longaberger baskets before they are all beautiful!

  469. Marla

    I adore the lids on these baskets, what a great find along with such durability and beauty in the baskets!

    We use baskets for mail, shoes, laundry, DVDs/Videos/Tapes, silverware, ribbon, craft corralers, etc., etc.

    What did we ever do before baskets?!

    Thank you Diane & Melissa for offering this purposeful giveaway!

  470. jackie s

    id love to store my knitting stuff along with my magazines in a basket

  471. Shannon

    Everything!! Oatmeal packets, mittens and hats, video games, books… You name it it’s probably on a basket around here!

  472. Kristi

    I love baskets. I use them to organize and hold just about everything from Blankets on Hearth, printing paper and ipods on desk, games systems etc. I would Love to win !!!!!!!

  473. Carol

    My little 1927 beach cottage was obviously built as a summer home for a small family. There is little storage- not even an entry way closet. I have baskets throughout the house- wire, wicker, metal, you name it. I store everything from my sweaters, dvds, and art supplies. I even have my underthings in baskets on a bedroom shelf. I love the Longaberger building in the shape of a basket!

  474. Carol Adams

    I have quite a few L Baskets and they are nice well made quality items!

    I would use the basket, if won, in the kitchen or bathroom…

    thanks much!

  475. Carol Adams

    Shared the giveaway on my FB page (Carol Hunter Adams)


    adamsca at me dot com.

  476. Friedgreenmama

    All the baskets on the site are gorgeous. I really like the idea of the seasonal baskets also.

  477. Friedgreenmama

    Tweeted this giveaway @friedgreenlivin

  478. Julie G

    I have several baskets that I use to keep my grandkids toys in, bath & beauty supplies and one to keep my mail in.
    I would love to get the Sort & Store TV Time Basket
    It would make keeping track of all the remote controls & my reading glass more manageable…

  479. Ter'e

    Diane’s site is wonderful. OMGosh………..a red Longaberger basket? Who’d a thunk? Gorgeous.

    I am a rug hooker and I keep hooks, scissors, big safety pins and lots of hooking accessories in my one Longaberger basket!

    Now there’s hope for getting a second one? I’m in. Thanks so much!

  480. Robin

    I love Longaberger and have quite a few baskets. I use them for magazine, floral arrangements, tea on and on! Count me in for the giveaway!!!

  481. Aimee

    I love the colored baskets. And I LOVE Longaberger! They are perfect for homeschool supplies and are perfect for the kitchen! Would love to win one!

  482. KristiA

    I would love a basket to store some towels in our bathroom! We have little to to storage in there and I think it would be really pretty. Thanks for the chance!

  483. Aly

    to manage pet supplies.

  484. Lori

    I also use a basket to corral the lunch items! Then there’s the laundry baskets, and the knitting supplies baskets, and the one here in my office that collects “things to be recycled that take special recycling” like printer cartridges and batteries. I have some small ones that I keep to give away filled with fun stuff, and I have some Longaberger as well. One, the medium vegetable basket, holds cloth napkins in the dining room.

    Wow. I have more baskets in use than I thought.

  485. sheila

    I would put my daily stack o’ stuff in those baskets! Beautiful.

  486. Dawn Stewart

    I have a few Longaberger baskets that I use throughout my house. The medium market basket stays on top of my refrigerator to hold loaves of bread. I have a large basket in a hallway to hold everyones socks. And an inaugural basket just for my husbands stash of dark chocolates!

  487. Jennifer

    I would use these baskets to help in my newly designed sewing room (Ok the corner in our bedroom) would love to have some neat baskets to make it look more special!

  488. mary b

    I use baskets to contain magazines & catalogs, on the counter for my “clutter”, for our hats & gloves, and in my office area to hold printer paper, pens, and the little random do-dads.
    I remember when you posted about the covered baskets right out in the open storing seasonal decor, and I thought of that lidded Longaberger that I have always coveted.

  489. Betsy

    I already use baskets for so much, and still find I don’t have enough! I hide diaper changing supplies in my living room in a basket; feminine needs in my powder room in a basket; craft supplies in my master bedroom in a basket…. I’m pretty sure there’s not a room in my house that doesn’t have baskets… but I want/need more!

