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A Yellow Chair

Yellow Chair

via House Beautiful {designed by Ruthie Summers}

I’ve been staring at one of my chairs lately.

It has been trying to tell me something.

I think it is telling me it wants to be yellow.

Does your furniture ever talk to you?


  1. Tracey

    Yes, my furniture whispers to me all the time. Especially the office chairs. They wheedle and plead and beg me to recover them. I asked if other people could hear their voices but they said my chair’s base just needed oiled.
    The chair said it didn’t it needed bright orange slip covers. Go figure.
    A yellow chair sounds sunny and lovely!

  2. Becky K.

    Cute! Pretty regularly my furniture requests to be moved to new positions in the room. I think it gets bored with the same views for too long.

  3. Dianne

    Love that chair! My kitchen is telling me that it should have been white instead of brown.

  4. Estela

    My furniture talks to me daily ;)

    I think a yellow chair would be super cute :)

  5. sheri

    too funny – just hopped over here from cottage and vine – having my coffee and checking out stuff and she is debating over there about painting a piece in her office and her inspiration is Ruthie too. Funny. Like i said to her, GO FOR IT.

  6. Sharon

    I think my couch is telling me it wants to be laid to rest in the dump… sooner than later… ;-)

  7. jimi ann path of life

    Yellow is Spring! Just like your gold finches that i love. I love splashes yellow throughout my house!

  8. Brooke

    Yes! My tv cabinet and surrounding shelves have been telling me that they would look so much better in white!
    I love the idea of a yellow chair- that would be super cute.

  9. Claudia

    I’m glad I’m not the only who has talking furniture ;-). And I say go for it!

  10. FairfieldHouse

    Yes! I have been looking at an antique vanity/dresser that needs to be painted as well as a storage bench Thomas built for me. The problem is they won’t tell me what color they are feeling! And I don’t want to go white.

    Your Friend,


    • Spring

      My kitchen has been asking for something in the aqua family… I am still waiting to figure out where it wants the aqua, and if my 70’s yellow counter-tops will cooperate!

  11. Debbie

    Love the idea! I have too many things speaking to me right now and I get overwhelmed and don’t do anything! Can’t wait to see what you do!

  12. Paula

    Well yellow is my favorite color so I can relate. Also, my furniture does talk to me. I have two armchairs that started as my mom’s when she was a bride, they have been with me now in four homes. They speak of the good times and family and friends who have long enjoyed sitting in them. They will be sixty years old next year, have been reupholstered several times,and continue to display a timeless style. Once an upholsterer told me that chairs weren’t being made like these anymore!

  13. Karen

    All the time, especially when it looks like its ready for a change! :-)

  14. Sue

    Many of my funrniture pieces are telling me that they
    want to RETIRE. . .they are tired and would like to
    go somewhere warm!
    Maybe a new coat of paint or a more up-to-date piece of
    fabric would help them out!
    I love how the yellow chair pops!

  15. Franki Parde

    The paint whisperer has struck again….love the yellow. Splendid Willow has a great knack with blue, too! :-D franki

  16. Irene

    Great color change, particularly just in time for Spring!

  17. Jacque

    Mine doesn’t talk. It YELLS.

    My furniture gets rather petulant and unruly when it wants a change, knows that I KNOW it needs a change, and, well it hasn’t happened yet.

    Fortunately, right now, it’s all resting comfortably and quietly except for the boys’ noisy headboards. They have been given a time-out in the garage for their rude behavior until the end of spring when they’ll have a nice little chat with a can of spray paint.

  18. Carolyn

    YES! I inherited a French Provincial bedroom set… you know the kind with the antiqued/gold specked finish? I’m sure that’s the appropriate term for it :) Anyway, I’m paralyzed by indecision. Keep it and paint the bedroom walls or paint the furniture?? Most days I just close the door to the guestroom, ignore it, and hope I don’t have any guests in the near future…

  19. Heidi Milton

    All the time! Glad to know I’m not alone… love the yellow chair, but I can only imagine what my husband would say. :)

  20. Imperfect

    No matter how hard I try to make things talk, my furniture generally stays silent for me. Sometimes a room speaks to me, tells me what mood it wants to be in (for example, my master bedroom is telling me it’s too cheery, and it wants to be a little more peaceful and cozy). But generally, I need a little help.

