My New Chairs!

My New Chairs!

Ihave been on the hunt for a few occasional chairs for my dining room and extra seating. I needed chairs that were durable, easy to move around, would work in a variety of rooms including outdoor spaces, be appropriate at dining tables or as stand alone chairs, would mix and mingle with my other chairs (including my green Pottery Barn ones), and ideally, even be stackable when I needed them to get out of the way. And of course, they had to have PERSONALITY.

I wasn’t asking too much was I? Ha.

My New Chairs!

I’ve been looking for chairs for quite some time, but most of the chairs I found and fell in love were was out of my price range. Until a couple of weeks ago! I found some metal chairs on (this is NOT a sponsored link, FYI) that were reasonably priced for new chairs (less than $50 a piece), pretty darn stylin’ in an old funky cafe way and would work great for my needs! I was so tempted by silver or adorable red ones, but black just made more sense for my house.

My New Chairs!

My New Chairs!

They weren’t at all what I originally was thinking, but hey, I’m an eclectic kind of girl and I can go with the flow. The best thing about these chairs is when I find my IDEAL dining chairs, these will be my extra chairs and can be tucked here and there around the house.

My New Chairs!

Dream Patio from Pottery Barn

I love these Tolix Cafe Chairs from Pottery Barn. This is where I got the idea I wanted chairs that I could take outside someday when I have a charming patio exactly like the one in the photo! These chairs are so adorable!!

One advantage of the Pottery Barn ones is they don’t have arms so if you are a little eh hem, wider (um, as many of us are) and want to completely fit in the chair, the Pottery Barn ones might be the right choice. They are more expensive, but I haven’t compared my chairs with the Pottery Barn ones side by side as far as size or quality. I do love the shape of the Pottery Barn ones though!

The other thing to note about the arms on my chairs is that the way the arms are designed they still work well with pulling up to a table, so I’m happy about that too!


*Update: I’ve had many questions about my dining room light fixture! It’s an outdoor lantern from Pottery Barn, here is the link!


  1. LOVE your new chairs!!! They look great! =)

  2. A great choice that met all your requirements! Love how they are a little quirky but still have a little bit of a more traditional feel like the PB chairs.

  3. A fun find. I would love to see them in red, too.


  4. And, R they comfortable?

    • You know, they are! I mean, they are metal chairs so I wouldn’t take a nap in them or spend hours of the day on them but they actually feel quite comfortable all things considered! You could add a chair pad if you wanted to!!

  5. These chairs look great and are so versatile. Doesn’t it make you want to dine el fresco.

  6. we’re soulmates…..I mean blogmates….check out my post today….xoxo Shelli

    • Oh my word! We totally are blogmates….and if my outdoor space was ready for chairs, I’d totally go for the red!! YIPPEEE! Love that we got the same chairs, we rock.

  7. So glad you found chairs that meet your needs … and within your budget range!

  8. Oh I love your chairs!! They look so similar to the Pottery Barn ones. There is nothing better than finding something that so closely matches the item you’re really wanting. They look so nice in your house!

  9. Those chairs are stylin’! I love the nearly there backs. Yum.

  10. Love those chairs!! FYI, “Room Tours” is my new favorite place to browse!!! Thanks!

  11. Good choice on those chairs – they have personality, but look totally sturdy and practical.

  12. Yay! Funny how sometimes what we *want* isnt what works best on all levels. :) Being of the “eclectic” bent m’self, I luv the variance!

  13. Those chairs are adorable, and at that price, you can’t go wrong!

    That Pottery Barn patio are looks very inviting – I’d love something like that myself one day :)

  14. I like them very much. It’s going to be great for you to have the extra seating that you need around the house.

  15. Those chairs are so awesome! I just checked out a few days ago for the first time and found so much fun stuff there. Thanks for sharing!


  16. We use old courtroom/library chairs around our dining room table, they are perfect yet brake from the norm like yours. Enjoy them.

  17. Love them!

  18. I love your new chairs! They look great with that white table!

  19. Oh Melissa! Now I completely want the red ones for our new patio! They’re so adorable and I love how you worked this more modern/funky style into your home. :)

  20. I cannot tell what they’re made of? They look fun but still with clean lines – I think you’ll use them bunches! They may even get carted to your church when needed, eh?

  21. Great chairs! They look just like the Pottery Barn ones – at a fraction of the price, I’m sure. I love – I bought 2 leather ottomans at a great price and are wonderful quality.

  22. Guess I’m the only one that thinks these are so not your style; first Nester now you, too, going plastic. Is this what advertising does to cozy blog owners? Disappointed here….

  23. I STINKIN LOVE THEM!!!! GREAT CHOICE, they are what I’m looking for too!! :D

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