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What’s on My Baker’s Rack

What's on My Baker's Rack

Some people do posts about what they wore today. Me, I am more into talking about what is on my shelves. That may or may not mean I’m still in my pajamas.

I’m finally putting my dining room back together again after the switch from the dresser to the baker’s rack. So far it is working out great! It is nice to have a few more surfaces for decor in the dining room, but I have a bit of an aversion to too many things sitting out so I’m trying to find a balance between pretty and breathing space.

What's on My Baker's Rack

EDITED TO ADD: Here is the lower shelf I had forgotten to show earlier!

Things won’t stay the same on these shelves for long! I do like to move things around on a regular basis. This is just how it is today. I could add plants, framed prints or photographs, or pretty much anything that strikes my fancy. I can’t wait to play around with it!

I do love adding color! I have all white dishes in my kitchen, but in the dining room right now, I’m bringing out my more springy stuff!

I’m saying goodbye to winter. Because I’m done with it.

What's on My Baker's Rack

Have I mentioned how much I love tulips? My hubby got me these gorgeous tulips on Valentine’s Day.

I love that spring is on the way. I’m soo ready!!  Are you?

Inquiring minds:

The top shelf plate is Anthropologie. Swoon.
The silverware caddy is from DaySpring.
The chalkboard I made myself out of an oil painting.
The apples are not real, I bought them at Pier One. Our real ones are in the kitchen!
The white bowls are from Pier One.
The last shelf plate could have been Anthropologie or a garage sale. Can’t remember which.
The dome & cake pedestal are DaySpring.

Bathroom Update:: Once I Get Over the Shock, I Think I’m Gonna Love it

Bathroom Update:: Once I Get Over the Shock, I Think I'm Gonna Love it

Acaurana Teal Paint (Martha Stewart)

There was a minor incident at my house involving paint over the weekend. Which is probably to be expected since we are painting so much. There are bound to be mishaps and incidents. However, this one was not so much an “incident” as it was a shocking experience.

Thank goodness, this situation involved being shocked by paint ON THE WALL, not by paint on my white slipcovers. I was really shocked at how it felt to see a bright beautiful blue color on the wall.

I don’t think I’ve ever painted a wall bright blue before. Usually I go for more neutrals than vivid colors on walls in my homes, but for some reason in bathrooms I’ve more than once opted for brighter colors that are found as accent colors in the rest of the house. I’m not sure what it is about bathrooms, I think their small size makes them the perfect candidate for being extra daring in paint colors.

In past houses, I’ve had bright coral in one bathroom and bright cinnamon pinkish orange in another bathroom at another house. But never bright blue. I’m branching out.

Yes, I know I’m SO 2010 with bright turquoise walls, but since I was so 2011 in 2000-2009 with my pinkish honeysuckle walls I think it all balances out. I love marching to my own trends.

Bathroom Update:: Once I Get Over the Shock, I Think I'm Gonna Love itGetting ready for board and batten.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. I’m just all over the place these days with my projects. You might remember awhile back I had talked about doing an update to my powder room with my Home Depot gift card, during their Renew Your Bath for Less event.

Note. In case you are completely confused about what you are looking at, this bathroom is NOT my powder room. I did select a new sink and mirror for the powder room as I previously mentioned, but because I’m insane I found myself starting a makeover in my son’s bathroom first. I am not even sure what happened, suddenly I was just painting away in this bathroom.

In my defense, this upstairs bathroom just seemed like an easier project to do right now and one I can complete in less time than my previous plans for my powder room. Or so I hope. Not to mention this was a bathroom that was still bathed in swine (aka mauve pink taupe paint).

So why did I end up choosing this turquoise or tealish color on the walls? I decided I wanted it to be a fun bathroom that my son, my girls and guests would all enjoy since it has to be shared by all of them. I wanted it to be pretty, but not too girlie since it is my son’s bathroom most of the week.

I also wanted it to be a room that didn’t look exactly like our other rooms (why duplicate the same look everywhere when you can punch it up a notch?!), but yet still fit in with our “funky old world coastal” vibe (let’s call it that, for lack of any sensible term to describe what I’m trying to do. I really have no idea where I’m headed with my design, as is becoming increasingly evident. It is just evolving as I go.). And I wanted to keep the project simple and doable in a short period of time.

Bathroom Update:: Once I Get Over the Shock, I Think I'm Gonna Love it

As I’ve mentioned, I have really missed all the architectural details, wood walls and the charming bathrooms I’ve had in my older homes through the years. I decided this bathroom would be the perfect place for me to try out my skills and patience with doing board and batten myself! HELLO!!! Yes, you read that right. I’m willing to give it a try even though I cringe at the thought of putting my hands anywhere near liquid nails. I’ll talk about that part of my project in a future post.

I was asked on Facebook if it is best to have a “whole house plan” for your paint before you begin so it all flows together. While that certainly would help your colors to be cohesive and pleasing, as you probably have noticed, I really enjoy letting my house evolve rather than plan things out too carefully in advance.

Honestly, if I were to have laid my paint swatches out on the counter in order to choose the palette, I would not have necessarily chosen these particular colors TOGETHER as “the perfect scheme,” but I’m happy with how they flow well from room to room, even without pre-planning. They are unique, but still pleasing as a whole once they are actually up on the wall. I like to live on the edge and not plan creativity in advance too much, too much planning feels a little stiff, forced and predictable.

Even though I thought I was prepared for it, I will admit I almost had a heart attack when I first started painting and realized how vivid this color is. I actually stood there with my mouth wide open trying to decide if I should lock the door and repaint it before my husband saw what I had done and took away my painting license, or if I was in love with it.

Fortunately, I think I have fallen in love with the idea of the white board & batten topped with the fun blue walls. It was just a little shocking to see it at first. It is fun, I LIKE IT. Well, I hope I will.

Bathroom Update:: Once I Get Over the Shock, I Think I'm Gonna Love itBEFORE
Yes, that is tooth paste you see splattered here and there on the vanity.

Originally I was going to paint the vanity cabinet blue, but in my typical change my mind 30 million times fashion, for now I’m going to leave it as is since I painted the upper walls blue and I’m not really in the mood for a cabinet painting project.  I still might decide to paint the cabinets once I see how the room comes together.

Bathroom Update:: Once I Get Over the Shock, I Think I'm Gonna Love it


I have been dying to change the hardware to something “more my style” ever since I moved in so I was SUPER excited to finally get to do it! These pulls are from Martha Stewart’s collection at Home Depot. I LOVE THEM, especially the detail of the little screws on each side! I will say, however, that while it looks like a simple change, it took WAY LONGER than it should have because the drilled holes in our cabinets were ever so slightly off. Nothing simple is ever simple for me.

I finally had to ask my husband to put these on because I lost my patience. I was so exhausted from trying unsuccessfully to put these pulls on that I had to go take a nap. Which I never do (take naps). It was THAT frustrating to me!! But look how nice it looks now after my nap?

I’m so excited about my bright and happy new bathroom!! Now I just have to finish it, but more on that later!

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