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Help Me Choose My New Dining Room Lantern! {& $100 for YOU!}

by | Jan 31, 2011 | Decorating Inspiration, giveaways

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Help Me Choose My New Dining Room Lantern! {& $100 for YOU!}

My dining room has been a work in progress since the holidays. I know I have yet to really show the “after” photos. I have a hard time with “after” photos when I’m not really all the way “finished.” I’m always more of an “in progress girl.” After might be a long time in coming.

So what is preventing me from feeling the room is “done?”

Um, well…let’s look up from the usual corner I have shown quite a few times (above) in this room, to see one of the things that keeps me from feeling the room is finished. Go ahead, look up… well, actually, look DOWN now for the photo.

Behold, my current dining room light. Otherwise known around here as Flying Saucer Surrounded By Goblets. I turned the lights off so you wouldn’t be blinded.

Help Me Choose My New Dining Room Lantern! {& $100 for YOU!}

If you ask me, the flying saucer surrounded by goblets kind of ruins the old world mood I was trying to create in this space. It is absolutely NOT inspiring to me. No, it is probably not the worst dining room fixture ever so don’t call me crying if you have a similar light. It just isn’t working for my style right now, I need a change!

{And of course, painting the remaining band of swine would be pretty awesome to finish things off as well.}

Recently I was invited by Apartment Guide to be a part of their New Year New Space Challenge. I love me a challenge! Apartment Guide is an online resource all about making the most of your home, no matter where you live.

Through this challenge, I was given the opportunity to get something new in my home that would inspire me in 2011. Well you don’t have to ask me twice to get inspired to spend a gift card. I’m ON IT!

Help Me Choose My New Dining Room Lantern! {& $100 for YOU!}

After thinking long and hard, I knew what I wanted to do.

Ever since I stated my goal was to get this house to feel like HOME in 2011, I’ve been looking around for the perfect lantern to update my dining room light fixture. I want to go beyond predictable builder fixtures to something a little more unique and inspiring.

I loved the quirky old lanterns and chandeliers in my old houses so I’m SO looking forward to aging my new house with more interesting light fixtures.

Before I left for Blissdom, I asked my friend Holly to help me find a new old fixture (because she has amazing taste!) and she found this beauty from Wisteria! HOLLA!

Help Me Choose My New Dining Room Lantern! {& $100 for YOU!}

I think I love it. It has just the right touch of old world style and unique personality that I want for this house.

Here it is pictured above a dining room table so you can imagine it above a table:

Help Me Choose My New Dining Room Lantern! {& $100 for YOU!}

But, because I like options, here is another contender I am smitten with option #2 from Pottery Barn.

Help Me Choose My New Dining Room Lantern! {& $100 for YOU!}

It is a little simpler and maybe not quite so unique, but still would make a great statement! I love it. Here it is above a table (well, there are two of them but imagine just one!):

Help Me Choose My New Dining Room Lantern! {& $100 for YOU!}

Which lantern do you think I should choose? HALP!

I’m so excited about the opportunity to have an amazing light fixture. Whichever one I end up with, I’m going to love it!

making a statement
Sometimes all it takes is one brave but simple change in a room to make a big statement.

I’ll be able to show you the “afters” once I choose which light, but meanwhile, would you like to have a $100 gift card for yourself? What would inspire you at home in 2011? It could be a new office, a new command center, new paint, new dishes … let’s dream a little about what a $100 AmEx gift card could do to make a new statement for our home!

There are up to 3 ways to enter this giveaway!
One random winner will be chosen.

1. Leave a comment here telling me what new space you’d create with a $100 AmEx gift card! And then, tell me which lantern I should choose and why!
2. “Like” Apartment Guide on Facebook and leave a comment on this post saying you liked it!
3. Go to twitter and tweet about what new space you’d like to create. Use these in your tweet to enter: @aptguide @theinspiredroom #newspace

Easy enough? Good! Thanks for your help!


PS I’ll announce the previous giveaway winners this week, sorry for the Blissdom delay! I’m looking forward to getting back into my routine of blogging!!

Help Me Choose My New Dining Room Lantern! {& $100 for YOU!}

Apartment Guide is owned by Consumer Source, Inc. Apartment Guide partnered with bloggers such as myself to participate in its New Year, New Space Blogger Challenge. As part of that program, I received compensation. They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about the products used for the New Year, New Space Blogger Challenge. Apartment Guide and Consumer Source believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Consumer Source’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.


  1. Ronda

    I need new dishes so I hope I win!
    I like option #2, the shape combined with the glass feels open & airy.

  2. KV Creative Designs

    I would love to use the $100 to help with the Laundry Room Make-over I have planned!

    I think you should get the Wisteria Chandelier! It is so BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

    Artful Blessings,

  3. KV Creative Designs

    I “liked” Apartment Guide on FB and told them you sent me!

    Thanks again,

  4. Sara

    I like the first option, the one your friend Holly found. That is a beautiful and unique light! :)

    Am I allowed to enter the giveaway if I live in Canada?

  5. Comeca Jones

    Maybe I just always play it safe but that Pottery barn light fixture has been the cats meow for me from the first time I saw it.So my suggestion…Go classic.I recently did a post on dishware that Im wanting to complete a mini kitchen makeover so sign me up!I have liked apt guide on FB and told them I was sent by inspired room!!Thanks for the chance.

  6. Kathryn

    I’d a new light fixture for my kitchen! I have a hideous ceiling fan in it now!
    I would totally go with option two. The Pottery Barn fixture is so classic and beautiful!
    Hope that helps!

  7. Jaime Costiglio

    My three kids share a bedroom and desparately need some wall storage with clothes organization setup – $100 would be a good start for that.

    My choice would be #1 from Wisteria. The other design choices in the room (from the pictures)lean more that way and less PB-ish. Either way a great improvement.

  8. Abbey DeHart

    First, I like the pottery barn lamp.

    Second! I’d love the Amex card to help my pantry redo I’m currently working on! ;)

  9. Abbey DeHart

    I liked apartment guide on facebook and left a comment.

  10. Jamie

    I love the style of the second lamp you picked – I have something very similar on my wish list for when we someday get a house. :0)

    As for a gift card, $100 would go a long way towards the painting spree I have planned for the near future! It’s not as bad as swine, but this generic standard apartment complex off-white wears on the soul and I can’t wait to replace all of it.

  11. Kristi

    I love option 1!

    And I’d love a $100 Amex card for a spring front porch makeover: some new pots, flowers and hostas for my planters!

  12. kribss

    definitely a new “office” space for me! and i like the pottery barn lamp best.

  13. Julie

    100$ would really help our new house feel like a home! And it would be awesome to win something because i’ve never won anything in my life!

    p.s. my favorite lamp is number two!

  14. Lindsay

    I’ve been working hard to make our living room feel finished. We’re working on a new paint color and I think the 100$ gift card could really help with finishing touches. I’m thinking a nice ottoman and maybe a comfy soft blanket to drape over the chair.

    Also I think you should choose #1

  15. susan

    Hi dear one & glad u r back with great memories (and pix? Pester,pester) i’d go with the Wisteria one. And what would I do with a gift card? Either hit the [email protected]’s or my nearest SherwinWms (Itry to be loyal,corp HQ here) to get my beloved aubergine hi-gloss for the dining room. -OR- (here’s where I go weird on ya) put it toward 1 of 2 Arts&Crafts Mission style chandeliers with honey iridescent shades (also in opal) at the Original Barn Lighting Co. WudjaCudja please at least *look* at their chandeliers,lanterns&sconces? When I saw u sed “help choose lantern” I went nuts cuz you will GR8 BIG HEART their lantern chandy’s&sconces. Most can b customized, many can b used in damp loc’s (kitchen, island, bath) and the ones I adore? Cud use all over dnstairs to coordinate lighting. Check out Vintage&Rustic,w all the finishes. Then there’s the modern&industrial which would put yer eyes out. :D xoxo glad u r back -snooz-

  16. lynn

    I’d love the chance to get our office finished – finally! I vote for the pottery barn fixture cause I am in love with it!

  17. Ashley

    So, I love the 1st option. I like the PB lamp, but *everybody* has one. So go unique, get #2!

    $100 could go so far to make our bedroom comfortable and stylish (read-cover the ugly bedroom quilt with a lovely duvet). Pick me, me!

  18. Estela

    They are both beautiful, but I LOVE the Pottery Barn one!

  19. Deanna

    I’d go with the wisteria lantern. Bigger statement and the pottery barn one would be harder to clean. I’d use the gc to spruce up our hall bath. Have fun.

  20. Mrs. K.

    Every room in my house needs at least $100 makeover. I’m in love with option number 2!

  21. Heather E Transue

    Hey! Perfect timing! Check out my most recent post for a great tutorial on the PB Lantern knock-off. You can make this as big as you want…or as big of a glass hurricane/cake topper/vase as you can find! Under $25!! Let me know what you think. :)

  22. Lyn Scott

    I like the Pottery Barn Lantern the best. The other one feels too “outdoors” to me.

    I’d love the $100 gift card to help me finish my bedroom makeover which is long overdue!!!

  23. Geriann

    I like the second fixture- the pottery barn. Because it just seems like it could go with a lot more than the first one. $100 GC would help me to get some new furniture for our new house. We went from 1,000sqft to over 2,800sqft and least to say we have a lot of empty space in the house. Good luck picking the fixture- I know how tough it is.

  24. Dianen

    I’d work on my laundry room. Need some new storage options and new paint in that room for sure! Also…I like the first lantern. It says Old World louder to me ;)

  25. Josee

    I’d go with the Wisteria lantern because it’s more unique but truly either will look great! As for the gift card – I’d use it to breathe new life into our master bedroom – specifically with new lamps and a new duvet cover.

  26. Graziela

    I think the first one would be more fitting for your dining room. The texture of it compliments your dcor as well as your stain glass windows, it has that old world charm you are looking for. Besides when I look at the Pottery Barn lantern, it’s a dust trap. It’s so pretty and clean but I imagine oneself getting up there too often to clean out the dust.

  27. Graziela

    Opps, I forgot to say what I would do with my gift card…what wouldn’t I do? We are getting ready to add two rooms and a bathroom to the back of our house, so it would go towards that, or a dishwasher I have been wanting to get for some time.

  28. Kim J.

    I would use the gift certificate to purchase a pendant lamp for over my sink in the kitchen..always wanted one of those.
    I prefer the potter barn lamp. Seems it is timelesss style.

  29. 7294cottageway

    I love number 2…and I neeeeed (totally want) the same exact light fixture for my dinning room!

  30. Wanda

    Hi, I LOVE the #2 light! I would so use that in my house. If I had some extra money I would use it to put up wood paneling that goes horizontal around my bedroom. I love that ‘old’ look. Now we are empty nesters and I am ready to do a room for my husband an myself!

  31. Colleen Farias

    Hmmmm well here is my opinion on the lanterns. I like simpler lines (and am already obsessed with Option 2) so I would select the Pottery Barn version. I think that although Option 1 looks pretty in the photo, the open underside might bother me at a dining room table. (Hung lower so more visible or maybe I am just weird with that stuff!)

    And as for me….I would love a gift card to help finish up our master bedroom. We just moved into our new home and welcomed our second son, Miles, 2 weeks after that. Needless to say every other space has been given love except for our master. I would love a light fixture or some curtains to bring in some R & R (romance and relaxation). With two babies under 2, we are lacking in BOTH the majority of the time. :)


  32. Stacey

    I like the light from Wisteria.

    $100 would help get me started buying picture frames for a gallery of family photos.

  33. MarcieLynn

    I love all three, but for space and dimension, # 1 works well with more classic modern feel of your dining room- plus you can put #1 on a dimmer and make the lighting bright, romantic and low, or somewhere in between…. good luck with your choice.

    I am in the middle of finishing a small project in my bathroom, and the gift card would help with a new shower head, and a couple of beautiful new matching towel bars. and if I really shop well, I could even afford a new shower curtain with the rest of the goodies!!!

  34. April

    I would definitely use the giftcard for my own lighting situation. We’re currently building a house and there just doesn’t seem to be enough in the budget for the fixtures I want! As for your lantern, I’d go with the one from Wisteria- it’s more classic and versatile in my opinion, plus I love antique looking metals.

  35. Micha

    My personal favorite is the PB lantern which I – secretly and not so secretly covet for my own dining room as well – but your room has such a whimsy vibe it could also pull off the Wisteria lantern.

    We just closed on our new old house and have a whole master plan for our rehab – paint, tile, caulk, you name it – we need to freshen it up, and a gift card would be awesome!


  36. Julie

    I’d love to win! I have several spaces I’m still working on, but I might buy something for my library with an AmEx gift card. And I like option #1 for your dining room because it feels a little more eclectic than the PB one, which is a little more “ordered from the catalog-ish”. Whichever one you choose, I’m sure you’ll make it work!

  37. Grace

    I would get lights for one of our bathrooms if I was to get the $100.

    As for your light choices, I would definitely go with #1. The second one is very popular and I have heard is a bug catcher, so my vote is for the first one.

  38. Tara G.

    I would buy some really nice new pillows for the living room to make it a little more homey. We’re in housing provided for us here (overseas), so I can’t do any painting or other large changes. But it’d be nice to have a fresh pop of something or another on the sofa!

    I like both lanterns but I’m going with #1 for your dining room because it seems a little dressier and would complement the beautiful stained glass and mirror you have. I like the little fleur de lis detail, too.

  39. Leanne

    I say the light from PB looks more like “you”, and in trying to think ahead for the future choices you’ll make around the house, will probably be a better fit.

  40. Kate in NY

    Although I do love the Pottery Barn light (and I have a very similar one in my house from Restoration Hardware), I get the sense that you are smitten with the Wisteria lantern. I would go with the one that makes your heart soar!

    And if I had $100 to spend right now? I would probably use it to purchase and put up some of that fabulous “frames” wallpaper (think you even have it in your shop). . . I love the idea of a family photo gallery, but this way it would be so funky and unexpected.

  41. Stephanie

    I really love both lanterns, but option 1 is more rustic, so it gets my vote. I would change the lighting in my kitchen with some free money!!

  42. Nicole Reid

    My pick for your lantern is the one from Wisteria. Though I LOVE the PB choice, it doesn’t have the character the Wisteria one has.

    What would I do with a $100 AMEX gift card? I would use it toward my kitchen redo, currently referred to as “From swine, to mine!” Yes, we have swine walls and honey oak cabinets and all must go!! It’s a less than pretty combo!

    Thanks for the chance to enter!!

  43. Julie B

    I like the Pottery Barn choice. I am all about a statement piece. It is large enough to make a statement, but the glass does not make it look heavy.

    I would use the AMEX card to concentrate on a LARGE blank wall over my sofa that I have neglected but is screaming for help!

  44. Nicole

    I love the first lantern!

    I’d use the $100 to get the paint and other things needed for a quick, simple laundry room update…it’s so boring now, and I spend a lot of time in there, so I’d like to be a little more fun!

  45. Maureen

    I like the first one, I love the crown detail at the top.

  46. AlexisAnne

    I prefer the 2nd one becuase I feel like it could go modern or “rustic” depending on what else you do with the space.
    If I had $100, it’d be going towards working on some projects in my basement- mainly picking a rug to warm up the space a little.

  47. Melanie D

    I just moved into my current home this past August. It was built in ’06, but the builder installed the most horrible light fixtures in our kitchen/great room. They are brass and glass, the large one looks like a big stocking hat. We will be doing light fixtures too and I’d like to be unique…I’m glad you did a post on lanterns. I would definitely use a gift certificate on lighting also!

  48. Lindsey

    I really love option #2 from Pottery Barn. The first one looks a little too big and bulky for my taste, whereas the second one looks open and airy. :)

    As far as that gift card, I am DYING to get some photographs framed and up on the walls in our new apartment. It would make it feel so much more like home.

  49. Julie

    Hi Melissa, I love both lights, but IMHO I think you should choose the Wisteria one, and here’s why. I’m really big into symbolism in a home – having things that mean something to you personally, and not just photos. I have cardinals in my home because they represent a very real encouragement God brought to my life in a very dark time several years ago. When I see a cardinal, I remember that God loved me enough to bring hope to me when all seemed hopeless. In the same way, I think the Wisteria lantern looks regal – that crown (or diadem?) at the top could remind you of Whose reign you lovingly and willingly and humbly place yourself under. You would look up on hard days and see that crown and remember your King, who really does reign in wisdom, power and love, and has your family in his loving (and powerful and sovereign) care. Lots of words, but that’s what came to me. If I won $100 I would try to complete my mantel grouping and figure out what few unique and interesting (and maybe symbolic?) things to put up there to complete our living room. God bless you and yours…..

  50. Lynn

    I personally love option #2 from Pottery Barn and since I need a new light fixture in my dining room (there is a ceiling fan there now) that would be what I would use the gift card for.

  51. Milica

    While I prefer the second (PB) lantern on its own, I think the first lantern is more fitting with your decor.
    I’d use the $100 to buy artwork for my newly painted living room.

  52. Bethany

    Personally, I would go for #2, but that’s because it’s a little more traditional. That being said, I think the #1 may be more of what you’re looking for. It makes a bigger statement, yet is not overpowering.

    Paint would make a HUGE difference in my house. We moved in the fall and most of the walls are white or covered with hideous late 80s/early 90s style wallpaper and borders. It will feel so much more like OUR HOME just with a coat of paint.

  53. Amy in PA

    I’d spend the $$ on the materials to make new dining room curtains. The bare windows need some dressing up! Both lanterns are great but I’d probably go with #2!!

  54. Melissa

    Both lamps are nice but I’m more of a simple gal. I like the PB lamp a little better. It reminds me of a giant mason jar with candles in it. If I won the gift card I’d get a large area rug for our living room. My husband is always commenting on how it feels cold and not cozy without any carpeting.

  55. Renae

    I’m currently working on finishing up my office/sewing room (a bedroom in our basement). I have one thing on the walls! And only one lamp that I don’t really love.

    I’d choose the Wisteria fixture. Seems like the perfect juxtaposition with the newer finishes in your room! Can’t wait to see what you’ve chosen!

  56. Kathleen

    I have a big blank wall in my dining room….I’m thinking of putting my random collection of plates on the wall and I need a platter for the wall as my focal point….$100 would buy a platter and lots of plate hangers!

  57. Alexis

    Definitely the light from wisteria b/c it is so unique. I would love to win the gift certificate so i can spruce up our living room and make it a place my whole family can enjoy. Thanks!

  58. Kelly Netishen

    Hi Melissa-

    I love option #1 from Wisteria. It is unique and would be lovely to look at while in your dining room. Plus, that PB light would be a pain to dust:)! Ha ha!

    I am also on a mad hunt for a new kitchen dining light. I would love the $100 gift card so that I could replace my flying saucer dining light as well!! Thanks so much for the consideration, and good luck!!


    Kelly Netishen

  59. Denise

    Pottery barn lamp for you,replace flooring for me!

  60. Brittany

    I adore the first option!

