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Easter Bunnies

Time to bring out the bunnies!

My husband bought me these years ago — I adore them! I don’t think I’ve ever showed them to you.

Easter Bunnies


I keep them out all year, but they move around from room to room in different seasons.

Easter Bunnies

I like bunnies.

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  1. Connie

    I’ve got a little bird that sits out most of the time too….He moves around from table to table in the living room much like your bunnies ;)

  2. SJN

    blue and white… you know I love those bunnies! I’ve never seen any like them, so special!

  3. Franki Parde

    Bunnies are the Best! franki

    • Melissa

      They are. No doubt about it.

  4. ClassiclyAmber

    I like bunnies, too, and those are so pretty!

  5. Carmen

    I love bunnies! Your bunnies are so cute! They’re very unique too, I’ve never seen anything like them.

  6. Melissa

    Thank you, I haven’t seen any like them either! Which makes me love them all the more.

  7. diane

    Too cute…we have a bunny knob you may love on our website. It is too cute as well. Aren’t husbands great when they buy us little gifts like this, very thoughtful!

  8. Amy

    Aww, so cute, it’s like they are adoring you.

    • Melissa

      Haaa…my daughter said it looked like they were waiting for me to give them bunny treats!!!

  9. Kathysue

    Love love bunnies and you add blue and white to the mix and it equals perfection. Happy Monday!!!

  10. Cassie

    Those are very adorable! :)

  11. Dana

    Cute bunn-bunns!

    Which reminds me, I have a couple of cute bunnies that I bought – a DECADE AGO! I found them at Christmas time (all wrapped up snuggly.)

    Time to get those puppies…er, bunnies out!

  12. Elen

    Cutest bunnies ever, Melissa! They are just loaded with personality. I laughed when I saw the title of your post, because just this morning I changed my Twitter avatar to a little Easter egg nest. lol

  13. Marie

    Love them!! I’ve collected bunnies since I was 9 years old and these are just adorable. Happy Easter, Melissa! :O)

  14. Kristen

    Your bunnies are adorable! And I love that your hubby bought them!! Husbands who can shop are the bomb – just sayin! :)

  15. Annie

    My bunnies are kind of a hodge podge, they drive me nuts but I put them out anyway.

  16. Barbara F.

    Another bunny lover here! Yours are about the cutest I’ve seen. Hmmmm… may have to start scouring ebay!

  17. Teacup Lane

    I’m crazy about bunnies too. These are so adorable! I love their expressions. Thanks for sharing.


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