  21. Rebekah

    I think I may have a chair that wants to be yellow, too.

  22. Peg

    I think there must be an old Chinese proverb that says “it is very good to listen when your chair speaks to you.” :) Oh, please do share your results with us! ;)

    p.s. I have a new ladder– HE is 8 feet tall– dreamy! We have become very close over the last week!!! :) :) I picked a very tall guy this time out of need– a small leak in our roof vent caused big headache for me in my family room…my new guy and I are painting beams– 10 feet up there…I USED to be afraid of heights…out of necessity, I’m just NOT looking down! :)

  23. Lisa~

    Boy your readers are so funny! Love the yellow chair, made perfect by the lemons in the windowsill and the yellow flowers. Lisa~

  24. Malia

    Yes! It needs to be yellow! My dream dining table is a long, weathered farmhouse style table surrounded by different types and colors of chairs. I say go for it!

  25. Tracey

    My couch told me he wanted a slip cover so he could match our other couch. I told him I don’t feel like making a couch slipcover and if he keeps asking he might get replaced.

  26. Rachel

    My sofas are telling me that they are tired of being used and abused and need to go in the trash.

    My bed reminds me every night that it has had a very long and peaceful life and needs to be laid to rest. (pun intended)

    My antique pump organ begs for attention, but sadly I can only afford a dust rag to keep the surface clean, instead of the inside repairs it needs.

    And that’s just a few of the things in my house that talk to me.

  27. karen

    No, I can’t say that my furniture ever talks to me. ; )

    I am loving the yellow + grey color scheme right now. However, I’m worried that it will soon be ‘dated’ the way grey + pink is. Which btw, I had the raddest pair of grey + pink leg warmers, back in the day…

  28. Faith

    hee hee (: My husband’s old toy bench from his youth is talking yellow to me too! It wants to be a bright spot in my kitchen.

  29. The Lazy Dazy

    No. My furniture does not talk to me…it yells at me and ALL AT ONCE!
    Just this morning my could-be-amazing office chair and the little shoe shine bench next to my potty were both begging for attention, while I was trying to settle the argument between the deacons bench in the entry hall and the salvaged rattan & wicker chairs in the family room!
    Ironic that I take a little break from homeschooling to visit you at the Inspired Room and there you are talking about the very thing.
    The “yellow chair” is an inspirtation, I must admit, as well as a bright spot in my morning.

    I want to see your yellow chair when you are done.


  30. Tracy

    It sure does! I’m about to inherit my parents’ 1970s bedroom set, and it’s speaking to me from 25 miles away, at my mom’s house. The solid wood set with dazzling brass hardware is just shouting, “paint me black and give me some brushed nickel!”

    Truth be told, I’m a little nervous about it…the paint color, not at all the talking dressers. ;-)

  31. Jenny

    My kitchen island chairs have been whispering to me that they want to be painted a nice cream. But I’m totally digging the yellow! I hope you do it!

  32. Heathahlee

    You’re so cute! I have a loveseat that has been telling me to paint it (it has a wooden frame) and sew slipcovers for it. Poor thing! : )

  33. meghan

    oh man. my husband is out of town. and his last words to me were…”don’t paint the chairs.” then i see this post and it is almost unbearable. the white chairs must go….thank you for the inspiration;)

  34. Ivy

    I accidentally painted a hall that color. It did NOT look as good as that chair.

  35. Tammy

    Love the yellow chair! Totally brightens up the room….I agree that maybe your chair wants to be yellow too! Cant wait to see the pics if you paint the chair(s):)~~!!

  36. Annie

    I have a yellow chair sitting in my living room and it makes me happy every time I see it. One lone yellow chair.

  37. Annie

    I am a new affiliate with DaySpring, any words of wisdom to having a great partnership.