    I would love to win!! Our bathroom in in need of repair and a $100 gift card would be a great way to help convince my husband to repaint while we are working on it!

  61. Donna O.

    Hmm…are you sure you want either of those lights? In my mind, I look at them & think about the dusting situation. You’re gonna have to dust it a whole lot more often than what you had previously. Believe me, I love the look, particularly the Wisteria lamp.
    If I won the $100. I’d use it towards wood flooring for my bedroom. I’m so grossed out by the berber carpeting in there.

  62. Emily

    I like the first one because it’s so unique! And the old one would be a huge improvement from what our fixtures currently are! Lol. A new kitchen light would inspire me this year!

  63. Kenna

    I love the first fixture. I would use the amex gift card to update the fixture in my foyer. It is also a sad builder standard fixture and has absolutely no originality to it. (It matches the saucer part of your fixture.) As a side note, an almost identical fixture to the pottery barn fixture is available on I was looking there the other night and had considered that fixture for my foyer, only with the price tag. Good luck with whatever you decide!

  64. Kary Ross

    I choose the PB light because it compliments your cloche on the buffet table and your other glass objects on the armoire shown in the first photo.

    I am yearning for a new light for my bedroom makeover. I currently have an identical light to your “flying saucer” light and have been told I need something that makes the room less about the light and more about the bed!!

  65. Polly

    Hi, Let me start by saying I enjoyed the wisdom workshop led by you and the Nester at Blissdom! I giggle now when I recall how giddy as a geek I was when I saw y’all!

    I like the first light fixture best. It could stand alone beautifully. We have two similar to the second one. If you were going to do two of the second one then I’d say it would work. I think bigger is better when it comes to fixtures. “Visual Comforts” was my absolute favorite source when it came to lighting up our home.

    I would put the $100 AMex card towards our new nursery.

    Blessings and thank you for being real and having such fabulous taste that inspires.

  66. mary b

    For your new light I like the PB better, the other seems to coppery in relation to all the pewter accent pieces in your room.

    For me the $100 AmEx card would be fabulous to spend on new flooring for my guest bath I am slowly remodeling.

  67. Kim W.

    I would choose the Wisteria lantern — much more interesting in my opinion!

    I would love a gift card to help me with my transformation of dining room into office.

  68. Tina B

    While option #2 is lovely…it seems to be very popular these days, so I’d go with option #1…it’s unique and beautiful! I would use the AmEx card to finish the last empty wall space in my family room. I think the space is screaming for a couple narrow picture ledges and a bunch of family photos in some mix and match wood frames. I can’t wait to see the finished room.

  69. Lynn

    Hands down option #2! I can’t even say why, I just love it more! I’m planning to create a design studio in my house this yr, so I could really use the help!!

  70. Imperfect

    I would absolutely go with the second lantern, but I think that’s because I love such simplicity. However, the first one seems to go with the feel you are trying to achieve.

    As for the $100…there are so many things I could do with it in our first house! But I would probably put it toward our master bedroom. It’s the only room that’s been pretty well neglected since we moved in, and it’s the one space that is our retreat from daily life. So it deserves a little love.

  71. Dawn Camp

    I actually like the second one, although I envision that bowl as a big dust catcher.

    I would invest in printing and hanging all the photos I should be printing and hanging. :)

  72. Melanie

    I would love to redesign our mantle…it is screaming 1960’s!! I would choose the Pottery Barn light, I love it’s clean, simple look!!!

  73. Char

    I love the Wisteria one! It just ‘grabbed’ me when I first looked at it.

    As for $100….it would be absolutely awesome to add paint to our Granddaughter’s bedroom. She moved in with us a year ago. Just can’t fit it in the budget quite yet.

  74. Stacy

    I prefer choice #2 because it seems to flow better with the style you already have in your dining room. If I won the amex card I would probably use it to re-paint my bathroom on the 1st floor.
    Thanks & good luck with your choice.

  75. Colleen

    I have had a blank wall in my family room for the last 3 years waiting for a table. I have finally found the table I want!!! And I have already planned the decorations that will go on top.

    Cant go wrong with either light. I think if you are only going to need one, I would pick the Wisteria!


  76. Coastal Femme

    I like both fixtures,but the first one from Wisteria is gorgeous. It has less glass,is more unique and would really make a statement in your dining room.
    If I won I would start redoing my bedroom: paint,new window treatments would be first on my list.

  77. Cindy Johnson

    Hi, I think you should choose the Pottery Barn lantern. When I look at the wisteria lantern I see stripes. When I look at the Pottery Barn lantern, I see circle shapes. Then looking back at the photos in your room, you have a round mirror on the wall and round shapes on the chest too. (What I do not see is your table shape/design.) So to keep differt items simpilar, I would continue with the implyed round shape to have consistancy in the room. For my project, I would tear out a small closet in my laundry room and add a cabniet and shoe bins of industrial bins. It would be the “in/out station” for items like mail and such. Nothing would be stored there – only things put to go in and out of the house. The laundry room is between the garage and kitchen. And I will send you photos if I win!

  78. Penny

    Hi Melissa! I LOVE the first one….I vote for that. The one from Wisteria.

    If I won I would finish my green guest room. I need a new comforter and two night stands….

  79. Claire

    I’d probably go with #1 because it’s a little more unique and unexpected. However, if you decide you like #2 better, I’ll give you the one just like it that’s hanging in my foyer and you can just give me the $ from AMEX. (Not completely kidding. LOL) What room would I redo? Probably my creative space (sewing loft) since it needs the most help right now.

  80. Joanne B.

    My vote is for the Pottery Barn one! I suppose it would be a dust collector as one other poster mentioned, but things of beauty take a bit of work! The Wisteria lantern is beautiful too, but looks Morrocean to me in a way, and your tastes might (will!) probably change again! The PB lantern is timeless and would work long after you change your mind!
    With the $100. gift crd I would go on a shopping spree to find some much needed accessories to fill up a large wall unit in my living room that I recently purged of the old stuff! Thanks for this opportunity to share your excitement with you! Joanne B.

  81. Mary

    With the $100 gift card, I would revamp my office which has become a dumping ground for all my junk. As for your lighting, I would go with the Pottery Barn option.

  82. Andrea

    The pottery barn option! Classic, will never be dated, or out of style. You can not go wrong!

    With $100 I would redecorate my boys bedroom. It is currently a horrible dark green and tan color which turned out very badly. I want to make it crisp and bright! White and a punch of orange! (My sons favorite color)

  83. Amy B

    I would also be working on updating my dining room with the gift card win!

    I like the Wisteria lantern – more personality!

    Thanks for a fun giveaway =D

  84. Janis Hill

    A hundred dollars would buy the paint and fabric for a bedroom remake. New wall color, new curtains and a brand new look. Wow!

    Latern # 1 gets my vote. The PB latern can go with any style, but the Wisteria one has style of its own! It compliments your other decore.

    Though you didn’t ask, I can see that last band of swine being painted a darker shade of the wall color. It would draw attention to the beautiful tray ceiling and the new light fixture!

  85. Michelle

    It’s a close one but I’d choose the lantern from Wisteria b/c I think it gives off more of an “old world” vibe. A $100 win would help me transform my dining room into a music room. This is a project I’ve had in mind for a long time and just need a kick start!

  86. Lisa

    Melissa, I love both options that you chose, style-wise, but I think you will enjoy the Wisteria one more for functionality, because I had one similar to the PB light and bugs and dust collect inside the glass. It’s gross, and guess who always ended up cleaning it out? I purposely chose open-bottom lights for my new house with this in mind. I don’t need anything else to keep clean! Can’t wait to see what you pick – you have lovely taste.

  87. Christine Aldinger

    I love the 2nd one the 1st 1 seems lil to mid-evil time for me…….well i would love to re-do my spare guest room over paint and new bedding…..or set up a sewing station

  88. Melissa S.

    I would definitely choose number one from Wisteria. The pottery barn light would drive me crazy with all of the dust.

    We just went through the whole ‘picking out new lights’ thing. It was boggling trying to decide. All I knew for sure is that I loved the look of the pottery barn light you chose, but I knew that I could not have that style because I am not a fan of dusting my fixtures every week (nor every month!).
    Good luck choosing!

    **I would by some new pots and pans. Ours are from our wedding 13 years ago and they have seen a lot of use!

  89. Lisa

    Oh shoot I got carried away and forgot about the giveaway! Ummmmm, my whole house is a great big work in progress so that AmEx gift card would be appreciated all over! Thanks for the chance!

  90. carolinagirl

    LOVE the Wisteria lantern!!! Also, check out Shades of Light or Bellacor online (they have LOTS of inexpensive options that are great)!


  91. Katie

    I’d definately choose the first one…I love the little added details, so devine!

    If I won the gift card, I’d use the money to help me create the perfect final detail needed to complete my living room. The room is just about done but a focal wall is still wearing an “old” and dated mirror (in Oak- yuck!). I’d love to find and repurpose something round (maybe painted black, maybe metalic) to take its place! It would be the crown jewel on my room! Good luck picking your own crown jewel!

  92. Tracey

    I like the first one! It’s different. If I won the gift card, I would use it towards my kitchen remodel!!

  93. Kristie

    I vote for th Pottery Barn one. I like the fact that it is black and looks a little bigger than the other one.

  94. Marcia

    I like the first one because of the different textures and color. With $100 and inspiration from this website, I would redo my mantle. I have been waiting for the right time. I think I am almost there!

  95. Shauntelle

    Both of the lanterns are pretty, but I think I’d like the second one best with your furniture and style. The first one is very unique but I think you’d have to change the finish for it to really “work” in your dining room and I’m not sure you want to rework a new piece, especially if it costs $100! :)

    If I won $100, it would go toward my plan to redecorate my bedroom in an Old Hollywood glam style. I think I’d use the money to purchase the velvet fabric I need to recreate my current headboard into a tufted headboard and also to purchase a couple of nightstands. And maybe some new towels for the bathroom… you know me, I can really find a way to stretch $100!

  96. Kristie

    Oh, and as for the $100, it would go towards a new tv console for the tv my husband bought for the Super Bowl! ugh!!!

  97. cathy

    Wow – I was going to say the PB one but after reading the note about bugs and dust, the Wisteria one for sure!

    The $100 would go towards re-doing my bookcase style in the family room – right now it’s hodge podge and not put together.


  98. Sarah

    Coincidentally enough…..I would use it to buy a new light fixture for our dining room! We still have the bizarre plastic-faux-Tiffany-pizza-parlor chandelier left from the previous owners. I need a new light!!!!!!!

  99. Raquel

    If you want more of a statement go w/ #1 – #2 is more classic.
    I would use it towards upgrading bedrooms or baths.

  100. Willie Vernich

    Your offer of AmEx $100 would help me get started on that bathroom makeover (and make up for the Home Depot giveaway I missed out on!)

    Go with option #2…more befitting to your dining experience. Is your tabel rectangular and long? If so, two might be considered. (I should have done that in my dining room.) Option #1 is nice, but looks like it might be better for your entryway or porch.


  101. Doreen

    100 dollars would easily get my entryway in order– it needs new baskets to help collect all the things we drop on the way into the house.

    I prefer the classic look of the Pottery Barn fixture, but, you would have to dust it all the time because it’s black and has clear, upward domed-glass.

    You said you were looking for quirky lanterns for your dining room, so I feel you would probably be happier with the Wisteria piece. Also, it would be easier to care for than the Pottery Barn piece because of the matte, antiqued finish and the open bottom, and “easy-care” almost always gets my vote as a busy mom.

  102. Carolyn

    I absolutely LOVE tbe second fixture …The simpler one. I love its simple beauty. With a gift card I would be able to accesorize my new “me” space … I recently was blessed with a built-in desk and hutch but they’re totally bare! I would be able to buy organizers, a lamp, a chair and other wonderful items!

  103. Franki Parde

    You asked…the bell lantern is lovely…however…I have one in the den and it needs to be cleaned weekly. SOMEHOW, the dust fairy likes to hang out there. The lantern from Wisteria is so so…2011.

    I’m thinking “new and fresh” pillows…you can send my card via [email protected]. :-D

  104. Kal

    Second time is a charm right? I lost my first comment.

    I am a Libra which makes making up my mind difficult. That said. I like #2 better but #1 is probably more what you are looking for style wise and after all it is your dining room! I might look for something with some stained glass in it to play up your light fixture as a third option.

    If I were fortunate enough to benefit from the giveaway, I would either wait for you amazing bloggers to tip me off to spring 2011’s trends and decorate my dining room table/mantle or as I said on AG, buy some photo ledges for the FR.

    Thanks Melissa. Good luck on your choice!

  105. Heather N

    I would go with option #2, although I like both of them. We just moved into a new construction builder spec house, so there is so much I could do with $100. I would probably put it toward a new faucet in the kitchen. We have the base model faucet now and it drips if you do not turn it off exactly correctly (sometimes takes 3 tries!!!). Drip, drip, drip! I would buy something that would make me sigh with happiness when I saw it and would work better. Thanks for the giveaway.

  106. Donna

    I would definitely go with the second one. It is airy and beautiful without being a focal point.
    As for the $100 gift card… I desperately need a vanity/desk in my new bedroom. I am tired of putting on my makeup at my computer desk!
    Good luck with the dining room!

  107. Julia

    I’m in love with the lantern from Wisteria–gorgeous! Wish I had a place to put it because I’d be tempted to get one myself. Ha.

    Fun giveaway! I’d have to buy something for my new sunroom, for sure. We spent all our money getting it built and had nothing left for furniture!

  108. Samantha

    I would chose the first lantern, just different and very unique! And with $100, I would buy new bedding for the master bedroom!

  109. Karen

    I am in the planning stages of sprucing up my reading room/library…I would use $100 to get that project started (stripping wallpaper and painting).
    I like both lanterns, but hands down, the second is so timeless and classic!

  110. tiffany

    I would go with the first one, I tend to like things you wouldn’t find in your neighbors house. the second one Isn’t quite as original.
    As for the gift card, I would use it for my bedroom. My husband and I have been married 18 years , and with 4 children have never had the time or funds to make our bedroom a place we want to be!

  111. Jennifer M

    I love the Pottery Barn lantern. It’s just the right size! I think the light would be gorgeous at night, too.

    I’d love to use this gift card in my dining room. Maybe on an updated lantern myself….Thanks!

  112. Joy

    My favorite light is the Pottery Barn one; it’s more simple and clean looking. But that’s just my style.

    I would love to finish redecorating my sewing/guest room. I’d use the money to build a bed frame.

  113. Diane M

    Hands down Holly’s choice. From everything I’ve seen…it’s YOU!!! BUT….is it the right scale?
    P.S. NO+NO+NO+NO to PB…you are so past that one in style!!

  114. kelly

    Lighting makes SUCH a big difference! I shopped for over a year for the one in our dining room. I love both of the ones above, but would go for the Wisteria one simply because it has one more bulb…I’m all about the light! As far as what I would do with a gift card, I would replace the ugly ceiling light in our laundry room/closet with some kind of pendant. That space is my big project for the year! Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  115. Laura

    I like the finish on the first one better! It’s more uncommon and unexpected. But I LOVE the idea of hanging a pair and think you really ought to try to fit two in! It creates more drama over the table.
    I’d spend $100 UNDECORATING my living room.
    I’m trying to redo all the basics in neutral tones so I can change the room up with the seasons, or whenever I get bored, just by changing the pillows and accessories.

  116. Natalie D.

    I can see how both fixtures would complement various elements that I see in your dining room photo, but the second fixture is contemporary, whereas the first fixture is definitely old world. It is also more unique than the one from Pottery Barn. So my vote would be for the first fixture. :)

    If I were to win the AmEx card, I would use apply it towards a spring look in my entryway. Thanks!

  117. Julie

    I like the first fixture! And if I had me some cash to spend, I think I would do the same…a new light fixture above my table.

  118. Abby

    I really like the Potterybarn lantern. I love sparkly glass. It seems a bigger and more of a statement to me. Oh and I am trying to find a desk to set up my office. That is what I would use the gift card for.

    Happy choosing!

  119. Gailanne

    They’re both beautiful, but I like the Wisteria one best…just looks more unique, and has that Old World charm I think you’re looking for.

    If I won, I would use my $100 for that perfect something for over the couch, thanks…stay blessed!

  120. Ellen Moore

    I think you would be happiest with the light that Holly picked for you. It seems to be all you want in a light. (I personally like the other one, but I am becoming a minimalist.)

    If I had $100 to spend I would probably replace our fan in our dining room with a beautiful light, but might regret that in the hot humid summer. Best to get drapes for living room.

  121. MichelleH

    I would absolutely pick the second light. I like its clean look. I like the first one, but it looks more like an outdoor light to me (great over a covered patio table). Plus with the space in the glass bowl, think of the possibilities….glass hearts for Valentines Day, Shamrocks for St. Pat’s, snowflakes for winter, berries and holly for Christmas, etc. Another deco spot!

    We were just discussing our future house redo plans yesterday afternoon. We need to revamp the entire kitchen, carpet in three rooms, totally redo of daughter’s room, and new porch lights. Clearly we could make great use of the gift card. lol

  122. Johanna

    Both lights are pretty, but I think #1 more suits the mood you’re looking for and is a bit more unique. However, as pretty as they both are, neither looks like it’s going to put out much light, so I’m not sure I’d really choose either light, unless you use two.

  123. Catey

    I would go with option #2, the pottery barn lantern. I really like the simplicity of the glass.

    I’m closing on our house this week and the $100 gift card would be to a nice start to my son vintage cowboy bedroom that I’ve been dreaming about….

  124. songbirdtiff

    I’d go with #2. You just can’t beat Pottery Barn!

    I’m working on my office these days, so if I had $100, I would probably use it on that. Thanks for the giveaway!

  125. Johanna

    Oops. When you moderate, I hope you’ll be able to combine this with my previous comment. I’d use the giftcard to buy the “decorative touches” my “overly uncluttered” kitchen needs (according to my realtor).

  126. Vanessa

    Love them both. I have a bell jar in my dining room and I love the look but I hate having to take it down and dust and wash it. I am always afraid I will break it and since the glass is clear not frosted I have to do it every couple of months!

  127. Betsy Negley

    I would go with the first lantern. It has an open bottom, no high-flying dust bunnies will get trapped. The second lantern appears to have a closed bottom, dust bunnies GALORE!

    As for the $100 AmEx card – I would so totally refinish my china hutch. I bought it for $30 bucks at a yard sale. It is a hideous shade of yellow with fake bamboo accents. Needs to be redone!

  128. Allison Schultz

    I like option #2–it’s a little more airy feeling and open. The other one reminds me of something that would go outdoors.

    As for the $100–We are in the progress of changing our loft area into another bedroom–for future baby :)

  129. Bethany at Real Housewives of Prince William County

    DEFINTIELY the Wisteria one! The PB one is SO played. Lanterns are still just at the peak :)

  130. laxsupermom

    I’d use the $100 Amex card towards my laundry room makeover. That hundred could net me a gorgeous new faucet or some new handles.

