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3 Truths and a Lie

by | Mar 29, 2011 | Decorating Inspiration, Domesticity

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3 Truths and a Lie

This post is part of a series sponsored by Electrolux as part of Homebuzz. I received an Electrolux appliance in exchange for my participation. The opinions stated in this post are my own. My old dishwasher is being donated to a worthy cause.

Let’s play a little game, shall we?

Oh come on.

It is called “Three truths and a lie about life with my new Electrolux dishwasher.”

  1. My new dishwasher is so quiet that we can’t tell if it is washing dishes or not without opening it.
  2. My dishwasher is so shiny we have considered wearing sunglasses in the house to protect our eyes.
  3. You can hang adorable Anthropologie dishtowels from this magical dishwasher handle every day and no one ever wipes their grimy hands on it.
  4. Our dishwasher lures our son to empty the dishes by beckoning him with a mysterious alien blue light on the floor.

3 Truths and a Lie


Why yes. I do have crumbs on my floor. Please avert your eyes from my housekeeping and take note of the blue light. It is the signal that the dishes are clean!

Isn’t my dishwasher beautiful on the outside? I’m going to show you the inside of this beauty soon, and talk about my amazing dishwasher loading and unloading ways.

So did you catch the lie?

Oh, maybe there were two and a half truths.

My dishwasher IS so quiet we can’t tell if it is on without opening the door.
And it IS shiny enough to make us think about pulling out our sunglasses.
And it does shine a blue light on the floor that is intriguing to my son — but I don’t think it has lured him to unload the dishwasher yet.
And in case you are still pondering what the all out lie was, my Anthropologie dishtowel is still hung FAR AWAY from the sink and dishwasher most days. Just in case.



  1. Jess

    Lol! My friends have the same dishwasher and you are right! It is freakishly quite!! :)

  2. Laurie Snyder

    Help! I have a taupe emergency! First, I love your website and may God always bless it! I have noticed that you have “honey” colored floor and cabinets and I do too. This is the problem…I am getting ready to paint my living area taupe and it is so hard to choose. I have a lot of reds and greens and blacks. Does your studio taupe ever seem to have a purple hue to it? I love it in the pictures, but I am so nervous about taupes. lol, I am a risk taker is decorating, but we have cathedral ceilings, so it has to be right! My choice is between basketry and studio taupe right now! Any thoughts?? Peace!

    • Melissa

      Laurie, thank you for your kind comment ;-) … my advice is to try each of them in a big section on a wall in your home and live with them for a few weeks if you can. Lighting is different in all parts of the country, and even different season. Mine are not going purple at all (yet anyway!) but in another home with different lighting, it is possible that you would see something I don’t!

  3. Mrs. C

    Good idea, keeping that cute towel out of reach. I had a feeling the “lie” involved the towel somehow. Nice dishwasher, even nicer that it’s so quiet!

  4. Stephanie

    Sigh. I just wanted to say that I’m totally jealous of the fact that you have a new dishwasher. The fact your dishwasher has a fancy light, makes it sting even worse lol… I had beautiful *new* appliances in my last house and moved to a house with *very old* appliances. I dream of one day once again owning a dishwasher that is so quiet I don’t know it’s running (and doesn’t have to be run on the highest/hottest/LEAST “ecologically friendly” setting to actually wash a dish).

    • Melissa

      I’ll have to show you the appliance on the other side of my kitchen. The one with the broken handle that doesn’t work. :-)

  5. Tara G.

    Our dishwasher is German and has a red light. And when it’s done it has this super long, high-pitched beep that happens not once, not twice, but three times! BUT, I have a dishwasher!! :)

    • Melissa

      HAAA! That is funny. Yes, we do need to count our blessings to even have dishwashers!! I will have to show off my broken microwave soon, it is a BEAUTY (NOT!)! And it doesn’t even work. I am SO grateful for my new dishwasher!

  6. Amy

    That is an awesome dishwasher. I’m kicking my new one to the curb now. Must get one like this!

    • Melissa

      That is SO disappointing that you got a new dishwasher and don’t like it! I have had quite a few dishwashers in my life and I’m LOVING this one. For real.

  7. angie {the arthur clan}

    This series is inspiring me to kick it into gear and finally get a new dishwasher of my own. The shiny front and blue light are beckoning me! ;)

  8. jen

    I am still swooning over your dishwasher Melissa!! So pretty. I love that blue light!


  9. Mary Joy

    I love it! And congratulations on having the opportunity/blessing of being able to review it and keep that sweet honey of an appliance!!! I am so happy for you!!! You bless so many of us…I love watching you be blessed too! :D

    Love my new dishwasher even though its a portable. Still makes things so much easier! And I am grateful! :D

    Building Home with Him,

    Mary Joy

    • Melissa

      Aw, thank you Mary Joy! You know, it IS a real blessing to me!

  10. TidyMom

    oh you lucky girl!! I’ve been swooning over dishwashers lately….this one looks totally up my alley!

