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Project Simplify: Decluttering the Hot Spots

by | Mar 7, 2011 | Organization | 25 comments

Project Simplify: Decluttering the Hot Spots


Ready for a little Spring Cleaning? My friend Tsh of Simplemom is hosting a very timely project on her blog starting this week! It is called Project Simplify! Yep, time to attack the clutter!! Spring really is on its way, first day of spring is in just a couple of weeks!

Tsh is the author of the new book, Organized Simplicity, so if anyone can help us attack the clutter, simplify our life and be ready for Spring, it is Tsh! She is so inspiring!

Here is an interview she did recently on Money Saving Mom about how living abroad taught her to simplify!

What is Project Simplify? Tsh will be announcing a different clutter “hot spot” each Monday on Simplemom for the next five weeks. You will have the week to organize that area of your home, and on Friday you can post your before and after photos!

Want to join in? Visit Simplemom for all the details!

I will be joining in this project myself so I hope you’ll tackle the hot spots along with me! I’ll post my before and afters on Friday!

What are your clutter hotspots?




  1. Jess

    Oooh…. I have several clutter hot spots. Can we just call the garage a clutter hot spot? :)

  2. Diane

    Currently my clutter is in my soon-to-be art studio, previously my hub’s office. It is in major disarray right now as we switch rooms around. I would love to join, but I’ll be too busy organizing this one room for the next few weeks!


  3. SimplyLKJ

    I have Tsh’s book and love it! Can’t wait for this series!!

  4. FairfieldHouse


    Thanks for telling us about this. I will hop over and check it out. My hot spot is currently the entire third floor which became the storage/dumping ground when we combined households and started restoration and renovation projects.

    Your Friend,

  5. Lisa

    I have a hot spot in my kitchen that everyone likes to leave their junk on. It piles up until I can’t take it anymore and go beserk. Yuck – I hate looking at it. Can’t wait for this series!

  6. Carolyn

    Well, since I am already in de-cluttering mode, this will be just the extra motivation I need! I’m going to check out her blog pronto. Thanks :)

  7. Irene

    Oooh, I am gonna have to join this project too. I have a room next to my bedroom where we put everything considered junk, or stuff we have no other place to put it.

  8. sarah

    i can honestly say there are no clutter spots in my house. i keep everything put up where it belongs. now a few dirty dishes might pile in the sink on a night, but by the next day that’s all put up and away. to me, clutter is the laundry not folded as soon as it comes out of the dryer. i know, i drive my hubby nuts. :)

  9. karen

    I would participate in this, but the timing is not right for me. In a few months, (hopefully) we’ll be moving in to our newly-renovated house. I seriously cannot wait to move out of this rental house!!

    I’m in more of a ‘decluttering’ mood than a ‘tidying’ mood. I want to get rid of a lot of stuff before I have to move it to the new (old) house.

    p.s. Your trick for picking up thing off the floor only, worked like a charm! Now I just have to get the family to do it every evening…

  10. Cha Cha

    Can’t wait, I need this.

    Cha Cha

  11. Abbie

    1-Dining room table
    2-Corner of master bed where a baby will supposedly sleep in seven weeks
    3-Play room
    4-Sewing/craft/spare room
    5-Boy’s room where baby clothes etc are stored “in” the closet

    This one thing a week really apeals to the “nesting” mode I’m in right now. If I can see my way clear of two puking little girls, I’ll get right on it!

    • Abbie

      Ok, so now I went to Simplemom to see what the designated hotspot was for the week. :) And since it wasn’t one of the five I listed above – mostly because I cleaned out two huge garbage bags of clothing/shoes/etc last week – I went and found one more bag of things I can get out of the house! Woo!

    • Abbie

      Not that anybody’s reading these, but I wanted to share than not only did I do a little extra to my closet last week, I’ve also gotten several “paper clutter” spots this week (with a couple to go) AND FOUR of my clutter spots I listed above have been dealt with thanks to my mom and two friends helping me!! My house can breath. And so can I. Except for the baby kicking my lungs. ;)

  12. Paula

    My biggest hotspot (at the moment) is my office/schoolroom – it’s a disaster!

    I started on my closet yesterday, so I was thrilled to read this email: perfect timing!! I’m SO ready to declutter & organize my entire home – I have a friend that is in the process of an overseas adoption. She will be holding a HUGE fundraiser/garage sale. This is the perfect opportunity to bless others with my stuff!!

  13. Tricia Embley

    Thanks Melissa-
    this is just what I needed! This past weekend we prepped the yard for spring and started on our garage! So I am ready for spring break and tackling everything else.

  14. deborah

    hot spots are oozing into hot areas. today, i’m tackling the bathrooms. not hot spots, but i’ll feel accomplished enough to carry on tomorrow….lately when in doubt i truck the stuff to the basement. i probably should head to the curb. where’s peter walsh when i need him? ;)

  15. Carla

    I actually just cleaned my biggest clutter hot spot, our coffee table. It’s got shelves underneath and a glass top with space to put stuff under the glass. All of the clutter was mine! I went through everything and decided what I needed and didn’t need in the livingroom and now it looks soooooo much better!
    My other hot spots are the bedroom, hall closet and laundry room…but I also have an entire spare room that is a complete disaster. I think it goes beyond clutter to just mess though. I think I am going to check out Tsh’s blog for a little motivation.

  16. Kristin

    My hot spot is definitely my office. It usually looks like a tornado went through 5 minutes ago. I don’t know why it’s such an easy dumping ground, but it is!

  17. Fiona's Mosaic

    I have been on an organizing and de-crappify-ing my house prject for a while. It’s amazing how fast my house went downhill and utterly un-organized the year I was ill. And I’ve had too much on my plate since then to get it back to where it was (I worked four or five jobs to pay off all my medical bills).

    But that has recently changed over the last few months, so I have been working hard to get it back.

    Hot spots are:
    One spot on the kitchen counter

    The sunporch and office may take more than a week each.
    God bless, Fi

  18. Gina

    What a great idea, I’ve definitely got my clutter spots-I love the idea of having someone tell me where to clean! I often don’t really know where to start. Right now my worst hot spot is the pantry, for some reason it becomes the landing zone for art projects, misplaced baskets and occasionally the kids’ socks. It’s truly a mess!

  19. jimi ann path of life

    Oh yay for me — a mental maid! (I heard that somewhere else). When your entire home is a hotspot, it makes it much less overwhelming if someone else tells me what to do next. Aaahh….

  20. Heidi Milton

    Hmmm… desk area in the kitchen, garage, ottoman in my office, kitchen table…and so on, and so on, and so on. :)

  21. Tracy

    Mine totally mystifies me: it’s a chair in my bedroom, supposedly for sitting but instead, the foundation of a giant towering pile of clothes, purses, and pillows. Come to think of it, it probably stumps me because the issue is my too-small, totally unorganized closet…

  22. Mary Jean

    My clutter hot spot is my kitchen counter! I’m a total stacker and I can’t seem to ever quit! I’m hoping over to simple mom to see if I can get some good tips!

  23. Regina

    Oh dear. My clutter spot is the laundry room. It is so sad right now and needs so much help. I just don’t know where to start. I painted it a bright happy color and it has been forgotten. Oh How I need organization, sigh…


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