    I like the Wisteria lantern. The Pottery Barn one is pretty, but bell jars have been trendy for the past couple of years and they’re huge maintenance nightmares. You have to take it down every two weeks to dust the inside.

  131. Jen

    I would do the bathroom. We badly need new towels, as the old ones are falling to pieces. I think you should choose the second lantern. However, I did see a light fixture that looked like pillar candles on a suspended tray. I don’t have a link, but it was awesome!

  132. Aimee S

    The second lantern is my favorite! Love it!!

    If I had an extra $100 to spend, I’d use it for my craft room that I’m working on organizing right now.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  133. Annie

    I would totally pick the 2nd pottery barn lighting. The glass just seems so simple and so pretty!

    As for AMEX . . . I would use the 100 towards a new area rug for my living room. Currently we have the bare, original hardwoods showing, but when it is 2 degrees outside, those floors are COLD!!!

    As a former FL girl, I would love some warmth either from a rug . . . or from mother nature . . .

  134. Marixa

    I like them both but I lean towards #2.

    A new desk system would be very inspiring to me this year. It would give me better storage, a cleaner look and I could give my desk to the hubs so his side of the office is less cluttered looking with better storage. The GC would help a lot with that! Thanks!

  135. michele m fry

    I love the second latern, so simple,clean and I love the cottage look it gives!! I would by some accessories for our master bedroom that I just re-did, add some fun pillows or use it to buy a mantel/shelf unit I saw at pottery barn that I can’t stop thinking about!!! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  136. L Scrivener

    I worry that neither one is going to provide enough light for a dining room, but of the two, I would pick the second. I love the simplicity of the glass. If I had a $100 gift card I would go in search of a mirror for my entry hall. It needs some umph and its so handy to check your appearance as you go out the door!

  137. Phyllis Lindsay

    Definitely the first one as the one from Pottery Barn seems like it’s going to need continued maintenance (dusting!).
    I could definitely use $100 to start our washroom project; we need to get coat hooks hung, paint, a simple bench. Pick me, pick me!!!!

  138. Tracy

    I like the Wisteria lantern. I think it has nice lines and the structure of it would draw your eye and be a better balance to the table as a single fixture.

    I would use the gift card to finally get into gear decorating above my mantle. Right now it serves as storage for my kids’ artwork!

  139. Cheryl

    I would spend my $100 toward wall decor for my house. We moved back in after a fire almost 2 yrs ago and I’m still trying to figure out what I want on my walls.

    For the style of your dining room, I would choose lantern #1 for 4 reasons: First, aesthetically speaking, it would be unique and a constrast to the white woodwork, but blend in with the old world feeling that you already have going from the stained glass and the grand armoir that lives in that room. Second and practically speaking, it seems from the picture that the bottom is open and therefore, dust (and bugs) will not get caught for all to see while eating–yuck. Third and practically speaking again, it has more bulbs for lighting. And fourth, the 2nd choice seems “safe.” Go for it and make a statement!!!

  140. Jessie C.

    I’d like to use the $100 AmEx gift card to update our home office. First lantern would be my choice.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  141. Jessie C.

    “Like” Apartment Guide on Facebook and commented on their [email protected] JessieKatie S

  142. Melissa

    I love the simplicity of the fixture of from Pottery Barn. I would use a gift card toward making our master bedroom more of a sanctuary, especially with little ones around!

  143. Ro

    I would choose the one from Wisteria. The PB fixture is pretty, but would need extra cleaning…since dust and “who knows what” would settle at the bottom of the bowl.

  144. Lauren from Southern Sassafras

    I’d finally finish decorating our second bedroom, it’s my room, which I call a “closet room”. Every girl needs a great space to get dressed in! And I like the PB one.

  145. Diane

    I vote for lantern #2. I LOVE that one, because it sparkles and reflects lots of light, making the room feel warm and happy.
    My dream…is to be able to fix up an area of my home for scrapbooking projects, and photo projects. We are celebrating the birth of our first grandson, and I have never had a space in which to do “life projects”. I would love a quiet area to create books and photos as gifts for our family :)
    Thank you!

  146. sarah

    hmmm…i like the pb one better. first of all, because i love all things pb, but secondly, because it just has a touch more of traditional in it that could hang in there with new decor if you ever decide to go a new route.
    if i had one hundred dollars, i would put it towards the elfa that i am dying to buy for my master bedroom closet. i need a new space in that little spot so that i feel organized, and so that i can actually SEE my clothes.

  147. midwestgirly

    Mellisa I think the pottery barn light is beautiful. I do prefer low maintenance items though. The Wisteria light looks easier to care for. You want a presence over the table go with the largest one. Enjoy the process of choosing and good luck.

  148. karen

    Easy decision: #1 lantern It’s much more unique and it looks better.

    I would use the $100 gift card to add details to my kid’s rooms. We’re renovating so much of our house, but it is so important to me that the kids each feel *home* in their new rooms. ; )

  149. jen campbell

    After looking at the few pictures you showed of your room I think the 1st choice would be the best! The 2nd lantern is just too simple for your style in there I think it would be overwhelmed by the other beauties in the room.

    If I won the $100 gc I would spend it on the wall space going up my stair case. It is a big blank wall right now! Have ideas need $$$$$!

  150. Samantha

    I love the PB lantern but I’m not sure I could ever spend that kind of money on something. Maybe Overstock has a similar version at a better price?? But I do love love love the PB one!!

    If I won, I would start working on our master bedroom since there is nothing “master”-ful about it!

  151. Amy N

    I like the first one!

    I would use the $100 for new wall art for my family room!

  152. Jacque

    This may not be a sexy idea but my first inclination was to use the gift card for organization. Somehow, I need to create a space that functions as a “mud room” in a house that was never designed for one because with three kids, their snow gear, backpacks, and extra curricular stuff- we need it. Desperately.

    Now, I’d go with the Pottery Barn option because the dark iron looks like it would play well with the solid lines of your stained glass windows. Plus, I just love the shape of the glass on that one.

  153. Judy

    I would use the $100 gift card for my mud room. It needs an update. I love the PB one.

  154. Ann-Marie

    I just love, love, LOVE the second light. I have one that it is very similar in our entryway in a house we purchased nearly a year ago. I pass it every time I go up and down the stairs and it puts a smile on my face. I love the way the light is reflected on the lovely glass bell’s surface. The design is so classic, too that I don’t feel it will look dated anytime soon. (And cleans easily with a Swiffer inserted and swooshed around!)
    If I were to win the $100 Am/Ex card, I would use it to start a design theme in our kitchen. The remainder of our house is in pretty good shape, but the kitchen is a blank slate and needs help! But since we recently bought our house, funds are limited. Thank-you for sharing your ideas and inspiration!

  155. Jennie

    I’m wanting to transform the wall by mom back door into a kid center. I need hooks for backpacks, hangin files for important school work, and large corkboard. I really want to get organized with all their things.
    Next I love the first light. It’s unique! The PB one is pretty but everyone else owns it too. ;) Good Luck!

  156. lil

    Interestingly enough, I’d use the prize for my dining room too. I need new paint for the ceiling and walls and need 2 light fixtures. (We expanded our dining room so our current light fixture is now off center)

    I would choose the one from Wisteria because it is more unique with lovely detail and because the one from Pottery Barn looks like it will collect dust, which would be a pain to clean.

  157. FairfieldHouse


    Welcome Back! Have seen photos of your smiles on many blogs posting about Blissdom.

    If you want Old World I would choose the first lantern. My first concern with them is: how easy are they to clean? I have four in my home that need to be replaced simply because there is no way to keep them clean. Who designed these things? I would use the $100 Amex Card towards a new mattress that would inspire me to get a good night’s sleep and have the energy to complete the many projects that need doing in this house!

    Your Friend,

  158. Chanelle

    With a $100 AmEx giftcard, I think I would revamp our home office. It looks like a couple of college students live there! I want it to be pretty and organized. As for the lighting fixtures, I really love the second one. It has classic lines.

  159. Diane Granic

    I would use $100 to finish off my new office area. It has been in the basement of my new-to-me house for the last year and a half, and for some reason, even though it has a nice window and built-ins, I hate going to the basement to work. So my husband bought me a new desk that fits into our dining room window alcove ….I can sit in the sunlight and watch the birds and my garden….can’t wait to get it set up!

    I like the 2nd light fixture for you, just because the simpler look is more to my taste. The first one has a crown look which is certainly old world!! But I prefer the simpler look.

  160. alamama

    I like the last light fixture. Why, well, I just do. ;) I would use the $ for our blue bathroom. Thanks!

  161. Pam

    Definitely the one from Wisteria. It is warmer and more of a statement. The one from Pottery Barn is not as unique and would be hard to keep clean. I would love to use $100 to paint my family room. New year- new look- new beginning!

  162. Anne-Marie

    Hi – I think you should choose the one from PB, it is much softer, would sparkle more once lit and would go better with your white armoire. The other one would be better in a foyer.

    I would like to do up my small ensuite and change the light over the mirror. $100 would help me get the light fixture I REALLY want in the space. Thanks and good luck with choosing!

  163. Swede

    To answer your question of which fixture, I say neither. Keep looking. Neither have enough candle power to put out very much light with only 3 or 4 bulbs. Some are restricted to only 40 watts max. To get enough light, you need at least 8 or 10 bulbs and then put a dimmer switch on the wall to reduce it when you want that mood.
    I am currently looking for a chandelier for my dining room also and I need 12 bulbs. That is what I would spend the gift card on. There are tons of choices and I find it hard to narrow the selection down. You might also consider an antique fixture.

  164. Charlotte

    I would use the $100 gift card to buy Paint and Inspirational Vinyl Wall Decor for my son’s room which right now is completely bland and boring. I would love to be able to bless him for working so hard this year in school and getting all his grades up well into the 90’s. :)

    And as for the lantern I would go with number 1… It definitely has a more authentic aged look. Can’t wait to see which one you pick in the “after” photos.

  165. Stacey Kindt

    I like the first.

    With a $100 gift card, I would get on CraigsList and find a way to move the sleeping arrangements in my kid’s room up a notch! (Bunk bed or loft bed). I’ve got three girls in one room and one of them is on a mattress on the floor. They lift the mattress up on top of one of the other beds to get their floor space during the day, but what a hassle! I want to give them a space that works better for their needs and frees up their floor space for playing, playing, playing!

  166. Leslie

    I have neutral walls and neutral sofas in my living room, which I love to seasonally mix up with pillows, throws and curtains. I’d love the challenge of tackling a spring “freshening” with $100!
    And I love the Pottery Barn lantern, but I think you’ll be happier with the first one! Go for it!

  167. Surf Momma

    I LOVE the Wisteria lantern, I think it would look fabulous in your dining room!
    I would spend $100 on finishing the gallery wall I started in the living room!

  168. Judy

    I would use the $100 to buy a new vanity for my master bath so it can be “beautifulish”. The bathroom is small and could use a pretty vanity and sink to make it/me feel more like our style.

    I would choose latern #2. I like the simple style so that is does not compete as much with your stained glass.

  169. Leah Marie

    I’d be putting it toward my breakfast banquette that we are working on…. Fingers crossed*

    And I am voting for contender #2! I love that classic look!

    Good luck!

  170. April in CT

    Between the two I go with number one. The PB fixture looks like it would be hard to keep clean and possibly not bright enough for the space.

    I would create a much needed crafting area! We’re moving to CA from CT in a few months and I’m not terribly excited about it. Being able to look forward to creating a crafting area in our new place would definitely give me something to look forward to after the hassle & headaches of moving!

  171. Andrea

    So crazy that so many people are loving the first one! It looks a little Olde English Torture Chamber to me (but maybe that’s because we’re watching too many episodes of The Tutors???). I’m so voting for #2. I’d pick a mass marketed beauty over the one that makes me think I should be having gruel and stale bread for my daily meal. :)
    But that’s just my $.02.

    As for what I’d spend the $100 on, it’s got to be either a great rug (I’m loving the new circles) or some lighting. I have too much that screams IKEA. Not that the Sweds are’t fab with the lighting, I’m just looking for something a little homey-er.

    In any case, here’s to many happily lit meals under your new fixture!!!

  172. Christina

    I have to say, you seem completely thrilled with light #1. Go with your gut! It would totally stink if you went with the Pottery Barn one and later wished you had bought the other one instead ;)

    I would re-do my BEDROOM. Like most people, I’ve neglected my bedroom. I really want it to be a relaxing space but it ends up being the space with a ton of junk in it. Bare walls, ugly curtains, and no matching bedding whatsoever. :(

  173. Gwen

    That Pottery Barn light is awesome….exactly what I would love to have over my kitchen island since it’s part of the Great Room. A lovely light is what I need.
    Good luck with your choices!

  174. wendy zivicky

    I love #2 from pottery barn.
    what would I do with the gift card??
    put it towards a vanity I have my eye on for my bathroom:)

  175. wendy zivicky

    I love #2 from pottery barn.
    what would I do with the gift card??
    put it towards a vanity I have my eye on for my bathroom:)

  176. Amber

    I would do the Pottery Barn one but I do agree with other posters, you will have to clean it a lot.
    I would use the gift card to do our bedroom since its so hideous!

  177. Jo

    Oh, I love the first lantern! It’s definitly more old-world than the other one. I have a flying saucer light fixture too…no goblets though. So maybe I’d use the $100 to replace it? It would definitly be used for finishing touches on my main floor after I paint.

  178. Lesley

    I like the Wisteria light the best. It’s a little more interesting and unusual. Great choice – although I think either one would look really nice.

    I’d spend $100 on our basement den. We’re looking to make it more of a TV room and that would help make it happen!

    Thanks for the opportunity and good luck with your dining room.

  179. Gail Moore

    Probably, I would use it to actually purchase something for the kitchen which is, like your dining room, a work in progress! I personally like the Pottery Barn one. It could be because it looks like a cloche to me, and I love cloches. Gail

  180. Kristen

    I like them both, but I love the more unique look of the Wisteria fixture. I think I would put a gift card toward decorating my living room. Can’t wait to see which one you choose!

  181. Tara

    I would finally create a space in my upstairs hallway. It is large and empty. It overlooks the entry way so it would be nice to have a little sitting area or console table with family pictures, etc. If I were you, I’d choose the one from Pottery Barn…it’s just gorgeous!

  182. Rebekah

    I’d work on my living room. And you should pick the first lantern – love it!

  183. Wendi

    This post comes at the perfect time. This weekend I looked at the light fixture in the informal dining area and wondered if I could easily spray paint the metal for a new look. No, it really needs to be replaced. Then I looked at the formal dining room light fixture that hangs over my scrapbooking area and wondered the same question. And with an even louder “no” I realized that somehow I need to replace it as well. Your current light fixture is such a beautiful improvement from my “gold” ones. 2011 is THE year to get them both replaced, it will make me happier. :)

    Option # 2 is my favorite. I have even toiled with having 2 or 3 slimmer style light fixtures over our dining room table. I love that look. Can’t wait to see what you go with.

  184. diane

    Add a ceiling medallion to that bell jar type fixture from Pottery Barn and I think you have a winner. I am not crazy about allthose miniature crown motifs on the lantern. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  185. Amber of Hawthorn and Holly

    1. Wisteria. Definitely.

    2. I didn’t even know Apartment guide had FB so thanks for that new page! ;)

    I’d squirrel away that gift card and use it to buy new couches for our living room. Any little bit NOT paid out of our pockets is a God send.

  186. Cindy

    Lantern #1.
    I can just see the dust accumulating in Lantern 2 and what a maintenance nightmare that it would be.

    Gift card would go to my bathroom mirror – and putting a frame around it.

  187. Kimberly S

    I’d use the gift card to buy some wood for my husband so he can make some much needed furniture in our bare house!

  188. Kara

    Personally, I love option #2 for your cozy little corner. I would use the $100 dollars to help me put in a back splash in my kitchen.

  189. Jennifer

    Oh- I so dream of an organizational space for our family. I have the space picked out. I just need to find the perfect desk.

    I like Option 1 – it was beautiful and more interesting than the second option in my opinion. However, I don’t think either would be a bad choice. You will love either one – for probably a bunch of different reasons.

    Enjoy your new dining room!

  190. Roberta

    Love the Wisteria lantern because of the finish and the fleur-delis details. The pottery barn one is just too generic…if that makes sense. I’d love to find a new fixture for our masterbedroom ceiling fan…so hard since we use the fan in the summers but I struggle with the design part…lol

  191. Betsy

    My goal this year is to change what was our girls’ homeschooling schoolroom into a craft room for myself now that my kids are going to a ‘regular’ school. If I could have an organized place for all my supplies, I do believe I’d get a ton more done!
    As for the lights – if it were me, I’d choose the Pottery Barn lantern, the other one is a bit too ‘medieval’ for my tastes.

  192. Jessica

    While I think both laterns are gorgeous, I envision the Wisteria one for your space. I think with the stained glass colors nearby, and the intricate details on that latern…ooh la la, so pretty!

    I’m attempting to move my family into a new, smaller, OLD house in the name of simplifying our lives. I think I;d use the $$ to start basic: paint and perhaps some lamps! Gotta set the mood of the rooms, and then see where it leads us… :)

  193. Stephanie (Decor Dreams)

    I would use the gift card towards an item for our new build. Every bit helps!

    I like option #2! I feel like the classic, timeless feel would work perfectly in your space and the fact that it’s less rustic works with the room better. I also like the darker lines. I feel they go better with the existing finishes in the room. Overstock does have a duplicate (if not the exact item)! The reviews are great too!

  194. Melissa :: A Beautiful Mission

    I like #2!!

    What would I do with $100?… PAINT my office! Chalkboard paint in a mid-gray on one wall. I have a THING for inspirational quotes… so I need to write them BIG on the wall in my office. (o:

  195. Kristen

    I would use the money for my daughter’s room. She is a pre-teen now and wants to change her look so it is more grown-up looking.

    I vote for #1. It looks more old world to me. I love the PB one but it just has a more modern look.

  196. cristin d.

    I would definitely choose recreate my living room. We have a rather small house (1200 sq. ft.)and not a whole lot of places to store and hide my kids’ toys. I’ve really been inspired by some other blogs to re-purpose vintage furniture pieces for the storage I need. I would also finally make some window coverings to spruce up on our boring looking windows. And since my living room is also my “office”, and my Target purchased desk and chair are literally falling apart after having moved 3 times in the last 4 years, I would most definitely get a new set. :)

    I definitely think you should go with the Pottery Barn light. I think that it fits the overall style and theme of your house better :)

  197. Kara

    I would love to use the gift card to help in creating our nursery for our first baby – due at the end of May!!

    I LOVE the first lantern, especially with the vibe you’re going for. I think the 2nd is nice, but the first is more fitting! Good luck!

  198. grammyswm

    I’m trying to accessorize more, dressing end and sofa tables and the like–that’s how I would use the $100.

    RE: light fixture — I say PB for sure.