  11. Lisa

    Hahaha! {Drooling over the dishwasher, btw}. I still have to remind my 18yo daughter that she shouldn’t use the towel until her hands are CLEAN! Which is why I don’t yet have such amazingly lovely hand towels in my kitchen. :)

    • Melissa

      haaa, exactly, towels are for drying clean hands. I would hate to see my Anthro towel wiping up spaghetti sauce from the counter, but it is entirely possible someone would consider doing that. :-)

  12. Teacup Lane

    Hi Melissa,
    I love your new dishwasher. It is beautiful. Ours is 15 years old and hasn’t “died” yet. I’ll have to look at that brand when the time comes to replace our very noisy one. I’m looking forward to seeing the inside. We would love to have a quiet one someday. Usually I run our dishwasher when we go up to bed at night so it doesn’t ruin our TV watching in the evening. LOL!
    Love your blog!
    Hugs, Sandy

    • Melissa

      Thank you Sandy! I have always had a thing for wanting QUIET dishwashers. My old one even said QUIET on the front and let me tell you, it was NOT quiet. This one truly is amazingly SILENT. Love it!

  13. Sarah

    I have dishwasher envy! p.s. you are hilarious!

  14. Barbara (WA)

    Two things:
    1) why IS there a blue light shining on the floor?

    2) the newer the towel, the more apt the non-female in this house will use it to mop up coffee…

    • Melissa

      Oh, maybe I didn’t make that clear. I’ll add a line in there about that…the blue light signals that the dishes are clean!

  15. Susan

    oh, love! the blue light on the floor is a fun trick too. I have a love hate relationship with stainless. Love the look, hate to keep it clean.

  16. Kami

    The biggest improvement that I am jealous about is the bottoms on the inside. My boy is constantly pushing the buttons mid cycle – arrgh! Would love one like this!

    • Kami

      Did I say bottoms?! (funny!) I meant buttons! :)

  17. Vee

    You tricked me! The blue light totally got me…that’s pretty neat.

  18. ~~~rhonda~~~

    WOW….I love your new dishwasher and I love the dish towel because I have the same one!!! :-))) I also LOVE your blog!!
    I am your newest follower! Hopefully, will drop by my blog sometime to visit! I also follow you on Twitter (my name is Twittle__Dee)
    Looking forward to getting to know you!

    ~~~rhonda ~~~

  19. Maria

    Well, I will say that electrolux makes some very good appliances. My parents have had their vacuum since 1993 and it still works great.

  20. Elen

    Melissa – I knew #3 to be a falsehood before I read to the bottom of the post. I thought about the pretty little towels in my powder room. No way was that true if there are any hairy,manlike creatures roaming your neighborhood.

    It’s a beautiful little towel from Anthropologie.

    The blue light is calling my name.

  21. Jo

    What a dreamy looking dishwasher! I love that towel too. I can’t have nice towels in my kitchen either….I can’t even keep the utilitarian costco waffle-knit one hung on the stove. It’s always on the floor.

  22. bridget {bake at 350}

    I have NEVER had a quiet dishwasher. We know ours is on b/c we can hear it THROUGHOUT the house! ;) Love Electrolux, too! Their ovens are BEAUTIFUL (not that I have one, I’ve just drooled over them)!

  23. kathy h

    Love your dishwasher… and the blue light is too cool.

    May I ask you another question completely off topic?

    Yes? Why thanks. OK, I see you have what looks like a granite tile counter. I do as well, and I was wondering if you have ever had to regrout? We moved into our house a couple of years ago and the grout is not level with the tile… so a lot of food and junk gets stuck in there. I often have to take an afternoon just to really clean the grout. I hate it. Is your grout level with the tile? Maybe this is just how it is.. anyway, thanks in advance.

    • Melissa

      Our grout between the tile is quite “thin” or narrow maybe is the word, and seems to be pretty level with the tile. Nothing can get stuck there so maybe you need to regrout to make it easier for you to clean? Wider grout lines are a pain, and old tile grout can be difficult to clean as well. You can regrout, or have it professionally cleaned.

      Good luck!! ;-)

  24. Dana

    I want a freakishly quiet dishwasher!
    (Actually at the moment, I would take ANY dishwasher!)

    But, if I had my druthers…
    I think the Electrolux is calling my name!

  25. Cheryl

    Funny story about your Anthropologie story. When I first read it, I thought, “hey, how does she do that? no stains, no grimy paws on it?” Because I’ve tried the same thing, and I got one of my favorite artsy dishtowels dirty myself, just by grabbing the door of the dishwasher and opening it. I’ve tried hanging my beauties on the oven door. Same problem. SO, how to enjoy these dishtowels and not use them — must they be functional?

  26. Marla

    Wow, not just a {free} dishwasher but an actual quiet one, that actually gets the dishes clean to boot! Over the moon for you Melissa…what fun!
    Since we are selling a newer house and moving into a recently-refurbed-‘inherited’-older one, we are ‘switching’ our white 3yo KA d/w, for a black 8yo ‘Kenny’ d/w. Our KA isn’t super quiet but I love it and understand its’ ways.
    The quiet thing won’t matter as the kitchen is a room to itself. Besides by the time we enlarge and move the kitchen we will probably be ready for a new working d/w anyway! Seems d/w’s don’t last very long…well, unless you absolutely hate them…then they last f-o-r-e-v-e-r. LOL!

    (The shiny part you mentioned wouldn’t last long with my 5yo ds whose hands are magnetically attracted to all things clean and shiny.)


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