  490. Kari

    I LOVE Longaberger baskets! I have many of them in my house. We use them for a multitude of purposes which include: camouflaging those unsitely tissue boxes, holding my 4 year old sons hearing aids and their accessories, a catch-all on our dresser, a catch-all in our van, we keep Play Station controllers and remotes in them, we store toys in them. I could go on and on! Such a useful product! And they wear like iron!

  491. thepricklypinecone

    We love baskets in this house! They are everywhere but my favorite has to be an old wicker picnic basket that we now have on our hearth for kindling for our fire.

  492. Kari

    Just shared the love on facebook! Thanks for another opportunity to win! Appreciate it!

  493. Yolanda

    I would love to win one of these baskets! I would use it for to store and display my quilting supplies!

  494. Amber Rolston

    Loved the ideas about baskets. I use them for so much. We are missionaries in Honduras and the houses here do not have closets. Baskets of ALL sizes are a must for our family. We use them for little shoes, puzzles, towels, eggs, toys, and the list goes on and on. Thanks for a chance to win!!

  495. Carolyn

    I use baskets everywhere in my house, but one of my favorite uses is the sock baskets. We just throw all the socks in a basket, and then when you need them they are right there. Sometimes I even match them up. =)

  496. Dana

    I just read Diane’s motto and smiled.
    ““Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary!”

    I literally just got up and grabbed a basket I’ve been meaning to use and what did I put in it? Cat toys. LOL. we’ve had this shoebox sitting on the bottom of an open shelving unit for far too long.

    Now? It looks pretty!
    Fingers-crossed – hope I win :)
    Thanks for the chance!

  497. Kirstie

    I would love to win the small sort and store basket to put library books waiting to be returned. I own a Longaberger basket which still looks beautiful and has lasted for years.

    Thank you

  498. courtney

    I love my market basket from Longaberger. Over the years, it has proved its use time & time again. Currently, it is in our dining room and holds our bible study/devotional books, journals, etc…

    Great company and I certainly would put that storage basket to good use too (for years to come…)

  499. Karen M

    I store everything in baskets…actually nearly 95% of my baskets are Longaberger! Love them because you can find a basket to fit anything and they’re beautiful! I have one with all my hair accessories in my bathroom, one that holds my remotes and one in my car. I’d love to win the basket because I’m in need for some new storage.

  500. Miranda Taylor

    I have had this one lidded basket that I got for my wedding in 1996. I love it. I have used it for everything, most recently pens/colored pencils/markers. (Yes it is a big basket and yes I have a fetish with office supplies.) My kids use it a lot! Pieces are falling off of it and recently it has had butterflies drawn on the lid – ending it’s days as home decor. I so need a new basket to replace it. If I win, I will use it to replace this one. However, I’d LOVE one for lots of other things in my craft area that need a home because they don’t look very pretty just hanging out. :) I’d need about 20 of them if I got one for everything, though! LOL!

  501. Autumn

    I use baskets to store everything I can–office supplies, clothes, food packages in my kitchen. I lament the fact that there are not enough lidded baskets! I found a few at Michael’s, but only a few were in good shape or I would have wanted them all. Hope to get these!

  502. Erin

    I would love to win a Longaberger basket! I’ve been a fan of them for years! I would use it in my bookcase. Thanks for the chance!

  503. Maggie K

    I love a good basket! Can never seem to have enough to hold all the toys and baby stuff laying around my house. They make it so easy to quickly straighten up the house.

  504. Grace

    I use baskets all over the house to store things like batteries, candles, magazines, things that stick things together (glue, tape, and string) etc.

  505. icitea/clare

    I use baskets for picnics, of course! But at home, I use them to hold my mail, magazines and well-loved books, among the many things…

  506. kelly

    My Mom always had longaberger baskets when I was a kids. They are great quality! I would use one for my magazines, books, etc by my couch. =0)

  507. andrea

    LOVE my Longaberger baskets! I purchased my first when my oldest was an infant…18 years ago. It’s still going strong. That particular basket is a laundry basket but has been used for just about everything in those 18 years…laundry, a toy box, filled with ice and cold drinks at dozens of parties, even a stage for every one of my five children to stand on at some point in time!