  199. Barbara (WA)

    Choose #1 – the Wisteria one. I read about it on the website and it is a copy of lanterns in Paris! I also love, love the lamp on your buffet and have been hunting online for one like it, no luck yet…

  200. Cindy Sue

    No. TWO from Pottery Barn, because it won’t be as heavy looking as the other one. It’s more open and lets the light reflect off of the glass more making it feel more open and not closing the room in and looking too top heavy.

  201. baltimoremom

    I have a tendency to notice dead bugs sitting in light fixtures and skylight windows and even though I like the Pottery Barn light, the first thing I think is, “that’ll probably end up with a dead bug or at least lots of dust at the bottom of the glass bowl and what a pain that’d be to clean”. So that thought combined with the Wisteria light’s unique look has me giving the Wisteria light my vote. As for what I would do with $100? Totally need new lamps in my living room and also would buy cheap bookcases to DIY into a built-in bookcase look.

  202. Brooke

    I like the first light… I love them both BUT let’s be honest. I don’t like “up lights” {where there’s a bowl under the light} because they are a pain to clean. Bugs like to live in there… I’m not a fan of bugs. So I would go with the light from Wisteria!

    P.S. With $100 Amex giftcard I would totally buy some new bedding!!! Lord knows I need it!!!

  203. j

    TOTALLY THE FIRST ONE. It is more your style. The second one may leave you thinking “HUGE goblet or a punch bowl”. (By the way, wherever did you find the “stained glass” window coverings? Or are those truly your windows? VERY COOL!)

    ..I have too many things the $100 dollars could go for, too many things! Thanks for the chance!

  204. Betsy

    We’re planning a big built-in project – building cabinets and bookcases around our fireplace. This would be a great start to that!

    I like lamp #1 too!

  205. LaurieatTurnerFarm

    #2 Hands down ~ but that’s because I’m on a farm and that look is home to me. Being in the city it would be a difficult choice. How much fun for you to be in this challenge ~ look forward to seeing all you do to make this room YOUR room. If I were to receive a gift card I’d use it for a unique storage unit for my family room. Have fun!

  206. kathy s

    I like the Pottery Barn lantern. I’m working on my bedroom and this would come in handy. Love your website. Thanks.

  207. MarySue

    I’m voting for the Pottery Barn fixture…surprised myself with that. If I were blessed to win that $100 I’d put it into purchasing draperies for my living and dining room…they’ve been naked for too, too long. Happy day wishes. I not only love reading your blog for decorating inspiration but for how you share your faith. Good for you.

  208. Vickie H.

    I have to vote for the Wisteria fixture…I have it and love it…it has so much character…the PB fixture just looks too NEW to me..but you should go with what grabs YOU!
    We are re-doing a master bath and I would use the $100 gift card toward purchasing new drawer pulls and knobs!!!
    Thank you for hosting!!

  209. Lindsay

    I love the PB latern. In my opinion there isn’t much of anything that Pottery Barn can’t do! I am totally sizing up some new storage options for my kids playroom. That gift card would help big time!

  210. Amanda

    I love the Pottery Barn one too. It looks brighter and gives off a warmer glow. So I’d have to pick that one. If the other gave off that warm glow I’d go for that because I love the crown like design on the top.

    I would use the $100 AMEX card to create a play area for my children complete w/pretty storage and creative place for them bc their toys are taking over my whole living room w/no storage! :) I’ve already been looking at ideas on the internet!

  211. Paula

    I like the PB fixture best… the other one is a little ornate for me. I love Old World!

    I would use the $100 towards my kitchen cabinet paint project: I. have. builder-grade. oak. Gotta fix that!

  212. Val

    I love the Wisteria light. I’m kind of “over” the PB light- I feel like it’s been around a while. Also, I think it would show alot of dirt!

    I would love $100 to spend on some updates to my dining room. I need new window panels & chair covers. My sister has casually asked me several times if I’m planning on getting new window panels! Obviously, they are bugging her too!

  213. Tammi

    I am really loving the second fixture from Pottery Barn! I like the more light-weight look of that one. What would I do with the $100 card? I would buy decorative accessories for the upstairs of my house which I am refinishing.

  214. Lisa

    I would choose number 1~ I like different. Plus, as much as I love the Pottery Barn lantern- I live in a dusty place and would constantly have to take the glass down to clean out! Good luck with that decision!
    If I won the 100$, Ii would put it towards a slipcover for my sofa! Love your blog!

  215. Amanda

    I like the Pottery Barn one best! It’s old-looking, but still fun and new at the same time.

    I would spend $100 making over my office which needs paint & accessories!

  216. Lisa Hinkle

    Ok, so…I love both fixtures but would go with Wisteria because for me it would’ve been too much of a pain to deal with the PB fixture (which I considered getting) collecting dust and having to take it down. The one I decided on is similar to the Wisteria.

    If I win the $100 gift card, I would paint, paint, paint (!!) my LR, kitchen, and master BR so I can finally use the stuff waiting to be used all over the place…thx!

  217. Laurie

    The Pottery Barn lantern has been a fave of mine for quite some time, so I’d pick it, but for your home, the Wisteria makes a big statement – go for it! I’d use $100 to repaint my living room and dining room for a fresh, new look.

  218. laney

    …the second one…things are looking lovely in that dining room…

  219. Megan {Honey We're Home}

    You can’t go wrong with either light fixture, but the first one is a bit more unique and since I know you like your home to be one of a kind, I would go with the Wisteria one. I think the PB one will be showing up in many homes.

    For me, new fabric for the living room is on my wish list. We need some visual interest in here.

  220. Margo K

    I would put it towards a new rug for the living room. I’ve been wanting to update my look and this would make a dramatic difference. Thanks for sharing!

  221. Anna

    Oooh, my front room needs some serious love and attention. It’s the first place you walk into when you enter my home, but the layout is odd and it ends up being a large hallway of sorts — so it’s been very neglected.

    As far as the lights go, I’m probably no help because I’ve drooled over that PB light for quite. a. long. time. so I’m totally biased ;)

  222. melissa

    I’ve got to vote for # 1. I just love it ! Can’t wait to see what YOU choose!

  223. shanna

    I think they are both beautiful lanterns but I think the first one from Wisteria should be the choice- it is more unique, has more of an old world style and ( I think) has one extra light bulb!! That can actually make a difference :) Good luck in your choice~
    As for me and my house- we are in the middle of A LOT of remodeling and it could go for so many things- new bedding, new light fixtures, etc…. I can really decide right now there is so much we gotta do! Thanks

  224. musette

    I like the first one. It would make a statement and yet blend with your room. Changing the bulbs would be easier too.I would spend the $100.00 on my bathroom update.

  225. Jennifer McGhee

    no.1! Love it! more charming than the PB. And, with 100 bucks from Amex, I’d give some much needed attention to my master bedroom. It’s time to get rid of the coffee and nail polish stained down comforter and the brassy drawer pulls:)

  226. Courtney M

    The one from Wisteria is different & unique and goes with your room much better. The other one has been seen everywhere.
    I would spend the $100 on my master bedroom. This is the year of improving my own personal space!

  227. Allison

    I think the first one from Wisteria has a more unique look- I haven’t seen it in a lot of different places.

    And I decided last night that my poor family room needs to move out of the brown and blah state it is in. I would use the credit for color in curtains, pillows and pictures!

  228. AmyE

    While I think the look of #1 is more you … the practical side of me says in the dreary NW, you’ll get more light from #2. So I pick #2. And since our dear friend Natalie is currently painting my built-in buffet black, I would use the card to buy window treatments for my 2 big sliders in my dining room … and that room would finally feel finished!

  229. Stacey

    I really like the 1st one.

    I would spend the $100 in our living room/dining room/kitchen/everything room…we just got a new couch and I would love to add some new pillows and a few accent chairs in that room with the AmEx card.

  230. Kathy

    Definitely the one from Wisteria. Love it. Would love it over my table!

    I would do something with my front porch. It needs a bench for me to sit on and read. And I think the bench would look so welcoming as people drive by. Thanks for the opportunity.

  231. Traci Hutcherson

    I would use the money to update the boys’ bathroom.
    And I like lantern #1! :)
    Thanks, Melissa.

  232. Christie

    PB, all the way. As far a the gc, I am trying to get my white kitchen a nifty colorful rug!

  233. Judy

    I like the first one for it’s originality. I’d use the $100 to buy baskets for storage and organization.

  234. gg

    I like #1! Unique and complimentary to your room. The gift card would help me organize, organize, organize for the coming year! I need it.

  235. judy

    I like both very much…but I would choose the one from PB because it would most likely cast better light. I would love to have new pendant lights above my kitchen island. Love your blog, neighbor!

  236. Brandy E.

    I prefer the first light, but would probably use two of them because I just think it feels more anchored that way. I like the PB light but agree it would be tough to clean.
    As for my own new space, it’s a toss up. I would either use it to but a new area rug to finally finish off my living room or I would use it to buy $100 worth of lumber and drywall to build my self a closet in my bedroom. That would go a long way toward finishing off that room as well. :)

  237. connie tacazon

    I would use it for paint. I’m so over the yellowish tans in my house that went with my old tan carpet. I’m itching to change to dark hardwood floors, lots of white molding and trim and light beige with a grey undertone for my walls. $100 could buys me lots of paint. :)

  238. Jackie

    I love the Pottery Barn lamp – it just glows.

    I would use the gift card to buy paint and accessories for my daughter’s room.

  239. 3mily

    I would overhaul the dining area that I am turning into a lounge for the kids (there’s a picture window that was going to waste, with great spring viewing of our birdhouse).

    I vote for the Pottery Barn lantern. It’s just a little more interesting to me visually.

  240. Tonya

    I’m no help…I LOVE them both!! I think either fixture would look fabulous!

  241. jeana

    I would love new dishes! I love NO. 2. It would look stunning in your home!

  242. Kim

    After looking at the lights, back and forth,and LOVING both, I think you should choose #1. First, because of the cleaning issue mentioned “several” times. But also, because if you are using just 1 light, the first one has 4 bulbs, and the second has just 3. You could get more light from the first.

    As for the $100…I totally need to do storage for an office/computer “closet” I am trying to set up in our den. I need help!!! and $$$.
    Thanks! Kim

  243. Michelle

    Two great lanterns to choose! I like #2. We are currently re-doing our dining room and are in the process of putting board and batten up. When we are done we are in desperate need for wall art and have been inspired by a lot of things from your blog! Thanks!

  244. Karen

    I really like the pottery barn one…things that you can see through in a room make it appear bigger.

  245. Michelle

    I love both lanterns, but I think the Pottery Barn lantern complements the style of your home better.
    I have so many projects (like 50,000 of them), but I would probably buy some paint to spruce up my kitchen/breakfast area if I had a gift card.

  246. Karen

    OOh…the gift card…so many spaces that need a little help…probably my kitchen: paint for my cabinets and new flooring.

  247. Rebecca K

    Ooh, definitely option #1 for you!!! It has much more personality, IMO.

    I would purchase new living room curtains/drapes. They are the previous owner’s (we moved in a few months ago) and are insulated, so I’m not taking them down until we have good replacements. But I’m dying to do so because they are orange and do not remotely fit in with the decor I’m going for!

  248. Kari

    #2 Definitely! I have been eyeing that lantern for quite awhile and would love the gift card to be able to purchase it for my own dining room which needs lots of help….!

  249. Megan

    Ummmm……I like ’em both. Is the first one big enough for your table? I like the clean lines of the the PB one the best for my choice but your home, the Wisteria may be the way to go.

    If I were so lucky to win the card, I would put it towards the new floor in the kitchen. Still living with industrial BLUE carpet in there!

  250. Karen B

    Okay, I’m not really participating in the giveaway, just wanted to give you my two cents on the light fixtures. I have a fairly similar light to your Pottery Barn fixture in my entryway. While it is beautiful and I loved it when I moved in, talk about a dust catcher big time. Mine is actually a more textured glass, with bubbles. So, it doesn’t show the dust, but a perfectly clear glass would REALLY show it a lot. Unless you’re meticulous and love cleaning out your lights often, go with the first lantern style.

  251. Nadine

    Hi – I like the Wisteria light also because of what so many others have said – dust and bugs will amass in the PB light. I actually could put the gift card to good use with a new fixture for over my dining room table.

  252. Shelley Palmer

    Since I know you, and have had the honor of seeing several of your previous homes, I will definitely say the first one! It has Melissa written all over it! I do like the other one-even considered it for my dining room or entry, but alas, I’m still searching for the perfect drum shade to hang over my table!
    If I had $100 gift card I would use it towards panels for my window in living room and dining room. Painted and changed out accessory colors about a year ago and am still trying to find the right window treatments!

  253. Nadine

    Nothing to add or change to my previous comment. Like the Wisteria fixture and not PB.

  254. Jessica F

    I like the Pottery Barn one, and I would use the gift card to repaint my bathroom and get some cute accessories to go with!

  255. Becca

    I like the Wisteria one best for sure! :-) If I had $100 right now, (I’m not sure how I’d decide seeing as I have an ENTIRE house that needs re-doing and furnishing etc), but I’d probably get a great light for my dining rooms too :-)

  256. marty

    Definitely Pottery Barn! Love the light! The first one looks too dark and heavy. I’m thinking that Pottery Barn fixture would be a big improvement over my current entry way fixture… maybe might work in the bedroom, too.

  257. Stephanie

    I would go with the Pottery Barn one!

    I would get some new accessories for our new home….we are moving soon!

    Thanks for the chance!

  258. Cheryl

    I’d love to finish my Sarah’s Farmhouse inspired master bedroom. I still need to get a few more things to make it pop. I vote for #2, the one from Pottery Barn. I’ve been eyeing the same fixture for almost 2 yrs now.

  259. beth c

    I would use the $100 for my living room, it needs some attention….
    I LOVE lantern #2!!

  260. Ashley

    I would ABSOLUTELY choose #2. I’ve been loving it for months now since I saw it in their catalog. Wish it could be mine! So simple and classy.

    I would create a command center for sure. This summer we moved (twice), had our 3rd baby, and our oldest started kingdergarten. Needless to say, I’m loosing my mind a little, and need a “go-to” place where I can SEE that I’m organized. I need lots of reminders, and now a place to hang backbacks.

    Thanks for the chance. Also, was there a winner for the Home Depot card? I’ve had my eyes peeled but haven’t seen anything.


  261. Ashley

    Now I feel silly. Just read the bottom of your post about the giveaway. Sorry for being anxious!

  262. Bonnie Mattson

    I love the second lantern. I would use the gift card to spruce up my back patio since spring will be here before we know it!

  263. Mrs. H

    I think the Wisteria lamp fits the bill of “old world” best.

    An AmEx gift card would be applied to fixing up our front porch, to make it more welcoming. I want guests to feel comfortable and at home when they first step into our home.

  264. Chrissa

    Alrighty, Melissa, I did pretty much all three :)

    And I really love the Pottery Barn light. It speaks to me and says, “I’m more Melissa” :) xo

  265. Kristin

    Oh I think the first one from Wisteria has a great Old World feel to it.

    I’m in the midst of remodeling my playroom and laundry and $100 would go a looong way in either room!

  266. Brooke Phillips

    Ooooohhhh… I would love to finish the floor of my office/laundry/mom cave!! Someone gave us some tile and we got half way through and ran out!!!! Now someone else gave us new tile (to actually cover the space) but we’re waiting for funds to lay it down :)

  267. Kari

    I am working on a huge redo of our home…I don’t know where I would start first with the $100 — maybe @ Homegoods!! ;D

    And my vote is for the latern #1…I love that it is so unique!!! :) Thanks!!

  268. teresa

    I love them both….but I have to say number 2…can’t give you any design reason why I think it is better other than…it just feels right =)

    How fun

  269. Jeannine

    I would update my little bathroom — new light fixture and maybe new tile/painted wood floor. It’s so close to being a little jewel box. Would love to finish it.

  270. Kari

    I “liked” AG on FB @kari.schmidt1 and told them you sent me!!

  271. Jeannine

    I would update my little bathroom — new light fixture and maybe new tile/painted wood floor. It’s so close to being a little jewel box. Would love to finish it.

    Forgot to say: go with #1…that PB one is on its way to overexposure imo.

  272. Eileen

    I vote for lantern #1. I’d use $100 to put a new shelf in our bathroom.

  273. teresa

    OH and one more thing….I would use the $100 for some lamps =)

  274. Lisa

    Option # 2 from PB is simply perfect.

    I have lighting on my mind lately also. So, I would by a new table lamp for my bedroom. I would then move the existing table small lamp into the armoire I just converted into my own personal office.

    Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  275. Missy S

    Go with the Pottery Barn light! you dont want to do something too heavy looking! What would i do with $100? change my computer/office loft into a warm reading nook with loveseat and cozy chairs. Can’t wait for the before’s and after’s.

  276. Tamera

    I would go with the lantern from wisteria…more of the true “lantern” feel. With the $$, I would finally put together the upholstered headboard I have been wanting for the master bedroom!

  277. Tonya

    Oh they are both so nice but I can see the first one – the Wisteria – in the space better maybe. My house needs much work in 2011 and I’m not sure what will get done – but even a fresh coat of paint (in a non-drab colour) would be oh so inspiring right about now.

  278. Sarah R.

    I’d definitely go with the Pottery Barn one–I have two similar fixtures hanging in my entry way and they are so beautiful at night! Something about shiny, clean glass (not that mine are often clean…). Anyway, with $100 I’d paint my master bedroom and find some new bed coverings. We moved in 6 years ago and haven’t done anything at all with that space. Love your site!

  279. Kim

    I am so indecisive, so I don’t know which I would pick. Either one would look great.

    If I were to win the gift card, I’d probably use it to redo one of my bathrooms.

  280. Jess

    I would love a new light fixture above my table too…that’s what I would use the gift card for. My mom has the Pottery Barn light and it is beautiful. I would choose that one.

  281. Ashley

    I liked them on Facebook. Thanks!

  282. c

    I would go for the pottery barn one, looks like a cloche turned upside down….and i love them…i would work on my master bath…it is very dated


  283. Jenn

    I’d slap that $100 on my bedroom! It’s dying for a makeover…from bedding to wall color!

    I’d go with the first lantern from Wisteria – it’s old world and beautiful! It adds another texture to the space – I think it’s enduring and classic, rather than trendy. Can’t wait to see what you pick!

  284. Nana K

    I would use the $100 gift card to transform my bedroom. I like the bed and coverings, curtains, and furniture (I finally even have a chair to sit in), but the paint and carpeting are dreadful! If the walls were transformed, I’d get around to hanging the things that inspire me on them, maybe, and who doesn’t get inspired by what they first set their feet on out of bed in the morning?! I say the Pottery Barn lantern, hands down!

  285. Ronnell

    Oh, yes I would put $100 into the movie theatre room we ar startin to make in our basement. Lots of things to use it for paint, movie poster frames, decor, fabric. . . so much to do! But on the light I would choose #2 LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It has so much character!