  38. Peg

    I agree with Dianne……my cupboards are talking to me too……why did I choose cherry and not white…..I thought I wanted a new look in this house……now I know, I’m a white cabinet girl!
    I love the color of yellow on that chair….yellows are hard to get right. If you find the “right” one let us all know…..I will find something to paint that beautiful color. love your blog!

  39. julie

    I am amazed every day at what can happen with a simple white kitchen! I’d love to be able to change the pops of color every season!

  40. Anita

    Why yes, as a matter of fact a couple of shelves did just that. And they wanted to be yellow too. So I listened to them. Who am I to argue?

  41. Cheryl

    well, not yellow, but I have spray-painted the coat tree and an occasional chair (plus recovered it), all in the last week. They seem way happier now!

  42. Amanda Carver

    YES! I know exactly what you mean. I have a chair haunting me while I write this comment! And..thanks SO much for sharing my den makeover. I am honored to be included in your beautiful blog.


  43. Alice Adams

    The yellow chair is great! It’s like a ray of sunshine in the room! Love it!!!!

  44. Glenda Childers

    Alexandra Stoddard says, “Everyroom needs a little yellow.”


    • Melissa

      No wonder I wanted some yellow! ;-)

  45. jenny

    The spoke yellow to you and now wears it well. Yes, furniture and rooms speak to me not only about color, but how they want to look. It is hard to go to certain peoples home because it is as if the rooms are screaming at me to do some thing to help them. I have a chair right now that wants to be red!

    • jenny

      I meant to write, The chair spoke yellow…forgive me!

  46. Karena

    Melissa oh yes all of the time, right now my loveseat is saying it wants a new slipcover!!

    Do come and enter my Artful Offering!

    Art by Karena

  47. Susan

    My sectional is screaming at me for some more pillows, and a rug to go underneath :)

  48. Shelly

    Great post! Loved reading everyone’s furniture dialogues. Sometimes I think my leather couches (couch, love seat & ottoman) still have hurt feelings because our cat managed to claw each piece was he was young and unwise…

  49. Mary Jean

    All the time!! Nothing like breaking out a brush and giving something a brand new personality….go for that yellow chair girl!

  50. krys

    Yes, my furniture does talk to me. It says sell, sell, sell.
    Purge and make some place here!!!

  51. Michelle

    How cute. I love the pop of color.

  52. Loribeth

    I bet it is telling you it wants to be yellow. Yellow is happy color, and chairs like to be happy too!

  53. laurie

    Hello- Yes, I hear my furniture. Drives my hubby crazy. Love the yellow.

  54. susan

    Absolutely! As do the walls,hahaha. Am soooo tickled to see you enjoyed Ruthie Sommers in HB too! I quoted her in my comment to a post about decorating to make us happy a week or so ago–from that article via her home tour. It was just so happy & _colorful_. Aaaahhhh. My dream decorator,along with Jeffrey Bilhuber. I had said in the past that the “old” decorators were fearless about color in their homes, like Diana Vreeland’s “Red Room”.And I wish I could remember the mag even,much less the issue, with a tour of MaineCottage’s founder’s home. Breathtaking color. Natural woods. Neutrals? Slipcovers. :) Would freak out a lot of people. It was one of the historical icons’ photos of an aubergine lacquered dining room that put me on that kick,and I havent chgd my mind in a year, down to blotches of paint samples&draped fabrics. So yep the furniture speaks. And the rooms themselves. Am dying waiting for health&or funds to get moving so I can!

  55. Susanne

    You have posted my all time fave kitchen. I have always loved and wished for the combination of yellow, blue and white in my life. I don’t have furniture that speaks to me, but I can hear it calling me from afar. At the moment the sound is extremely faint…but I have to faith that I will hear it more loudly and clearly in the coming years. Have a sunshiney day!

  56. Juliana

    My house shouted out I am tired of the dark drab front door!!! I want to be BM Raincoat Yellow…so I slapped 8 coats of yellow paint on her and how she smiles at everyone!!


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