  508. Vickie

    Baskets are used for storing placemats, napkins, paper products, CDs, crochet and knitting yarn, magazines – you name it! I love the one you are showing and would use it in my livingroom, probably to store magazines!

  509. judy

    I have a grandaught that at two stood in line at a amusement park and said to her Dad that someone beside them was carrying a Longsberger basket. The lady beside them said it sure was, much to her Dad’s surprise. I was selling them at the time and I guess she was paying attention. I use the gathering basket to hold all my teas

  510. Connie Tacazon

    I could definitely use baskets to corral my neverending supply of mini scrapbooks I lobe to make of my kids. ;)

  511. Amy B

    The basket I most recently purchased (rectangular with a cloth liner from Target) sits on my husbands desk in our family room for all his papers to go into instead of in a stack a top the desk!

    I also hide many of our DVD’s in baskets.

    I’d love to win the Sort and Store basket! :)

  512. Anna

    I have a Longaberger vanity basket hanging on my wall just inside my front door at home. It is a great catch-all for mail and other random papers that otherwise clutter up our countertops! My mom was a consultant for years when I was growing up (unfortunately no more), so I miss having baskets everywhere and all those lovely open houses each year to show off Longaberger’s latest collections.

  513. Coastal Femme

    My girlfriend and I had a Longaberger Basket party years agoand I started collecting them. Their baskets are beautiful and so well made.They’re classics.

  514. Mechelle Miracle

    I love using baskets to keep clutter and necessary items organized. Longaberger has always been my favorite baskets. I have collected a few over the years and cherish each one. They are beautiful and meant to be used. I would love to win a new basket!

  515. Lindsey

    I use baskets all over the house house for storage. I keep magazines in some, toys, I’ve stored diapers, mail, sewing and craft supplies. I would love to win this.

  516. Lynn M

    I LOVE Longaberger baskets; I’ve been collecting them for years. I use baskets all over the house. They hide a multitude of items that haven’t found a home as I’m cleaning up. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  517. Winnie

    I use baskets the most around here to contain toys! From the small rectangular baskets to the gigantic meant to be a hamper basket. There’s just many uses for them. Without them, my house would be a disorganized mess.

  518. Karina

    I use baskets all the time to store my magazines, books, blankets, bread, etc. Longaberger baskets are so darling. I would love to win one. Thanks for the chance!

  519. Sara

    I use baskets all around the house: in the living room to hold diaper supplies, another for all of the remotes and another for coasters. I absolutely love Longaberger baskets and live just 45 minutes from Dresden where they are made.

  520. Shelly Nissley

    I use baskets for just about everything from books to toys, hats & mitts, cosmetics, extra storage in my baby room, etc. I can always use one more basket and would love to win this one!

  521. Heidi Woodruff

    I used my Longaberger baskets on my kitchen counter for over 1o years now! One is for breads (I have toast every SINGLE morning!), one is for towels (boy, do I go through kitchen towls!) and the third for hotpads (I bake a lot–HATE getting burnt!). I love them and would have to fight is anyone tried to take them out of my kitchen!

  522. Arlene

    “Where don’t I use baskets?”, would be a simpler question for me to answer, cause they are in every room, every closet, in many drawers and shelves, and on many flat surfaces. I even have one that fits on my stairs.

  523. Paige

    I use baskets for organization in every room. I have a few Longaberger baskets!

  524. KellyB

    My favorite baslet use is a longaberger basket I have had about 18 years that is the perfect size to put paper plates in. I use it all the time! I also store mags, blankets and dog toys in my baskets.

  525. Kaye

    I love how you have the video games and controllers stored in a basket. That’s what I need! With three teenage boys in the house we have every game system you can think of. What a terrific way to store everything.

  526. Maureen

    I love using small baskets on my bathroom sink to keep everything looking neat and gathered! It’s the perfect touch.