  286. Treva Westmoreland

    With $100, I could make awnings for my new screened porch. The awnings will be inside the porch over windows from the porch to the house and would make the eating area look like an outdoor cafe.

    Sorry, but I really like your old light fixture.

  287. Anita

    I’m going to go with #1. It’s just a little bit different. Love it.

    I would use the gift card to update my sad kitchen!

  288. shari

    Looks like most people are choosing Pottery barn fixture. I say go for the gusto… HANG #1!! You said you wanted it unique! The Wisteria lantern is beautiful, old world, different yet classic!!

  289. shari

    Oh, sorry. I just posted comment for lantern#1.. forgot to add my email in case i win!! Shari
    @ [email protected]

  290. Vicki

    I would use it for my bedroom. And I love light #1. Just love it!

  291. Michelle

    I would use the $100 to update the paint all through the downstairs of our home. Something more child friendly! I love lantern #2 – anything from Pottery Barn is okay with me.

  292. Teresa S.

    I am always frustrated with my home because I can’t seem to keep the paper clutter under control. So, I have been making plans to rework a small area next to the kitchen to be my command central area. The only thing missing is the much needed desk/table/drawers! That $100 would go to buying a second hand something that I could put to work and finally conquer the chaos!!
    And I would pick the Pottery Barn light because I think it is a little bit more classic.

  293. Kim L.

    I would definitely pick the Pottery Barn one. I like how much glass it is to give it an open airy feeling.

    If I were to win the $100 I would use it to redecorate our basement family room. We originally had my husbands sports decor down there but I am so OVER that. I’ve been slowly taking that stuff down and putting in pieces that I already have, but a few new things would be perfect!

  294. Catherine

    I like the first choice, the fixture from Wisteria.

    If I had $100 gift card, I would use it to replace the yucky old plastic blinds in my kitchen. With either some light airy curtains or some bamboo shades.

  295. Rachel

    I love lantern #2!

    With a $100 gift card I would repaint the living room/dining room in my house and move my home office to my corner cupboard in the dining room.

  296. Rachel

    I love lantern #2!

    With a $100 gift card I would repaint the living room/dining room in my house and move my home office to my corner cupboard in the dining room.

  297. Tami

    My pick would be the Pottery Barn light. If I were to win the gift card I would use it for my kitchen which is a work in progress.

  298. Jess T

    I like option #2. Very pretty!

    As for the $100—it would go towards replacing the ugly old fan in our den. It looks like someone made it out of a salad bowl and some very large popsicle sticks!

  299. Judy

    I have the same dilemma in my newly remodeled master bedroom so I would use the winnings toward a new ceiling fan/light for my master.
    I definitely like #2 better.

  300. sangeetha

    I like the Wisteria lamp better!

    I will use the gift card to buy my entry way a spanking new old lamp!!!!

    Love your dining room so far!

  301. Cindy

    I would use the $100 for some window treatments.

    I would pick the Wistera lantern for you. The style seems to match yours better and also a side note – the second light is going to show the dust and need to be cleaned more often.

  302. Hillary B.

    $100 giftcard?? Music to the ears of a newlywed nester! :) Our “cozy” first place could use that giftcard to make it feel like home… :)

    Lantern #2 – fabulous, and will enhance the lead lines in the vintage stained glass moreso than the bronze of #1 ;)

  303. Julie Brazelton

    1. I would go with the pottery barn one because it has clean line, classic, but still has a uniqueness about it:)
    2. I would spend the $100 on some grain sack pillows for my couch from pottery barn.
    3. I “Liked” aparament guide and said you sent me and what I would to spend my money on:)

  304. Jennifer L.

    I like the first lantern. It just looks friendlier to me. I would use the $100 card to fix up my master bedroom. I’ve been working on this room for over a year, and I could really use some coordinating bedside tables not made of particle board.

  305. flybabymom

    Hmmm…$100.00? Well, I’d probably create a headboard for our bed, and glam up the bedroom some. But I also need to do something nice to our entryway, and $100 would probably take care of that, too! I need some artwork in the living room, and $100 would do that… Probably the entry would win out, though. :)

    I love the PB lantern. I don’t know if it’s what you should pick, but it’s what I would pick! It’s so classic-looking. Somehow it looks more substantial than the other lantern to me. They’re both lovely, but I do prefer the PB option. Good luck feathering your nest!

  306. Shannon

    Like AG on fb…and said I’d like to spend my monies on a new chandy…or the supplies to diy the mason jar one from Pottery Barn

  307. Willo

    I like lantern 2 because it give a more open feel with more glass exposed.

    As for me, my loft is sadly suffering under neglect. We have lived in the house for 4 1/2 years and I have done nothing with it except throw an old hand-me-down loveseat (we don’t even fit on!) up there. If I could get a new sofa for that space, I think it would provide the inspiration for decorating the rest of it.

  308. Megan

    I vote the Wisteria lantern. Love it!

    As for myself I could really use more seating in my family room. It’s a small space so just one comfy reading chair would do the trick.

  309. Lisa

    I pretty much love everything Pottery Barn, so I’d say you should choose that one. I was just there yesterday and basically wanted everything.

  310. Shannon

    I am leaning toward the Pottery Barn light. It mimics the shape of your table better (based on the pic of your dining table on your “Our House” page). Amanda over at Hand Me Down House diy’d the Pottery Barn light awhile back:

    Good luck choosing a light…I’m sure your dining room will be perfect!


  311. Jeannie Schlitt

    Definitely the first one because it has so much more charm and the second one will catch a lot of dust and bugs that you will be cleaning out. The first one is stunning! I would buy a piece of art or bookcase if I can find one!

  312. Mrs. C

    I am leaning towards #2, I like how it’s design is just more simple than the other one.

    And I would use the $100 for my laundry room, that I have avoided for way too long, hubby dear would really love for that space to be finished. Needs new paint really bad. It’s a really cool room, big enough for laundry plus a work area for the man of the house w/ a place to store tools and such. It’s more of multi-purpose room that also has enough space for my gal to do her painting(artwork) in there. Soon, it will be finished and my family will love me for it.

  313. jennifer

    always been partial to the pottery barn fixture but I think the first one has grat charm.

    as for what I would do…I have been on an organizing tear lately. Lots getting done here but I would buy something pretty..a new light fixture for the dining room or reworking the one I have.

  314. jennifer

    left a message on AG on FB!

  315. Sandy

    The Pottery Barn lantern. The black in the lantern would go with your mirror and picture frames and would “fit in” with your room better.

    Just about to start a bedroom re-do. I hate white walls and it’s one of the last rooms to be painted. Then maybe board and batten behind the bed. Not sure yet on that.

  316. Diane Westbrook

    Good Morning Melissa!
    I so agree with C…in that she said the Pottery Barn fixture looks like an upside down cloche…and look at the pictures you posted…there you have a cloche on the dresser! I like them too and always love to see how you use them in your rooms.
    So….Pottery Barn it is!!
    Hmm..what would I spend the gift card on?? oh, yes I do not have a light fixture over my table..LOL..we need to eat when it is light out or it get’s pretty dark! Heck I would even take the space ship with goblets!
    Have a wonderful day and oh, yes…gotta paint that strip of swine!

  317. Cassie At Primitive & Proper

    i think i would be working on my kitchen- i really want to do some open shelving! or my son’s room… my daughter’s room just got a lot of love, so maybe it’s his turn.
    and i like the first lantern for your space. i prefer the look of the second but with your room and the stained glass, i am liking the look of the first one better.

  318. Lisa

    I love both of them, but I think the first one works best for the old world style you are looking for.

    I would use the gift card to help us work on our own light above our dining table….it is in need of some major help!

  319. Candace

    Finish (need sink & faucet) my master bath! Right now, it’s totally ugly, finish-worn-off stock vanity. Ugly ugly ugly.

    Also? I would go with option #1!

  320. Jennifer

    I like the Pottery Barn one–I think simpler is better. If I had $100, I think I would get a beautiful brushed nickel kitchen faucet to replace the ugly, hard-to-clean, off-white one we have now.

  321. Mary Gene Atwood

    this post really speaks to me, as I want to replace my dining room light!!! Oh, how I would love to revamp the room and the chandilier from 20 years ago.
    Now, onto your lantern. I prefer the 2nd choice of pottery barn. The first one feels gothic to that the look you’re going for? Pottery barn lantern is slightly more classic, and may stand the test of time.

  322. erica

    Melissa, I’m loving the first chandelier, in my opinion it adds a little more interest. I’m excited to see one of them up there!!

    A gift card – it’s a toss up between the nursery (expecting our first in April!) or a sewing corner, so I can make things for the nursery!

  323. Mary Gene Atwood

    This post really speaks to me, as I want to replace my dining room light!!! Oh, how I would love to revamp the room and the chandilier from 20 years ago.

    Now, onto your lantern. I prefer the 2nd choice of pottery barn. The first one feels gothic to that the look you’re going for? Pottery barn lantern is slightly more classic, and may stand the test of time.

  324. Chris

    I like them both but I would pick the one that doesn’t let dust collect in it and the PB version looks like it is open and would be a dust collector.

  325. DebC

    I think both light fixtures are lovely and would fit nicely in the space but I have to go with the Wisteria option. Love the old bronzed look and the practical side of me says it won’t collect as much dust as the Pottery Barn light…a big bowl just begging for dust to come visit. We did a complete kitchen remodel last year and now the rest of the house looks undone. I would use the $100 towards paint for my horrible white (yes-white!!) walls.

  326. Gina

    I adore light number 2, I think black looks better with …well…anything!
    I’d love a chance to win a gc so I could get some real shelves in my scrap space… a coat of paint would be nice too!!

  327. Sandy

    Fun! I would use the $100 amex card to add some color to my living room. Right now it is all brown and tan. I am SO tired of it!

    For your lantern…the first is more of a conversation piece and the second is more classic. I personally like the second. Blessings!

  328. Kimberly Moore

    Both lighting options are beautiful but I think option #1 would be the best! I agree, that touch of old world and personality would fit your space perfectly!

    I would love to use that $100 for the long list of DIY projects I have! My master bedroom walls are totally bare. This would help them get some much needed STYLE!

  329. Annie

    I would use this money to update my 1990’s lighting in my kitchen. I was looking at the same style lighting at CSN stores, more selection than Wisteria but like styles. Check them out. I want to use oil rubbed bronze with milk glass I think for the final decision.

    Love both looks though.

  330. Amanda Barnett

    I have ALWAYS wanted the ones from Pottery Barn so I would proabably choose those because of that reason. But the first chose totally rocks, so either way you can’t go wrong. If I win the $100 gift card I would also buy the light fixture from Pottery Barn. Can’t wait to see what you do. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  331. Karah Richard

    I would go for the one from Wisteria looks more old world then the other and has whole lot of character. Much more of a conversation piece as well. I also think it gives to the stain glass window you have in the pic.

  332. Teresa

    I would spend the $100 on paint and brushes to repaint our dining room.
    I prefer the 2nd light fixture, but they’re both very pretty!

  333. KO

    I like the first one :)

    I would make some paint and light fixture changes in our downstairs bathroom!!

  334. ElaineDavis

    I am in the midst of a dining room redo…wallpaper is SLOWLY coming down and carpet will be replaced with wood!! So, the money would definitely go toward that project. I like the Pottery Barn light best, I think because of the less ornate design. Thanks for the opportunity : )

  335. Donna

    I love both of those light fixtures, but I agree with those who commented that the first seems so much more unique! Personally I would take either one.
    I would love to improve my “office” desk area with some task lighting. I have been in the dark using just one tiny little lamp on my desk for years now. Thanks for the chance to win something so fun.

  336. Beth C.

    Wow! Definitely the first one – I love it! As for creating a new space, we are thinking about taking the “formal sitting area” and turning it more into a sort of library/reading area. It would be a much better use of the space, since we all seem to lack the “formal” gene :)

  337. Susan

    I would LOVE to win the $100!! We just had family photos done (pricey but so worth it!) and now I have to find gorgeous frames (because I have a gorgeous family) to show them off.

    I’d pick the #2 option Pottery Barn light…it’s classic AND warm, and a light has to be both if it’s inviting, you know? Some lights are cold.

  338. Bee

    I pick option 1, hands down. It’s so unique and amazing!

    What I would do with a $100 AmEx gift card: I would most happily use it towards the tiny 3rd room (will be an office/bike/snowboard/fishing poles room) that my husband and I are planning on adding to our place. Our budget is small and this card would be a wonderful surprise.

  339. ann

    I like the first one. I have had my eye on a glass coffee table from pier 1 but don’t want to spend the money. this would be great for that.

  340. Carolyn

    I would use the gift card to help finish my bedroom, which is a goal of 2011 for me. I haven’t really touched it since we moved in 1 1/2 year ago.

    I like the Pottery Barn fixture best!!

  341. Jennifer B.

    I definitely love the first lantern better. The second one made me sneer.
    And I have been searching for a storage ottoman/coffee table and just found the perfect one at Target! It’s well out of my price range (which is free stuff only at this point). I’ve been saving my birthday money, and the $100 gift card would help me reach that price point!
    Jennifer B.

  342. Mary Ann

    I would be inspired to update my family room. We just put in hard wood floors. But still need new lamps, some more area rugs, new throw pillows….the list could go on.

    I love the Pottery Barn fixture.

    Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  343. Sarah S.

    I like the one from Wisteria the most. It’s really beautiful and seems more ‘one of a kind’ than the other lamp.

    I’d use the $100 to spruce up my sad little craft area, which is a little nook in our bedroom. It’s a dark space and not very pretty right now. =( $100 sure could change that!

  344. Lydia

    I like the first lantern- it’s a little more “old world” than the PB one. Would love the $100 gift card. I’d use it to create window treatments for my kitchen and living room. I need rods and fabric, enough for 4 single windows (lvg room) and a bay window in the kitchen. $100 would sure come in handy!

  345. Tracy O

    Hi Melissa,

    I love both the lanterns but would lean toward the PB one for 2 reasons. #1, it looks cleaner, a little classier and simpler. #2 I don’t know, but for some reason I am picturing it done up for Christmas with some greenery in the bottom and I am in love!

    On to my home and what damage I could do with a $100 gc…I too am on a mission to make my house a home and have several rooms on the docket this year. As soon as I cut through the clutter (hmmm…new file folders, binders, etc might come in handy) I am tackling the kitchen and reclaiming the dining room from the moutain of toys that have found their home there. I couldn’t tell you one specific thing I would use it for…but I can say it will be well appreciated and put to good use!

  346. Pat

    I love the one from Pottery Barn…Do you have a high enough ceiling to carry that off? Wish I had ceiling lights so I could replace them. With the gift card I could purchase and light and then pay for the electrican to put it in. Husband not that handy. :-(

  347. Mami2jcn

    I would reorganize my office with $100. I really like the Pottery Barn lantern because of its simplicity.

  348. Dena

    I would choose the one from Pottery Barn.

  349. Mami2jcn

    I like Apartment Guide on Facebook with my username Mary Happymommy and I wrote on their wall-

  350. Mami2jcn


  351. Rachel L.

    I would like to re-do my husband’s office in 2011, it is kind of a catch all right now, laundry couch, mail, computer center, etc. but I want to create a space he loves to be in since he works from home part time. I would choose the pottery barn lamp. Classic, but romantic and catches your eye all at the same time.

  352. punkinmama

    I like the first option for what you are trying to achieve.

    If I won the $100 gift card, I’d put it toward updating our master bathroom which needs a new sink at a minimum. Or the dining room, which is in desperate need of new flooring. Or a craft area, because cardboard boxes are not doing anyone any favors. Hmmm… I have a lot of work to do…

  353. Heathahle

    I have two rooms that are in serious need of some paint and general TLC (well, I actually have more than that, but two that are on my radar right now), so I’d have fun with that $100 card!

    I think you should choose the first lantern, simply because it seemed like you loved it more. I was more drawn to the second lantern, but I don’t think you like it as much as the first one.

  354. Gloria Kressin

    I like the Pottery Barn light the best. It seems that it’s style would be the most flexible, in case you wanted to change your decor again!

    My inspiration spot for 2011 is definitely by dining room. It’s part of a 40 ft. long living/dining space and I’m dying to give it more definition as a dining area. With $100 I could finally start with a new rug to provide inspiration for the rest of the space!

  355. Heathahle

    I “like” Apartment Guide on Facebook! : )

  356. scouty

    Choice #2 hands down! We recently built and used all Pottery Barn light fixtures and this hangs over our reclaimed lumber dining table. You will love it!
    As for the $100 giftcard I am currently saving for a couch so I would put it towards that!
    happy Monday :)

  357. Barbara

    Definitely prefer the #1 option as it lends more to the “old world” look you mention. Believe it ties into the items you have atop the cabinet and on the table next to the stained glass window. I like option #2 but it, to me, lends toward a more modern look with all the glass.
    There are a number of projects that I could spend $100 on; however, would probably start with office/den area to get it more organized and feeling like a room in which I could spend more quality time.

  358. Ina

    I kind of like the Pottery Barn one, I’m not into the pointy crown detailing on the other one.

    If I could have $100 for my home, I would redo the entryway! That way it would be much more nice and inviting the minute I step through my door.

  359. nicole

    i know i am swimming against the current in this comment section, but i madly adore that wisteria lamp. it’s somehow more old-world-ish in my mind, though both choices are gorgeous, so the good news is you really can’t go wrong.

  360. angela

    I have to go with the pottery barn one, I just love it for some reason! And for myself, my kitchen is in need of a makeover in a bad bad way.

  361. vikki

    I liked you on Facebook.

  362. vikki

    I like the Wisteria one the best. All I can think of are the dead bugs that would end up in the Pottery Barn one. OK I am a bit too practical, but love the old worldy look of the first light.

    If I had the cash I would put tile in my bathroom.

  363. Lauren

    I like option #1 for you; they are both gorgeous, but from a practical standpoint lantern #2 from Pottery barn, well, you’ve gotta clean it more regulalrly! We had one in our old house very similar. Dust and bugs attracted to the light would end up on the bottom!
    But both options sure look pretty!
    If I had a $100 gift card from amex… i’d be ordering new bathroom fixtures in my guest bath right now!

  364. the cape on the corner

    i like them both for different reasons! the first lamp is much more interesting to me, but the second one is much more versatile b/c it’s less interesting. does that make sense?

    we are working on our basement and the gift card would be immensely helpful. i’m thinking lighting for the half bath we added…thanks so much for offering this!

  365. Taryn

    Pottery barn one! although it might be annoying to clean out the dust in the bowl.

    i would redo our guest bath. totally needs it!

  366. Cheri

    Hmmm…I’d use it for finishing the space around our bed. We need new lamps and something above the bed!

    As for the lanterns, I like the Wisteria one better than the PB one. It is a little more style. The one thing I am not sure about is if it is big enough for your space? You wouldn’t want such a gorgeous piece to feel dwarfed!

  367. Lauren

    I liked AG on Facebook!

  368. beth

    Well, I LOVE Smoke-bell lanters, and beings I plan on putting one in our living room this Spring, that’s the one I would choose!! :)
    Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  369. Tere

    I’ve been pondering a few changes in our home this new year…
    1. a new area rug for the living room (saw one at Lowes)
    2. a new set of “nice” dishes (help)
    3. an ice cream maker, as summers here are *hot* (cuisinart?)
    4. a new bed for us, king size from Horchow (in November)
    One of these days I will find the money to upgrade our home… in the meantime, it’s all about life.

    As for YOUR new Light Fixture… the first one from Wisteria is the best choice for your decor from what I’ve seen of your place online. WHY? You ask? Well, you see it’s like this… the first has more character, hands down and less dusting. It has a definite unique style, kinda churchy but not, elegant but sweet… If I had a place to put one in this apartment, or if I could find a place to put it, I would! It’s beautiful..

    As for the other one, … I don’t like it because its just an upside down bell jar for growing plants with metal pieces to hold it up upside down, great idea, but who’s going to dust that thing all the time? it will catch every bug that comes through and they’ll be sitting there everytime you turn on the lights, looking at you, dead, and icky, so, every night at dinner time, I just can’t see it being at all practical having to clean it (stand up on a chair, ladder or the table) .. every night? Nope, great idea, cute, but NO Thanks, I dont have that kind of time with 5 kids, WAHM work and church ministry….. ( Oh I hope my girlfriend – sf pottery barn asst. – doesn’t see this posting… as I love her and I love their stuff, sorry -the truth is the truth- bad design! cute idea) .. the 2nd lite is only good for a single gal who is thin and can climb :) not me anymore…

    thanks for the entry and have a blessed day!!

  370. Tere

    I’ve * liked * Apt. Guide on facebook, thanks! :)

  371. Tere

    form me @icwhimsy

    @aptguide @theinspiredroom @newspace I’d like to update our lamps in every room

    I’ve tweeted.. thought I’d think about new lamps, table lamps for every room…. :)

    thanks for this last entry.


  372. Amber C

    I LOVE the pottery barn fixture! It seems to say old world without be too old. =oD
    I’m currently working on my sewing room, and trying to make it inspire me to create! The blue boy room that is what is slowly changing to almost-white with tons of shelving,etc. $100 would be great to help build my sewing desk!
    Happy shopping! Can’t wait to see the FINISHED project!

  373. Jennifer

    I think I’d have to put $100 toward some new “boyish” furniture for my soon-to-be 10 year old son’s room. Currently his room is sporting the cane and wicker furniture I grew up with – sentimental for me, but not so much for a boy who’s going for a military/”Halo” kind of vibe. As far as your lantern choice…while I love (almost) all things Pottery Barn, the Wisteria one gets my vote. It has so much more character. Plus, the PB one strikes me as a potential major dust repository and bug cemetery – not very appetizing! (BTW, I’m new to your blog and already a huge fan!)

  374. Nikki

    I’d use the gift card to get started on decorating the mantel in my living room.

  375. Nikki

    Just ‘liked’ Apartment Guide on Facebook.

  376. Julie from Fire Lake Camp

    I love love the first lantern it has more old world character and will add more warmth to the room… as for what room I would redo if I were to win…well it’s a crazy room a loft over looking our gathering room…It’s going to be tricky….
    Julie, from Fire Lake Camp

  377. the chatty housewife

    I would paint. Not sure where, but we’ve been living in this house almost 5 years and every single wall is still builders egg-shell, kind of an antique white!

    I think you should choose the second lantern because it has classic lines and won’t go out of style.

    • Jane Ann

      Choose the Wisteria lantern! I’ve been coveting it for a year and the only thing holding me back is that it seems so dang LARGE. You buy it and hang it so I can see it in a normal room! Hee hee.

      Currently undergoing deco-mania, so there are many items that would inspire me for 2011. New kitchen draperies would kick off the light fixture choices, the paint, rug, sink, and possible countertop choices.

  378. crystal

    i would paint my daughter’s room for her.

    and i vote for the first lantern. i have a similar one to the second lantern and it collects A LOT of dust. yes, i realize the dust can just fall through the first lantern and into your food- but hey, it’s less work!

  379. Tamara

    I’d apply the gift card to making over our master bath…not a major renovation, unfortunately. Just an updating.

    The second light fixture gets my vote.

  380. Leanne

    I like the first one. unique and pretty, and I think it would hide dust better. (who has time to dust their lights all the time?)

    I would put $100 toward some lumber to build a bed for my 6 year old. His room is really sad and the box springs and mattress thing we have going on in there has got to be dealt with!

  381. Hannah

    I’d revamp our kitchen with some new cabinet knobs and paint!

    I like the first option the best. I mean, I love the second one, too, but I agree with the comments about it showing dust!

  382. Patty

    I really like the Pottery Barn light…the other is sort of too medieval-castle dungeon-like. As far as what I would do with 100 bucks? Well, I too have “swine” issues. My kitchen cabinets, which I loved in 1997 when our house was built, are a bleached wood that look very pinkish at certain times of the day (which is most all the time) I would love to get all the supplies I need to paint them soft white. No, make that butter yellow. Or how about sage green? Colonial blue? Anything but that sick pink color! Maybe I’ll even have enough left to get some new brushed nickel hardware too. That’s what would be inspiring to me!
    A fresh kitchen for Spring!

  383. Mina

    I would use a gift card to re-do my bathroom. New paint and new furnishings!

    I think you should go with the 2nd lantern. It’s lovely and fits the rest of the room (what I’ve seen) well.

  384. Mina

    Also, I liked the apartment guide on facebook!

  385. Lindsay

    Pottery Barn is a 100% winner for me… it would look especially good with arches and curves going on in the room right now.
    As for our place – we desperately need new filing cabinets for our office area as the current ones fall apart every time I try to file something away and they’re ugly as anything because we’ve just been ‘making do’ with them for years. We could also do with a new desk, and desk lamp whilst we’re at it…. funds don’t allow right now though.

  386. Crystal

    #1 – for exactly that reason – the dust! And I like that it has 4 lights and it’s brown.

    In our house that giftcard would go towards a new mattress for our master bedroom. Invisible to most – but it’s time to get rid of the old pancake!

    Thanks for sharing!

  387. Crista

    I like the second fixture, it seems so open and the lights appear to sparkle when on, since they are inside the bigger globe.

    I would use the $100 gift card to help my dining area become more cohesive and feel more usable

  388. Mary Jean

    I would the card to purchase lamps for my master bedroom project that is “almost done” I might actually made it to a completed and not in progress project!!!

    I like lantern one better than two…two is still fab, but I’d go with one!

  389. Minnesotamom

    With the $100 gc I would purchase something to cover up the horrendous orange-y brown linoleum in my entryway closet. It’s the first thing that greets a person, and it’s so ugly!

    Lantern #1 for sure! The second one remind me of Halloween, for some reason…

  390. Lisa

    I would use the card to either purchase a large rug for my kitchen or a new dining room chandelier. We have a builder version that is waaaaay too tiny for our room. Understatement for sure.

    Love your blog and your inspiration!

  391. Jessica

    I need to do some work in my living room before 2nd baby arrives…so the gift card would go to some much needed organizational pieces :)

    I love the Pottery Barn lantern! I’d choose that one.

  392. Stephanie

    I have so many projects going in my mind that I just don’t have the money for, I would have a hard time choosing where to start, but I would probably try to finish painting my kitchen cabinets and replace the hardware.

    I love both of the lights, but my first thought was that the second one would really collect so much dust and bugs so quickly that it would not be my favorite for very long! While I love the style it is not practical unless you have someone do your cleaning for you! I would have to go with the first one.

  393. Pinky

    I “liked” Apt. Guide on Facebook. I need SO many things but as weird as it soubds I have been SEARCHING for a new chandy for our dining room for quite awhile!!! I recently found one but it isn’t in the budget so the girft card would be FABULOUS for me. We also need new bedding, we need NEW window treatments in our guest room….we still have (OMG) vertical blinds in there!!!!!!!!!!! I know, it is AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sure hope the random thingy lands on ME:):):):) XO, Pinky PS, I don’t tweet so I don’t have the third chance:(

  394. Pinky

    Good grief, I for got to say, I LOOOOVE the first one. I thinkn it would be much better in your room than the PB one……

  395. andrea p

    With the giftcard i would love to purchase a new lamp for my family room!

    I like the Pottery Barn lantern because it suits a variety of styles…perfect if you ever switch things up again! :)

  396. Sharon

    My bedroom needs a makeover for sure! My fav is the PB lantern!

  397. Becky

    I’d create a new look with my living room sofa with a slipcover from Pottery Barn.

  398. courtney

    Oh my — well just like I commented on the HD giveaway, I have been wanting/dreaming of a new light fixture for our dining room. And hello — my favorite is the pottery barn one above. I have had it torn out of the catalog for some time now. You must get it. I love it!

    Oh and I would be a little torn b/w dining room lighting and our bedroom. That room is definitely lacking and in need of some new paint and linens!

  399. Kimmie S

    I like the pottery barn light best as I think it is more versatile. With the $100 I would finish the office. It is a cluttered space in need of organization!

  400. Ronnie

    Well, we are in the middle of a project. After our daughter was married last July, we took down a wall to expand our living area – now I’m trying to decide on colors. LOVE the Swedish Cottage Style, so I’m looking at paint and furniture covers.

  401. Shelley

    Hi! What a great giveaway!! I like the Wisteria lantern, but I absolutely love, love, love the PB fixture!!! I’m sure you will pick the right one for your decor!!! If I win the gift card, I will also be on the lookout for a new dining room light fixture!! Possibly the PB one!!!

  402. Shawna

    My bathroom needs some major work…HELP!

  403. Leslie

    I would work on the storage closet in my upstairs that is in bad need of a ceiling and more organization. I would love to redo the floor, since it is oak, and put in a new light with an actual wall switch instead of a pull string.:)
    If there is a choice between Pottery Barn and anything else – I would ALWAYS go with Pottery Barn for your light fixture.

  404. Annette Taylor

    I would definitely use the gift card for a new light fixture as well!! or maybe some old dining chairs!!
    I love both of the lights but the one from Willow has so much character so I would have to say “choose that one” Ha!!
    Good luck and can’t wait to see the finished dining room

  405. Annette Taylor

    Well I meant to say Wisteria!! So sorry!

  406. jen

    My boyfriend and I are just about to moving into a new apartment together, so I’d use the gift card to decorate our (currently entirely empty) bedroom or living room!

    And I think the shape of the Wisteria lamp and its fleur-de-lys edging (looks like a little crown!) would complement your stained glass window nicely.

    PS I “liked” Apartment Guide’s facebook too!

  407. Sarah Knudsen

    I’m looking for a new dining room light right now too! I’m really loving the look of that Pottery Barn one – #2. That’s what my gift card would go towards.

  408. Shelley

    Love this giveaway!! I just went went Apartment Guide on FB and “like” them!! Cant wait to see which light fixture you choose!! I like the PB one!!!

  409. Patti Goins

    I think the glass Pottery Barn fixture would flow with what I know of the look of your surroundings better – airy (with all your white) yet chic. Eye catching fixture.

    If I win the giftcard, I would love to buy organizational ware for my kitchen, for my sanity! Like something to stack my pots and pans in/on, a way to display my spices, help for my pantry. Oh, I hope I win!

  410. Renee

    I’d follow the leader & replace my flying saucer too (though mine has no goblets, it’s surrounded, and held up by, iron twigs. Really. Blech.)

    I think wisteria is the better match for your space. Happy decision making!

  411. Mary

    I would choose lamp #2 despite the valid observations detailed above by Tere (1st comment). Lamp #1 is definitely more like a lantern and therefore only looks acceptable if hung up toward the ceiling (as shown in the photo)like in a foyer. Any light hung that high on a dining room ceiling will not cast the kind of light preferred over the dining table (i.e. too harsh at that height). #2 Pottery Barn fixture could be hung much lower to cast a softer light over the table. Also #2 is a larger fixture which would make it more suitable in scale to the dining room. Just my two cents.
    I would use a gift card to purchase a pharmacy lamp which I do need or more dishes which I don’t need…

  412. Melissa Newell

    I like the Wisteria better. It’s unique, charming and not “the usual” that you see everywhere.

    If I wont the GC I would do a budget redue on my 1/2 bath off the family room. We have not had a chance to “touch” that room since we moved in 4 years needs a redo I would love the challenge to do it over for $ 100!

    [email protected]

  413. Melissa Newell

    Liked on Facebook too!

  414. Sarah

    I think the first one is gorgeous! And I need curtains… I have several empty curtain rods. Or I could fix up my bathroom.

  415. mary m

    I love the Pottery Barn light. I would use the gift card to buy some small new picture frames for my newly painted living room.

  416. Melanie

    I am just starting to re-do a bedroom into a guest room/office so I would use the $100 gift card to buy some beautiful new bedding for the bed I plan on putting in this room.

    As for your lamp, I like choice #2 better. However, are you sure this lamp is big enough (as in wide enough) to hang over a dining room table? It looks smallish in the photo, like it’d be more for hanging over a kitchen island or in an entryway.

  417. Liz

    I would definitely love to use the gift card in my kitchen. We are painting the walls, cabinets, and toying with new counter tops.

    I love option #2 it is just gorgeous!

  418. Cathy Stech

    I love the Wisteria one! Then next the pottery Barn one ia a close second!

  419. Renee J.

    Definitely option #1. Love, love, love it!

  420. Anu

    Love the wisteria one. Its just my style and I think its simply gorgeous!

  421. Anu

    I would love to create a study for myself. A room lined with bookshelves, a comfy chair and so much moe. I love a lot of stuff from Pottery barn:-)

  422. Anu

    I like Apartment Guide on facebook!

  423. Kathy

    I definitely like the PB lantern more. There isn’t anything wrong wtih the Wisteria one. It is unique and kind of neat too but I the PB lantern just seems light, clean and cozy to me.

    Boy, there are lots of areas, I would probably try to finish up a few things in our family room – wall decor type stuff.


  424. Maureen

    I like choice number 1 from Wisteria really alot better than the Pottery Barn one.

  425. laura

    I LOVE the Wisteria lantern! It is so charming! My to do for 2011 is to get some wingback chairs slipcovered! :)

  426. Meredith

    I want to add more add more personality to the master bedroom. I have the perfect duvet and furniture but the rest falls short – very short. Need new lamps, window coverings, throw pillows, cozy blanket for the chair, etc. It is not a sanctuary yet but more like a half done room!

    I think you should choose the PB light fixture because you have lots of detail already in the mirror and all of the moulding around the tray ceiling. I think that fixture has so much metal detailing around the top it will be distracting from your other elements. In the photos from the Wisteria the fixture is shown in a room that is very open with clean lines except for the chairs. I say go with the PB fixture simply because it is see through being majority glass but still interesting with the chains and rustic glass which keeps the space feeling open.

    My 2 cents! Good luck with your choice.

  427. Tatiana Sciancalepore

    I would also do my dining room. It’s very blah and cold. Just a table and china cabinet…nothing on the walls.

    And I lOOOOOOVE the second lantern =0)

  428. Alice Adams

    I am redoing my kitchen. The wallpaper is finally down thanks to my family! I would love to have a new lightening element in the kitchen. I love #2 from the Pottery Barn but either one would look great!!! Happy Decorating!

  429. Sarah

    Yikes…I am in a rental that has all the original bathroom fixtures from the 40’s….yes the 40’s…pink toilet, tub and all !!! I would surely use it there !!! And the Pottery Barn lamp rocks !!!

  430. Tara

    I love the first one that your friend holly chose! It had more of an old world charm to it I think! I am currently trying to find inspiration for a wall in my living room, I have the perfect old frame white washed and ready to hang but sadly nothing to go in it :( I would like something faith based and inspirational that will make me smile each day:)

  431. Heidi Milton

    I have to say I prefer the Wisteria lantern– but the PB lantern is gorgeous, too: just a little more predictable. And you don’t strike me as a “predictable” gal. :) As for the $100 gift card? I’m working on my MOM cave and would love new fabrics!!

  432. Juliann

    I love the second light fixture. The first one reminds me of a crown (giggle). I would use the $100 to either buy some new drapes. We have been in our place 2 1/2 years and have absolutely no window treatments. I can’t believe we’ve lived with it that long. All I have up are those silly redo-shades for privacy in the bedrooms. Or I would buy towel bars and a toilet paper holder for our Master Bath. I’ve been stranded far too many times because a certain boy decides to take the TP elsewhere.

  433. Gail

    Both fixtures are great, but I like the scale of the Pottery Barn fixture in the photo over the table. Both do make me wonder how, and how often, I’d dust inside the glass bases, assuming the Wisteria fixture is also open at the top.

    I’ve been creating an art room from an unused bedroom, and would love to use the gift card to purchase some old wood and/or industrial metal from a building parts recycler to make an interesting frame for my 4×6 foot inspiration board.

  434. marcy franks

    I like the light from pottery barn! I like the fact that there is more glass than metal. It seems it would soften the room where a sthe one with more metal would almost be too harsh. On another note If I had a $100 it would go to the nursery! The first baby was a girl and now we are having a boy so the decor needs to change!

  435. Meliss S

    My bathroom(s)!

  436. Samantha

    My vote is for the top lantern. I think it is a little more ornate and that fits the style of your accessories better. As for me, I desperately need a dining room fixture too. And wall art. And window treatments for the kitchen. And baskets to make my out in the open pantry storage look a bit more uniform. And…

  437. Bethe

    LOVE the sagging breast comment-that image will pop into my head whenever I see that lamp!! I also like the Wisteria lantern (#1).
    IF I won the gift card, I would buy new bedding for the Master Bed. But first I have to pick a paint color for the walls and that has me stumped for the moment.

  438. chis conner

    It would have to be my bedroom. We bought this house a year ago this weekend and I have yet to paint this last room. I would love to finish it so it would be our retreat.

  439. monique

    My vote is for Option #2 from Pottery Barn; the styling is more elegant. Having lived through the castle/medieval/mediterranean phase in the 60s-70s, I think the first one will become dated fairly quickly. However, I don’t think either option will give you a comfortable dining experience. The lack of shading and the undirected light will produce a glare that may be tough on the eyes, and not at all complimentary to those at table. What about a fixture that would direct light downward, at the table? Just a thought! Bon chance!

    Inspirational window treatments is what my place could really use, sigh…

  440. Fiona's Mosaic

    I like the pottery barn one!!! My fave!

    What I would do if I won a 100$ gift card….hmmmm….

    Well I am going to look at trim for the kitchen this week, and start steaming wallpaper. So definitely trim and paint!!


  441. Bethe

    Just *liked* Apartment on FB.

  442. Bethe

    That would be Apartment Guide! hahaha

  443. Chelsea

    I love, love, love the Pottery Barn lanterns!!! But . .. .another blog I follow (my sorority sister) just installed the same ones in her newly remodled kitchen and said that she got a heckuva a deal on identical lanterns on They look FREAKING amazing in her kitchen!!