  527. Breanne

    Oh we have baskets everywhere from blankets to books to toys. One with a cover would be awesome with the toys! But the 9*13 is so tempting I always take food places in mine and would love something fancy with a cover!

  528. Cherie

    Always loved the umbrella basket and never got it , thanks for posting about them.

  529. Tracey

    The love of baskets runs deep and wide in my heart! A very long time ago my mom used to sell Longaberger and they are by far my favorite. I still have many that are at least 20 years old.
    My current favorite use is to corral toys. I absolutely shun plastic bins whenever possible and baskets work perfectly to keep all things cars, books, dolls, etc. in order.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  530. Heather N

    I use baskets for almost everything…to store items in my pantry, for toys, under my bathroom sink to gather small items together, and so many more ways. I LOVE baskets. Believe it or not, I never have owned or thought about a lidded basket. What a great storage idea!!! I would love to own the Sort & Store Small Rectangular Storage basket and wood lid by Longaberger. Thank you for the giveaway.

  531. Rene' Ann

    I have to say one of my favorite uses of the ever-warm-and-textural-basket are the ones in my pantry holding those unstackable, unstandable (are those real words?) dry dressing & seasoning mix envelopes. Easy to access and visually pleasing especially when trying to decide “what’s for supper tonight?!” :D

  532. Sally

    Oh how I love this basket! Thank you for opportunity to win such a “beauty”!! I use baskets for so many things. I probably have at least 2 in each room of my home. I use them to store my quilts, books, magazines and many of the items I use for the little scrapbooks I make. And I just love that this basket has a lid!! :)

  533. Rebecca N

    I use the bread basket in my kitchen, because we tried putting them in a cabinet or the freezer and it never turned out good. Now we have good bread that doesn’t get smashed or freezer burnt.

  534. Rebecca N

    I tweeted @rebeccaodn

  535. Holly

    I love to use baskets to organize just about everything in my home – books, magazines, kitchen gadgets, etc. These baskets are beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win!

  536. Terri

    Hi! I love Longaberger baskets as well. I’ve collected them for years and I have them all over my house too. Actually, I was inspired by a post of your around Christmas time featuring Christmas trees displayed in different containers. I have a large longaberger basket from a long time ago that I actually put our family tree in this year. I’d never done that before. I would be happy to forward a picture to you if you’d like to see it. It ended up looking great! Thanks for the great idea! Oh, we’re actually neighbors. I live in Silverdale. Have a great day.

  537. Amy

    Baskets have multipurposes in our home. I use them to hold magazines, pantry items, stuffed animals, and electronical gadgets.

  538. Judy

    Longaberger baskets are incredible quality. I hope I win one. I have a ton of uses for a new basket.

  539. Deanna

    What do I NOT use baskets for? Everything – magazines, my boys’ toys, crafting stuff, computer stuff – anything that needs sorting and organizing… And I have purchased one longaberger basket in my life and the quality is incomparable to any other basket I have ever purchased.

  540. Marin D

    I use baskets for everything at home. I use them in my craft room to store various goodies, in the kitchen, in our loft for toys, in my living areas for the remotes and magazines and stuff. I would love some covered ones. I want to put them under our buffet style table in the dining room. I need somewhere to store my tablecloths!

  541. KO

    I would love a basket. I use baskets in our bathrooms, bins in the rooms. But we always can use more, and cuter too.

  542. Denise Strout

    I love baskets! I use them for storing my candles, napkins, keep things organized on top of my dresser, shoes. Would love a covered basket from Longaberger!

  543. roryjean

    Oh my goodness- baskets are what keeps me sane. I use them to corral all of my kids toys, keep their little shoes and hats and gloves organized, and just get the clutter out of sight. I usually get my baskets at the dollar store, but I would love some pretty lidded baskets.

  544. Amy

    I LOVE baskets! I use them for magazines, blankets, craft supplies, a “catch-all” spot for keys, wallets, and cell phones, on my nightstand with lotions, pens and paper…the list goes on and on! :) I’d love to win the Longaberger basket!

  545. Vanessa Maldonado

    I love the Longaberger. Any basket!!!


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