  444. Pam

    Wisteria all the way! The Wisteia light is beautiful. The Pottery Barn fixture we’ve all seen many times, not to say PB doesn’t make a nice light.

    Let’s see- a gift card would get me started on a spring redo of my laundry room. I’ve got a thing going for lab beakers wonder what I could do…

  445. Dee

    Liked Apartment guide on FB!

  446. Pam

    Wisteia arghh Wisteria crazy auto correct :)

  447. Dee

    First of all,you place looks great.
    If I won the Am-Ex card, I would “finish” the guest bath.
    We have a lot of company each week and I would love for it to be complete.
    I like the first lantern for your place (and It would be the one I would choose also.) It just seems “year-roundish : )


  448. Sara Nowell

    I love the Wisteria lantern!

    I would update and improve my bedside table area. Just something to feel organized and cozy, keep my books and pictures looking pretty.

  449. KimH

    If I won the Amex card I’d use it to finish up my craft area.. Im in the middle of a project of creating an exercise room and an area off to the side of it into a craft area.. I’d really love some inspirational posters and words to decorate my walls.

  450. seriouslyahomemaker

    i would tots spend the $100 on my bathroom make-over! puh-lease!

    and i much prefer the potter barn lantern! i think that i just don’t like the fleur-de-lis type of metalwork on the first option.

    can’t wait to see it!

  451. seriouslyahomemaker

    i like AG on FB

  452. seriouslyahomemaker

    tweeted ya! thanks!

  453. Cathy Lane

    You need the Pottery Barn one. The other one bugs me, don’t know why.

    I’d get some wall mounted lamps for each side of the master bed. I’ve been fighting lamps on the side tables for ever. It’s a real blockage to getting this room done.

  454. Amanda

    I liked Apartment Guide on Facebook!


  455. Kristina

    I would fix up my big windows in my bedroom….curtains and something to go on top…

    I like the first one. I like the rustic feel of it more than the sleek look of the second.

  456. Amanda

    I would add ladder style bookcases to the living room. I have such wonderful finds that would look beautiful displayed on the shelves!

    My vote is the Pottery Barn one. It’s more clean and transitional one. The first one is a very gothic style.

  457. Ruby Sugar

    Option #2 from Pottery Barn..Why? I have that one in my dining room and LOVE IT!!! Hmmm what would I do with $100 Hunt down an old china cabinet, a small one that I could paint white. Unpack my good wedding/divorce china which is packed in boxes in the garage and display it in the cabinet. But not display it to look at but to use each and every day. Special occasions can happen every day!!

  458. Etta

    I’d go with the Pottery Barn one. I’ve love that one for a long time, too!

    It’s hard to say what space I’d (re)create, but my kitchen/dining area would definitely be at the top of my list! I also have a small kid/guest bath that is in tragic need of updating.

  459. maggie

    I am leaning toward the PB light fixture a teensy bit more. I would really like to see your table and chairs…I probably have but just forget what they look like. :(
    My problem with the first fixture is it is way too similar to the ones hanging in our church and combined with your stained glass window…well…
    Then again, I’ve been in sparkly mode lately, and maybe the PB light just fits my mood!

  460. Etta

    I “liked” them on facebook and tweeted about it!

  461. Marie

    I’d start with bead board in the bathroom – we are renovating our home, and this is a great place to start! I definitely like the first light best – looks easier to clean – less places for dust to get trapped :)

  462. Cathie

    I’d have to say I like the simplicity of the PB one. I too think the first a little gothic or church like and feel it’s just a bit much with the stained glass and other details in the room. Hard to tell w/o seeing how big it would feel though.
    I would use the $100 to decorate my house! We just bought our first house (we waited 12 years!) and although I like the colors we have on the walls now, and most of the furniture, I need ALL the final touches and special things still, and that really adds up!

  463. Cathie

    I liked Apartment Guide on FB :)

  464. Dana

    Ok – absolutely the one from Pottery Barn !!!!! And I *might* be saying that because I bought it for MY dining room last November. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It is modern, old, and classic all in one. I get sooo many compliments on it. AND!!! It goes on sale from time to time, so I got mine for like $230!!! If you want me to send you pictures of how it looks in a REAL house instead of pre-staged pottery barn pictures, just email me and I’ll take a few pics for you. As for the contest….I would buy the fabric needed to sew curtains to complete the dining room. I want to say I have at least ONE room finished! haha

  465. Tasha

    I love the simplicity of the 2nd one, more glass…just pretty and classic; timeless if you will.

    I would love to repaint my laundry room and my daughter’s room.

    Thanks for the entry,

  466. Stephanie Schilling

    Hi Melissa!
    Love your blog. My first time commenting. I actually used one of your posts about white kitchens as inspiration when remodeling our kitchen. Thank you for your research and tips!
    If I won I would use the gift card to work on my master bedroom. We moved in a year ago and our 1920 s colonial needed a new kitchen and baths not to mention lots of other things and that left little funds for the master.
    I love the pottery barn lantern but I agree that although it would be a beautiful choice I think the other lantern is more unique!
    Thanks again!

  467. jackie

    I would work on my living room/ to be turned into dining room soon. I like the pottery barn fixture the best. Jackie

  468. Terah

    The first one – because no one else has it. I like the pottery barn one, but from looking at your blog I think you’d be happier with the eclectic first one.

    If I won the Amex card I would fix my poor bare walls up with some modern art

  469. m

    the one from wisteria is just the best! i would use gift card to work on my kitchen!

  470. Glenda Childers

    Welcome home from Blissdom, Melissa.

    I loved the second light fixture from Pottery Barn. I liked the softer edges.

    I would love some new pillow for my living room.


  471. Carmen Goddard

    I too like the Pottery Barn light fixture – I would use the money on redoing my bedroom – It is outdated!! Carmen

  472. lacey poag

    wisteria is winner…for design reasons & think of the dust that will gather in the bottom of the other one! i would use gift card for our master bath oooo la la

  473. lacey poag

    I liked Apartment Guide on FB

  474. Lady Dorothy

    I’ve been trying to get my office decorated/in shape for some time. This would really help me! I think you should go with the first one — more “old world”.

  475. Veronica

    I like the Pottery Barn one! And with the gift card I would start buying some curtains for the livingroom

  476. rachel

    i love the pottery barn one; it’s so much cleaner, crisp and classic!

  477. rachel

    i liked apartment guide on facebook!

  478. Paula Gonzales Rohrbacher

    I would use the 100 bucks to buy laminate flooring for our bedroom!

    I like the first lantern. If you want to get rid of the existing one, send it to me! It would look great over my dining room table, which now has a industrial metal one that does not go with our cabin-ish motif!

    I can’t tweet because I don’t have a twitter account.

  479. Kim G

    Hands down option #2!!!! I have loved that fixture for some time now…

    I would be updating a bathroom if I had some extra cash hanging around!!

  480. Aileen Winstead

    I love the Wisteria Light….it would go wonderfully with your stain glass & hutch. I’m in the market for one as well. I just have the “saucer” part of a light and I need something that comes down further from the ceiling. Thank you for always inspiring me…I love your blog!

  481. Pearle

    I’d go for the first one – it’s just more unique and rustic and I love that!

    If I had $100 to spend sprucing anything up, it would for paint. When we bought our home, all the walls were painted the same sad beige color… not quite swine, more like dust.

    Oh, and I “liked” AG on Facebook!


  482. ERica

    I just moved into a new house and have lots of rooms to improve. I think I would spend this gift card on a new bedspread for my room to start.

  483. ERica

    like apartment guide on facebook

  484. Sheila Earhart

    I like them both a lot, but I -adore- the one from Wisteria! Talk about old world! And if I won the giveaway I would get a new light fixture for the kitchen in my new house. It’s an old (not vintage though) small stained glass model. You know… 70s style. Ugh.

    Have fun! :)


  485. Amy

    I think they’re both wonderful, so I can see why there is a dilemma. The Wisteria light nods to the Old World personality, the PB light leans to the simple and curvy. The black color of the PB might “match” your dining room better, but if that was a big issue then a can of spray paint could make the Wisteria light black as well (not that I think there’s anything wrong with the bronzy-color of the Wisteria light).

    Maybe we need to look to the practical issues:
    Concerned about literal “light”? The Wisteria fixture has 4 bulbs, the PB has 3 bulbs. Does that make enough of a difference?
    Concerned about cleaning? The Wisteria is open on the bottom, whereas the PB is essentially an upside-down bell jar… it WILL collect dust (and dead gnats?) inside it, which I fear would be highly visible in that crystal clear glass. Seems like that could be a royal pain in the dusting department.

    In regards to the contest… if I could be so lucky as to win, I think I would spend the money on my own bedroom, which is not “decorated” AT ALL (forever at the very bottom of the priority list). Some new bedding could make a big difference.

    Thank you, and have fun!

  486. Amy

    Oops. Forgot to say I “Liked” AG on Facebook. :)

    • Amy

      And I don’t have a Twitter account. Am I disqualified?

  487. Renee

    Have to start by saying I love your blog! Thanks for all the inspiration!

    While I adore almost all things Pottery Barn, this lamp included, I think that the unique feeling is what your going for in this case.

    The 1st lamp is gorgeous and less people would have it or be able to tell you where it’s from. A big plus in my book! I’m all for originality.

    I would fix my firplace mantle and the space above. It should be the focus of the room, but sadly it has been staring at me blankly for months now.

  488. Lisa Hernandez

    I love the PB lantern! I saw it recently & fell in love with it. :) If I won the gift card, I would definitely use it to makeover my bedroom. I want to paint the walls and get new bedding.

  489. JudyInMaine

    My favorite is the one from Wisteria

  490. Susan H

    I think that the PB lantern might be the very best choice. It is more open and airy than the more rustic frame of the other fixture. I found your site looking for inspiration for new lighting over my breakfast table. I think you found it for me with the PB option. Thanks.

  491. colleen

    Both lanterns are beautiful, but that first one from Wisteria is unique and stunning. I feel that the PB one is everywhere.
    With 100 bucks, this kitchen of mine would be getting some tlc to tide us over until the big renovation happens…it’s been pushed back every year for 4 years so I’m thinking it’s going to continue to be awhile. Some wallpaper removal and some fresh paint is VERY needed.

  492. Judy

    I think the first one is far more unique. I’d use the $100 to organize my hall closet.

  493. Hilary

    I suggest the first one… it’s more unique than the PB fixture and definitely more “old world”.
    With a $100 gift card, I’d buy some pretty accessories for the dressers and nightstands in my bedroom. Those surfaces get neglected and end up a dumping ground for loose change, socks, etc.

  494. Jeannine B.

    I really need to update the curtains/drapes in my family room! Would love to have $100 to spend!

  495. Rachel

    I think the Pottery Barn would look great!

    With a gift that size, I would be giving my living room a needed spruce-up with new curtains and pillows and maybe painting a couple pieces of furniture or an accent wall to bring it all together a bit more.

  496. Jenny

    If I had $100 to inspire, I would work on our living room. It’s just blah & needs help!
    If I were picking from the fixtures you have shown, I would choose #2, no doubt.

  497. Els

    My bathroom could use some tlc…. really! As far as your light fixture goes.. i love the first one. It looks so rustic, and i love the lantern look. Have fun choosing!

  498. Els

    “Liked” apartment guide on Face book now too!

  499. Jenny

    “like” Apartment Finder on FB.

  500. Missy June

    I say choose what YOU like, but I prefer the Pottery Barn one. Thank you so much for the gift card offer – I could SERIOUSLY use it!

  501. Rachel K

    If I had the $100 I would spruce up our master bedroom with some nice curtains! I need to get something pretty/romantic for the naked windows!
    I like the first lantern! It looks more old world to me!

  502. Kelly L

    I really like the Pottery Barn one the best. I think that the light will glow nicely through the glass the other lantern has an old world look but it’s a littel heavy looking. I would buy paint to paint my kitchen cabinets a creamy white.

  503. Tiffany H.

    What doesn’t need sprucing up around my house…I need lots of inspiration, especially in our master bedroom. I’ve been working on decorating the house but have not touched the master bedroom. 2011 is the year of the master bedroom!

    I’m torn about the light fixtures. I like the first one for the details and uniqueness but I like the simplicity of the PB light. My vote: the Wisteria light, the first one.

  504. Tomika B

    Speaking as a real estate consultant, option two will work better in a resale situation. The look is classy and fun. The practical mom side me says chose the one that will be easier to change should the light bulbs blow out. Have fun.

    I would use the gift card to improve the lighting in my bathroom. It is so dark near the shower.

  505. Crystal

    I definitely need to get on the ball when it comes to creating an organizational command center in a hallway outside our kitchen. I have a wishlist of things that I’d love to splurge on for that project!

    Personally, I love the second lantern the best. I like both, but the second one seems more timeless to me, and I’m a fan of simplicity.

  506. Crystal

    I liked apartment guide.

  507. Peg

    There are many spaces in my home that need a new coat of paint, and I have the TIME, just need the $$$$$… :)

    I vote for the first one– it sounds more like the style you are wanting…and seems to fit the look of your space including the stained glass window.

  508. Holly

    I would put it towards redoing our bedroom which I so want to make more of a haven for me and hubby! Idea galore….

    I love the one from Pottery Barn, plus if you decide you want to move it it will be easier to do so! I just love that it’s simple, elegant and you can add to it for the holiday with greenary, etc tucked inside…..

  509. elz

    With $100 I’d buy those Pottery Barn curtains (linen with a stripe) that I’ve been eyeing. As far as the fixtures, I like the Wisteria one best. It has more character and oomph. Both are lovely though.

  510. Amy

    I love the Pottery Barn one!

    If I had some extra money I would finally spruce up my fireplace area in the living room. It needs all the help it can get!

  511. heather

    I like the Pottery Barn lantern. If I had a $100 gift card I would buy the paint to paint my kitchen and sitting room. If you look at my blog you will see I made a post in November 2009 with samples on my walls – they are STILL there. I really need to pick a color and finish the project!


  512. heather

    I liked the apartment guide on Facebook.


  513. susan

    I posted here once re #1 being *my* vote & recmn’d first pls look at (OBLC) OriginalBarnLightCo vintage chandies. Puhleez?. Anyway I FB’d “like” AptGuide,voted#1,mentiond OrigBarnLight,and *my* project is either multicoating my “swine” DR in higloss aubergine +clearcoat (cheapr than lacquer)(w deep turquoise “pops”) -and- my chandy in sed DR is gonna b one of OBLC’s Arts&Crafts models with multi-honey glass shade. Love the opal, but not as good w momma’s oak 60″ rnd table w clawfoot pedestal.All abt momma’s treasures in “new” DR. And plz pray for momma? In hosp via squad&ER w pneumo. :( Pulled allniter Sun on frax’d knee&had to arrg visitors last 2days cuz cant walk much less drive,cant even go c daddy. Dbl :( xoxo -snooz

  514. Bonnie

    I am in the midst of redoing my guest room. I’d use the gift card to purchase new linens.
    Both lanterns are nice but I prefer the lantern from Wisteria. It has that charming older home feel while the Pottery Barn example seems a bit more ‘elegant’.

  515. Sarah

    I would probably use it to paint the railings outside to finish off the project of siding the house.

    As far as which lantern I think you should get, I think for your room I’d pick the first one from Wisteria. I think the details (like the fleursdelis) of it would go well with the details on your frame and cabinet. Plus I think the strait lines in it coordinate well with your stained-glass windows.

  516. susan

    Hiya,me again. :-/ I also tweeted! ;) however I scrooged up and sent u a tweet abt my scrooge-up. Since it took me 6tries to make it short enuf and I cant just correct&retweet. Waaah. It’s the dain-bramage re momma in hosp,and2pooped2 rewrite whole thing. Hv postd sevrl times now re my project so hope that I addressed u wrong in tweet&let u kno is ok. Aptguide shud hv gotten theirs ok. Am so sry. -snooz

  517. Winnie

    I like the 2nd lantern better. I like the whole glass look and it doesn’t overpower the room but it makes a statement too. If I had $100 I’ll probably makeover our dining room too. It needs a spruce of paint and my dining table also would like to use a coat of paint.

  518. Marilyn Holeman

    Hi Melissa,

    Hmm. I could do LOTS of things with a gift card. I think I’d use it for some bathroom projects. And I like the Pottery Barn lantern the best–I think because of the shape. It looks more graceful to me–though I don’t think that’s what you’re going for! :-) Thanks for the giveaway.

  519. dee wilson

    Well we are in the process of buying a house and I am in dreamland. I would love to have some money to really make a bedroom/bath that has a resort feel. I have been searching for bedding/lighting/decorations/etc. that I want.

  520. Pam W

    I’m leaning towards the Wisteria one-I like the rusted finish a little better, and it looks a little “quirkier” and unusual. I guess I have just seen the Pottery Barn ones too much lately! ooh, as for the $ I would hunt down some bergere chairs I could re-do for the living room-been wanting some for ages! thanks, best of luck with your choice!

  521. Kayla

    #1 for sure! I would also love some new lighting fixtures but for my living room. We a have drab simple floor lamp and zero accent lamps! I am young and have been married for 1.5 years, all of our friendship has been given to us, and we are in no place to buy big things so I need to make our home more “me” with small accents.

  522. Crystal W

    A space I’d love to create would be to repaint my daughters bedroom (I worked so hard on it when she was little and it’s charming for a little girl but alas she’s moving into tweendom now..yikes and the little sayings on the wall like “sugar and spice and everything nice” don’t fit..just ask her brothers) I’d love to redo in in a cool retro mod style that I know she’d love!
    And I would pick the first’s just more unique to me and on the eclectic side which I love personally. The second one is lovely but “been there seen it”so to speak.

    have fun updating I’m sure the little minute aliens flying up there in the UFO lamp are gonna miss it!

  523. Crystal W

    I “liked” Apartment Guide on FAcebook too (Kess n Crystal Warren on Facebook)

  524. Kati W

    With a $100 AmEx gift card, I’d buy a new light fixture for the breakfast area to replace the one from the 70’s. (I’d love to buy your flying saucer, if you are willing to part with it!) Or lighting for the bathroom.

    As for your light fixture–I’ve got to say go with your gut! That said, the Wisteria one seems to have more of an old world style to it.

  525. tonyabren

    As cute as the Pottery Barn lights are, I think they’re overdone. I like the old, rustic feel of the first lantern. I would definately apply the $100 towards getting rid of my Pepto-Bismol-pink kitchen counters!!

  526. lisa

    I would use that $100 gift card to help my husband finish his bathroom. Right now we have no shower or toilet or sink in there – just sheetrock and a sub floor. We need tile and paint and all that fun stuff. It’s been a long work in progress.

    I like both lights, but I would pick the second. I love that it looks like something you could have made, instead of purchased. I love it!!

  527. lisa

    I now LIKE Apartment Guide on Facebook, too!! Thanks for the chance at a giveaway!!

  528. Embracing Change

    Definitely the first lantern! It is amazing! The PB one is cool, too, but hands down for contender #1! As for me, I am working to create a little home office within a bedroom so this is what I would use the $100 on – shelving, supplies, assessoies and so on…it would be so much fun! Thanks for this contest!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  529. Meg

    The space I’d work on creating is a more organized desk area. I refinished an old desk a while back, but haven’t had the chance to really organize it yet. I’d totally love to jazz it up a bit! And as far as the lighting goes, I would usually go with the first lantern, but I’m really liking the second one. It’s really unique, and seems really versatile.

  530. Meg

    I like Apartment Guide on Facebook!

  531. Kathleen Grace

    Hi Melissa!
    Love the first lantern, what a pretty fixture:>) I think the $100 gift card would go toward updating my home office. It’s a space I spend a lot of time in!

  532. Karen Jo Moseley

    Definitely option #2 from Pottery Barn! Ooh, it would be so much FUN! I can see you adding to it’s beauty during the different seasons! Like tiny Christmas balls nestled in the bottom. I have tons of ideas for YOUR light! ;D

    I would use the $100 for some type of bookcase/shelving for my fabrics! I have so many beautiful pieces, that if displayed properly would be a piece of ART!

  533. Karen Jo Moseley

    I Tweeted this:

    Karen J Moseley
    Help The Inspired Room Pick Her New Dining Room Lantern! {& $100 for YOU!} @aptguide @theinspiredroom #newspace

  534. Karen Jo Moseley

    I LOVED Apartment Guide on Facebook! I can’t wait to see what you do with your new light fixture!

  535. Melissa B.

    I would use the $100 to purchase organizing supplies so that I can get things together in my house (I can’t stand clutter!)

    I LOVE #1. Absolutely beautiful, and would be the one I would choose. (BTW, your next giveaway should be you coming to one lucky winner’s house for a month and helping them come up with great ideas for their home!! I love your blog, and it inspires me to want to change things in our home, but I never feel quite confident enough :))

  536. Monika

    With $100, I would buy baskets/organizers for my craft armoire and whip it into shape! I’d pick the 1st chandelier as it is more unique and unexpected.

  537. Mallory

    Go with #2 Pottery Barn! I LOVE that light. I want to put it in my hallway! I think that’s what I’d put my $100 towards!

  538. sangeetha

    I would choose the pottery barn kind of modern vintage – if there’s such a thing – it swings both ways :)

    I would use my card on my son’s room which I have (sigh) been remodeling since last summer

  539. Whitney

    I would choose the Pottery Barn, because the other reminds me of a lantern and seems kind of outdoors-y.
    I would buy paint with the card. Oh, yes, this house needs it.

  540. gina

    Love the simplicity of the Pottery Barn lantern.

  541. gail

    I would use $100.00 to help corral my craft mess! It’s a work in progress.
    I like the pottery barn lantern best. I like the other, but not the color of the hardware. (imho)
    great giveaway!

  542. gail

    tweeted! :)

    thanks for a chance to win!

  543. BecKy wooldridge

    I love the softer feel of the Pottery barn fixture. You’ve inspired me to rid myself of shiney brass. That’s some serious spray paint and more!

  544. BecKy wooldridge

    The softer number 2! I’m ridding my house of shiney brass…need seriou spray paint and then some

  545. Holly

    I would use the gift card to update some of the fixtures in our kitchen and bath. Getting ready to sell our house so that would be so helpful!
    I vote for the top one from Wisteria. It is more unique. And I think it could be a pain to clean the pottery barn one…if the top is open, dust will collect in the bottom glass.

  546. Cindy B

    Wow…both fantastic…but I think option 2 would be gorgeous!

  547. rachel

    I like the pottery barn one. I would love $100 bucks to make over my feet (as in, get some new shoes, you know?)

  548. Holly F.

    If I had an extra $100 I would fix up our basement bathroom which has been waiting patiently since I ripped off the old wallpaper last summer. Hoping for beadboard and new paint and a LOT of wall patching.

    I personally would go for the first one. It’s more unique, reminds me a LOT of what would have been in your other house and ease of cleaning (no dead bugs getting trapped in the bottom) is a huge selling point.

  549. Amy

    I LOVE the lantern from Wisteria. AHmazing!! I would use the $100 AMEX giftcard to purchase some great serving dishes for my open cabinetry.

  550. Jen

    I like option 1 best!

    And the next space that we’re reinventing is our nursery – the giftcard would come in handy in there, I’m sure! :)

  551. Karen Mary

    I prefer the first, but they’re both lovely. I’m in the midst of redoing our home office, and there are so many needs (okay, wants) that $100 could help fulfill! Thanks for the opportunity!

  552. Arlene

    I would pick the Pottery Barn light. I like the openness of the globe. Would probably cast more light over the dining room table than the first one.

  553. AJ

    Okay, I would love to give my kitchen a little love (fresh paint, maybe a curtain and some cute containers). I like both light fixtures but I keep coming back to the Pottery Barn one. Something about it really works with your furniture and space! Thanks for a chance to win. AJ – queenofmynest(at)gmail(dot)com

  554. AJ

    I “like” Apartment Guide on Facebook and left them a little note letting them know you sent me. Thanks for the extra chance to win. AJ – queenofmynest(at)gmail(dot)com

  555. kelly

    I would get a new light fixture for our entry way. I love the first light fixture. Just like the look of it and its detailing.

  556. Jessica

    I feel that lighting #2 is more of a timeless & classic type of unique, but I as feel like #1 goes better with your vibe and I love the old-world style to it, which is what it seems like you’re going for. So if you truly want a statement piece to tie in your lighting, I would definitely go with #1 from wisteria!!

    If I got a $100 amex giftcard, i would use it to either get some more storage shelving in our bedroom or some curtains to bring in more style to the space! We’re already working on our living/dining areas (painting, hanging pictures, etc.) but our room needs some love too =)

  557. Marlene Cruz

    I think that the lamp from Pottery Barn REALLY complements your space and it will look lovely…as for me I need to paint a small bedroom/library and I’m uncertain if I should paint only one accent wall or the whole space; either in a soft blue (to go with a pair on antique figurines in the room) or a tone of green (that will match a bird painting)…decisions,decisions,decisions. :)

  558. Jenni

    I love that Pottery Barn lantern… gorgeous!
    Thanks for the offer for the gift card… We are looking forward to moving into our own home this year – so, I’m sure I’ll be able to find something there to spruce up :-)

  559. Nanette

    If I was the winner I’d replace my dining room chandelier, too.

    The choice for your room is easy! The first one. Better design, but as important it is MUCH easier to clean. Do you want to dust off the top of the first lantern or try to wipe dust out of the bottom of the second fixture?

  560. Megan LaFollett

    I love the Pottery Barn lantern, but I think the first lantern fits your room more. I’m torn as to how I would use the $100 to spruce up a space…either painting the dining room table and the big dark bookshelves in the dining room or getting some curtains and accessories for the master bedroom.

  561. Cathie

    Melissa, the choice is a simple one for me: the Wisteria lantern. I have a fixture similar to the pottery barn one and I can say from experience that it would make you cwazy!! It’s impossible to clean…well, maybe not if you have 4 foot arms =/ Hmmm, now, what would I do with the gift certificate….since I have recently become a blogaholic, I could easily spend those $$$ playing catch-up with cloches, trays, globes and lots of silver. Your blog is one of my faves! Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  562. mrs.mfc

    I love option #2!!!!

    I want to redecorate my living room SOOOOO bad! I would put that $100 towards that!

  563. Nicole

    I like the Wisteria light. Very old world! And if I had $100 I would work on my bathroom. It needs a little TLC :)

  564. Gloria

    I think the Wisteria one has more character, so go with that one. :-)

    I need a functional office space in my tiny 2 BR duplex.

    I liked and I twittered!

  565. Samantha

    With the gift card, I would update the 1980s lighting fixtures in my 1890s house. And by update, I mean find ones (old or new) that fit the character of the house.

    My vote goes to #2, I think it looks better in the room photo.

  566. Corey Morgan

    I would choose the pottery barn fixture. The other one is slightly too gothic for your dining room from the pictures I see. The pottery barn one is simple yet looks like it could have been in an older home.

    I have chairs in my living room that really new new clothes!! I would put the money toward fixing those up and reviving the living room.

  567. Corey Morgan

    I would choose the pottery barn fixture. The other one is slightly too gothic for your dining room from the pictures I see. The pottery barn one is simple yet looks like it could have been in an older home.

    I have chairs in my living room that really new new clothes!! I would put the money toward fixing those up and reviving the living room.

    I also “liked” apartment guide!

  568. Carmen

    I think I’d buy some new things for my kitchen like dishes and pans. I like both lantern options but I like #1 the best. It’s fab!

  569. Georgina Gilmore

    Both are very nice.
    The first option is from a lesser known company, which means less people are likely to have it! It fits in nicely with your lovely room, however the Pottery Barn one has a little more of a classic modern feel and is a tad edgier as well as being clear and bright, I like #2 better :-)

    BUT… I LOVE these too ;) and if money was no option then the one from R/Hardware for sure.

    I would use the money to buy the paint to fix up my bathroom… I want to do in the Pantone Colour of the year : Honey Suckle 18-2120

  570. Georgina Gilmore

    And left a “like” and comment on FB

  571. Whitney

    #1 is my fav just a touch more of unique interest!

    I would use the $100 gift card toward a new bedding. I will be married for 2 years in March and that is the Cotton year. We didn’t get our whole set put together when we first were married and we would like to change it up now to some nicer sheets.

    I liked AP on Facebook too :)

  572. sarah

    Hmmm, that’s a tough one, but I’m going to have to go with the Wisteria one. I’m not a huge fan of the chains on the pottery barn one.

  573. Sara

    Pottery Barn, for sure! And send me your old one. ;-)

  574. KristiA

    I would use the gift card to buy some paint and to paint my long deserved family room. I would go with the light fixture from Pottery Barn. Gorgeous!! Thanks for the chance.

  575. Heidi

    I think #1 is more interesting. But one if either will shed enough light. So maybe you should have two.

    The $100 would go toward a new leather ottoman for my living room.

  576. Tracy

    I agree with some of the other posters that number 1 is more your vibe.

    I would use the $100 to buy a mirror to go over my front entry table. The wall has been bare for months!

  577. Kourtney

    I would use the gift card to help celebrate my college roommates 40th birthday.

    I have to go with #1! It seems more like your style, and I LOVE the idea of supporting Wisteria. I’ve followed their business from the beginning and am inspired by their story.

    Thanks for sharing your story about the paint spill. I’d love to know more about what the convo was like between you and your sweet hubby before and after.

  578. Kourtney

    I don’t know what I did wrong, but my last blog post was really my husband’s last blog post. :)

  579. jennifer

    I’d pick the pottery barn one – just more classic. But I’d get 2 like the photo. I’d love to use the amex gc for getting started on my office.

  580. Sheri

    I love them both, and recently considered the Pottery Barn one myself, but I think I’d go with the one from Wisteria. The Pottery Barn one is a bit heavier visually. I love how light and airy the lantern is!

    We just moved into an older home this week, in the midst of it being completely rewired, so there is very little that couldn’t be helped by the gift card. I think I’d use it toward a new, white slipcover for my couch, though! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  581. Connie

    I would love to have the Amex $100 card because my floor needs to be replaced in the kitchen! We have had this floor for over 20 years (!!!) and it is yellowing and ugly!
    I think you should choose the Pottery Barn light–simple yet elegant!

  582. Pamela

    I vote for Pottery Barn. I think it would flow in the space better.

    I think I would do some kitchen and/or bathroom updated organizing. Thank you.

  583. Alyssa L.

    My husband and I are buying a new house, so there are so very many things we could spend a $100 AmEx card on. However, I think we’d probably spend it on repainting the walls. There’s just something about picking out wall colors and painting that makes a space *yours.*

    As for the lanterns, I’d definitely say the first one (the Wisteria lantern). It looks classic and timeless, and there is something odd about the shape of the bottom of the Pottery Barn lantern. Plus, and probably more importantly, practically speaking, I’d be willing to bet that those Pottery Barn ones are nigh impossible to clean.

  584. Kim

    I think the Option #2 would go fantastic in your home. The glass makes it really special even if the style has been around a little while, it is very elegant, yet, rustic too. I LOVE option 1 as well because I have very similar lighting on my back porch from Ballard Designs….indoor lighting on a covered porch… great. But, I am thinking #2 is for you for sure. Enjoy it!

  585. Holly

    I like option (1)….it looks like it belongs in your dining room!

    I’m working on my master bedroom this year. I’d use the gift card toward paint.

  586. Amber

    If I had the chance to win the gift card, I would definitely use it towards new drywall for our dining room. (picture a gaping hole in the ceiling and wall where water has been leaking this winter from heavy rains). Not a pretty sight! A prettier sight would be to see option #2 hanging in your dining room, open,airy, and rustic, it has a great farmhouse feel to it. I dig it!

  587. Kristin

    WOW! How do you pick a winner?!?!? :)

    Both lanterns are beautiful and unique. Without hesitation though, if I lived in your home, I would go with #2. The glass and black hardware compliments your stained glass perfectly – pulls them together. It also compliments so many of your other pretty decorative pieces (such as your mirror and lantern on the small table), paint color, and curtains you have chosen in your dining room. Your dining room does have that old world charm, but in a beautiful, contemporary way – and #2 gives that contemporary touch as well.

    If I was chosen as the winner, I would use the g/c to buy a new light fixture for my craft room. We currently have a very ugly ceiling fan and a pretty, delicate chandelier I have been dreaming of would finish the room perfectly! This is my first time to post, and it was fun – thank you!

  588. Jody

    I prefer the #2 choice (Pottery Barn) for the dining room light, but either would be lovely.

    I think I might put $100 gift card toward a new comforter for our master bedroom.

    Best wishes on your dining room plans.


  589. Ellen

    I love the second pair of lanterns — I like their “airy-ness”…
    and if I had an AMEX card, I’d repaint my living room and adjoining bedroom — we’re bringing a retail business into the house in the next couple of months so it has to look NICE!

  590. Julie

    I love option number 2…can’t wait to see what you decide on.

    If I had an AMEX card, it would go toward our craft room in the basement that we are hoping to work on as soon as the gutted out downstairs bathroom is finished.


  591. Christi

    I’m re-doing my master bedroom! My husband is also a pastor, so this would really help.
    I love love the wisteria lantern.

  592. judy hall

    I prefer the Pottery Barn selection. The first lantern, while exquisite, has a fair amount of detail which might grow a bit tiresome sfter a while. The simplicity of the Pottery Barn lantern ensures several years of liking. In addition, should you decide to change color or decor, I think that lantern would be like a simple, painted white chair; it goes with everything.

    • judy hall

      p.s. if I got the AmEx card, I buy a new pendant light for over my kitchen table.

  593. Jennifer Ray

    I like option #2 best, but I think option #1 is a better choice. Option #2 will get very dusty, and will hold the dust and because of the design the lights will magnify it.

    With $100, I will *finally* buy the lanterns that we desperately need to flank our front door. The fixtures there now are way too small and do not fit the front of the house (plus they burn through lightbulbs like you wouldn’t believe!!!!)

  594. Lisa

    I liked Apartment Guide on Facebook! :)

  595. Lisa

    My favorite light is the first one by far! It’s super unique and has a more elegant feel for a dining room. ;)

    • Lisa

      I would use the gift card to do a new room in our new apartment this spring. Probably our dining room too since this college student couple has never owned a table! ;)

  596. Jamie

    I pick #1 for 2 reasons… More interesting and you picked it as your #1… Don’t second guess your self, go with your gut :)

  597. LeeAnn

    $100 would definitely go toward my “buy some furniture for my new empty house” fund :) I need everything!

    I like the wisteria fixture – it has some “oomph” to it that the pottery barn one is kind of missing.

    However – like someone else said, if you go the pottery barn route, there’s definitely a bunch of knockoffs out there for much less!

  598. angela

    I love the first latern that your friend found for you. It is unique and interesting. I would love the American Xpress card, and I would use it to decorate my family room in our new house. It currently houses my parents 14 year old sofa’s, and a old ikea metal TV stand. 100.00 would get me started….Thanks for sharing your ideas with the blogosphere.

  599. Carrie

    I like the Pottery Barn one….it’s adds just enough class, but not too much. If I were to win the $100, I would definitely use in my “new” kitchen. I’m in the mist of painting and putting up a border and new curtains and painting the cabinets.

  600. Carrie

    I “like” you on fb.

  601. bizzy

    The Wisteria one is fabulous, but frankly I think it might be a bit ‘stage-set’ looking in real life. The next thing you know, you’re hiding your TV behind a printed cotton Bayeux tapestry, and no one wants that.

    The Pottery Barn one isn’t trying as hard.

  602. Linda

    I like the globes on the Pottery Barn lantern more as it
    would allow the light to drape the room. While not competing with other lighting that might be under cabinets etc etc.
    I desperately need some inspiration around my little abode,
    the drapes in my living room are helpless and need to come down asap.
    Linda Seattle WA

  603. Donna

    I like the second fixture. I think it has a bit more sparkle quality. I would use the gift card to spiff up my DR, which I’m stuck on inspiration at the moment.

  604. Donna

    I liked you on FB!

  605. Gayle

    I really like both fixtures, but think if it were me, I would choose the second one. It looks a bit classier to me. Yet not formal.

  606. Lucy

    I like them both but think the one from Wisteria fits better in this room. I would use the $100 to put toward a new living room rug.

  607. Maria

    I think both fixtures are great, but the one from Pottery Barn definitely seems like it would fit in your space better. I feel like it gives off more light, which would be good for dining. The Wisteria one I view as more of an entryway light. Perhaps if you had vaulted ceilings in an entryway or something I think it would look good there. I would use the hundred dollar giftcard towards refinishing the hardwood floor in my bedroom. There is currently carpet, but the hardwoods underneath just need a little love!

  608. kristen

    I like the Pottery Barn fixture the best. It makes a statement without screaming. I would use the $100 towards wallpaper for an accent wall in my living room.

  609. Nell

    I’d have a hard time choosing between those lanterns. They’re both gorgeous! I need some inspiration – winter is bogging us down! Little paint would go a long way to brighten up our space. The living room needs it badly!

  610. Keri

    As far as the lights go, I like the first one. It definitely has more “old world” appeal. For redoing and spicing up at my house? My bedroom of course!!

  611. Pam Hofmann

    1. I would pick option two on the lighting I like it’s clean lines and versitility if you make changes
    2. If I had $100 I would paint my craft room and put in new lighting so I could see better.
    Hope all these comments don’t make the decision more difficult :)

  612. Mari

    I would use this to spruce up my bathroom, perhaps getting a new shower door. I prefer option #2 from Pottery Barn.

  613. Mari

    I like Apt Guide on FB (Mari Doug)

  614. Kristie Gardner

    I really like the #2 option from Pottery Barn.

  615. Kristie Gardner

    With the $100 gift card, I would be able to update my dining room/homeschool room. It definitely needs some work and this would help so much.

  616. Tracy